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Foothills Genealogical Society - Research - Park County -Assessment Rolls Index 1876
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Park County - Assessment Rolls Index 1876

The following index is from the Park County Colorado Assessment Rolls, Vol. 23479A at the Colorado State Archives in Denver. This index is for the year 1876 when Colorado became a state. There are two volumes that contain the assessment records from 1876-1880 in this collection. It is open to the public. Information listed may include the following: description of land, value of the land or lot, household property, shares & stocks, jewelry, gold or silverplate, clocks and watches, musical instruments, improvements to the property, total value of city or county property, No. of polls, amount of increased or decreased valuation, number of horses, mules, cattle, sheep etc. carriages and vehicles and possibly some remarks. For detailed information contact the Colorado State Archives.

Abell, Homer
Adams, Charles
Adams, Henry F.
Alan, Thomas
Alden, R. F. Mrs
Aldridge, A.
Alexander William
Alkine, G.
Allen and Oliver
Allen, Elisha
Allen, G.A.
Allens, Vincent
Allstrom, Peter
Alma Pool Association
Alomd, Thomas
Anderson, Charles G.
Anderson, James
Anderson, Sean
Archer, Kenny
Arthur, Edward P.
Artus, Anton
Baatz, A. F.
Badger, John
Bailey, Wm. S.
Bainbridge, Hiram
Bainbridge, James M.
Baker, David
Baker, Matt
Baldauf, F.
Baldoff, John
Ballinger, Webster
Barnes, Amos
Barrett, Geo. W.
Barrett, S.H.
Bartels, S. F. heirs of
Barton, James
Bass, Elisha
Beckwith, Ernest
Beery, James C.
Beery, Mary J.
Belding, Frank
Belford, J. S.
Belknap, Howard
Bender, John
Bergh, Abraham
Bigham, James
Bigler, H. T.
Bishop, Thomas C.
Blandin, A.
Bloyer, Robert
Bonds, John
Bonds, Richard
Bonis, Lawrence
Bonis, Rebecca M.
Borden, Olney A.
Borden, Timothy
Boston and Colorado Smelting Co.
Bower, Thomas G.
Braden, J. M.
Bradford, James
Brooks, J. G.
Brown, J. E.
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Seth E.
Brown, William
Brownlon, John T.
Brubaker, Wm. A.
Brunk, Geo. M.
Buler, D. T.
Burchinall, Wm. K.
Burnham, J. H.
Burnham, Jud
Burnham, Wm.
Burns, W. M.
Burnsides, Geo. E.
Butterstud, F. W.
Bysang, Joseph
Cally, Franklin
Campbell, James
Canfield, E. M.
Cannon, John
Carlon, George
Carmichael, C. C.
Carmony, J. T.
Carrothers, John M.
Case, Charles
Casper, Albert
Cassell, D. N.
Catlin, Joseph
Catlin, Nat
Caviness, James
Caylor, Michael
Chappel, R. B.
Charles, Rolens
Chesnut, John M.
Chicago, Paul G. & S. Milco
Christensen, Melburn
Clarkson, Charles
Clary, Charles
Clifford, John W.
Cline, Samuel B.
Cloak, George
Coats, Roxa A.
Coe, C. H.
Cohen, Eva
Cole, James W.
Coles, C. J.
Combs, Wm. F.
Coots, M. J.
Craseur, E. B.
Croak, Mrs. Leonline E.
Crocket, George
Crook, Albert B.
Crowley, Peter
Cumming, Thomas
Danielson, R. Mrs
Darrell, Stephen P.
Davidson, Daniel
Davis, C. H.
Davis, Samuel
Deane, C.A.
Deckers, A. B.
Deltermer, Charles
DeMary, C. S.
DeMary, H
Denver, John
Derrick, M. S.
Dexter, James N.
Dixon, G. E.
Dubois, Rufus
Dudley, Geo. P.
Dugau, D. H.
Dugau, John F.
Dunbar, James T.
Dunbar, Thomas M.
Duncan, David
Dunlop, J. C.
Early, Joab
Early, Thomas
Eden, Benjamin F.
Edwards, F. H.
Ellis, Geo. H.
Ellis, John Q.
Elwell, Charles
Emery, Isaac
Entrehew, Elisabeth
Epperson, G. H.
Epperson, H. P.
Epperson, H.P. & Yankee, W. H.
Ewing, Henry
Fair, Peter L.
Fairplay Gold Mining Cos.
Farnsworth, H. H.
Farnum, H.P.
Farnum, W. R.
Farnum, William M.
Fawcett, Richard
Fehlding, Henry
Fehlding, William
Felleck, Andrew
Finding, Charles
Finerty, Peter
Fink, S.
