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William Dixon Moniac and Polly Colbert

Samuel Takkes-Hadjo Moniac and Elizabeth Weatherford
Mary "Polly" Moniac and William Weatherford
David Tate Moniac and Mary Dulcine Powell
Levitia Moniac and William Sizemore

Alexander Dixon Moniac and Elizabeth Ehlert or Elliot
Polly Moniac and Jack Coon aka Jack Richard Rolin / Rollin

Sam Moniac and Susan Marlow
David John Moniac and Sarah Catherine Hales

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WILLIAM DIXON MONIAC and his wives and mates including POLLY COLBERT

William Dixon Moniac

Born: ; Married, Died: 1846

LifeNotes: he was "a Hollander" from The Netherlands, according to Dr. Marion Elisah Tarvin. He came to the Creek nation in 1756 with a remnant of the Natchez, according to J. D. Driesback (in a paper written, July 9th, 1883). Driesback said of William and of Sam, William's son, "He and Sam Moniac were men of fine sense and indomitable courage, strict integrity and enterprise, had considerable influence over the Indians, went with Gen. McGillivray to New York to see Washington, was presented by Washington with a medal, which was buried with him at Pass Christian in 1837."

He went to N.Y. with Alex McGillivray; there he was presented by Washington with a medal which was buried with him at Pass Christian, MS.

Sehoy III

LifeNotes: she was very young -- age 12--when William took her into his home.

Born: about 1759 in Little Tulsa, Elmore, AL; 1st-Union in 1774, Alabama; Married 2nd-about 1778 in Alabama; Married 3rd-about 1780; Died 1811-2 , buried in Baldwin County, Alabama; her son William Weatherford lies buried next to her.
Parents: Sehoy II and a Tuckabatchee chief

Their child:

Wife: who is she?? who is the mother of Elise and Jesse?

Their children were:

Polly Colbert

Born: ; Married: about 1780;, Died:
Parents: Chief William Colbert -- Indian name Chooshemataha

LifeNotes: Polly was a Tuskegee woman. Her father was a Chickasaw chief and a son of the Scotsman James Colbert who traded and led the Chickasaws in northwest Alabama.

Their children were:

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Samuel Takkes-Hadjo Moniac

LifeNotes: He was of the Tuskegee, his mother's people. There is mention of Samuel Moniac in many books.

Owned an inn on the old Federal Road near Pintlala, Montogomery Co., AL.

From William C. Bell:
Inns along the Federal Road ???
Alabama Historical Quarterly, Volume Seventeen - 1955

page 83, 85, 86 Sam Manack's House on Pinchona, Montgomery County; 1803-1816, at the old Federal Road crossing. Here was born David Moniac (Manack), first Indian appointed to the United States Military Academy; here was entertained Peggy and Lorenzo Dow, and Aaron Burr, under arrest, was here in 1807. Mrs. Manack was William Weatherford's mother-in law. [Note: actually she was William's sister]

In John R. Swanton's "Early History of the Creek Indians and their Neighbors" (Smithsonian Institute, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 73, Washington Government Printing Office, 1922): "The people of Tuskogee have some cattle, and a fine stock of hogs, more perhaps than any town of the nation. One man Sam Macnack [Sam Moniack], a half-breed, has a fine stock of cattle. He had, in 1799, one hundred and eighty calves. They have lost their language, and speak Creek, and have adopted the customs aand manners of the Creeks. They have thirty-five gun men."

Read his deposition of his realization of the impending Creek War, given to Judge Harry Toulmin.

Went to New York with Alexander McGillivray in 1790 and received medal from George Washington.

Docket 200> pages 5-29 (minus p.16 & p.18) - Settlement of the Account of Sam Manac - The Relief of Samuel Manac, a friendly half breed, during the between the U.S. and the Creek tribe of Indians.

