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NP97: Chute Family Notes: Notes 97-1971 through 97-2000

Note    N97-1971         Back to Index        Back to Peter Chute (Son of Margaret, brother of Mary Chute Duffy).

Notes on Peter Chute:

Posted 16 August 1873. "Searching for PETER CHUTE, who emigrated from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, in 1866; he was a spinner when he left England, but has since learned to be a stonecutter; when last heard from by his mother, Margaret Chute, he was in Lawrence, Mass; he is supposed to be in Lynn or Boston; he is of light complexion, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches in height, and about 28 years of age. Information of him will be received by his sister, Mary Duffy (maiden name Mary Chute), Mechanics Mill, Fall River, Mass."

Source: "Missing Friends", a column with advertisements from people looking for "lost" friends and relatives who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States published in the Boston Pilot, October 1831 through October 1921, Collected and transcribed by Boston College's Irish Studies Program, � 2004-2005, Volume VII: 1871-1876


Note    N97-1972         Back to Index        Back to Otto Long and Reta May Chute Long.

Notes on Otto Long and Reta May Chute Long:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Reta May Chute Long to George Maynard Chute, Jr., October 1956

Your father's birthdate?
Apr. 27, 1872

Is Myron Ellsworth still living?
No, died June 16, 1951

Your mother's complete maiden name?
Sarah Catherine Veinot

Your own complete maiden name?
Reta May Chute

Your birthdate?
August 16, 1901

You married when?
November 29, 1922

Your childrens' names?
Lewis Otto, Hilda Marie

Your brothers' complete names and birthdates?
Norris David, August 5, 1899; Ellsworth William August 4, 1905

Ellsworth married whom?
A girl from the USA. His name is W.E. Chute, 630 18th Street, Oakland 12, California.

Ellsworth's children?
He has no children.

Did you have other brothers or sisters?
Yes. Ethel Marie, born June 5, 1907. Her address is: Mrs. M. Stover, 1435 Shamwood, West Covina, California.

Can you give married names and addresses of any of the six daughters of Freeman Ezra Chute (older half brother of your father)?
Cora Belle: Mrs. Osmond A. Dunn, 553 E 49th Street, Brooklyn, New York. Her husband died 3 years ago.
Edith May: Mrs. George E. Robinson, 4241 Harvard Avenue, Montreal 28, Quebec. Her husband died in May 1930.
Abbie Philinda: Died, Nov. 1917
Ethel Maud: Died, 1896
Melinda Beatrice: Address unknown.
Lilah Lee: Died, January 1930. Married Joseph Coombs.

Were there more children?

I have another brother, Noble Deryes Chute. He has, I think, 3 boys. He lives in Montreal. Their address: Mr. Noble Chute, 426 (illegible) Bonecours?, Montreal. I think he was born in 1897.

I have given you what information I know. My father was married twice and she is still living, if you should write to her, perhaps she could give you more information. Her address: Mrs. Myron E. Chute, Bear River, Annapolis, N.S. They have the family record over there.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Otto Long


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Notes on Robert John Chute, III and Mary Rosalind Poxson Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Robert John Chute, III to George Maynard Chute, Jr., 27 JAN 1967

Your father's complete name?
Robert John Chute

Your own middle name?

Your birthdate?
Dec. 26, 1923

Your childrens' complete names and birthdates?
Laura Goddard Chute, [Private]
Catherine Harding Chute, [Private]

Your wife's maiden name?
Mary Rosalind Poxson

Your brothers' complete names and birthdates?
No brothers

Your occupation?
Manager, Systems & Data Processing, Trico Products Corp.


Note    N97-1974         Back to Index        Back to Ross Morell Chute and Eva J. (maiden name unknown) Chute.

Notes on Ross Morell Chute and Eva J. (maiden name unknown) Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Ross Morell Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr., FEB 1958

Your father's complete name?
William H. Chute

Where do your parents live?
He is dead.

Your own middle name?