Fisher, John C.
Flannigan, Jas. F.
Fleming, Walter
Flower, J. T.
Fluhman, Gotlieb
Foot, henry
Foster, B. L.
Franklin Bros.
Franklin, William
Frassle, George
Frazier, Anna
Frazier, G. B.
Freeman, Carrie
Frees, John C.
French, Aada Mrs
French, Melvin H.
French, W. H.
Frites, John H.
Fritts, E. D.
Frost, W. E.
Fryer, George H.
Fuller, John E.
Funderbuck, Geo. W.
Fyffe, D. W.
Gent, Wm
Gibson, James W.
Girton, T.
Goodnight, W. J.
Gorden, Wm. & Co.
Graham, Frederick
Grase & Freeweck
Graso, Wm. H.
Graves, E .J.
Green, Frank S. Mrs
Green, Frank S.
Green, Geo. H.
Gulet, W. S.
Hackway, C. C.
Haleter, Richard
Hall Charles S.
Hall, Assyria
Hall, C. B.
Hall, C. G.
Hall, Henry
Hall, John
Hallhusen, Herman
Hallhuson. Wm.
Hallock, M.
Hallock, Nelson
Halst, Louis
Hamilton, R.
Hammond, Asbury
Hammond, Carl
Hammond, Henry H.
Hammond, Spensor
Harloch, Samuel
Harper, Silas G.
Harrington, Jerome E.
Harris & Bass
Harris, Jacob
Harris, Susan
Harris, Suther
Hartsel, W. W. & J.
Hartzog, Carl
Haswell, Alva
Hathaway & Co. C. G.
Hauxhurst, George
Hawkins, Wm. B.
Head, Henry
Hendricks, Samuel B.
Henry, Blain
Henry, John J.
Hepburn, Agness
Hepburn, Ed. B.
Hepburn, Rufus
Hill Valley S. L. M. &Co.
Hill, Charles S.
Hilton, John
Hobson, George L.
Hockstetler, J. J.
Holmes, Geo. H.,
Hoobler, Samuel
Hoover, E. S. Mrs
Hoover, Beckwith
Hoover, John J.
Horn, Robert A.
Horse Shoe Mining Co.
Hubbard & Welley
Hubbard, Fillmore
Hubbard, Sarah J.
Hudson, Guy E.
Hughes, Hudson
Hull & Brunk
Humphrey, Clarence
Hutchinson, Joseph
Hyde, A. J.
Jackson. J. C.
Johnson, C. M.
Johnson, J. C.
Johnston, E. A.
Jones, Va, Mrs
Jones, A. E.
Jones, Charles H.
Jones, J. H.
Jones, O. W.
Jones, Richard
Judson, Charles
Kally, Jacob
Kauntze, Chas. B.
Kavanaugh, E. C.
Kees, Thomas
Keller, James
Kelsey, Thomas A.
Kelso, Mrs. Charlotte
Kent, Patrick O.
Kepler, John
Killduf Bros.
King, Lillian A.
King, Wm J.
Kinsley, Solomon
Klinefeller, Peter K.
Krall, Theresa
Lanel, Samuel
Langdon, Adam
Lavack, Charles
Lawder, Thedore T.
Laws, John
Layman. Thomas C.
Lechner, Geo. W. D. Mills
Lechner, W.
Lee, Richard
Lee, Sam
Leggett, W. T.
Leibelt, Wm.
LilienthaL, Ida C.
LilienthaL, K. K.
Lindgrene, Chas M.
Lindwall, Alex
Link, J. M.
Link, S. M.
Longfellow, Levi
Loomis, Emily
Loomis, W. H.
Loring, Albert
Love, J. W.
Love, Joseph
Lowe, C. W.
Lowe, Martha S.
Loyd, W. C.
Lullude, James
Luntz, Newton
Luther, Charles
Luttrell, James
Mackay, W. D.
Malroy, Frederick
Mann, N. A.
Marcott, Dennis
Marion, William
Marksberry, F. C.
Marksberry, Mrs. S. J.
Maxey, Ward
Maxey, Ward
McCartney, William
McDaw, John
McDonald, M. M.
McIntyre, M.
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, Matthew
McLaughlin, Ray
McLaughlin, S. A. Mrs
McLean & McCarter
McMannis, William
McMonegal, Jas. C.
McNeal & Mackay
Mead, E. W.
Meadows, Paris
Mechling, Mary K.
Mettleman, Herman C.
Metz, Henry
Metzger, Henry
Meyer, B. C. & Bros.
Mihew, Thomas
Miller, David F.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, George
Mills & Co.
