I've been collecting bits and pieces of information for Mountain Village
I hope something here helps you. This information is in no
particular order.

Mildred Virginia Beans  of Mt. Village (guardian Peter Beans of Mt. Village) and George Washi of Fish Village   Married 7/4/1940

Anthony Beans age 24 and Adeline Poffi (or Potti?) age 29 married 12/10/1934 at Mt. Village

Ignatius beans and Marie Malutin of Mt. Village married 8/21/1939

Patrick Beans and Irene Peterson of Mt. Village  married 4/9/1940

Aldrich Beans of Mt. Village and Cecelia Andrews of Hamilton Village married 11/27/ 1939

Willie Beans of Mt. Village (2nd marriage) and Domonica  married 8/9/1935

Anna Beans and Patsy Mteryuk (? hard to read) married 1/4/1922

Willie Beans and Susie Landlord of Mt. Village married 9/7/1929

Wilbur Beans of Mt. Village and Elizabeth Joe of Kasigakuk (? hard to read) married 7/5/1940

Billy Emil Beans and Winifred Kelly of Mt. Village married 9/29/1947

Jimmie Beans born 7/21/1920    died 10/23/1940 of TB  Father: Nick Beans   Mother: Eunice Kinsey    Sister: Zina Beans    Brother: Wilbur Beans

Peter Beans  died 5/17/1941 (age about 69) at Mt. Village  (heart disease)  Wife Xenia Beans  Mothers name: Maria   Son's: Billy, Anthony, Patrick.
                     Brothers: Captain Jacob Beans, Nick beans and Mike Beans.  Sister: Mrs. Jack Kelly

Goskey Maurice Beans born 6/15/1943 Mt. Village     died: 8/20/1943  Flu/bad cold   Father: Wilbur Beans    Mother: Bessie Joe of Kuslevak

Axel John Beans  born 9/27/1950 Bethel     died 2/26/1951 Mt. Village      Father: Wilbur Beans       Mother: Bessie Joe

Joseph P. Beans and Alexandra Kokrines married 4/8/1951    Alexandra born 5/4/1934   her guardian is listed as Stephen Kokrines

Matthew Beans age 33 of  Bethel  and Esther Johnson age 28 of Mt. Village...married 2/22/1958 Bethel

Albert Beans of Mt. Village and Agnes Francis of Pilot Station married 9/3/1949

Billy Beans of Mt. village and Grace Kelly of Pilot Station  married 10/14/1930

Natalia Beans born 8/22/1949 Mt. Village died 4/1/1953 in Bethel of Typhoid Fever.  Father: Willie Beans   Mother: Dominica Kokrine

Nick Beans born 8/5/1890    died 5/15/1948  lung congestion    Parents: ?   Wife: Eunice  Children: Zena Hunter of Fortuna Ledge, Columbia Beans, Wilbur Beans, Charlie Beans
                                              Brother: Yako Beans           Sister: Mrs. Jack Kelly

Edward Beans born 7/28/1940 Mt. Village    died 2/16/1942  of croup.  Father: Ignatius Beans of Mt. Village  Mother: Marie Maluten born Kodiak Island

Alice Beans born 5/23/1946 Mt. Village  died 11/3/1947  TB  Father: Ignatius Beans of Mt. Village    Mother: Marie Maluten born Kodiak Island

1920 US CENSUS FOR MOUNTAIN VILLAGE, ALASKA  (handwriting hard to read...very possible errors)

Homeier, Charles age 57 born California
Homeier, Agnes age 28 Wife
Homeier, Theodore F. age 7
Homeier, Alice J. age 5
Homeier, Emily R. age 4
Homeier, Charles age 1

Cobb, Frederick W. age 52  born Massachusetts
Cobb, Minnie F. age 46  born Iowa
Turner, Daisy D. age 10  born Alaska

Ahminarok, John age 44
Ahminarok, Anna age 40
Ahminarok, Henry age 18
Ahminarok, Bruce age 11
Ahminarok, Fred age 9