Samuel Manac to the treasury dept..
Washington May 1816

" In August, 1816, I was commanding officer at the town of Mobile when the massacre of Fort Mimms took place. Soon afterwards, many of the citizens from the waters of Mobile fled to Fort Charlotte for protection; amongst them was Samuel Manac, his wife and children, who had, sometime before, been driven =nfrom the Nation where he resided. It was the universal opinion and belief at Mobile, that Sam Manac was an Indian, of large property, and that he had lost it all,or nearly all, by his fidelity to the United States. While Manac remained in Mobile, he and his family were subsisted by issuing rations to them: they having no other means of support.

Late Liet. Col.

5th Infantry
Washington, sd May 1816, "

Born: about 1781 in AL
Married: about 1801
Died: 1836 MS while being forced to remove to OK
Parents: William Dixon Moniac and Polly Colbert

Elizabeth Weatherford

LifeNotes: See her Weatherford page.

Born: about 1784 -5 in AL
Married: about 1801
Parents: Sehoy III and Charles Weatherford

Their children were:

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Mary "Polly" Moniac

Born: about 1783 in AL;. Married: about 1797 in AL; Died in 1804, Point Tholy, in Lowndes Co., AL
Parents: William Dixon Moniac and Polly Colbert

LifeNotes: sister of Sam Moniac

Their children were:

William Weatherford The Red Eagle

War name: Hopnicafutsahia -- Straight Talker or Truth Teller
Best known as Lamochattee or Red Eagle

Born: about 1781 in AL; Married 1st-about 1797 in AL; Married 2nd -about 1804 in AL; Married 3rd-about 1817 in AL; Died 3/24/1824, following a bear hunt and is buried next to his mother Sehoy III in a grave near Little Tallassee.
Parents: Sehoy III and Charles Weatherford

LifeNotes: Leader of the Creeks. Deemed "the architect of the Massacre at Fort Mims". See the letter his grandson Charles Weatherford, Jr. wrote about William. Nephew of Alexander McGillivray and by marriage, nephew of LeClerc Milfort; received their wisdom, according to tribal custom-- the role of the uncle was considered far more importart than that of the father.

William married at least twice after Mary Monicac died -- to Sopoth Thlanie, daughter of John Moniac and then to Mary Stiggins, daughter of Joseph Stiggins and Nancy Grey. See William's page for the information on his marriages after Mary Moniac and his issue.

William lived out his days as a well-to-do and well-respected planter in Monroe Co., AL.

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David Tate Moniac

LifeNotes: He was the first Creek to graduate West Point.

From William C. Bell (Copy of letter in files of Military Records Division, Department of Archives and History. This copy for the Alabama Historical Quarterly, Volume Nineteen 1957, page 407-408.):
Letter from David Tate to his nephew David Tate Moniac, 1822

Dear Nephew

...y house. All I have to say to my Dear Nephew is to use no extravagance and not to call on Mr. Wakeman until you are ready to start for home.

Your Sister & your nieces all send their best respects to you and are anxious to see you arrive safe. Your uncles William & John Weatherford & family are all well. Nothing worth your attention in this quarter only hard times. You will answer my letter & say when we may expect you.

I am yrs. My Dear Nephew &c &c

David Tate

CB You had best advise with Mr. Wakeman the best way for you to get home, & go agreeable to his directions and let him provide for you.

D Tate

Records of Graduates from the Military Academy
page 299
Number 1822-23 Class Rank
324...(Born Ala.)....... *.............(Ap'd Ala.)............39
Military History. --- Cadet at the Military Academy, Sep 18, 1817, to July 1, 1822, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to BVT. SECOND LIEUT., 6TH INFANTRY, JULY 1 1822.

On authorized graduation leave of absence, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1822
Resigned. Dec. 31 1822

Civil History. --- Cotton Planter, Baldwin County, Ala., 1822-1836.

Military History. --- Served in the Florida War, 1836, as
being engaged against the Seminole Indians in the Battle of Wahoo Swamp, Nov 21, 1836, where, while crossing a difficult morass in face of the fire of the enemy posted on the opposite bank he was Killed, Nov. 21, 1836 : Aged 34.

