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This page is dedicated mainly to helping you learn about Genealogy. It will hope it will also give you some insight into History as well. I am providing a page of how to's for beginners, an intermediate page for the next step in genealogy, and an advanced information locating help page. So no matter what your level of genealogy experience you will benefit from this page.

I have also provided you with some extra helpful links for doing related homework. You can use these to give you skills to do research in all fields of School work. There is also a page for you to connect with other Schools on line in Colorado, so you can do joint projects with them. I even have a Message board and a link to a Teen mailing list, so you can work together with others, and a Teachers Page to help give ideas for lesson plans.

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Stuff for Kids

Q: When Was the Capitol Built and Who Designed It?

A: Elijah E. Meyers designed the Colorado Capitol. The cornerstone was laid in 1890 and by late 1894 the building was complete enough to allow the governor and other officers to move in. Completion of the Capitol may be said to have been achieved in 1908 when the dome was leafed with gold and the electric bulb was installed on top of it.
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For Teachers

Notice for Teachers and Librarians! Free Teleconference for K-12 Libraries was broadcast Friday, October 10, 2003 "Digital Treasures for Teaching and Learning" available now for your review on streaming video via the Web. Read more…

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