Chicohok, Landlord  age 48
Chicohok, Anna age 40
Chicohok, Richard age 16
Chicohok, Teddy age 12
Chicohok, Susie age 9

Beans, Nick age 31
Beans, Eunice age 26Beans, Xena age 6
Beans, Columbia age 4
Beans, Wilbur age 1
Friday, Jack  age 24

Kupolik, John age 59
Kupolik, Martha age 42
Kupolik, Alfred age 13
Kupolik, Eunice age 5
Kupolik, Kaufbuk age 29  grandson

Darnnarock, Jim age 34
Darnnarock, Sadie age 30
Darnnarock, Hannah age 7
Darnnarock, Emily age 6
Darnnarock, Charles age 4
Darnnarock, Lucy Mary age 3
Darnnarock, Flora age 1

Slimjim, Mary age 36  Widow
Slimjim, Perry age 17
Slimjim, Sarah age 6
Slimjjim, Argatak age 3 (daughter)
Slimjim, Patrick age 10 months

Takmuk, Agoyuk age 34
Takmuk, Buwakbuk age 30
Takmuk, Martha age 14
Takmuk, Lena age 6
Takmuk, Louise age 3

Garsluk, Phillip age 29
Garsluk, Angela age 19
Garsluk, Annie age 4

Arkgutuk, Manuel age 33
Arkgutuk, Mary age 23
Arkgutruk, Lucinda age 7
Arkgutuk, Mary Sylvia age 4

Cunarliuk, Emma age 35  Widow
Cunarliuk, Josephine age 10
Cunarliuk, Peter age 6

Kutroyuk, Akilerah age 66 Widow
Kutroyuk, Robert age 33 son
Kutroyuk, Sarah  age 28  daughter-in-law
Kutroyuk, George age 6  grandson
Kutroyuk, Mary age 4 granddaughter
Kutroyuk, Bennett age 3 grandson

Johnson, Thompson age 40
Johnson, Marie age 35
Johnson, Oscar age 13
Johnson, Alexander age 8
Johnson, Tom age  6
Johnson, Talka age 3 daughter
Johnson, Joe age 1

Johnson, Balivar age 36
Johnson, Maria age 28
Johnson, Marcia age 4
Johnson, Kittiluk age 2 daughter
Johnson, Amelia age 11 months

Beans, Peter K. age 46
Beans, Xenia age 30
Beans, William K. age 12
Beans, Anthony age 9
Beans, Patrick age 4
Beans, Edgar age 1
Beans, Harriet age 66 widow  Mother
Kakin, Anna age 13 niece

Beans, Cap age 41
Beans, Annette age 29
Beans, Willie age 7
Beans, Jack age 5
Beans, Alderick age 4
Beans, maria age 9 months

Kakin, Joe age 38
Kakin, Makalara age 40
Kakin, Frank age 5

Blanket, George age 36
Blanket, Choneenkuk age 37
Blanket, Virginia age 13
Blanket, Agnes age 4
Blanket, Jim age 2
Bazoozie, Katherine age 11 niece

Ivan, Johnny age 33
Ivan, Mary age 30
Ivan, Thomas age 6

Beans, Mike age 27
Beans, Kate age 22

Gonagran, Wilson age 33
Gonagran, Minnie age 44
Gonagran, Elizabeth age 12  Step-daughter
Gonagran, Axel age 9 Step-son
Gonagran, Anna age 5  Daughter

Steffan, Anthony age 37
Steffan, Mary age 24
Steffan, Joseph age 6
Steffan, Virginia age 3

Afcan, Elizabeth age 47
Afcan, Xavier age 18 son
Afcan, Francis age 14 son
Afcan, Nicholas age 12 son
Afcan, Immanuel age 6 son
Afcan, John Phillip age 4 son

Effim, Bob age 39
Effim, Olinga age 28
Effim, Effimga age 11 son
Effim, Peter age 9 son
Effim, Francis  age 4 son

