Weld County Cemeteries
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Weld County Cemeteries

Additional information on these burial spots may be found in Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume I on the pages indicated.
Box Elder Cemetery
Located approximately 13 1/2 miles south of Hwy 34 on the Keenesburg cutoff, SW1/4, Sec 30, Twp 3N, Rg 64W.

There were four trees standing on the east side of the road on the Leslie Hanson farm. Mr Hanson stated that he moved to the farm in 1922 and could remember several sunken graves at that time. He had heard there were possibly 23 persons buried there. The original 5 trees were planted later by a neighbor. This information gathered in Feb 1976.

The information was furnished by Mrs Emily Pinsch in 1976 and is indexed in the WCMI.

Brush and Daniels Graves
Located approximately 1/2 mile north and 1/4 mile east of Johnstown, Colorado on Road 48 1/2 then north through the field to a hill overlooking the Big Thompson River. This cemetery is on private land and permission should be obtained to visit the cemetery, Sec 4, Twp 4N, Rg 67W.

History and information on the cemetery and families can be found in Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions Vol I pg 415.

Information published in the above publication is indexed in the WCMI.

Buckingham Cemetery
Located 1 mile south 1/2 mile west of town in the middle of the section with no road, Sec 33, Twp 8N, Rg 59W.

Mr and Mrs Allen Moore of Greeley both used to live in the Buckingham and Keota area and told us in 1975 that many graves and tombstones were removed to Greeley and other locations because of neglect, cattle in the cemetery and vandalism. They specifically remember a family of Hughes who moved several to Greeley. There are no known records.

Tombstones that were read in March 1975 are indexed in the WCMI.

Dutch Girl Cemetery
Possible location 1 1/2 miles west of the Pilgrim Cemetery, NE1/4 W1/2 Sec 23, Twp 7N, Rg 61W.

Two infants of Conrad Sauer who died about 1918-1920. In 1973 a search for this cemetery did not turn up even a clue as to it's location or who might have been buried there. These are the only burial sites that even come close to the description for Dutch Girl Cemetery. This information was provided by Mabel Baxter and Joan Nelson in 1973.

Further information may be found on pg 424 of Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol I

Fort Latham Cemetery
Located about 3 miles east of Greeley, Colorado on Hwy 34, just across the South Platte River bridge (from intersection of Hwy 85 bypass), Sec 14, Twp 5N, Rg 65W.

The highway department unknowingly ran into this cemetery when building Hwy 34 and the bodies were removed to a common grave on 26 Apr 1926. There are no known records. Additional history can be found in Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol I, pg 418.

Any supposed burials are indexed in the WCMI.

Gerry Graves
Located aproximately 2 miles north of the Kuner turnoff on Hwy 34 to the intersection of CR 61 and CR 388, then approximately 1/4 mile northeast following the lane to the top of the hill, Sec 18, Twp 4N, Rg 67W. The cemetery is on private property.

There is no history of the cemetery, as such. Some history of Elbridge Gerry is given in Weld county Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol I, pg 411.

The WCMI includes the names in the history and references to this burial ground.

Heines Ranch
Heines Ranch is mentioned as a possible burial site in the Guide to Vital Statistics for the State of Colorado. No other information is available.

Lone Tree Cemetery
Located 5 miles east of the Grover road from Hwy 85 then 1 mile south and 1/2 mile east (east of Lake St George). No other information was found.

Moser Cemetery
Located NE1/4 Sec 28, Twp 3N, Rg 65W.

The cemetery has not been in use for many years. There are no visual signs of any graves as the markers were lost when cattle were let graze over the area and is now farm ground. It is thought that some of the graves may be under the County road which was not in existence when the cemetery was in use.

The information on the burials was obtained from Mrs Adam (Esther Moser) Moser of Evans, Colorado in Oct 1980. She is the granddaughter of the original land owner. These burials are indexed in the WCMI.

Prairie Center Cemetery
Located in Sec 28, Twp 11N, Rg 62W.

There is a church and a school here and possibly 3 or 4 burials although in the 1970s there was no evidence. The information was provided by Mrs Chris Koenig of Grover, Colorado.

Slayton Cemetery
Located on the right side of the road in Sec 30, Twp 9N, Rg 65W.

There is suppose to be an unmarked grave located at the above site that may have been called the "Slayton Cemetery".

Information on the burial, Merdith Mortimer Givens, and about her history can be found on pg 422.

Sunnydale Cemetery
This cemetery was listed in the Guide to Vital Statistics for the State of Colorado. School district #125 and a church were located in Sec 19, Twp 7N, Rg 60W about 15 miles southwest of Buckingham, Colorado. This may be the same as the Pilgrim Cemetery.

Union Colony Cemetery
Located in the approximate area of where the University of Northern Colorado Student Center Building is now (2009) standing at the corner of 11th Ave and 20th St in Sec 17, Twp 5N, Rg 65W.

The Colony Cemetery was the first established burial ground in Greeley, Colorado. From the original minutes of Union Colony Record Book #1 dated 4 Oct 1870 was this entry: "The Colony Cemetery, its location, etc., discussed. General Cameron moved that 40 acres in Sec 17 be dedicated and donated for a cemetery and that it be platted and plowed to define the streets and walks - that 5 or 10 acres be fenced and that the same be surveyed into lots and that the said lots be appraised and solf for a sufficient amount to pay for the land, platting, surveying and plowing. The motion was made and carried." The cemetery was abandoned in early 1874 because the location proved undersirable. The selection of a second site, which became Linn Grove Cemetery, was begun in 1873. Removals of bodies took place from late 1874 until Mar 1882. See Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume II page viii and 638 for additional information.

Windsor Cemetery (Old)
Located in Windsor, Colorado from the stop light go south on 7th Street (CR17) about 2 miles, turn west on New Liberty, Rd two blocks to Merlin Ln, this curves down and leads to a driveway to the house on the property. The burials are in back of the house near the corral, Sec 29, Twp 6N, Rg 67W. GPS reading Latitude: N40.45608 Longitude: W104.92040.

This house, set back into the side of the hill on the west side, is suppose to be the original old stage stop. "There is an old burying ground on top of a hill on the H A Marek (now Lesley ????) property southwest of Windsor, where some of the early day people were laid to rest, and so far as we know most of the bodies remain there. No records are available to show that the site was ever set aside as a cemetery, but was just a common burying ground. Among the persons buried there was a Mr Davis, one of the earliest settlers." (Highlights in the History of Windsor, Colorado - compiled by Roy Ray in 1940). Some of the older residents seem to think Indians and white settlers were buried there together as many Indian beads were found as erosion of the soil took place. Upon visiting the site in 2009 I found one tombstone with a footstone fenced in to the north of the outbuilding and west of the house. Further information about stones found in 1976 can be found in Weld County Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume I pg 14.