Descendants of John Trumbull

Descendants of John Trumbull


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64. James Harrison Poor 44 was born on 27 Mar 1843 in Freetown, Jackson, Indiana33,45 and died on 4 Oct 1921 in Buried Blockton, Taylor, Iowa46 at age 78.

General Notes: History of Taylor County (Taylor County Iowa) pg. 356
J. H. Poor
Persistent, earnest labor has constituted the foundation upon which J. H. Poor has built his success, making him one of the substantial farmers of Gay township. He now resides on section 25, and is busily employed with the care of a farm of one hundred and twenty acres. He has resided there for thirty-five years, having in 1874, come to Taylor county from Ringgold county, Iowa, where he located in 1870. He has lived in the middle west although the place of his birth was east of the Mississippi. He first opened his eyes to the light of day on the 27th of March, 1843, in Jackson county, Indiana. His father Samuel Poor, was also a native of that state and having arrived at years of maturity was married there to Julia Ann Winegar, a native of Tennessee. Mr Poor followed farming in the Hoosier state and there reared his family. At the time of the Civil War he espoused the cause of the Union and served at the front until honorably discharged on account of disability. He passed away in 1895, and is survived by his widow who resides with a daughter, Mrs. Sutton, in Missouri.
The boyhood days of J. H. Poor were quietly passed upon the home farm in Jackson county, Indiana. Though the period of his boyhood and youth he worked in the fields through the summer months and in the winter seasons acquired his education. He was married in 1862 when twenty years of age to Miss Harriet McCain, who was a native of Ohio, but was reared in Indiana. After their marriage the young couple began their domestic life upon a tract of rented land which Mr. Poor cultivated until 1864. In February of that year, constrained by a spirit of patriotism, he offered his services to the government, enlisting as a member of Company H, One Hundred and Twentieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. With that command he went south, the regiment joining the Army of the Cumberland. He was first under fire at Buzzard's Roost, a hotly contested battle in which Mr. Poor had the first finger of his right hand shot away, thus becoming permently disabled. He was in the hospital for a time but later joined his regiment and subequently participated in the battles of Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain and the Atlanta campaign. He was also present at the battle of Jonesboro and after the capture of Atlanta was with his regiment when it was sent back to Nashville, participating in the last engagement there. Later he was sent to Washington D. C. and subsiquently to Morehead City. He afterward joined General Sherman at Raleigh, where he was held on guard duty until 1866, when he mustered out and sent home, receiving his honorable discharge at Indianapolis on the 9th of January of that year.
When the war was over and the country no longer needed his military aid Mr. Poor returned home and later purchased a tract of land in Jackson county Indiana, where he carried on general farming until 1870. In that year he came to Iowa, settling first in Ringgold county, where he purchased forty acres of land which he broke and fenced. He there carried on farming for four years when he sold the property and bought forty acres of his present farm. Only a small box house which he and his family occupied for four years or until he was able to erect a more commodious and modern residence. Desirous of becoming the owner of a more extensive farm he added to his original tract from time to time as his financial resources increased and broke the sod and tilled the soil until his place was converted into rich and productive fields. He also built a substantial dwelling and likewise a good barn and hog shed. He also set out fruit trees, planted a grove and made the place what it is today, a well improved property. He raises high grade stock, including hogs, cattle and horses and his fields annually bring forth rich harvests.
Mr. and Mrs. Poor have become the parents of nine children: J. C., a young man at home, who assists in carrying on the farm; Charles, a resident farmer of Gay township; Benjamin B., of Blockton, who was a soldier of the Philippine war and had his left thumb shot away; John, who is doing for himself; James and Jesse, at home; Charlotta, the wife of Delta Ketch, of Blockton; Jennie, the wife of William Hensley, a farmer of Gay township; and Emma, who died in September, 1908, at the age of twenty four years.
In his political views Mr. Poor has been a Republican since casting his first presidential ballot for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. With one exception he has supported every presidential nominee of the party since that time. He belongs to the United Brethren Church and to the Grand Army Post and is highly esteemed in both organizations. For nearly forty years he has lived in this part of the country and since 1874 has been actively concerned in the developement and progress of Taylor county, especially along the lines of agricultural development.
He has worked earnestly and persistently to attain the success which is now his and which makes him one of the representative agriculturists of the community.

