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WCGS Publications for Sale

The following publications are available from the
Weld County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 278, Greeley, CO 80632

Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol 1 (1982)
500 pp, indexed by surname, maps, 35 county cemeteries with a cut-off date through 1976. Over 10,000 names.
Softbound - $10.00** [63]

Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol 2 (1988)
778 pp, indexed by surname, maps, city of Greeley cemeteries, cut-off date Dec 1979. Over 20,000 names.
Hardbound only - $45.00 postage paid [61]

Weld County Genealogical Society Membership Area-Surname List (1993)
Approximately 50 pp, cardstock cover.
$5.00* [5]

Index to 1900 Federal Census of Weld County Colorado (1986)
160 pp, over 16,000 names, includes ages.
Softbound - $15.00** [1]

Weld County Genealogical Society Quarterlies (1976-present)
Back issues of the official publication of WCGS: issued in August, November, February and May of each year.
Each quarterly (4 per year): 1976 through the present - $5.00 ea postage paid
Complete set of quarterlies: 1976 through May 2013 - $410.00 plus postage

The following books are out of print, but will be printed upon receipt of an order. Prices will be determined at time of ordering.

Weld County CO Index to Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910 (1993)
358 pp, over 39,000 entries.
Coil bound, plastic covers, - ** [0]

Early Weld County Colorado Livestock Brands (1984)
148 pp, indexed, pictures of brands, names of owners, may include locality of property, registration date.
Softbound - ** [0]

1870 Census of the Territory of Colorado
393 pp, index of all of Colorado.
Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

1885 State Census of Weld County, Colorado (1984)
408 pp, indexed, over 9,000 names, includes what are now Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Morgan,
Washington and Yuma counties, plus maps.
Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

Grantee Index, Land Records of Weld County, Colorado 1865-1873 (1984)
170 pp, first recorded land purchases in Weld County.
Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

U.S. Patent Records from Weld County, Colorado (1996)
250 pp, US patents from 1865 to 1995, over 12,000 entries, cross-references to all names on the patents, over 800 records for 'Old Weld County' which includes the present Washington, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Yuma and Morgan counties, up to 1887.
Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

Weld County Colorado Marriages, 1864-1930 (1992)
455 pp, softbound, coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

The First 40 Years, 1973-2013 (2013)
A history of the Weld County Genealogical Society, 65 pp, softbound, stapled - * [0]

Full Name Index to Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol I (1992)
181 pp. Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

Full Name Index to Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol II (1993)
289 pp, over 29,000 entries.
Coil bound with plastic covers - ** [0]

Shipping charges: * = $3.00 per book, ** = $4.00 per book.
Multiple book order: $4.00 + $2.00 each additional book ordered, except Quarterlies

Orders will not be accepted without payment. Mail order with payment to: Weld County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 278, Greeley, CO 80632

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