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A T T E N T I O N !!
As editor of the Weld County Genealogical Society Quarterly I am hereby submitting my resignation. I will publish the February and May 2014 quarterlies. The Society desperately needs a society member to step up and take over the job. It would be nice if someone could work with me on the next two quarterlies to get an idea of what is involved.
Jackie Glavinick

Our Weld County Master Index is found under "WCGS Online Databases" along with other databases.

"Weld County Resources" lists links to other sites with history and records that pertain to Weld County.

NEW under this catagory is a page listing all the Weld County Genealogical Resources including all the Genealogical Societies/Libraries/Centers/Websites, UNC, city of Greeley Offices, Weld County Government Offices, Colorado State Offices, Newspapers, Title Companies, and Mortuaries along with information about each resource.

"Favorite Links" lists some of our favorite off-site web pages.

The Weld County Genealogical Society, our Quarterly and our web pages work toward preserving Weld County history and records.

The Weld County Genealogical Society Projects web page contains links to the genealogical project databases currently being researched by our members. Our current project concerns the settlers of Dearfield Colorado; other projects included on the site are the genealogies of Mary Ellen (Jackson) Bailey and the Rhiner family.

The public is invited to all our membership meetings and programs. Now is the time to get started with your genealogy!

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