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About The Weld County Genealogical Society


The Genealogical Society of Weld County, now the Weld County Genealogical Society, started with an organizational meeting of a small handful of interested genealogists on 23 April 1973. Royal Jewkes was elected temporary chairman and Carol Watson elected temporary secretary.

Charter membership was extended through December 1973 with the following 33 people becoming Charter Members: Mabel Baxter, Kathryn Bibbey, Evelyn Casteel, Harold Channel, Mr/Mrs Gideon Colvin, Ruth Drake, Mary Dye, Wendy Gregory, Alice Heinz, Roberta "Berdie" Hernbloom (now Holsclaw), Esther Krause, Lydia Miller, Richard Mock, Arliss Monk, Ruth Munz, Carol Murry (now Shwayder), Blanche Neet, Joan Nelson, Mrs J.E. Potter, Audrey Reed, Gladys Rein, Mrs Wallace Rubick, Donita Stewart, Wilda Sweigard, Nettie Urban, Jennie Vigil, Carol Watson, David Watson, Myrtle Wilcox, Stella Wright, Thaine Young, Hilda Young. Of these, Esther Krause, Arliss Monk, Wilda Sweigard and Stella Wright are still members.


  1. Collect, preserve and publish materials for the benefit of general genealogical research.
  2. Promote an understanding of genealogy by encouragement and education in the art and pursuit of genealogical research, and to stress the importance of accuracy and careful documentation.
  3. Cooperate with similar societies and organizations.
  4. Foster the observance of the Genealogical Code of Ethics.

Our Collection

The genealogical collection is housed at the Centennial Park Branch Library, 2227 23rd Avenue, Greeley, CO. The collection includes books for all areas of the United States, specializing in Weld County. All the Greeley Tribune newspapers are on microfilm and part of our collection. There is also a large collection of German from Russia material. There are two genealogy computers where you can access AncestryLibrary Edition and all the internet.

The collection is open to the public the same hours as the library. There are volunteers from the Society there various hours of the week.

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