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Jack Coon aka ack Richard Rolin / Rollin and Polly Moniac
John Rolin and Rhoda Posie Taylor
John Richard Roland and his wives Ella Georgia Williams and Dollie Poston


With information from Steve Travis

John "Jack" Coon aka Jack Richard Rolin / Rollin

LifeNotes: From Steve Travis: "Coon in Creek Indian means the clan of Wotka. Creek Indian families were named after clan name of their mother, not their father. The males took thier mother's Clan surname usually named after the animals of the forest or after nature, such as: Racoon Clan. Beaver Clan, Bear Clan, Fox Clan, Deer Clan,Wind Clan and etc.When the Creeks changed their Indian clan names to an English name, sometimes it would not sound right so they would use an English surname instead. This is why the Indians would have an Indian name and an English name. John Coon (Wotka) my gr gr grandfather, seems to be the only Alabama Creek Indian in my family that did not have a European derived surname from intermarriage of the Creeks with the Traders.He was a full-blood Creek Indian as far as my records show."

Born: 1800 in Alabama Indian Territory; Married: Died: 1861

Polly Moniac aka Polly Chook / Chuck


Born: 1806; Married: Died: 1886, Monroe Co., AL.
Parents: Dixon Moniac and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ehlert / Elliot

Their children were:

  • Margaret "Peggy" Rolin (Coon), born 1856 in Local, Escambia Co, AL. Married William L. McGhee. Note: also have her marrying ? Rolin with children: Ida Rolin (m. on 19 Nov 1891, Escambia Co., AL to Lee McGhee), Henry Rolin (m. Josie McGhee, daughter of Joe Francis McGhee and Polly Louise Gibson), Jim Rolin, Darlie Rolin.
  • Mary Jane Rolin-Coon, born 1848, Local, Escambia Co., AL. Never married.
  • Samuel Rolin (Coon). born Apr 1850 in Escambia Co, AL. Married 1st-Dollie Poston. Married 2nd-on 8/12/1883 to Frances "Frankie" Walker, daughter of Jay C. Walker and Treacy McGhee.
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Rolin (Coon), born ca 1839. Married 1st- James M. Johnson. Their child: Mary Matilda Johnson (b. 15 Nov 1869; m. Elijah Franklin Bell who was born Feb 1868 Dale Co., AL and who died 1902, and who was son of Jesse Bell and Winiford "Winnie" Bass, in about 1886; d. 18 Nov 1950 Pensacola, FL, buried in Johnson Cemetery, Range, AL). Married 2nd- Alexander McGhee, son of Jack McGhee and Mariah Hathcock (see his McGhee page). Their children were: Robert McGhee, Norman McGhee, Samuel Earnest McGhee, Matilda McGhee, Margaret Ella McGhee
  • Alexander Rolin-Coon, born 1846, Local, Escambia Co., AL. Married Mary Hathcock (b. 1848).
  • John Rolin (Coon), born 1844, Local, Escambia Co., AL. See his page. Married 1st- Rhoda Posie Taylor, daughter of George Washington Taylor and Mary Matilda Colbert. Their children were: John Richard Roland (b. 13 Sep 1875 in Escambia Co, AL; m. on 12 Apr 1904 in Monroe Co, AL to Ella Georgia Williams who was born Jan 1884 in Uriah, Monroe, Co, AL and who died ca 1920 in Mt Vernon, Mobile Co, AL; d. 11 Nov 1959 in Escambia Co, FL, buried in Clear Springs Cemetery, Monroe Co, AL), Ellen Roland (b. 11 Nov 1877 in Escambia Co, AL), Lila Roland (b. ca 1879 in Escambia Co, AL), William Zeb Roland (b. 1885 in Escambia Co, AL), Zeffie Roland (b. 18 June 1890, Poarch, Escambia Co, AL; m. Ernest Gibson). Married 2nd-Sara ?. Their child: Lilly Ella Rolin (Coon) (m. Edmond Hansel Gibson).
  • Richard (Tobe) Dixon Rolin (Coon), born ca 1843 AL. Married Frances Penny McGhee, daughter of Jack McGhee and Mariah Hathcock (see his McGhee page). Their children were: Levia Rolin (Coon) (m. William Dewise), Martha Rolin (Coon), William Rolin (Coon), Sally Rolin (Coon), Peggy Rolin (Coon), Jennie Rolin (Coon). Dixon Rollin died in the Civil War.
  • William Rolin (Coon)
  • Joseph Rolin (Coon), born ca 1861 in Local, Escambia Co, AL. Married Josie Beckum, 21 Mar 1883. Left the area.
  • Frances Rolin (Coon), born 1854 in Local, Escambia Co, AL.
  • Nancy Rolin (Coon), born 1837.
  • Adam Rolin (Coon), born 1860.
  • Julia Rolin (Coon), born ca 1867.
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    With information from Steve Travis

    John Rolin aka Jack Coon

    LifeNotes: .

    Born: 1844, Local, Escambia Co., AL; Married: about 1874; Died:
    Parents: Jack Coon aka Jack Richard Rolin or Rollin and Polly Moniac

    1st wife: Rhoda Posie Taylor

    LifeNotes: Her 1st husband was ? Hathcock and they had a son Silas Hathcock (born 8/1873, Monroe Co., AL; m. in 1905 to Leona Gibson).

    Born: 1848, Monroe Co., AL; Married: about 1874; Died: 1904, Escambia Co., AL
    Parents: George Washington Taylor and Mary Matilda Colbert

    Their children were:

    2nd- wife: Sara ?

    Born: Married: Died:

    Their child:

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    With information from Steve Travis

    John Richard Roland


    Born: 9/13/1875, Local, Escambia Co., A
    Married: 4/12/1904, Monroe Co., AL
    Died: 11/11/1959, Walnut Hill, Escambia Co., FL, buried Clear Springs Cemetery, Monroe Co., AL.
    Parents: Jack Rolin and Rhoda Posie Taylor

    1st-Ella Georgia Williams


    Born: 1/1884, Uriah, Monroe Co., AL; Married: ; Died: 1920-1, Mt. Vernon, Mobile Co., AL

    Their children were:

    2nd-Dollie Poston

    Born: 4/23/1878; Married: Died: 5/22/1940

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