James served during the Civil War in Company H 120th Indiana. It appears from census records he lived close to his grandfather Wendell Poore in Taylor county, Iowa.
I did not find James in Jackson County, Indiana in 1870 census. He may have joined his grandfather in Iowa by this time.
1880 Census Gay twp Page 166, Taylor county, Iowa
1885 Census Gay twp Page 82, Taylor county, Iowa
1895 Census Gay twp Page 4, Taylor county, Iowa
1900 Census Gay twp Page 111, Taylor county, Iowa

James married Harriet R McCain in 1862 in Prob Jackson County, Indiana. Harriet was born in Feb 1844 in Ohio59 and died in 1916 in Buried Blockton, Taylor, Iowa60 at age 72.

Children from this marriage were:

   81 F    i. Charlotte Poore was born in 1865 in Jackson County, Indiana.46

General Notes: At the time of her fathers death she is listed as living at Blockton, Iowa. This was in October of 1921.

Charlotte married Delta Ketch.

   82 M    ii. Jacob C Poore was born on 10 Oct 1866 in Jackson County, Indiana,46 died on 22 Jul 1928 in Sheridan, Worth, Missouri61 at age 61, and was buried on 24 Jul 1928 in Sheridan Cemetery.

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Sheridan, Missouri. This was in October of 1921. He is listed single on his death certificate.

   83 F    iii. Jennie Poore was born in 1869 in Prob Ringgold County, Iowa.46

General Notes: Jennie's great grandfather Wendell Poore came out to Iowa before 1860. From all the census records I have found (1860 to 1880) while Wendell was alive he lived in Ringgold county. Wendell is buried in present day Taylor county, a little town called Blockton. From information I have found the preponderence of the evidence says she was born in Ringgold county. At the time of her fathers death she is listed as living at Haswell, Colorado. This was in October of 1921.

Jennie married William Hensley.

   84 M    iv. Charles Edwin Poore was born on 7 Dec 1874 in Blockton, Taylor, Iowa,46,62 died on 5 Jun 1949 in Athelston, Taylor, Iowa63 at age 74, and was buried on 7 Jun 1949 in Bedford, Taylor, Iowa.63

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Blockton, Iowa. This was in October of 1921.

   85 M    v. Benjamin Poore was born on 12 Jul 1877 in Taylor County, Iowa46,64,65,66 and died in 1936 in Buried Blockton, Taylor, Iowa27 at age 59.

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Maloy, Iowa. This was in October of 1921.

Benjamin married Annie Jane. Annie was born in 1877 in Missouri65,66 and died in 1961 in Buried Blockton, Taylor, Iowa27 at age 84.

   86 M    vi. John R Poore was born on 10 Oct 1877 in Taylor County, Iowa,46 died on 24 Apr 1949 in Corning, Holt, Missouri67 at age 71, and was buried on 26 Apr 1949 in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Craig, Holt, Missouri.

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Sheridan, Missouri. This was in October of 1921. Death certificate states he was never married.

   87 M    vii. James L Poore was born on 7 Sep 1881 in Blockton, Taylor, Iowa,46 died on 2 Sep 1954 in Anderson, Mcdonald, Missouri68 at age 72, and was buried on 5 Sep 1954 in Tracy Cemetery, Anderson, Mcdonald, Missouri.

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Sheridan, Missouri. This was in October of 1921.

   88 F    viii. Emma M Poore was born in Sep 1883 in Taylor County, Iowa and died on 6 Sep 1907 in Buried Blockton, Taylor, Iowa27,46 at age 24.

General Notes: Emma is not listed as an heir in her fathers estate papers. Because of this we can only assume she is deceased.

