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The purpose of this web site is to offer genealogical information for fellow Courtright researchers. This includes variations of the surname such as Kortright, Kortreght, Cortreght, Cortright, and Cutright with the primary focus on the Courtrights from Fairfield County, Ohio and the origin of the Surname. I regret that I am unable to conduct personal research. I can only supply the information. Please refer all queries to the various forums and available lists. I will p.m. those if I have that information. To contact the webmaster for additions or deletions click Webmaster

Courtright DNA Project

A Courtright Surname DNA Project is currently being organized through the FamilyTree DNA Testing service. Anyone who may be interested, please check out the following information at this website, Courtright DNA Project   


map of belgium Sebastian or Bastian Van Kortryk was born in Kortrijk, West Flanders, Belgium circa 1586. He immigrated to Leerdam, South Netherlands in 1615. Due to Dutch Patronymics it was common to be given a name of the place of birth, therefore Sebastian or Bastian was known as Van Kortrijk. Thus Bastian van Kortrijk. The surname of our ancestors has changed a few times through the centuries since immigrating to America. Upon their arrival it was Van Kortrijk. The Van sometimes refered to as something to do with royality , but actually V(v)an is the dutch word meaning from, so from Kortrijk, which is a town in West Flanders, Belgium (see map at left). Soon after immigration the surname becomes Kortright or Kortreght (a Dutch Reformed Church spelling and also spelled with a (c) Cortreght)and Cortright. After the revolutionary war it settles down to become what it is today , "Courtright". For more information concerning Dutch Patronymics go to following site.Dutch Naming.
     According to Riker's History of Harlem by James Riker, Sebastian or Bastian is a royal spanish name. Click the following link for the Suname study page. Surname Study


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This section will provide links to the Laurens Jansen Low Family which descends
from the Dutch line that originally used the patronym Kortregt/Kortright.

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pedigree My Courtright ancestry began in Ulster County, New York in the 1660's. They migrated down the Old Mine road, along the Delware River. After the Revolutionary War my g-g-g-g-grandfather Abraham van Kampen journeyed from Pennsylvania and settled in Fairfield County, Ohio in 1801. Most of them have been there the last 200 years.

My Courtright ancestry (the short version)

  1. Jan Bastiansen van Kortryk b.1618 d. after 1677
  2. Hendrick Jansen van (Beest)Kortright b.1648 d.1741 m. Catherine Hansen Webber b.1653 d.1740
  3. Cornelius Hendricksen Kortright b.1680 d.1726 m. Christina Roosenkrans b.1671 d.1726
  4. Johannes Kortreght or Kortrecht b.1714 d.1763 or 83 m. Margriet Dennemerken b.1712 d.1763
  5. Abraham van K(c)ampen Courtright b.1748 d.1825 m. Effie Drake b.1752 d.1824
  6. John Courtright b.1779 d.1863 m. Elizabeth Grubb b.1780 d.1852
  7. Abram Courtright b.1803 d.1852 m. Catherine Snyder
  8. Jacob Courtright b.1831 d.1912 m. Lydia Stout b.1833 d.1866
  9. Benjamin F. Courtright b.1858 d.1938 m. Ida Conrad b.1859 d.1888
  10. Virgil L. Courtright b.1885 d.1973 m. Mae Crites b.1890 d.1980
  11. Don C. Courtright b.1923-2007 m. Patricia Hill b.1933-2003
  12. Marvin D. Courtright-b.1956- m. Jean Roberts b.1959-

Here is an excellent synopsis on how the Cutright's are related to the Kortright/Courtright family. This analogy is presented by John O.

     In reference to the questions about the evolution of our name, I believe
the use of the name Cutright originated among certain Dutch settlers along
the south branch of the Potomac near the present city of Morefield, West
Virginia, in the middle to last half of the eighteenth century. These
settlers were descendants of Jan Bastiansen Van Kortryk who sailed from
Amsterdam to New York on April 16, 1663, on the ship Brindle Cow.
     In the next 75 years this family migrated from Harlem to Esopus and the
Minisink area of New York/New Jersey and then around 1735 to the south branch
of the Potomac. Some of these families on the south branch were Cornelius
Kortreck (1720-1785) and his wife, Eleanor Hornbeck (b-1733), who had at
least three sons, those being, Samuel Curtright (1745-1828), married to
Rachel, explored Kentucky with Simon Kenton in 1774, and had a station in
Kentucky. He and his descendants spelled their name "Curtright." Richard
Cutright (1757-1847), married to Fanny and moved to Kentucky. Peter Cutright
(1759-1841), married Catherine Ellington, and moved to Ohio and finally died
in Dewitt County, Illinois.
     Another of the settlers was Hendrick Kortreck,(b-1717) who married
Elizabeth Hornbeck,(b-1722) a sister of Eleanor, and his sister, Tjaetjen
(1727-1750) who married another Cornelis Cutright(1725-1752). Tjaetjen &
Cornelis had a son Hendrick Cutright (b-1750).
     In the next generation there were two men by the name of John
Cutright and "John" (the Bear Hunter) Cutright, (1747-1830), who married Elizabeth
Suber(1757-1830) in 1773 and moved to Kentucky and then in 1796 to Ross Co.
Ohio; and John (the Indian Scout) Cutright, (1754-1852) who married Rebecca
Truby (1752-1858) in 1788 and moved to Upshur Co. Va. John (the Indian Scout)
had a brother, Benjamin Cutright (1735-1790) who married Mary Catherine
Woolf. John, John, and Benjamin were all born along the south branch of the
Potomac. There is a question about the father of the two John Cutrights.
According to tradition, Hendrick Kortreck and Elizabeth Hornbeck were the
parents of John (the Indian Scout) Cutright, Benjamin Cutright, and their
sister, Charity (1741-1830), who married Samuel Pringle; however, there are
deeds and leases which indicate that Hendrick and Elizabeth were the parents
of John (the Bear Hunter) Cutright, Henry Cutright, and Abraham Cutright.
     At the start of the eighteenth century the members of this family were
going by the name "Kortreck" or some variation. Many members of the
generation that was born in the middle of the eighteenth century were using
the name "Cutright" by the end of that century and were moving to Kentucky,
Ohio, and Illinois.
     I believe that most of the present day Cutrights are descended from
Samuel Curtright, his brothers, Richard Cutright and Peter Cutright; Benjamin
Cutright, John (the Bear Hunter) Cutright, and John (the Indian Scout)
Cutright. The Courtright name is a branch of the Kortreck as is the Cutright and our
ancestors came from Holland. I believe the Cartright family is no relation
as they are from England. There are written documents which show this
evolution of the name.
     As you are aware, the name "John Cutright" is a common name in our family
and it can be hard to distinguish between them.

                      John O. Cutright

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