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Chute Family Research Subjects Needed

Individual Location Group Number Research Subject Resolution
Chute, Joseph Wolverhampton, Stafford, England GP101-1 Request a copy of the 1881 British Census Record listed in his notes; see if additional family members or parents are mentioned. Information located by Christopher Chute.
Chute, Elizabeth Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA GP45-0 Locate official record of which Henry Lunt Elizabeth married. Multiple records of multiple Henry Lunt's, with various birthdates and parents - and most of them conflict.
Chute, Roger Roy St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA GP6635-2 Request military records - only information available is that he was a Sargeant with the U.S. Army and is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Request forms are available at the National Archives & Records Administration. May have been a career soldier; appears to be unmarried.
Chute, George Washington, III Leominster, Massachusetts GP4775-1 Request copies of two military pension applications submitted by Annette Elizabeth Wilder Chute: (1) 17 NOV 1905, invalid pension, #1,342,384, Certificate # 1,121,538, (2) 30 JAN 1918, widow's pension, Application # 979,386, Certificate # 738, 901. Original document can be viewed at
Chute, Edward Payson Naples, Cumberland County, Maine GP565-2 Search Maryland and Virginia prisoner of war records for Edward Payson Chute, captured in either the Battle of Williamsport, Maryland (24 May 1862) or Cedar Mountain, Virginia (9 Aug 1862).

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