   89 M    ix. Jessie G Poore was born in Mar 1886 in Taylor County, Iowa.46,69

General Notes: At the time of his fathers death he is listed as living at Sheridan, Missouri. This was in October of 1921.
World War One draft registration card states he is feeble minded.
1920 Census lists him as single in his brother John's household.

James next married Elizabeth after 1916 in Prob Taylor County, Iowa.46 Elizabeth was born in 1856.46

Marriage Notes: Since they were married only about five years, and considering her age at his death there could have been no children from this marriage.

65. Harriet Poor 47 was born on 26 May 1845 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana,33,48,49,50 died on 13 Dec 1918 in Arispe, Union, Iowa48,49 at age 73, and was buried in Benton, Ringgold, Iowa.

Harriet married William Zike,70,71 son of John Zike and Susannah Smith, on 22 Jul 1860 in Brownstown, Jackson, Indiana 49.,72 William was born on 15 Sep 1833 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana,48,49,50 died on 7 Sep 1914 in Arispe, Union, Iowa48,49,73 at age 80, and was buried in Benton, Ringgold, Iowa.

General Notes: William was born in Indiana, I have not been able to confirm Brownstown, Jackson, Indiana like the family folklore states. His parents most have died when he was quite young. In 1860 he was living with a brother Jacob Zike. If you do reseach in Jackson county on this line don't be confused on the Jacob Zike family. Jacob also had a son named William, this William married the 29th day of September 1859 to a Julia Ann Wininger. Jacob's son William had his own household in 1860.
William married Harriet Poor the 22nd day of July 1860. Both William and Harriet can be found in their gaurdians/parents homes in the 1860 census.
From a Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana Volume 7 1861-1865 we know that William served in the Civil War. He is listed as being in the 120th Regiment Infantry Company H, he mustered in March10, 1864 and mustered out January 8, 1866. This record showed he lived in Freetown. His actual military papers showed he lived in Salt Creek Township, Jackson County, Indiana. I don't know which is correct because Freetown is in Pershing township.
In 1870 William and Harriet are living in Owen township, Jackson county. I can't make out the name of the town listed under postoffice. At this time they have 4 children listed in the house, unfortunately the census taker didn't write down the full name of the children, only initials.

Children from this marriage were:

   90 F    i. Anna Belle Zike was born on 11 Feb 1862 in Clear Springs, Jackson County, Indiana,49,50,71 died on 2 Mar 1934 in Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas71,74 at age 72, and was buried in Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas.

General Notes: Dated 8 March 1934 in the Hoxie Sentinal, Hoxie, Sheridan co., Kansas.
A Tribute to My Grandmother, Mrs. C B Deibert
The highest honor that can be paid to any woman is the honor of motherhood. A woman may have riches and gold, she may be a great educator in some university, her name may be in history, she may be a great writer, her books incirculing the earth; but what of motherhood? Can any woman possess greater honor than motherhood.
If it were not for the tireless patience of motherhood we would not have our great men and woman.
In the building of America, motherhood had as much to do as man. They stood side by side with their husbands through battle and storm, building homes that their children might not have to endure what they had to endure. Sometimes schools were not to be and mother, with a prayer, started in to educate her children, to her own standard. Mother was educator, physician, nursemaid, and everything to her children. She knows their every want and their every need.
My grandmother was of the pioneer type, coming west with her husband and children, making a home here on the plains of western Kansas. There was no sacrifice to great for her to make for her children or husband. She would do without the things she needed so that her children might have what they needed.
That is not all, she was a friend to all, a mother to all. No night was to dark, no storm to fierce or roads to bad for her to come to the bedside of a sick friend. She was allways loving and kind to everyone, always ready to go and do what she could in her own loving and kind way.
These few and simple words cannot express what I would like to say, but I am glad that I can say them to the honor of my Grandmother. My God, rest her soul in peace.
Ervin A. Morgan