Your birthdate?
August 20, 1874

Your birthplace?
Newcastle, Miramichi, New Brunswick1

Live where?
Live in the Tewksbury Hospital, Ward A, Bed 152

1At the time this was composed, Miramichi and Newcastle were two separate areas. According to the Miramichi town website, "We are a city of 18,129, brought together in January 1, 1995, with the amalgamation of the former towns of Chatham and Newcastle and the villages of Douglastown, Loggieville and Nelson-Miramichi." They may have been considered one administrative area before the amalgamation, but I'm not sure why Russ listed both areas. Source:
2Tewksbury Hospital (still in operation) housed patients with chronic illnesses (such as tuburculosis, and the like) as well as patients with severe mental illnesses. It is not known why Ross was a patient.


Note    N97-1975         Back to Index        Back to Arthur Murray Chute and Theresa Keene Burns Chute.

Notes on Arthur Murray Chute and Theresa Keene Burns Chute:

Correspondence, Theresa Keene Burns Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr.

Waldoboro, Me

Mr. George M. Chute
Plymouth, Mich

Dear Mr. Chute:

Received your letter from our town clerk. I am the widow of Arthur M. Chute, who passed away last September. His brother Fred died three years ago. Neither of us had any children. They were born in Seaview, Mass., a small town on Cape Cod, and the family moved to Waldoboro when Arthur was nine years old.

Their Uncle George ran a grain business in Winslow's Mills, two miles from Waldoboro. Arthur's father had three sisters, all of them lived in Rockland, Mass. Two of them have passed on, one a Mrs. Emma Poole is in a rest home and is now 95 years old. Miss Grace Chute who never married died last winter.

She had a record of the Chute family and gave it to my husband, but after he died, I sent it back. If it would help you any for your records, I think I could get it again.

Now I am wondering if you are a relative of my husband? If I can help in any way, I shall be more than glad to.


Theresa B. Chute
(Mrs. Arthur M.)

P.S. There are Chutes who live in Naples, Maine, but no relatives of ours. T.B.C.


Note    N97-1976         Back to Index        Back to Curtis George Chute/George Curtis Chute and Rebecca Hilda Cromwell Chute.

Notes on Curtis George Chute/George Curtis Chute and Rebecca Hilda Cromwell Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Curtis George Chute/George Curtis Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr., 1 JUL 1952

Your father's complete name?
Loten Charles Chute

His birthdate?
July 29, 1870

If living, what is his address?

Your first name?

Your birthdate?
August 3, 1897

Born where?
Clifton, Que.

Your childrens' complete names and birthdates and where they live?
Sheila Fern Chute, Dec. 3, 1921, Toronto, Ont.
Stanley Cromwell Chute, Feb 28, 1923, Sherbrook, Que.
Tracy Oswald Chute, Oct 10, 1924, Sawyerville, Que.
Verlie Hazel Chute, May 24, 1926, Sherbrook, Que.1

1He had several more children after Verlie but has not listed them. It could be that he ran out of room on the form, intended to list the remainder of his children elsewhere on the form but forgot to list them.

Whom did they marry?
Sheila, Walter (illegible).
Tracy, Miss Thompson.
Verlie, Jerry Cole.

Any grandchildren?

Your brothers and sisters' complete names and birthdates and where they live?
Harold Arthur Chute, Nov 5. 1910
Cecil Loton Chute, Jul 17, 1901, Bulwer, Que.
Hazen Ewand Chute, May 14, 1903, Hatley, Que.
Hazel Lucy Chute, May 14, 1903, Bulwer, Que.
Blanche Idell Chute, Jul 15, 1908
Helen Luella Chute, Dec 26, 1911
Florence Nettie, Nov 15, 1904
Bertha Almeada Chute, Jul 29, 1898

Whom did they marry?
Blanche, Jack Cloutien, Boston
Hazel, Raymond King (dead), Boston
Cecil, Dorothy Shaughnessy, Johnville
Helen, Douglas Jones, Sherbrooke, Que
Bertha, Ben Larache, Bulwer

Have you any information of your grandfather Chute, his name, where did he live?
Curtis Chute. He was a cattle buyer. Died in 1927, over 80 years of age.

