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July 2003 Fairmount Cemetery Records 1890-1906 Last updated on 06/17/2006

Fairmount Cemetery Records 1890-1906 (Plus)

These records are generously transcribed & donated to the Denver County COGenWeb Project
Doreen Robinson.

*Entries with a red asterisk (*) were contributed from other sources, and do not fit into the 1890-1906 time frame.  (To add your family data to the index, please, send the information to Sheila.

*Click on the bright blue asterisk (*); it indicates that there is a photo of the grave stone on the Colorado Tombstone Photo Project page for Fairmount.

Eventually there will be 17,000 (1890-1906) records on these pages; with a text only version on the USGenWeb Project Archives for Denver County, Colorado.  Until the transcription is complete, Doreen has volunteered to do lookups for any letters not yet posted (for the years 1890 - 1906 only).  Just e-mail her at [email protected]; be sure to put "FAIRMOUNT CEMETERY" in the subject line.

Please understand that neither Doreen nor I have any additional information.  The source of these records is a 1949 transcription by Stella Irish which was found on the end of a microfilm reel which was filed under the wrong county in a Colorado Springs library.  There is no information on the film about how the records were transcribed or the source.  It is assumed that the information was derived from an old card file.  Some of the older records cannot be found by Fairmount Cemetery, possibly due to loss or misfiling.  Many others, however, have been located by the cemetery when people have inquired.  If you would like to learn the exact location of the graves for any of the ancestors and relatives that you find on these pages, please, write directly to the cemetery.  The address is:

Fairmount Cemetery
430 South Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: (303) 399-0692

These records are here to assist researchers.  The webmaster makes no claim of accuracy; primary records should be consulted whenever possible.

I will take digital photos at Fairmount Cemetery.  Please contact me for details. Barbara Schmidt

Abbee - Allen, Martha L.   Allen, Mary E. - Andrews, Baby
Andrews, Annie J. - Ayers

Baars - Barth   Bartholdi - Berens   Berg - Bolen
Boley - Brier   Brierely - Bucknum   Buckton - Bywaters

Cabeen - Carter   Cartin - Clark, A.   Clark, B. - Collins
Collis - Cowgill   Cowie - Czarnowsky

Dace - Desmond   Derry - Dyhr | E | Fader-Flynn   Flynt-Fynn

Gabbert-Goodwin   Goodyear-Gyer

H | I | J

Kachur-Kilton   Kimball-Kyte

Lacey - Lewis, Madeline B.   Lewis, Marjorie - Lytle

Mabel - Maxon   Maxwell - Montague   Montgomery - Myres

Mc | N | O

Pabst - Phelps   Philips - Pynchon

Q | Rabbonootz-Ritchie   Ritefish-Ryder | S

Tabor - Thornton, James    Thornton, Jennie - Tyack

U | V | W??? - Webber | Weber - Willhartitz | Williams - Wynn | X | Y | Z

Fairmount Gravestone Photos
(Includes many burials not yet listed in these records.)
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