Obituary Hoxie Sentinal 8 March 1934
Mrs. Anna Deibert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zike, was born in Jackson County, Indiana February 11,1862.
When about 14 years of age she with her parents moved to Iowa. Here she grew to womanhood.
In 1883 she was united in marriage to Mr. C. B. Deibert. To this union was born ten children, four boys and six girls. Charley, Wayne, Julius, Frank and Mrs. J. W. Mitchel of Tonganoxie, Kansas, Mrs. Will Turner of Superior, Nebraska, Mrs. C. N. Hines of Yuma, Colorado, and Mrs. Zelma Salloda, who preceded her in death.
She leaves to mourn her death her husband Mr. C. B. Deibert, her living children forty three grand children, ten great-grandchildren. Three brothers Rev. S. M. Zike, Moville Iowa, Mr. J. W. Zike, Chichasha, Oklahoma, T. W. Zike, Council Bluffs, Iowa and five living sistors, Mrs. Hattie Losh, Greeley, Colorado, Etta Johnson, Walla, Washington, Mrs. Ida Baker, Lucus, Iowa, Mrs. Zelma Baker, Exeland, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Julia Rains, Mt. Ayr, Iowa.
When thirteen years of age she was converted and united with the United Brethren Church, continuing her membership in that faith to the end of her life.
She was a good mother and a loyal companion and a kind neighbor. She passed away at her home Friday morning March 2, 1934. Near Hoxie after a brief illness Age 72 years, 19 days.
The children present are Charlie, Wayne, Julius, Frank, Lena Morgan, Cora Turner, Alpha Hines, Mrs. J. W. Zike.
Funeral Services were held Sunday afternoon with a brief service at the home conducted by a brother of the deceased, Rev. S. M. Zike followed by a service at the Methodist Church by the Pastor O. G. Brown. The body was laid to rest in the Hoxie cemetary.

Anna married Corwin Bruce Deibert, son of William D Deibert and Charlotte Annette Hart, on 27 May 1883 in Ringgold County, Iowa.75 Corwin was born on 14 Oct 1860 in Friendscreek Twp , Macon County, Illinois,76,77 died on 24 Aug 1956 in Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas74,77 at age 95, and was buried in Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas.

General Notes: I have not been able to find Corwin in the 1860 census. In every census after 1860 he lists his birth place as Illinois. In his obituary his birthplace is listed as Macon County, Illinois. I have done a search of Macon county, Illinois for 1860 and found nothing. In 1870 he is listed with his parents in Ringgold county, Iowa. His marriage record can be found at the court house in Mt Ayr, Iowa.
Obituary Dated 30 August 1956 in the Hoxie Sentinel, Hoxie, Sheridan co., Kansas
Long Time Citizen Called to Reward
A large number of relatives, neighbors, and friends of long standing, attended funeral services Sunday afternoon from the Hoxie Methodist church for Corwin Bruce Deibert, who passed away Friday morning from a lingering illness. Rev. Ray D. Applegarth, of the Christian church, officiated and interment was in the Hoxie cemetary.
Honorary casket bearers were: Earl Farber, O. W. Steinshouer, Decker Mosier, Jay Barr, George Pratt and Herb Cressler. The following great grandsons were casket bearers: Jimmy Mitchell, Billy Erickson, Kenny Deibert, Donald Howard, Jerry Black and Hadley Morgan.
The double quartet included the following: Aileen Roadhouse, Margaret Percival, Hazel Andregg, Anna Currier, Howard Currier, Eldon Steinshouer, Lloyd Morgan and Alex Fromme, Gertie Richardson was organist.
Corwin Bruce, eldest son of William and Charlotte Deibert, was born Oct. 14, 1860, in Macon county, Friends Creek Township, in the state of Illinous, and passed to his reward at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. E. Morgan on Aug. 24, 1956, at the age of 95 years, 10 months and 10 days.
At the age of five he moved with his parents to Ohio where they lived for about a year. They then moved to Ringold County, near Redding, Iowa, where Corwin grew to manhood.
On May 27, 1883 he was united in marriage to Anna Belle Zike. They made their first home near Redding, Iowa. This home was blessed with 10 children: Charles, the eldest, passed away July 12, 1949; Mrs. Cora Turner, of Superior, Neb.; Mrs. Laura Mitchell, of Topeka; Mrs. Alpha Hines, of Yuma, Colo.; Mrs. Lena Morgan, Wayne and Julius, all of Hoxie; Mrs. Zelma Sallada, who passed away Oct. 3, 1919; Frank, of Esbon; and Mrs. Edna Corey, of McCook, Neb.
In 1886, Corwin with his wife and two small children, came to western Kansas to take up a homestead in the Northeast part of Sheridan county. They remained on this place for about a year then returned to Iowa.
In 1901 they returned to Sheridan county and lived on a place about five miles south of Hoxie. All of the children with the exception of the youngest were born during this time. Corwin remained in Sheridan county the rest of his life.
In 1906 he with his family, moved to the Walker ranch south of Hoxie. He lived on this place until about 1935 when he ended his career as a rancher and farmer, and then lived the rest of his life with his various sons and daughters.
On May 27, 1933, he and his wife, Anna Belle, celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. But the Supreme Being had made His plan, and Anna Belle was called to rest on March 2, 1934.
In early manhood, Corwin was united with the United Brethern Church at Redding, Iowa, and remained with that faith until he was called home.
Altho Corwin lived to an advanced age, far beyond that of most men, he remained active almost to the end.
Besides his children, he leaves two sistors: Mrs. Alma Harris, of Oakland, Calif.; and Mrs. Iva Murphy, of Redding, Iowa; 44 grandchildren, 109 great grandchildren; 18 great great grandchildren; a number of other relatives and a host of friends.
He was always a kind and loving father and a close friend to all. There never was a stranger in his presence. He was always ready to help any person who was in need.
Card Of Thanks
We take this means to express our appreciation and thanks for the kindness and help given us during our hour of sorrow and need. My God give you mhis special blessing. The families of Grandad Deibert.