Your wife's maiden name?
Rebecca Cromwell

Your wedding date?
May 24, 1921

Your mother's maiden name?
Etta Jones

Where is she living?
Bulwer, Que.

Can you give names and addresses of any uncles, aunts or cousins?
Uncle Curtis Chute, Birchtown, Que.
Uncle Burt Chute, Bulwer, Que.
He [his father] has cousins in Boston, but I don't know them. Sorry.

What is your other name, starting with C?

Your grandchildrens' complete names?
Judith Lee Cole, born [Private]
Dale Tracy Chute, born [Private]
Bruce Allen Chute, born [Private]
Murial Mildred Chute, born [Private]

Tracy's wife's given name?
Mildred Mae Thomson

Information on Cecil Loton's children?
Doreen Eleanor, born [Private]
Curtis Cecil, born [Private]
Shirley Hazel, born [Private]
Dale Loton, born [Private]
Allen William, born [Private]

Do they all live close to Johnville?
23 miles. We live in in East Hatley.

Fred Arnold Chute married whom?
Write to Mrs. Fred Chute or Mrs. Arthur Chute at Dutch Neck, Waldoboro, Maine.

His childrens' names?
No children

Where is Arthur Murray Chute living?
He is dead.

His childrens' names?
No children

Bertha May Chute married whom?
Beckett. One boy.

When did your mother pass away?
About 1952.

Her full name?
Lizzie Leland Chute.

Have you any children?
Russell D.
Weston G.
Hobart A.

Whom did your sister Florence marry?
Ira Kelsey.


Note    N97-1977         Back to Index        Back to Ralph Harold Chute and Pearl Grace Rathbun Chute.

Notes on Ralph Harold Chute and Pearl Grace Rathbun Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Ralph Harold Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr., 13 OCT 1961

Your father's complete name?
Nelson Hardy Chute

Mother's maiden name?
Nettie Jenkins. Neither are living.

My birthdate?
July 8, 1898.

Information on son and sister?
Son Nelson is not married and lives at home. His full name is Nelson Rathbun Chute and was born [Private]. I had one sister Helen Grace Chute Limpus who died Feb. 12, 1957. She had five children by marriage to Lawrence Limpus, 4 girls and 1 boy. I am not sure of her birthdate but she was two years older than me. Will get this information if you desire it. Also will check on her middle name.


Note    N97-1978         Back to Index        Back to James Henry Atkinson and Mary Eliza Chute Atkinson.

Notes on James Henry Atkinson and Mary Eliza Chute Atkinson:

Letter and Family Data Worksheet Submitted by Ruth Atkinson Emerson


Mary Eliza Chute, born March 21, 1874 -- Paradise, Nova Scotia. Married James Henry Atkinson, Amherst N.H. Nov. 1894. Died Sept. 27, 1946. Buried in Amherst, H.H.
James Henry Atkinson, born July 24, 1870 -- Amherst, N.H. Married Nov. 1894 -- Amherst, N.H. Died May, 1939 -- Amherst, N.H. Buried in Amherst, N.H.

First Generation

Children of Mary Eliza Chute and James Henry Atkinson, botn in Amherst, N.H.:
1.  Annie Margaret - Born Dec. 2, 1895. Died July 17, 1900. Buried in Amherst.
2.   James Robert Atkinson. Born November 5, 1897. Married September 22, 1917, Amherst, N.H. Died 1957, Peterborough Hospital. Buried in Bennington.
3.   Edwin Arnold Atkinson. Born October 25, 1900. Married. Died July 22, 1960, Boston, Mass. Buried in Amherst, N.H.
4.   Ruth Marion Atkinson. Born September 24, 1905. Married June 21, 1931, Westminster, Vt.
5.   Charles Henry Atkinson. Born Feb. 10, 1913. Married July 1, 1970, Nashua, N.H.