Agwiak, Joe age 34
Agwiak, Lora? (hard to read) age 28
Agwiak, Paul age 5
Agwiak, John age 3
Agwiak, Joe age 1 months

Manchuk, Hang age 22

Yutokiyuk, Patsy age 21

?Blowallur? (hard to read), Serge ge 37
?Blowallur? (hard to read), Nathalia age 21

Koutchuk, Moses E. age 32
Koutchuk, Margaret age 26
Koutchuk, Harold age 4

Waskey, Michael J. age 18

1930 U.S. CENSUS for  MOUNTAIN VILLAGE (handwriting hard to read, very possisble errors)

Vesper, Herman C.  age 46 b. Ohio   Teacher
Vesper, Sophia E. age 47  b. Kansas Teacher
Vesper, Helen L.  age 13  b. Washington
Vesper, Herman Jr. age 12 b. Washington

Cunningham, E.J.  age 49  b. Maryland   Priest Catholic Church

Homier, Charles age 67 b. California    Road House Owner
Homier, Agnes   age 40 b. Alaska
Homier, Emily age 13 b. Alaska
Homier, Alice age 15 b. Alaska

Gorugan, Wilson age 44 b. Alaska  Preacher Swedish Evangelical Church
Gorugan, Minnie age 59 b. Alaska
Gorugan, Elizabeth age 21 Step-daughter
Gorugan, Anna age 16 Step-daughter
Gorugan, Freddie age 10  Adopted
Gorugan, Evelyn age 4 Adopted

Awiack, Joe age 34 b. Alaska
Awiack, Minnie age 25
Awiack, Paul age 12
Awiack, Betty age 5
Awiack, Olaf age 4

Polte, Otto Jr. age 32  b. Alaska Father born Germany

Johnson, Michael age 34 b. Alaska
Johnson, Virginia age 28 b. Alaska
Johnson, Juanita age 4 b. Alaska
Johnson, Rosa age 2 b. Alaska

Landlord, Sergay age 60 b. Alaska
Landlord, Richard age 23 b. Alaska son
Landlord, Lucinda age 18 b. Alaska daughter-in-law
Landlord, Teddy age 19 b. Alaska son

Kelly, Jack age 30 b. Alaska
Kelly, Exenia age 35 b. Alaska
Kelly, Frank age 15 b. Alaska
Kelly, Willie age 7 b. Alaska

Beans, Michael age 39 b. Alaska
Beans, Kate age 27 b. Alaska
Beans, Ignacius age 11 b. Alaska
Beans, Michael Jr. age 6 b. Alaska

Beans, Nicholas age 42 b. Alaska
Beans, Eunice age 35  b. Alaska
Beans, Zenia age 15 b. Alaska
Beans, Columbia age 13 b. Alaslka
Beans, Wilbur age 11 b. Alaska
Beans, Jimmy age 9 b. Alaska
Beans, Nancy age 5 b. Alaska
Beans, Charlie age 1 b. Alaska

Blanket, George age 45 b. Alaska
Blanket, Aneta ate 19 b. Alaska daughter
Blanket, Alexander age 12 b. Alaska  son
Blanket, Marcia age 10 b. Alaska daughter
Blanket, Dennis age 14  b. Alaska  Step-son
Blanket, Olga age 61 widow b. Alaska  Sister-in-law

Beans, Captain age 40 b. Alaska
Beans, Marcia age 35 b. Alaska
Beans, Andricka age 13 b. Alaska son
Beans, Marie age 10 b. Alaska daughter
Beans, Mathew age 6 b. Alaska  son
Beans, Philip age 3 b. Alaska  son

Beans, Willie age 20 b. Alaska
Beans, Susie age 19 b. Alaska
?Patty?, Adeline age 23  b. Alaska Sister-in-law

