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Genealogy Interests...


Since becoming interested in genealogy, I have discovered a wonderful sense of belonging that I never knew existed. The more I have discovered about our families, the more I want to know. I have discovered a WWI veteran, a WWII veteran, several Civil War veterans, a War of 1812 veteran, and even a Revolutionary War veteran. I also discovered a truly wonderful love story that I had previously thought only existed in fiction. If you have been thinking about doing research on your family, I encourage you. Yes, you may find a skeleton or two hidden far back in the closet, but you may also discover yourself.


Carla's surnames:

Bellar, Clower, Collins, Cronea, Crosswell, Hart, Harvey, Henderson, Karbowski, Keating, Land, Lenoir, McCarthy, McWilliams, Mensch, Mooney, Moore, Norwood, Sliter, Stegemann, Walter(s), White, Willis, Youngblood


Billy's surnames:

Brockman, Carr, Clifton, Duke(s), Greer, Hardy, Harper, Jones, Kennamer, Moore, Munson, Predmore, Sapp, Scarborough, Scott, Votaw, Wheeler, Williams, Winfield


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