Second Generation

2. James Robert Atkinson married Mildred Stowe Wetherbee Sept. 22, 1917. Born March 14, 1899. Amherst, N.H, Died June 7, 1963. Buried in Bennington, N.H.
Children of James Robert Atkinson and Mildred Stowe Wetherbee Atkinson: (1) Kathleen Evelyn Atkinson. Born Jan. 28, 1919, Bedford, N.H. Married Aug 10, 1938, Mont Vernon, N.H. Married Perley Edmund Trow. Divorced. Children of Kathleen Evelyn Atkinson and Perley Edmund Trow: (a) James Edward Trow, born [Private]. (b) Perley Edmund Trow, born [Private], Nashua Memorial Hospital, N.H. Additional spouses of Kathleen Evelyn Atkinson: Arne Arthur Heino Feb. 2, 1952 -- divorced and Charles Sjogren -- Jan. 29, 1942.
James Edward Trow married Grace Darling Brewry Oct. 14, 1960, Weare, N.H. Children of James Edward Trow and Grace Darling Brewry: (1) Holly June, (2) James, Jr. (3) Donald, (4) Eric, (5) Dale Justin
Second Child of James Robert Atkinson and Mildred Stowe Wetherbee Atkinson: (2) Robert Daniel Wetherbee Atkinson. Adopted son of Mildred's sister, Martha W. Peach. Born July 20, 1924. Married Priscilla Russell April 3, 1946 at Mother's home in Greenfield, N.H. Father: John C. Russell. Mother: Anabelle Styles. Children of Robert Daniel Wetherbee Atkinson and Priscilla Russell Atkinson, born Peterboro, N.H.: (1) Beverly Virginia, born [Private], (2) Deana Arlene, born [Private], (3) Donna Louise, born [Private]. Beverly Virginia Atkinson married Charles Nelson Soule III. Children of Charles Nelson Soule III and Beverly Virginia Atkinson Soule: Charles Nelson Soule IV, born [Private], (2) Lisa Ann Soule, born [Private], (3) Lorraine Elizabeth Soule, born [Private], (4) Melissa Michelle, born [Private]. Donna Louise Atkinson married Roy Mason - Texas. Children: Roy Mason III, born [Private].

3. Edwin Arnold Atkinson married Margaret Young, Boston, 1945. Had one step-son, Ernie. Died May 8, 1969, Boston, Mass.1

4. Ruth Marion Atkinson married Harry Harrison Emerson, Westminster, Vt. Born Sept. 25, 1897, Andover, N.H. Married Minnie Speckman Feb 25, 1918, Sutton, N.H. Daughter Myrtle Mae - born Oct. 17, 1919. Divorced Oct. 3, 1927. Children of Harry Harrison Emerson and Ruth Marion Atkinson Emerson: (1) Roger Raymond, born [Private], Manchester, N.H., (2) James Allen, born [Private], Manchester, N. H. Children of Myrtle Mae Emerson and John Mingus: (1) Jonathan, born [Private], Pittsburg, Pa, (2) Claudia Jo, born [Private], Pittsburgh, Pa. Children of Claudia Jo Mingus and Dwight MacMasters (married Nov. 3, 1967, Virginia): Jennifer Leigh MacMasters, born [Private], Virginia. Children of James Allen Emerson - married Mary Louise Maloney, born [Private] Cambridge, Mass. Married Feb. 15, 1969, Cambridge, Mass. - Susan Ellen Emerson, born [Private] Bristol, Conn.

4. Charles Henry Atkinson married Thelma Johnson (Scott) July 1, 1969, Nashua, N.H. His step children: (1) Frank J. Scott, Jr. Born [Private] Married Jean McCarthy March 1970. Children: Linda, Frank III. (2) Arlene Scott, born [Private]. Married Michael Manfia, October 1961. Children: Michael Jr., Mark, Lisa. (3) Jeannette Scott, born [Private]. Married William McCarthy Child: William McCarthy, Jr. (3) Pauline Scott, born [Private]. Married John Twobig Aug. 28, 1971.

1Two different death dates for Edwin Arnold Atkinson, one in the Generation #1 section, and the other in the Generation #2 section. The second may pertain to his wife.


Note    N97-1979         Back to Index        Back to Harry Harrison Emerson and Ruth Marion Atkinson Emerson.