Beans, Kopchok age 55 b. Alaska
Beans, Exenia age 54 b. Alaska
Beans, Billy age 23 b. Alaska
Beans, Anthony age 19 b. Alaska
Beans, Patrick age 12 b. Alaska
Beans, Jack age 8  b. Alaska
Beans, Mildred age 5 b. Alaska
Beans, Alfred age 3 b. Alaska
Beans, Francis age 11 months  daughter


Gonagnan, Wilson age 54
Gonagnan, Minnie age 69
Gonagnan, Fred W. age 18  son
Gonagnan, Evelyn age 14   daughter

Agweak, Joe age 51
Agweak, Minnie age 50
Agweak, Betty age 16
Agweak, Ole age 13
Agweak, May age 9
Agweak, Mary age 6

Moses, Roy age 29
Moses, Lena age 28
Moses, Olga age 9 (1st name hard to read)
Moses, Peter age 4
Moses, Priscilla age 1

Johnson, Tom age 25
Johnson, Cleo age 21
Johnson, Helga age 2
Johnson, Timothy age 6 months

Blanket, George age 55 Widower
Blanket, Harry age 21 son
Blanket, Lizzie age 18 daughter

Walter, Waskey age 22
Walter, Ada age 20
Walter, Anna age 1
Walter, Sarah age 3 months

Beans, Nick age 59
Beans, Eunice age 55
Beans, Zena age 25
Beans, Columbia age 23
Beans, Wilbur age 21
Beans, Jimmy age 19
Beans, Nancy age 15
Beans, Charlie age 11
Beans, Barney age 2 months
Kinsey, Henry age 19 nephew

Kelly, Frank age 25
Kelly, Winifred age 24
Kelly, Edward age 3
Kelly, Clara age 1

Beans, Captain age 64
Beans, Massa age 59
Beans, Marie age 20
Beans, Matty age 15 (son)
Beans, Joseph age 9
Beans, Reta age 5
Beans, Willie age 30
Beans, Tomineka age 28 daughter-in-law
Beans, Emanuel age 7 grandson
Beans, Aldrick age 24 son

Peterson, Charlie age 32
Peterson, Mary age 23
Peterson, Raymond age 4
Peterson, Cathrine age 2
Landlord, Lucinda age 26 widow  lodger
Landlord, Cecelia age 7 lodger

Kanyek, Harley age 27
Kanyek, Margaret age 29
Kayek, age Dennis age 1

Landlord, Serge age 74
Landlord, Anna age 62
Landlord, ?Selby? age 55 widower nephew
Kelly, Dolly age 11 granddaughter

Landlord, Teddy age 32 widower
Landlord, Rachel age 6
Landlord, Teresa age 4
Landlord, James age 2

Kelly, Jack age 55
Kelly, Oxenia age 67
Kelly, William age 18

Johnson, Massa age 54  widow
Johnson, Alexander age 30 son
Johnson, Andrew age 19 son
Johnson, David age 13 son
Johnson, Esther age 10 daughter

Beans, Peter age 72
Beans, Oxenia age 52
Beans, Patrick  23
Beans, Mildred 15
Beans, Albert 13
Beans, Julia 7
Beans, Anthony 29 son
Beans, Adeline 33 daughter-in-law
Beans, Sonny 3  grandson
Beans, Dorothy 1 granddaughter

Agweak, John 25
Agweak, Dorothy 22
Agweak, Cyrus 2

Spoonbell, Jamess 51
Spoonbell, Martha 52
Spoonbell, Sofia 4
Spoonbell, Mary 3
Kotzenock, Isaac 20 lodger

Conrad, Anna 32 b. Pennsylvania  Chief Nurse
Whitley, Thelma 22 b. AK  Servant
Richards, Margaret 23 b. AK Servant
Demientieff, Elizabeth 20 b. AK Servant
Demientieff, George 11 Patient
Noska, Nick 8 Patient
Andrews, Pauline 4 Patient
Anna  8 Patient
Hunt, Susanna 4 Patient
Willie, Peter 21 Patient
MacNean, Anna 42 born New York Staff Nurse

