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John Ward and (-?)

Hattie Ward and her husbands John Winslett and Lewis Perryman

Many thanks to Joan Case for sharing this family. Please contact her if you find a connection.

JOHN WARD and (-?)

John Ward
Born: about 1770 in GA; Married: about 1800 in AL; Died: in 1813 in Ft. Mitchell, Russell, AL

LifeNotes: His father took him to the Creek Nation to live., but the father soon died. Young John was raised by Daniel McDonald, also known as Daniel McGillivray because of his close association with the McGillivray family. John spoke English very well. Was enrolled among the Tuskegees.

This is the John Ward that Thomas Woodward writes about in his "Woodward's Reminiscences of the Creek, or Muscogee Indians". Joan Case has very graciously contributed this piece about her ancestor.

Wife: (-?)
Born: about 1774 in of, AL; Married: about 1800 in AL; Died,

LifeNotes: She was related to Daniel McDonald (also called Daniel McGillivray, because of his close relationship to the McGillivray family). Daniel is mentioned in the correespondence of Alexander McGillivray regarding trade issues.

Their children were:

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Hattie Ward


Born: about 1803 in Hitiche Town, Russell, AL; 1st-Married: about 1818 in AL; Died: 1866 in Choska, Wagoner, Indian Territory, was buried in Coweta, Wagoner, Indian Territory
Parents: John Ward (II). See his page.

1st-Husband: John Winslett


Born: about 1775 in GA; 1st-Married: about 1818 in AL; 2nd-Married: about 1833 in Indian Territory; Died,
Parents: Samuel Winslett and Mary Carson

Their children were:

2nd-Husband: Lewis Perryman

LifeNotes: See his page. He was married once before Hattie and had 3 children, listed below. Lewis was also married to Hattie's daughters by John Winslett -- Ellen and Befeeney.

Born: 1787, Ft. Mitchell, Russell, AL; Married: about 1833 in Indian Territory; Died: 12/1862 in Burlington, Coffee, KS
Parents: Benjamin Perryman

Lewis's children by his first marriage:

Children of Hattie and Lewis:

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