Notes on Harry Harrison Emerson and Ruth Marion Atkinson Emerson:

Correspondence, Ruth Atkinson Emerson and George Maynard Chute, Jr.

Cilleyville Road
Potter Place, N.H. 03265
July 30, 1973

George M. Chute, Jr.
546 Garfield Ave.
Plymouth, Mich.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to tell you I would like to know if you would still like the information on Mary E. Chute's family. I am finally able to get most of the information and will be glad to send it on to you.

I am retired now and have been able to look it up for the period in America.

Sincerely yours

Ruth A. Emerson

Potter Place, N.H.
January 3, 1974

Dear Mr. Chute:

I have finally looked up the information on Mother's family. I appreciated your copy of the Chute Family. My cousin and I went to Salem, Mass. and looked it up in the Library.

I also went to Concord, N.H. State Library and found your book there. I was pleased to find it and can refer to it if necessary./

My husband and I went to Nova Scotia many times and I looked up what I could there. My Mother's brother David was buried in Paradise. I found David Chute's marriage and other references about the Chute family.

I don't have any luck catching Clarence L. Chute (Rev.) He is always on vacation when we were there. I did get his address from his son, Earl Chute, who has a store in Middleton, Nova Scotia.

Rev. Clarence Chute
P.O. Box 663
Tiverton, Digby County,
Nova Scotia

We went to St. Anne's and saw the coat of arms. I would like to know if I am right in thinking this was given to a brother of Lionel Chute.

It has taken me a while to collect the additions necessary. You see my husband died 3 years after I retired, so I didn't get too much done for a while. However, I feel much better now and am considering doing more work. I work Sundays in a hospital running a switchboard. I also am doing substituting when called.

Thank you for sending the information to me. We had a small reunion last September of the David Chute's around our area, about 40 were present. We plan to do it again.


Ruth A. Emerson


Note    N97-1980         Back to Index        Back to Emil Ray McPheeters and Olive Areminta Chute McPheeters.

Notes on Emil Ray McPheeters and Olive Areminta Chute McPheeters:

Chute Family Data Worksheet and Correspondence, prepared by Olive Areminta Chute McPheeters for George Maynard Chute, Jr.

March 27, 1957
3312 Berkeley Road
Duluth 11, Minn.

Dear Mr. Chute �

Your most interesting letter received and I am enclosing the information you requested.

I shall be very much interested in the book, �Chute Family in America� when the record is brought up to date.

We came to Minn. in 1889 and sometime before that a Mr. Chute in New Brunswick recorded the names of the family of Isadore and Maria Chute (my parents) in the family Bible, which is in my possession. He also told my mother he was getting dates for the Chute Genealogy. I am wondering if the data you are collecting is a continuation of the same book.

I have but one child, a son, who has a very fine nursery (trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.) at Tucson, Arizona. I spent two years there but came back to Minn., when my sister Dora and her husband, became ill. I have one grandson who is 16 years old.

It has been a pleasure to give this information and I hope it will be of help in the compilation of this record. When this is available, will you kindly let me know where I can obtain it.

Yours very truly,

Olive McPheeters

About when did your father Isadore pass away?
Sept. 23, 1909

Your husband's first name?
Emil Ray (deceased, March 16, 1942)

Your children's complete names and locations?
Ralph Douglas McPheeters, 6074 East Pima, Tucson, Arizona

Your brother Clarence Wesley married whom? Where do they live?
Sadie Congdon. Aitkin, Minnesota.

Their childrens' names and addresses?
Helen Carlson, Saint Paul, Minn.
Lillian Mayer, 5701 23rd Avenue, So. Minneapolis, Minn.
Ruby Louise Helseth, 5701 23rd Avenue, So. Minneapolis, Minn.
Ethel Hock, Aitkin, Minn.
Donald Chute, Havre, Montana.

Your brother Harold Edward married whom? Where do they live?
Julia Hoving. Julia deceased. H. Edward remarried Ina Collins. They have no children.

Their childrens' names and addresses?
Harold Edward, Jr., 226 27th Ave. N., St. Cloud, Minn.
Russell Warren, Fleming Rte, Aitkin, Minn.
Robert Lee, Rte No 3, Aitkin, Minn.

