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"This is a photo of my uncle, Paul Reed, and members of his congregation, cutting logs for the church - Assembly of God. My uncle is sitting on top of logs in center. In the background, you can see a building that is still standing in Dove Creek. I think that it was the first school in Dove Creek. At the time of this photo - about 1945-46 - it was the Assembly of God Church - while new log church was being built. During the late 1940's and early 50's it was the home of Ernest and Roma Hall. Mr. Hall had a watch repair shop in the front. Later in the early 50's it was the home of the Stull family. Mr. Stull also repaired watches."

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"My Father, the Rev. William Floyd Wilson, in front of the Assembly of God Church in Dove Creek. He pastored there 1947-1953. This log church was built by my uncle, Rev. Paul Reed, and parishioners. My uncle preceded my father as pastor. This photo was taken about 1949."

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"I scanned this from the 1948 yearbook for Dolores County High School - "The Last Frontier". My brother, Thomas Wilson, is in back far right. Maybe other people will find family members here."

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"When I was a little girl living in Dove Creek, it was a common sight in spring and fall to see sheep and cattle being moved down through the town." Taken about 1948-1949

Phyllis Wilson Carpenter

"Everyone graduated in the "top 20" of their class <smile>."

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This is a photo (taken about 1888 at a Rico studio) of Minnie and Frank Burghardt, daughter and son of Samuel and Fannie

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This is from a "Reverse Painted on Glass" wedding picture (1892) of Robert and Rhoda Cart. They were married in Rico on 9 Nov 1892. Robert is a younger brother of Fannie Cart Burghardt.

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This is a photo (taken 1894) of Earl Cart, son of Robert and Rhoda Cart. This was taken at a Rico studio. Notice that there is a "lock of hair" taped to the back of this photo. Earl died in Rico 4 Sep 1894.

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This is a photo (taken 1888) of Ida May Burghardt (daughter of Samuel and Fannie Burghardt) Ida was born in Rico 19 Jan 1888. She died in Rico 5 Oct 1890, just 1 day after the death of her 4 month old sister, Fannie Louise. There is a beautiful little double tombstone at the Rico Cemetery for the babies (a photo can be seen at the "Tombstone" Page for Colorado, Dolores County.)

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