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Witnesses on Naturalization Index Cards

Witnesses on Weld County Naturalization Index Cards

WITNESSES names on the Naturalization Records from Weld County Court and Weld County District Court retained in the office of Clerk of the District Court, Greeley, CO. It indicates in a letter at the beginning of the records that after microfilming, the original records were then destroyed. They were microfilmed in March 1984.

This information was copied from the microfilm copy located in the genealogy department of the Weld Library District, Centennial Park Branch. The information on each card consists of name, address, certificate number, title and location of court, country of birth or allegiance, when born, date and port of arrival, date of naturalization, and name and address of witnesses. There is also a petition number, beginning with P, on each card in the top right corner.

The WCMI includes full name of witness, address (town) of witness-year of naturalization, name of person naturalized; P-number. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order by name of the naturalized person on the microfilm, with a few exceptions. GHIANNOULAKI, Eleni is in the Fs, in the Ks Mary KABOBEL, P-1592 through William Drummond KAY, P-352 is repeated twice, and some cards are out of order within a letter of the alphabet.

A complete address for the witness is given in some cases and a complete date of naturalization but there is no further information on the witness. The date of the naturalization places the witness at his address on a given date.

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