Your sister Effie married whom? Is she living?
Edward Rogers. Yes.

Their childrens' names and addresses?
Wendell Oliver, atty, N.W. Nat'l Bank Bldg, Minneapolis, Minn.
Spencer Chute, 1801 Baxter Ave, Superior, Wisconsin.
Mildred Estelle, Aitkin, Minn.
James Delbert, Sauk Rapids, Minn.

Was your sister Louise May married? Is she living?
No. Died June 8, 1953.

Your sister Dora Maria married whom?
Edward Riley.

Their childrens' names and addresses?
Kenneth Edward, Oct 5, 1912, deceased.
Elinor Louise Malnati, Jan 25, 1915, 610 Boulevard Drive, Duluth
Myron Emil, June 4, 1916, 2312 Berkeley Rd, Duluth


Note    N97-1981         Back to Index        Back to Emery Monroe Seestedt and Katheryn Eugenie Pino Seestedt.

Notes on Emery Monroe Seestedt and Katheryn Eugenie Pino Seestedt:

Obituary, Katheryn Eugenie Pino Seestedt

Kathryn P. Seestedt Marine City Kathryn P. Seestedt, 88, of Marine City, entered into Eternal Life on Tuesday, May 10, 2011. She was born in East Lansing on August 16, 1922, a daughter to the late Austin and Eugenie (Armstrong) Pino. She married Emery Monroe Seestedt on February 8, 1947 in Plymouth, Michigan and he preceded her in death on September 11, 2000. Mrs. Seestedt earned her bachelors degree from Hillsdale College and graduated in the Class of 1943. She was a longtime resident of Cherry Beach and had a lifelong interest in many areas. She participated in book clubs, historical societies, bridge clubs and library enrichment. Katheryn also served on school boards and studied family genealogy in detail. Kathryn is survived by her daughters, Ruth (Ray) Guydosh of NY and Jean Hansen of MN; her son, Paul (Annette) Seestedt of Algonac; her sister, Marjorie (George) Chute of Grand Rapids; 9 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and several cousins; and her daughter-in-law, Vicki Seestedt. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Emery; and her son, Carl. Services will take place on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in Bower-Rose Funeral Home, Marine City, with The Reverend Harvey W. Reh officiating. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Cemetery, Marine City. Visiting in the funeral home is Friday 4-7 p.m. and Saturday 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Memorials, in lieu of flowers, may be made to Hillsdale College, 33 E. College St., Hillsdale, MI 49242.

Published in The Times Herald on May 13, 2011


Note    N97-1982         Back to Index        Back to Thomas Amandrin John Chute, Margaret Hughes Chute and E. Leone Phillips/Leone Stanford Chute.

Notes on Thomas Amandrin John Chute, Margaret Hughes Chute and E. Leone Phillips/Leone Stanford Chute:

Correspondence, Leone Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Dear Mr. Chute:

Re: Chute Genealogies
Thomas J. Chute
Monrovia, Calif.

Your letter is of interest to us and we are forwarding it to Tom's sister, Irene Chute Marshall of Roseville, Calif., as she can fill it out more completely for you.

I think you have chosen a fascinating hobby and hope your diligence and persistence will be rewarded.


Leone Chute
(Mrs. T. J. Chute)


Note    N97-1983         Back to Index        Back to Harvey Lewis Chute and Carrie Van Horsen Chute.

Notes on Harvey Lewis Chute and Carrie Van Horsen Chute:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Harvey Lewis Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., January 1952, Mankato, Minnesota

Your middle name?

Your birthdate?
29 of Dec 1891

Your daughter's complete maiden name?
Mae Elizabeth Chute

Her birthdate?
December 4, 1913

Whom did she marry?
Donald Garberson

Children's names?
Douglas Harvey Garberson

Your brother Henry's middle name?
Don't know

His birthdate?
1889 14 Sept

His address?
Fielding, Saskatchewan, Canada

Whom did he marry?
Don't know

Any children?