Noted events in his life were:

• Medical Condition: Corwin lived to a very old age. He seemed to have good health through the years.

   91 M    ii. Samuel M. Zike was born on 5 Dec 1863 in Clear Springs, Jackson Co., Indiana48,49,50 and died in 1938 in Buried Benton, Ringgold, Iowa48 at age 75.

Samuel married Bertha A. Ostranier 49 on 14 Sep 1887 in Bedford, Iowa.49 Bertha was born in 186448 and died in Buried Benton, Ringgold, Iowa.48

   92 F    iii. Martha Evelyn Zike was born on 17 Oct 1866 in Clear Springs, Jackson Co., Indiana48,49,50 and died on 11 Aug 1901 in Buried Benton, Ringgold, Iowa48,49 at age 34.

Martha married William Page 49 on 19 Oct 1882 in Ringgold County, Iowa.78

   93 F    iv. Hattie Florence Zike was born on 26 Mar 1869 in Clear Springs, Jackson Co., Indiana49,50 and died on 7 Dec 1893 in Blockton, Iowa49 at age 24.

Hattie married Amizire B Evans 49 on 3 Apr 1887 in Redding, Ringgold, Iowa 49.,79

   94 M    v. Jacob Wendell Zike was born on 1 Jul 1872 in Clear Springs, Jackson Co., Indiana.49

Jacob married Sarah Etta Fertig 49 on 14 Mar 1897 in Benton, Ringgold, Iowa.49

   95 M    vi. Thomas William Zike was born on 10 Oct 1875 in Mormontown, Taylor, Iowa49 and died in 1958 in Buried Benton, Ringgold, Iowa at age 83.

Thomas married Laura Guard 49 on 14 Dec 1896.49

Thomas next married Pearl Coleman 49 on 8 Oct 1905 in Hastings, Adams, Nebraska.49

   96 F    vii. Mary Etta Zike was born on 17 Jan 1877 in Redding, Ringgold Co., Iowa.49

Mary married Cachus Johnston on 8 Mar 1898 in Benton, Ringgold, Iowa 49.,80 Cachus was born on 19 Sep 1871 in Ringgold County, Iowa49 and died on 26 Jul 1918 in Walla Walla, Washington49 at age 46.