Mitchell, John W.
Monger, George T.
Moose Mining Co.
Moran, John
Morrell, John J.
Morrison & Gray
Morse, Fred C.
Morton, S
Mulock Bros.
Munay, George
Mungold, Otto
Murdock, Hugh
Musgrove & Co. W. E.
Myer, August R.
Myers & Maxey
Myers, J. H.
Myers, Maxey & Allen
Necollins, John
Nelson, John
Nichols & Young
Nichols, B. F.
Nichols, John
Nickerson, Charles
Normyle, M.
Ohler, G. M. & Ostrander, E. S.
Olive, Session Jr.
Oncil and Williams
Openbottom, James. F.
Orr, J. B.
Overby, W. H.
Packer, Gilbert W.
Page, Wilhelm
Park Assess. 1876
Park Pool Association
Parmelee & Shoemaker
Parmelee, James A.
Parris, Delwyn
Parrish, James C.
Parrish, James C. & Delsoyn
Patton, George
Paul, Charles
Paul, John Rodman
Peabody, Benjamin
Peabody, Crosier & Burnham
Peabody, Lelon
Pease & Sidell
Pease , Stephen H.
Pease, Geo. E.
Perkins, D. B.
Perssons, & Edquest
Peter, Chandler
Petrie, Andrew R.
Phelps, S. H.
Pierce & Reed
Pierce, John
Plum, Nelson H.
Pollock, Wm. P.
Porter, Silas G.
Prescott, Henry C.
Pruden, S. H.
Pulver, Geo W.
Pulver, Milton
Purce, James A.
Putnam, J. B.
Radcliff, Lovinia
Ranch, Suptien
Randall, John G.
Rankin, Janice D.
Ranklin, Lucy
Rase, E. T.
Ratcliff , Jacob
Ratcliff, Benjamin
Ray, Sary, Mrs
Raynes, James
Reading, Jack
Redmont, Wm. T.
Reed, C.
Reed, H. J.
Reed, J. W.
Reed, Silas G.
Reichenicker, Albert
Remlin, William
Riley, Daniel
Roads, A. E.
Robbins, T. H.
Robbins, William
Roberts, F. B.
Roby & Buens
Roby, W. C.
Rogers, Joseph
Roth, Charles
Russia Mining Co.
Ryan & Walff
Savage, Franklin
Sayler, Alex
Schamel, John
Scott, Abraham
Seitz, C. E.
Sessious, Stillman
Seymour, Luther
Shaffner, Peter E.
Shannon, H. E.
Sheeler & Sigafus
Shehan, Dennis
Sheppard & Lucas
Shermin, Fred C.
Shuman, James
Shumway, T. B.
Shute, Augusta Mrs.
Sidell, Geo. A.
Siebird, E. A.
Sigafus & Co.
Sigafus, Augusta C. A.
Sigafus, James
Silver Gem Mining Co.
Silverthorn, Marshall
Slaght, A.
Slater S. S.
Smith & Doll
Smith, E. J.
Smith, J. W.
Smith, James
Smith, S. J.
Snair, Richard
Soote, S. A. Mrs
South Park Stage Co.
Speelman, David
Spinner & Harrington
Spinner, B. F.
Splawn, William
Spraque, Warner & Co.
Spurlock, J. B.
Stall, Fred
Starr, Henry J.
Staunell, Jacob B.
Steacy, Wm. C.
Steaves, H. H.
Stella Yast & Co.
Stevens, Edmund
Stewart, Theodore
Stobaugh, Wayne
Strater, Eli S.
Straust, Sebastian
Strickler, James
Strong, Leander
Summer, Joseph
Summer, Leonard
Surles, Ziba
Sweet, C.
Sweet, Clementine
Sweet, Jab K.
Swisher, M. D.
Tappan, Luna
Taylor E. C. & John Byington
Taylor E. C. & W. D. Taylor
Taylor E. L.
Taylor, C. M.
Taylor, M. M.
Taylor, Samuel
Thayer, E. S.
Thomas, John
Thompson, E. S.
Thompson, S. V.
Thorton, Henry
Topping, Clark S.
Treadwell & Co.
Tremayne, Richard
Trevan, Wm.
Treweek, Wm. H.
Troppe, George F.
Turner, A. S.
Turner, H. B.
Valiare, Marie
Vasburg, Carl
Vicker, Richard F.
Vierling, Wm. E.
Wasson, P. J.
Welson, Wm. L.
Western Union Tel. Co.
White, H.
Wilkinson & Mortland
Williams, Hugh R.
Williams, Hugh T.
Wilson, W. H.
Womack, James
Wurts, Mrs


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