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These are word sketches of persons associated with the families. When possible, I will make family pages for these individuals. If you have information, please share it and help me tell the stories.

JEREMIAH AUSTILL, born 1794, SC. Lived with his family among the Cherokees until he turns 18, when they moved to the Mississippi Territory. Was in the Canoe Fight on the Alabama River with Sam Dale. Married Margaret Eades, daughter of John Eades. Jeremiah died 12/8/1879 in Mobile, AL.

SAM DALE, born 1772, VA. When a boy, family moved to GA and lived near Creeks. Was orphaned and left to care for siblings. Became a trader with the Indians.Great Indian fighter. Fought and wounded in Battle of Burnt Corn. Fought in the Battle of Big Canoe. Later served as best man at William Weatherford's wedding to Mary Stiggins.

CALVIN JONES (an archaeologist with the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research), had a major discovery among his 1,000 plus discoveries, was de Soto's 1539-40 winter campgrounds in Florida. It was found on a hillside near Myers Park in 1987 and among the artifacts were coins, jars, beads and chain mail.

It might be interesting to also note that Calvin JONES was part Cherokee and part Creek and that his interest in archaelogy stemmed from his desire to "know his roots." As a child, he would more often than not be gone all day in the summer-time "on a dig." He would pack himself a lunch and tote his little red wagon behind him. He would come home late in the evening, tired, dirty, but jubilant with his wagon loaded with Native American artifacts. As the years went by, so did his collection. Every corner of the house was filled to overflowing, so that in desperation, his parents bought a warehouse to store Calvin's treasures.

It was often thought by his colleagues that Calvin had mystical powers as it seemed he could spot and find with uncanny accuracy lost civilizations and cultures. In Calvin's own words: "The archealogist must be like a shaman; he must have a communion with people who lived thousands of years ago."

Calvin succumbed to a year-long battle with cancer this past spring and while his body has been returned to the East Texas soil, his spirit freely walks the Lands of his Ancestors...

(Thanks to Jacquelyn Erhard Bean 03 Oct 1998)

THE LESLIES of TALLADEGA. There was at Eufaulabatchie, on Talladega Creek, one James Leslie, a trader of this district. He was mentioned several times by Benjamin Hawkins, Indian agent, in his reports to Washington. At Talladega Town, there was Alexander Leslie [son of Alexander F. Leslie], about whose home a fortification was built, so that when danger was evident, the people of the community might repair to his home. To this home did go when trouble was brewing in 1813. The building of this fortification would indicate that the home of Alexander Leslie was the most spacious in the community and at a strategic place. See Panton, Leslie & Co. on this site. Visit the site The Scottish Traders from the Apalachicola, FL site, about Alexander McGillivray and the Panton, Leslie & Company


James Spalding was a senior partner of Panton, Leslie and Co. He left for the Bahamas during the Revolution and later returned to southeast Georgia where some of his properties were returned to him after long and arduous court battles. James Spalding was the executor for William Panton's estate and was named guardian of Panton's dependents.

Isham Spalding was a kinsmen of James Spalding; his name appears on the Spanish Census of East Florida in 1783 and is noted as living on the north branch (??) of the Mantanzas River. Isham Spalding moved to Camden County, Georgia where he was given a grant of 300 acres of land in 1786 by the State of Georgia. He later moved to property on Cumberland Island. (Thanks to Susan Gay-Peterson)

SANOTO. Thought to be the man called High-Head Jim. Raised in the home of Vicey Cornells and Zachariah McGirth. Was part of the raiding party at Fort Mims and upon discovering Mrs. McGirth and her family, manages to lead them to safety. Serves the US in the Indian War of Florida and was promised by the government that his family and land will be safe. Instead, his home was taken and his family is sent to Oklahoma.

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