*Was a Creek Indian

From Dr. Marion Elisha Tarvin: "under the treaty at New York, [David Moniac] was graduated at West Point. He was made a major and commanded 600 Creeks and Choctaws against the Seminoles in the Florida war of 1836. He was killed, 13 bullets piercing his body. A braver man never lived.".

Another account from J. D. Driesback: "... of whom Gen. Jessup said, that he was as brave and gallant a man as ever drew a sword or faced an enemy. ... His wife was a cousin of Osceola, the Florida chief, who commanded the Florida Indians when Maj. Moniac was killed. Moniac had resigned his commission in the U. S. A. many years before the Florida war of 1836, and entered the army as a private in the company from Claiborne, Ala., but soon rose to the rank of Major by Brevet, and was in command of 600 Creeks and Choctaws when he was killed." (Alabama Historical Reporter, Vol. 2, No. 4, March 1884) See the piece in its entirety.

*Moniac, David. Ala. Cadet M A 18 Sept 1817 (39); bvt 2 lt 6 inf. 1 July 1822; resd 31 Dec 1822; capt Creek mtd vols 17 Aug 1836; maj 15 Nov 1836; killed 31 Nov 1836 in battle with the Seminole Inds at Wahoo Swamp, Fla; (he was a Creek Indian) (Heitman's Historical Register & Dictionary of the United States Army 1789-1903).

Born: ca 1802, Pinchong Creek, Montgomery Co., AL
Married: on 9/16/1828
Died: 11/21/1836
Withlacoochee River, FL. in battle, Creek War 1836.
Parents: Samuel Takkes-Hadjo Moniac and Elizabeth Weatherford

Wife: Mary Dalphine Powell


Married: on 9/16/1828
Parents: William Thelps Powell and Margaret Dyer

Their children were:

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Levitia Moniac


Born: 1802 in Letohatchie, AL; Married: 3/16/1826,; Died: 23 Nov 1858
Parents: Samuel Takkes-Hadjo Moniac and Elizabeth Weatherford

William Sizemore

LifeNotes: William became a wealthy planter on the Alabama River. He is named in his mother's will as inheriting $5.00.

Born: 1798, AL
Married: 3/16/1826
Died: before his father who died 1/23/1862
Parents: Arthur Sizemore and Mary "Polly" Bailey

Their children were:

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Alexander Dixon Moniac

LifeNotes: They were part of the founding ancestors of the Poarch Band Creeks, in addition to the McGhee / Semoice family.

Married: about 1812
Died: 1835
Parents: Samuel Takkes-Hadjo Moniac and Elizabeth Weatherford

Elizabeth "Betsy"Ehlert or Elliot

LifeNotes: Elizabeth sold the land she inherited from her father on 2/24/1830 to Peter Doty (deed recorded in Monroeville County Court House)

Born: 179? in AL
Married: about 1812
Died: 1846
Parents: Michael Ehlert or Elliot

Their children were:

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Sam Moniac

LifeNotes: Appears in 1860 and1870 census Escambia Co. AL, and in 1880 census of Monroe Co. AL

Born: 1811-3 AL
Married: between 1833-1837
Died: 1896, buried in Huxford Indian Cemetery, AL.
Parents: Dixon Moniac and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ehlert / Elliot

Susan Marlow


Born: 1814
Died: 1894, buried Madison-Moniac Cemetery
Parents: James Marlow, a Creek Indian, who lost his life in the Massacre of Ft. Mims, and Suzanne ?

