Weld County Cemeteries
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Cemetery List

Weld County Cemeteries

New Raymer Cemetery
Located northeast of New Raymer, Colorado, north 1 mile on CR 129 and east 1/2 mile on CR 88 to a large steel gateway and cattleguard on the north, this roadway leads to the cemetery on top of the hill, SW 1/2 Sec 26, Twp 8N, Rg 58W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.62962, Longitude: W103.83286.

In June 1915 a petition was circulated to organize a cemetery association. Land belonging to Harry White, was purchased at $50 per acre for 5 acres. Mr White donated the land that leads to the cemetery and agreed to build a fence along the road. The Town Clerk was custodion of the records in Feb 1975. The cemetery is still in use.

The burials to Feb 1975 and photographs to Sep 2009 are indexed in the WCMI.

Nunn Cemetery (Mountain View)
See Mountain View Cemetery

Pilgrim Cemetery
Located southeast of Briggsdale, Colorado, go 5 miles south on CR79 then 9 miles east on CR80 in the NW 1/4 Sec 19, Twp 7N, Rg 60W. GPS reading on the road in line with the cemetery is Latitude: N40.56791, Longitude: W104.14510. The only tombstone sets about 250-260 feet south in the middle of the field.

This is an abandoned public cemetery which was established in 1917. It contains 1.32 acres and is unfenced allowing cattle to roam freely. Most of the burials were victims of the 1918 flu epidemic. Only 2 graves had stones in 1973, only 1 stone is left in 2009. In 1973 Bill Krieger of Briggsdale, Colorado was the custodian of the records.

The burials are indexed in the WCMI.

Pioneer Beebe Draw Cemetery
See Beebe Draw Cemetery (Pioneer)

Platteville Cemetery (Mizpah)
See Mizpah Cemetery

Pleasantview Ridge Cemetery
Located 5 miles north of Erie on the Boulder-Weld County Line Rd at CR18 in the northeast corner, SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 Sec 19, Twp 2N, Rg 68W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.11658, Longitude: W105.05451.

The cemetery is in fair condition. A number of persons have been removed to other cemeteries. As of 1975 no records are known to exist. In 2009 several stones were hard to read.

The burials are indexed in the WCMI. The tombstones were photographed in November 2009.

Prairie View Cemetery (Stoneham)
Located at the west edge of Stoneham, Colorado on Hwy 14, Sec 5, Twp 7N, Rg 56W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.60992, Longitude: W103.67148.

The cemetery is still in use. In Jan 1976 the records were in the custody of Mr Frank Hoozee.

The burials as of 1976 are indexed in the WCMI. The tombstones have been photographed by the DAR.

Saint Francis Cemetery (Vollmar)
Located southwest of Platteville, Colorado, go west on Hwy 66 3 miles to CR19 then south 4 miles to CR22, turn east, cemetery is about 1.5 miles on the north just before the irrigation ditch, Sec 11, Twp 2N, Rg 67W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.14541, Longitude: W104.86664.

In Feb 1976 there was evidence of 28 graves other than what were read. Some were marked with weathered wooden crosses or with mortuary markers whose inscriptions were gone. The cemetery was in a neglected state, the fence was down and it was heavily grown over with weeds. Mr Lundien, Ft Lupton mortician, reported that there were between 50 and 60 persons buried there and he had buried most of them, but his business burned in the 1940's and the records were destroyed. In 2009 the cemetery was in worse condition and any stones are hard to find and very hard to read. No other records were found.

The burials are indexed in the WCMI. The tombstones were photographed in November 2009.

Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery (Beebe Draw)
See Beebe Draw Cemetery

Sligo Cemetery
Located 5 miles southeast of Grover, Colorado on the diagonal road to CR112 then about 2 miles east, Sec 31, Twp 10N, Rg 60W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.79861, Longitude: W104.12968.

The Coleman-Sligo Club platted the cemetery and marked all of the graves. In 1975 Mrs Miles Gillett of Grover sent all available information. In 2009 there is evidence of new tombstones but no new burials since 1976.

The list of burials in 1975 included those with headstones and those marked by the Coleman-Sligo Club with plastic markers from Adamson's Mortuary, Greeley, Colorado. The burials are indexed in the WCMI. Photographs of the tombstones were taken in November 2009.

Stoneham Cemetery (Prairie View)
See Prairie View Cemetery