New York State Corey Research



After the Revolutionary War a migration movement started for many individuals from there places of birth. Many Corey/Cory men migrated from Rhode Island to New York state. Some information can be derived from the Vital Records of Rhode Island. Unfortunately many records were lost during the Revolutionary War. Many Cory men left the Rhode Island towns of North Kingstown, East Greenwich, and Newport. Unfortunately for the genealogy researcher these towns have lost all or a part of the records. North Kingstown records had a couple of fires. Newport records were taken by the British, the ship they were on was sank and some records were recovered, most were lost. One help for Newport is the gravestone inscriptions, many include maiden names of the wifes.

Since we can't really be helped with records from Rhode Island, we need to find them some where else. This is where your help is needed. If we can compile an assortment of records for the Cory men that migrated, we should be able to correctly identify family lines. Jim Corey from New York state is helping me gather records for the counties near him. If anyone has Bible entries, letters, or diaries, copies of these would be greatly appreciated.