Franzen, Frank G. 45 b. New York
Sheppard, Noral D. 54 b. Ohio
Sheppard, Beulah 38 b. Michigan
Sheppard, Jean 6 b. Alaska
Parks, Saline 19 b. Alaska Servant

Endal, George S. 37 b. Washington

Tucker, Jimmie 27 b. Alaska
Tucker, Dorothy 29 b. Alaska
Tucker, George 5 b. Alaska
Tucker, Mary 3 b. Alaska
Tucker, Anne 65 Widow Grandmother
Tucker, Felix 27 Brother

Johnson, Michael 52 b. AK
Johnson, May 53 b. AK
Johnson, Demetri 8 b. AK
Johnson, Ruth Ann 6 b. AK
Johnson, Paul 5 b. AK
Johnson, Jimmie 4 b. AK
Johnson, Grace 3 b. AK

Beans, Mike 44  Widower
Beans, Ignatius 21 son
Beans, Marie 20 daughter-in-law


Charlie Beans  b. 10/27/1928 Mt. Village
Residence: White Mountain          Contact:  Nick Beans  Mt. Village

Ignatius Andrew Beans b. 4/4/1918 Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village             Contact: Marie Malusin Beans - Wife

Teddy Landlord b. 7/3/1907 Mt. Village  
Residence; Mt. Village             Contact: Sily Landlord of Mt. Village - Cousin

Frank Kelly b. 4/18/1914 Mt. Village   Died: 11/15/1945 (TB) Mt. Village
Residence Mt. Village          Wife: Winifred Joe Kelly
                               Father: Joe Kumakok of Lower Yukon
                               Mother: Anixia Nuwulrea of Mt. Village
                               Children: Edward, Clara, Agnes, Susan

Tom T. Johnson b. 4/23/1914 Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village         Wife: Cleo Green Johnson

John B. Agwiak b. 9/23/1914 Scammon Bay
Residence: Mt. Village                               Contact Dorothy Johnson - Wife

Sam Parent b. 11/13/1913 Mt. Village
Residence: Crooked Creek                             Father: Dennis Parent of Crooked Creek
                                                     Mother: Massa Iffinka of Crooked Creek

George Atunchuk Nicoli  age 28 b. Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Mother: Martha

Aldrick Beans b. 7/3/1915 Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Father: Jacob Beans
                                                     Mother: Lucy
                                                     Wife: Cecelia Andrews Beans of Mt. Village

Albert Walter Beans b. 8/29/1926 Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Father: Pete Beans
                                                     Mother: Xenia Beans
                                                     Wife: Agnes Francis

Anthony Beans b. 8/24/1910 Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Wife: Adeline Paffi? or Poffi?(2nd cousin by marriage)
                                                     Married: 12/10/1934

Matthew John "Matty" Beans b. 2/24/1924 Mt. Village  Father: Captain John Beans of Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Mother: Massa Shungnak

William Beans age 32 b. Mt. Village                  Wife: Tominka Beans

Billy E. Beans b. 10/15/1947 Mt. Village             Brother: Anthony Beans
                                                     Wife: Nastasia Kezevnikoff
                                                     Wife: Grace Kelly

Jimmy Tucker b. 8/7/1912 Mt. Village                 Wife: Dorthy Tucker of Mt. Village

Patsy Uteryukb. 2/1/1897 Scammon Bay                 Wife: Anna Patsy of Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village

Sebastian Francis Patsy b. 2/15/1923 Mt. Village     Father: Patsy Uteryuk
                                                     Mother: Anna Kelly

Nicholas Peterson b. 3/12/1922 Owl City, AK          Contact: George Peterson
Residence: Mt. Village

George Peterson b. 6/10/1880 Old Andreafsky          Contact: G.A. Sheppart of Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village                               Wife: Martha Elia

Axel Oyoumick b. 4/29/1911 Unalakleet                Wife: Clara Oyoumick of Mt. Village
Residence: Mt. Village