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Weld County Cemeteries

Ault Cemetery
Located in Ault, Colorado, from corner of Hwy 85 & Hwy 14 go east to 3rd Ave then north to the dead end which turns right into the cemetery, Sec 12, Twp 7N, Rg 66W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.59004 Longitude: W104.72618.

The plat map was dedicated on 14 Sep 1908. The land was given to the Town of Ault on 2 Apr 1909 by Albert Allison. The cemetery is still in use and records are kept by the town clerk.

Burials are indexed in the WCMI. Photos of the tombstones can be found on Find A Grave.

Beebe Draw Cemetery (Seventh Day Adventist)
Located southeast of LaSalle, Colorado. From the water tower in LaSalle go east on Todd Ave, which turns into CR56, to CR43. Turn south 3.5 miles to the cemetery on the east, Sec 22, Twp 4N, Rg 65W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.29741, Longitude: W104.65882.

"Papa Johnny" Oster gave the land for this cemetery in 1914 or 1915 according to Dan Oster, his son. At one time there was a Seventh Day Adventist Church on the corner which has since disbanded and the church building moved. The cemetery has been linked with the church and sometimes called the Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery, however, it was intended for the use of anyone. Mrs Dan Oster provided the information in the 1970's on those persons buried there that do not have stones.

Burials are indexed in the WCMI. The tombstones were photographed in October 2009.

Beebe Draw Cemetery (Pioneer)
Located approximately 2 miles east, 5 1/2 miles south of LaSalle, Colorado, SE 1/4 of SE1/4 Sec 34, Twp 4N, Rg 65W. The cemetery is accessible only through private property and a key is needed.

The original warranty deed dated 11:50 a.m. January 19, 1907 states "one acre of land in the extreme southeast corner of the SE1/4, Sec 34, T4N, R65W" from Christian Moser to the German Baptist Church for a cemetery. The church was located nearby.The cemetery is no longer in use.

The information on burials and location was given by Mrs Pearl Bohlender and Mrs Paul Anderson in 1978. Burials are indexed in the WCMI.

Briggsdale Cemetery
Located 1/2 mile west and 1/2 mile north of the corner of Hwy 14 & 392 in Briggsdale, Colorado, Sec 21, Twp 8N, Rg 62W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.647146, Longitude: W104.334580.

The cemetery was orginally located on the south side of town. Back when the railroad ran through that part of the country they used the area for a locamotive turnaround so all the graves were moved to the present cemetery on the north side of town. There were 2 or 3 graves that were not moved and recently there has been a tombstone placed at the grave of Mr Waterman. This information per Orlando Hill of Briggsdale. The cemetery is still in use and as of May 2007 the records were in possession of Orlando and Anna Hill.

The burials as of May 2007 are indexed in the WCMI.

Burbridge Cemetery
Located on private property approximately 4 miles west of Platteville, Colorado on Hwy 66 and south approximately 2 miles on a winding road, SE 1/4, Sec 32, Twp 3N, Rg 67W.

The cemetery may also be known as the St Vrain Cemetery.

Stones were read in 1976 and are indexed in the WCMI. Additional information on WCGS Projects web site.

Christian Cemetery (Horst)
Located southeast of Briggsdale, Colorado on CR 78 between CR101 and CR105, NWNE1/4 Sec 27, Twp 7N, Rg 60W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.55340, Longitude: W104.08254.

An abandoned cemetery with few markers. It is sometimes called the Horst Cemetery because the Horst's donated the land for a church cemetery.

Information gathered 1974, 17 burials, one unknown at that time, is indexed in the WCMI.

Coleman Cemetery
Located 6 miles east of Briggsdale on Hwy 14, then 6 miles north on CR 89 to CR 102. CR 102 turns east but the cemetery is 1 mile west on the very rutty trail, Sec 19, Twp 9N, Rg 61W. GPS reading is Latitude: N40.72681 Longitude: W104.23957.

The cemetery is in a fenced area at the end of the trail before it turns to go back into the barns and sheds. In 2010 there were only 2 tombstones, one of those was tipped over.

The burials are indexed in the WCMI. The tombstones were photographed in March 2010.

Dilley Chapel Cemetery (Johnstown)
See Johnstown Cemetery