The Creek Documents 20


I found these entries in "Monroe and Conecuh County, Alabama Marriages 1833-1880" and thought they might be of interest. Feel free to send our own Creek-related unions

Francis W. MILES married on 03-31-1848 to Nancy A. STIGGINS with George Holman as security

F. S. BONDURANT married on 12-15-1880 at James Stiggins' to Fannie S. STIGGINS with J. B. Stiggins as security and Elder C. E. James officating

John McCALL married on 09-18-1866 to Mildred L. STIGGINS at Joseph Stiggins' with Jenne Cloud as security and George Watson officiating. Question: Is John McCall related to Charles Edward McCall who married Willie Stiggins, granddaughter of George Stiggins??

Clay McQUEEN married on 01-20-1867 to Francis M. WHITE with T. S. Sowell as Justice of the Peace

James J. McCARTHY married Lucinda ADCOCK on 02-18-1849 with S. D. Beard as security and T. Burpe officiating

William ADCOCK married on 12-08-1849 to Anna LAMBERT with Andrew Lambert as security and T. Burpe officiating

John ADCOCK married on 05-10-1839 to Elizabeth PITMAN with James E. Boyles as security and T. Burpe officiating

James H. BOYLES married on 05-28-1841 to Harriet MELTON with John Adcock as security and T. Burpe officiating

Andrew J. BOYLES married on 12-18-1877 at William Ferrell's to Minnie FERRELL with C. W. Boyles as security and A. J. Lambert officiating

D. H. BOYLES married on 05-06-1874 at Pineville to Bettie C. ROBBINS with J. F. Boyles as security and W. C. Curry officiating

James BAILEY married on 07-12-1848 to Sarah Ann DUNNAM at Elm P. Church with James Dunnam as security and James Jenkins officiating

John B. BAILEY married on 03-07-1861 to Elizabeth ROBINSON with James M. Smith as security and James Simkins officiating

R. J. BAILEY married on 05-08-1861 to Rebecca E. BAILEY at the home of Mrs. Robinson with J. Rall as security and T. E. Feagin officiating

Martin V. DIXON married Sarah F. CONNEL on 04-04-1860 with R. O. Connell as security and W. W. Simmons as Justice of the Peace

Burwell B. JAMES married Sarah J. HUMPHREY on 08-16-1853 with Joseph HUMPHREY as security and James J. Barclay officating (how might they relate to my Nancy HUMPHREY??)

William McINTOSH married on 02-09-1855 to Mary BONNER with James M. Black as security

Richard F. MOSELEY married on 12-12-1876 at the home of J. F. White to S. E. WHITE with R. W. Moseley as security and John McWilliams officaiting

Robert W. MOSELEY married on 12-18-1872 at the home of A. J. Duke to S. E. DUKE with H. T. Fountain as security and W. G. Curry officiating

Asa R. MOSLEY married on 03-27-1862 at W. B. Crook's to Virginia CROOK with B. Fowler as security and M. McCorvey officiating

Edward L. MOSLEY married on 03-19-1862 to Mary WATKINS with James E. Lott as security and W. C. Morrow officiating

Elijah MOSLEY married on 01-04-1843 to Martha BARLOW with William S. Warren as security and Daniel Fore officiating

Thomas J. RYLAND married on 11-03-1854 to Mary A. MOSLEY with Edward Lett as security

Samuel E. WILLIAMSON married on 12-27-1865 at the home of the bride's father to Nancy MOSLEY with T. H. Maulden as security and George L. Lee officiating

W. H. BETTS married on 12-01-1869 to Virginia MOSELEY at the home of Mrs. E. Moseley with Sam Nash as secuirty and W. G. Curry officiating

T. B. GREEN married on 03-30-1866 to Mrs. V. C. MOSELEY at W. B. Crook's with J. F. McCorvey as security and M. M. Graham officiiating