Welcome to the Colorado GenWeb website for Jefferson County, Colorado. Here we will provide everything genealogical from births to deaths and everything historical from towns to robberies. Jefferson County is a very unique county, being one of the first counties within the present state of Colorado. It held some of the earliest settlements in the territory of Colorado such as Golden Gate, Ralston’s Crossing and Mt. Vernon. Have fun exploring this site and understanding more about Jefferson County, Colorado and the people that populated it. I live in Jefferson County, so I am able to do “hands on” research, so come and ask me anything. I also volunteer for both the Arvada Historical Society and the Ralston Cemetery Historic Association.
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Mt. Falcon, proposed site of the President's summer White House. Today, where the huge building was supposed to be built, lays a cornerstone, an empty marble piece of a dream, never fullfilled by its creator and designer, John Walker.
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Robert Williamson Steele was born January 14, 1820 in Ross County Ohio. He would later move into Colorado in May of 1859.On September 29, 1859, Steele was nominated for Governor of the proposed Territory of Jefferson. On October 24, 1859 the formation of a provisional government was approved and Steele defeated J.H. St. Matthew for Governor. Steele would attempt to deal with the territory of Kansas for approval of the Territory of Jefferson, but ultamately, would not succeed. He would die in 1901 in Colorado Springs.

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Robert Williamson Steele
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