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Annie [Marsh] & Harland Scarlett - Wedding - Nov 1912
(see article - Annie Scarlett - Deltarado Days Parade in 1982)
Charlie (?), Amy, Harland Scarlett & Harvey Whitmore (all siblings)
Marsh family with their wives. Henry and Margaret Killen
Article on Deltarado Days - See below Annie Scarlett - Detarado Days - see below
Delta County Independent, Thursday, July 29, 1982, Page 3

'It was only this high' When Annie Scarlett moved into her house near Pea Green 60 years ago, the cottonwood which now towers behind her was barely a foot high. She has seen a lot of Delta history since then and will help make history Saturday as she participates in the Deltarado Days Parade as the Delta Centennial Senior Queen.

Parade spotlights Native royalty

Spectators at the Deltarado Days Parade Saturday will be treated to two sets of royalty in the Centennial year procession. Miss Delta and her attendants, who were crowned Friday night, will reign over the festivities this weekend and, of course ride in the parade. (see story page 5). This year, however, a special pair - dubbed the Delta Centennial Senior King and Queen - will grace the parade and be honored as the oldest natives still living in the area.


The Delta Centennial Senior King is 98-year old Frank Ryan of Austin. He was born in Paonia on April 26, 1884, but while still an infant, moved with his parents to the Surface Creek area. In fact, the entire Ryan family converged on Delta County to homestead: Mr. Ryan's great-grandparents are buried at Cory. Mr. Ryan was a cattleman in the county for many years; he worked on the Figure 4, the Bar I and 7X ranches. A true pioneer, he also farmed the valley and mesa country -on Cedar Mesa, Dry Creek and the Gunnison Valley. In his long, full life, Mr. Ryan has raised 14 children, five of his own, and nine step-children. Mr. Ryan's children are: Bill, Walter and Harry Ryan and Beulah Smith, from his first marriage in 1911 to Emma Turner, and Jerry Ryan, from his marriage in 1934 to Sadie Goodman. Mr. Ryan has enjoyed hunting and fishing most of his life. The Ryan clan boasts 14 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren.


Annie Scarlett, the Delta Centennial Senior Queen for the 100th anniversary parade, was born in Delta on Jan 10, 1893. She has lived in the area her entire life. Although her eyesight isn't good, she is a spry 89 years old, and still quilts a good deal. She tends a rose garden, which, according to her son Clyde, attracts "people from all over who come to get flowers."  She and her sister, 93-year-old Jennie Sumner, both attended Pea Green School, as did their late brothers and sisters. Mrs. Sumner and Mrs. Scarlett are neighbors, both living alone but assisted by a daughter and a son, respectively. The sisters are the daughters of Haddie [Hattie] Elizabeth and J.J. Marsh. One sister, Margaret, married the brother of Jennie's husband, E.L. Sumner. The eldest sibling was Ella Green, the youngest were the brothers: Joe and Henry. Annie married Harland Scarlett in 1912. They had three children: Benny, Donna (Moormann) and Clyde. Mrs. Scarlett is the grandmother of six and the great-grandmother of 12. Annie Scarlett was chosen as the Delta Centennial Senior Queen, even though two other Delta area natives are older. One, 95-year-old Cecil McKnight, lives at Bethesda care Center and is unable to take part in the parade. The other is Mrs. Scarlett's sister Jennie Sumner, who recently suffered a slight stroke. However, Mrs. Sumner, 93, is feeling much better as of press time Wednesday, and may still ride in the parade with Senior king and queen.

Transcribed by Betty Baker, March 2002.

Hattie [Killen] and John Jefferson Marsh  Hattie Killen Marsh
Sarah Coburn (wife of Watson S. Coburn -- early horticulturist in Paonia). This picture was taken when she was around 21 or 22 in Franklin County, Missouri when she was married to an Allen McCallister who died in the civil war. She later married Coburn in 1884 and lived in Paonia for about 30 years. She died in Paonia and is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery. Courtesy of Helen (McCallister) Hayden and Ken Honda Sarah Coburn's son John Allen McCallister who was born just before Allen McCallister died in the civil war. He came to just west of Paonia, Colorado in 1903. John Allen McCallister and his wife, Hope (Morrow) McCallister had 5 children... Matthew Ellet, Tracie, John Elijah, Frank Watson, and Trusten Clair McCallister. John Allen died August 25th, 1932. He and his wife are buried in the Cedaredge cemetery.
Portrait, circa. 1900,
William Elledge Shull.
William's 3rd g-grandfather was Edward "Neddie" Boone, brother of Daniel Boone. The Boone and Scholl families (original spelling) have a long history together, from Kentucky to Missouri.
William Shull Obituary, Submitted by John R. Sanders, grandson
50th Wedding Anniversary of Isaac M. Clark and Amanda Buchanan Clark Taken in 1915.  Married February 02, 1865.

