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Weld County Cemeteries

Sources for the information about the cemeteries are: The Genealogical Society of Weld County, Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions Vol I (Greeley, CO: The Genealogical Society of Weld County, 1982); The Genealogical Society of Weld County, Weld County, Colorado Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol II (U.S.: The Genealogical Society of Weld County, 1988); and private sources as noted and personal experience.

Additional information may be found in these publications or in the records for the cemeteries where noted.

Ault Cemetery
Beebe Draw Cemetery (Seventh Day Adventist)
Beebe Draw Cemetery (Pioneer)
Briggsdale Cemetery
Burbridge Cemetery
Christian Cemetery (Horst)
Coleman Cemetery
Dilley Chapel Cemetery (Johnstown)
Eaton Cemetery
Elwell Cemetery (Johnstown)
Erie Cemetery (Mount Pleasant)
Evans Cemetery
Fort Lupton Cemetery (Hillside)
Greeley Cemetery (Linn Grove)
Grover Cemetery(Home of Peace)
Heart of the Plains Cemetery
Higday Cemetery
Highland Lake Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery (Fort Lupton)
Home of Peace Cemetery (Grover)
Horst Cemetery (Christian)
Hudson Cemetery (Mountain View)
Johnstown Cemetery
Keota Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery (Windsor)
Linn Grove Cemetery (Greeley)
Liberty Cemetery
Mizpah Cemetery (Platteville)
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Erie)
Mountain View Cemetery (Hudson)
Mountain View Cemetery (Nunn)
New Raymer Cemetery
Nunn Cemetery (Mountain View)
Platteville Cemetery (Mizpah)
Pilgrim Cemetery
Pioneer Beebe Draw Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery
Prairie View Cemetery (Stoneham)
Saint Francis Cemetery (Vollmar)
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery (Beebe Draw)
Sligo Cemetery
Stoneham Cemetery (Prairie View)
Sunset Memorial Gardens
Trinity Episcopal Church Memorial Garden
Vollmar Cemetery (Saint Francis)
Windsor Cemetery (Lakeview)
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery
Other Weld County Burial Sites
- Box Elder Cemetery
- Brush and Daniels Graves
- Buckingham Cemetery
- Dutch Girl Cemetery
- Fort Latham Cemetery
- Gerry Graves
- Heines Ranch
- Lone Tree Cemetery
- Moser Cemetery
- Prairie Center Cemetery
- Slayton Cemetery
- Sunnydale Cemetery
- Union Colony Cemetery
- Windsor Cemetery(Old)

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