Family Events

Cousin John Coyne Bernard E Coyne Caroline Thisse Coyne August Freiberg

While researching my tree,mostly on, I found many obituaries, wedding announcements and news items about people related by blood or marriage to the people I was researching. All of the articles in this section appear in the tree as sources or notes. I grouped them here, by family, for easier access. To see how we are all related, no matter how tenuously, please visit my tree.

Each section contains the family named and their in-laws. "Others" refers to articles I'm not sure about filing or families I haven't been able to find a lot about.

Jefferson Vets, which contains newspaper articles about veterans buried in Jefferson county, NY, has been moved to the Revolution & 1812 page. I found these records while creating virtual cemeteries on Please visit my contributor page.

Applegate Barron Bielby Calkins Coyne Obits Coyne Weddings
Coyne News Curtacci Decarr Dlugolecki Engle Friberg
Hayes Heburn Kipers Mursch Others Overend
Saunders Thisse Zick Egnaczyk Henry Bethlehem
Mogren Jenkins Morgan Humphrey Flint Shepherd
Moda Convertino Masner Hartson Tyler Hull
Storey Dowsland Halleck Twitchell Walker Wales
Munn Green