Their children were:

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Polly Moniac


Born: 1806
Died: 1886, Monroe Co., AL.
Parents: Dixon Moniac and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ehlert or Elliot

Jack Coon aka Jack Richard Rolin or Rollin


Born: 1800; Married: ; Died: 1861

Their children were:

  • Margaret "Peggy" Rolin (Coon), born 1856 in Local, Escambia Co, AL. Married William L. McGhee. Note: also have her marrying ? Rolin with children: Ida Rolin (m. on 19 Nov 1891, Escambia Co., AL to Lee McGhee), Henry Rolin (m. Josie McGhee, daughter of Joe Francis McGhee and Polly Louise Gibson), Jim Rolin, Darlie Rolin.
  • Mary Jane Rolin (Coon), born 1848. Never married.
  • Samuel Rolin (Coon). born Apr 1850 in Escambia Co, AL. Married 1st-Dollie Poston. Married 2nd-on 8/12/1883 to Frances "Frankie" Walker, daughter of Jay C. Walker and Treacy McGhee.
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Rolin (Coon), born ca 1839. Married 1st- James M. Johnson. Their child: Mary Matilda Johnson (b. 15 Nov 1869; m. Elijah Franklin Bell who was born Feb 1868 Dale Co., AL and who died 1902, and who was son of Jesse Bell and Winiford "Winnie" Bass, in about 1886; d. 18 Nov 1950 Pensacola, FL, buried in Johnson Cemetery, Range, AL). Married 2nd- Alexander McGhee, son of Jack McGhee and Mariah Hathcock (see his McGhee page). Their children were: Robert McGhee, Norman McGhee, Samuel Earnest McGhee, Matilda McGhee, Margaret Ella McGhee
  • Alexander Rolin (Coon), born 1846 in Escambia Co, AL. Married Mary Hathcock (b. 1848).
  • John Rolin (Coon), born 1844, Local, Escambia Co., AL. See his page. Married 1st- Rhoda Posie Taylor, daughter of George Washington Taylor and Mary Matilda Colbert. Their children were: John Richard Roland See his page (b. 13 Sep 1875 in Escambia Co, AL; m. on 12 Apr 1904 in Monroe Co, AL to Ella Georgia Williams who was born Jan 1884 in Uriah, Monroe, Co, AL and who died ca 1920 in Mt Vernon, Mobile Co, AL; d. 11 Nov 1959 in Escambia Co, FL, buried in Clear Springs Cemetery, Monroe Co, AL), Ellen Roland (b. 11 Nov 1877 in Escambia Co, AL), Lila Roland (b. ca 1879 in Escambia Co, AL), William Zeb Roland (b. 1885 in Escambia Co, AL), Zeffie Roland (b. 18 June 1890, Poarch, Escambia Co, AL; m. Ernest Gibson). Married 2nd-Sara ?. Their child: Lilly Ella Rolin (Coon) (m. Edmond Hansel Gibson).
  • Richard (Tobe) Rolin (Coon), born ca 1843 AL. Married Frances McGhee, daughter of Jack McGhee and Mariah Hathcock (see his McGhee page). Their children were: Levia Rolin (Coon) (m. William Dewise), Martha Rolin (Coon), William Rolin (Coon), Sally Rolin (Coon), Peggy Rolin (Coon), Jennie Rolin (Coon)
  • William Rolin (Coon)
  • Joseph Rolin (Coon), born ca 1861 in Local, Escambia Co, AL. Married Josie Beckum, 21 Mar 1883. Left the area.
  • Frances Rolin (Coon), born 1854 in Local, Escambia Co, AL.
  • Nancy Rolin (Coon), born 1837.
  • Adam Rolin (Coon), born 1860.
  • Julia Rolin (Coon), born ca 1867.
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    David John Moniac


    Born: ca 1836-8 in Monroeville, AL; Married: 20 Mar 1860; Died: before 1877.
    Parents: Sam Moniac and Susan Marlow

    Sarah Catherine Hales

    LifeNotes: Sarah Catherine Hales married 2nd on 5/17/1877 to Origine Boone, son of Deramey Irene Tarvin and John Jarvis Boone).

    The children of Sarah Catherine Hales and her 2nd- husband, Origine Boone were: Irwin Boone (m. Mamie Vivian Cristwell), Nancy Boone (m. 9/23/1891 to William Godwin), Adeline Boone (m. on 2/8/1896 to Jim Browder).

    Born: ca 1838-40; Married: 20 Mar 1860; Died:

    Their children were:

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