The Great War

Ellen's six soldier sons

The six soldier sons of Ellen Coyne. From left to right; Thomas, Austin, Bernard, Lawrence, Vincent and Leo. This strip appeared in Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, September 28, 1918, page 415, Leslie's Weekly Roll of Honor. This feature honored families with multiple enlisted sons. The picture is in the collection of Allie Coyne Silsby.

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Thomas Coyne War Record

This report was paid for by myself, John Coyne and Allie Silsby. Thomas was John's father, my grandfather and Allie's uncle. We obtained copies of his military records along with the report. These records can now be found on


Letters home from the Coyne men and several other Clark Mills families. Several newspaper articles to show the situation non citizens were in.

Austin's Diary

A diary written by Austin Coyne several years after the war. The original is in my collection. First Vincent Coyne and then myself have tried to clean up the syntax and provide references for some phrases.

Lawrence's Diary

A diary written by John Lawrence Coyne about his adventures in the Great War. The original is in the collection of Allie Silsby, now held by her husband Gordie.

Lawrence's Military Service Report

This is a report by the same company that did one for Thomas, again paid for by Allie, John and myself. Lawrence's diary has come to light since then and it contains more detail than we had when the report was commissioned. All of the records searched in this report are now available on, if you have an international membership. I have spent several hours searching but to no avail. Write down the details in the diary and give it a shot yourself.

Lawrence Comments

This is a commentary, by me, of Lawrence's military record using the letters he wrote home, the commissioned report, his rememberance and other various sources.