   97 F    viii. Ida Mae Zike was born on 7 Sep 1881 in Mormontown, Iowa.49,81

Ida married Silas Baker 49 on 12 Sep 1900.

   98 F    ix. Julia Elizabeth Zike was born on 5 Mar 1884 in Ringgold County, Iowa48,49 and died on 10 Dec 1964 in Afton, Union, Iowa48,49 at age 80.

Julia married James Clyde Rains, son of Asa Shin Rains and Rachel Millsap, on 22 Jul 1901 in Ringgold County, Iowa.49 James was born on 18 Jul 1881 in Benton Twp, Ringgold, Iowa48,49 and died on 21 Sep 1941 in Benton Twp, Ringgold, Iowa48,49 at age 60.

   99 F    x. Zelma Eleander Zike was born on 19 Jun 1888 in Redding, Benton Twp, Ringgold, Iowa.49,81

General Notes: While researching other families I found her birth record at Mt. Ayr, Iowa. She was a very late life child for William and Harriet. Anyone doing research on this family line, I do have a picture of her with her parents when she was about 18 or 19 years old.

Zelma married Alanzo Baker 49 on 1 Sep 1909 in Arispe, Union, Iowa.49

66. Wendell Poor 51 was born in 1847 in Freetown, Jackson, Indiana.33,52

Wendell married Sarah Eveline White on 17 Feb 1867 in Jackson County, Indiana.82

67. Sarah E Poor was born in 1849 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana.33,53

Sarah married Thomas Jefferson Sutton on 14 Feb 1867 in Jackson County, Indiana.83

68. Martha Poor was born in 1852 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana.54

Martha married Joseph M White 84 on 23 Nov 1867 in Jackson County, Indiana.84

69. Celestes Poor was born in 1853 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana.34,53

General Notes: This is how the name appeared in the 1860 Census.

Celestes married David Thompson.

70. Margorie Poor was born in 1855 in Freetown, Jackson Co., Indiana.34,53

Margorie married John George Ewald.

71. Richard Acton Poore was born on 8 Jul 186134 and died on 23 Dec 1927 at age 66.

Richard married Mary Ellen Burris before 1881.

Children from this marriage were:

   100 M    i. Earnest Richard Poore was born on 15 Aug 1881 and died on 2 Jul 1957 at age 75.

   101 M    ii. Sylvanus Poore was born on 8 Oct 1884.

   102 F    iii. Ada B Poore was born in 1888.

   103 M    iv. Samuel Miller Poore was born on 25 Jun 1892.

   104 F    v. Destie Mona Poore was born on 11 May 1894.

   105 M    vi. Frank Nugent Poore was born on 30 May 1898.

   106 M    vii. Clarence Calvin Poore was born on 19 Jul 1900 and died on 27 May 1957 at age 56.

Clarence married Elsie Alice Kaufmann.

72. Daniel Poor was born in 1864.34

Daniel married Lucy Taylor.

73. Ephraim Poor was born in 1868.34

Ephraim married Ella Jackson.

74. Frances Poor was born on 26 Oct 1870.

Frances married Thomas Burrus.

75. John Knox Poor was born on 10 May 1875 in New Philadelphia, Washington, Indiana,57 died on 17 Mar 1919 in Cowgill, Caldwell, Missouri57 at age 43, and was buried on 19 Mar 1919 in Cowgill, Caldwell, Missouri.57

76. William Claude Poor was born on 2 Nov 1859 in Indiana,58 died on 31 Aug 1933 in Cowgill, Caldwell, Missouri58 at age 73, and was buried on 1 Sep 1933 in Cowgill, Caldwell, Missouri.58

77. Henry Poore was born in 1858 in Iowa.

78. Maylon Poore was born in 1860 in Missouri.

79. Elisabeth Poore was born in 1862 in Iowa.

80. Elmer Poore was born in 1865 in Missouri.

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