Isaac and Amanda are the couple in the center.  To the right of Isaac is Martha Ann Clark Stucker holding Ardis Mae Stucker. Behind Martha (L-R) is William Cleo Clark, Mabel Clark Lawrence, Betty Clark Gill and Lizzie Schlapia Clark.  To the left of Amanda is Albert Owen Stucker holding Jessie Alberta Stucker.  Behind and between Isaac and Amanda is Mary Etta Gammon Clark.  In front of Isaac is George Anthony Clark holding Okie Neil Clark. Front row left is Charles W. Clark holding Ruth Stucker. Others in the picture are relatives, neighbors and friends.  If anyone can identify any of them please contact us.  A copy of the original is on file at the Paonia museum. Carrol L. is great-grandson of Isaac and Amanda.

Clark Family on Stucker Mesa - Circa 1935.

Top Left Photo (L-R): Lizzie Schlapia Clark, Buddy Strange, Betty Clark Gill, Mary Etta Gammon Clark, Mabel Clark Lawrence. Top Right Photo (L-R): Buddy Strange, Lizzie Schlapia Clark, Okie Neil Clark, Betty Clark Gill, Mary Etta Gammon Clark, Charles Wilbur Clark, Carrol Wilbur Clark. Bottom Left Photo (L-R): Betty Clark Gill, Lizzie Schlapia Clark, Charlie Clark, Mabel Clark Lawrence. (Parents and daughters) Bottom Right Photo: Okie (L) and Carrol W. Clark (R) with Uncle Charlie Clark. Mary Etta was mother to Okie and Carrol.  Buddy was a cousin.

Charles Wilbur Clark (1866-1939), Martha Ann Clark Stucker (1881-1968), and George Anthony Clark (1875-1926). (Brothers and Sister) The family came to Paonia circa 1907. George Anthony Clark (Jun 27, 1875 - May 08, 1926), Mary Etta Gammon Clark (Mar 26, 1884 - Jul 15, 1958), Okie Neil Clark (b. Sep 11, 1911)  The family came to Paonia from Decatur Co, IA circa 1907. George was suffering with tuberculosis.  Mary Etta and children went to California following his death.
Clark  - Stucker Family
Top Back: Isaac M. and Amanda Buchanan Clark. 
Middle Row: George A. Clark, William Cleo Clark (nephew of George), Mary Etta Gammon Clark, Martha Ann Clark Stucker, Albert Owen Stucker.
Children (L-R): Okie Neil Clark, Ruth Stucker, Ardis Mae Stucker, Jessie Alberta Stucker.
May 08, 1926) and Mary Etta Gammon Clark (Mar 26, 1884-Jul 15, 1958) Married sep 22, 1907 at Decatur Co, IA and moved
to Paonia, CO soon after.  George was son of Isaac and Amanda Buchanan Clark.  Mary Etta was daughter of Lewis Larue and Mary Naomi Lentz Gammon. (Carrol L. Clark is grandson of Mary Etta and George Clark),
George Anthony Clark (Jun 27, 1875-May 08, 1926) Child of Isaac M. and Amanda Buchanan Clark.  Born in Wapello Co, IA.  The family moved to Decatur Co, IA in 1877 where he married Mary Etta Gammon on Sep 22, 1907.  Soon after the family relocated to Paonia, Delta County, CO.
Isaac M. Clark  (Jan 04, 1845-Mar 10, 1923) and Amanda Buchanan Clark (Aug 02, 1847-Feb 28, 1916) Married Feb 02, 1865.  Children: Charles Wilbur, William Samuel, Emma Rosetta, *Francis Marion, George Anthony, *Ina May, Martha Ann, *Jessie Cleveland) [*= died as children] Carrol L. Clark is great grandson of Isaac and Amanda.
Courtesy of Carrol L. and Carol J. Clark, Ft. Collins, CO


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