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Where do I write for Denver County Information?  

Well, here's a good start! But be sure and check the links page you can find more info there also!

Vital Records

Colorado Department of Vital Records
4300 Cherry Creek Rd. South  
Denver, Colorado 80246

Accepting orders:
- In person (open M-F, 8:30-4:30)
- Over the phone (1-303-692-2224) (open M-F, 8:30-4:30 mountain time)
- By mail (Above address)
- By Fax, 24hrs (with in the US 1-800-423-1108, outside US 1-303-691-9307) Because of the large number of fax request, no conformation call will be made.
- For more information call 1-303-692-2200

Cost: $15.00, additional copies are $6.00 for the same record & must be ordered with the first copy. Over night services cost an additional $10.75. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Credit Card Orders:
A fee will be added on all credit card orders, in person, over the phone or by fax, making the cost $20.00. All major credit cards excepted. When ordering give the card number & expiration date. Also, add a daytime phone number they can reach you if needed.

What You Need to Send for a Death Certificate:
The person's Name, date of birth or age at death & locations.
Your name and relationship with the person & your purpose for the record.
You must be from their immediate family & be able to prove it.

What You Need to Send for a Birth Certificate:
It must be yours or from your immediate family & be able to prove it.
The person's Name, date of birth & locations.
The person's Father's Name & Mother's Maiden Name.
Your name and relationship with the person & your purpose for the record.
1962-present Birth Records can also be found at the County Heath Dept. of Denver, Boulder, Jefferson & other the list can be heard be calling 1-303-692-2200.

What they have:
Death from 1900, before check the County
Birth from 1910, before check the County

They have the Marriage Index 1900-1939 & 1968-June 1995. If looking for one before 1900 & between 1940-74 check the County you believe the marriage liscence was bought. A search cost $15.00. You will get the names of the Bride & Groom, the date, & the County. Each additional year asked to search will cost $1.00 more a piece.

Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies
P.O. Box 24379
Denver, CO 80244-0379

Colorado Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 9218
Denver, CO 80209

Colorado Historical Society
Stephen H. Hart Library
1300 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-2305
Hours: Tue - Sat, 10 am - 4:30 pm

Colorado State Library
201 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-6728
FAX: 303-830-0793
Hours: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm

Denver Public Library
Western History/Genealogy Division
10 W. Fourteenth Ave. Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 720-865-1111; TTY 720-865-1472;
Hours: Mon - Wed, 10 am - 9 pm
Thu - Sat, 10 am - 5 pm; Sun, 1 pm - 5 pm
The Denver Public Library, Main Branch has these marriage indexes. (More info on D.P.L. below.)
1975-96 Index by Bride & Groom
1900-39 Index by Groom (They are working on one by the Brides)
Denver Counties Marriage Index 1939-75 by Bride & Groom

Division of Archives and Public Records
Department of Administration
1313 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-2358; 303-866-2390
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4:45 pm, except holidays

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