Weld County Cemeteries
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Cemetery List

Weld County Cemeteries

Eaton Cemetery
Located east and south of Eaton, Colorado. From Hwy 85 turn east on Collins St to Rd 39 then south 1/4 mile, Sec 5, Twp 6N, Rg 65W. GPS readings are: Latitude: N40.51770 Longitude: W104.69631.

Frank G Reeman originally sold land to the Eaton Cemetery Company in 1891. On 24 May 1893 the Eaton Cemetery Company sold to the Town of Eaton. On 24 Nov 1961 Nina A Bouslog of Denver, Colorado sold them 3.23 acres. The Town of Eaton is the current owner and provides upkeep and the Town Clerk is custodian of the records.

Burials are indexed in the WCMI. The official Eaton Cemetery website is located at http://www.eatonco.org/cemetery.htm. Photographs of the tombstones can be found on Find a Grave.

Elwell Cemetery (Johnstown)
See Johnstown Cemetery

Erie Cemetery (Mount Pleasant)
See Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Evans Cemetery
Located on the southwest corner of Hwy 34 and 11th Avenue intersection in Evans, Colorado, Sec 19, Twp 5N, Rg 65W. GPS readings are: Latitude N40.39098 Longitude: W104.69728.

There is no complete history of the cemetery. In 1976 several people were contacted from old families. Some said it had been known as Boot Hill before Evans Cemetery. Several said the town records were destroyed by fire in 1903 and destroyed again about 1937. The town clerk has the records for the cemetery.

Burials are indexed in the WCMI. The offical Evans Cemetery website is located at http://patriotdreams.us/cemeteries/evans/evansc.html..

Fort Lupton Cemetery (Hillside)
See Hillside Cemetery

Greeley Cemetery (Linn Grove)
See Linn Grove Cemetery

Grover Cemetery (Home of Peace)
See Home of Peace Cemetery.

Heart of the Plains Cemetery
Located just east of the intersection of WCR 16 and WCR 77 southeast of Roggen, Colorado. From Front St and WCR 73 in Roggen go south 4.5 miles on WCR 73 to WCR 16 then go east 2.2 miles. The cemetery is on the north just past the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sec 28, Twp 2, Rg 62. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.10357, Longitude: W104.33537.

The land was donated to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Oct 2005, the dedication was on Nov 2, 2007. In March 2012 the tombstones were photographed and there were 22 burials. The photos can be viewed on Find A Grave.

Higday Cemetery
Located northeast of Grover, Colorado near the Nebraska line on the southwest corner of CR134 and CR119 intersection in the NE corner Sec 2, Twp 11N, Rg 59W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.96090, Longitude: W103.93422.

In Jun 1974 Mrs Belle Klinginsmith wrote that she gleaned the information she is providing from an old blueprint that Grandpa Klinginsmith left at the home place. The grave plots were numbered and names written in, as to whom the plots belonged. The grave yard was started by the early homesteaders. The coffin was usually brought from Kimball, Nebraska, 35 miles away. A minister by the name of Mitchell lived one mile west of the grave yard and officiated at some of the services. The last burial was probably about 1927. It is not known at this time, Oct 2009, where the records or blueprint are located.

The burials are included in the WCMI. The tombstones have been photographed but are not on line.