Your wife's maiden name?
Carrie Gertrude Van Horsen

Your wedding date?
December 18, 1912

Do you have more than the one child?


Note    N97-1984         Back to Index        Back to Edwin Allan Lightner and Helen Cleaveland Chute Lightner.

Notes on Edwin Allan Lightner and Helen Cleaveland Chute Lightner:

Chute Family Data Worksheet, Henry Gordon Davison (son-in-law of Edwin Allan Lightner and Helen Cleaveland Chute Lightner) to Jacqueline I. Chute, July, 2011
Name:  Edwin Allan Lightner
Date of birth:  29 Jan 1881
Place of birth (town, city, county, state):  Youngstown, Ohio, USA
The Full Name of His Father (first, middle name, last):  Seldon Howard Lightner
The Full Name of His Mother (first, middle name, last):  Abigail Jane Hopkins
Date of Death:  14 Aug 1970
Place of Death (town, city, county, state where he died):  Alexandria, Virginia, USA
The date he was buried:
The town, city, county, state in which he is buried:
The name of the cemetery(if known):
His religious affiliation (i.e., Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, etc.):
Highschool Attended and Location:
College Attended and Location:  Oberlin
Military Service:

Data Pertaining to Wife/Mother in Family Group or Female Individual:
Name:  Helen Cleaveland Chute
Date of birth:28 Jun 1881
Place of birth (town, city, county, state):  Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
The Full Name of Her Father (first, middle name, last):  Edward Lane Chute
The Full Name of Her Mother (first, middle name, last):  Julia Hawes Cleaveland
Date of Death:  May 1982
Place of Death (town, city, county, state where she died):  Alexandria, Virginia, USA
The date she was buried: The town, city, county, state in which she is buried:
The name of the cemetery(if known):
Her religious affiliation (i.e., Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, etc.):
Highschool Attended and Location:
College Attended and Location:  Oberlin
Military Service:

Their Marriage:
The Date of their Marriage:  25 Jul 1906
The Place (town, city, county, state) they were married:  Ware, Massachusetts, USA
The church in which they were married (if known):
The name of officiating clergy:

Their Children:
Child No. 1:   Edwin Allan Lightner Jr., , New York, New York, USA,Dorothy Boyce
Child No. 2:   Lionel Chute Lightner, , Spuyten Duyvil, New York,Betty Louise Hill
Child No. 3:   Lawrence Chute Lightner, , Spuyten Duyvil, New York,Margaret Alice Collin

Sources:  Ohio Births and Christenings, 1831-1962 for Edwin Allan Lightner, System Origin Ohio-EASy, Source Film # 906502 Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915 for Helen C. Chute, Volume 342, Film 1428202, Digital Folder 4002286, Image 866 Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915, Record 15602, Film 2315297, Digital Folder 4329355, Image 00998 United States Census, 1930, Nara Pub T626, roll 1374, Film 2341109, Digital Folder 4660927, Image 00473


Note    N97-1985         Back to Index        Back to Elbridge Coombs Cushman and Clarissa Virginia Comstock Cushman.

Notes on Elbridge Coombs Cushman and Clarissa Virginia Comstock Cushman:

In 1850 Elbridge was a carpenter in North Madison, Jefferson Co., IN with his wife Virginia and John Comstock, age 4 from KY. They were reported to have moved to Sedalia, Clinton Co., IN. In 1880 Virginia lived in Keokuk, Lee Co., IA (page 363) with her children Elizabeth (school teacher), Elbridge (foundry engineer), Earl (foundry engineer), Jennie (at school), and Frank (at school). Virginia listed both her parents from VA.


Note    N97-1986         Back to Index        Back to Botsford Comstock and Margaret Bell Comstock.

Notes on Botsford Comstock and Margaret Bell Comstock:

In 1830 Bochford Comstock lived in Jefferson Co., IN (page 111) (0110020000000-1101000000000) : 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 30-40, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 5-10, and 1 female 15-20 . In 1840 Bochford Comstock lived in Trimble Co., KY (page 318) (0001001000000-0100100000000) : 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, and 1 female 20-30. In 1850 B. Comstock, 59, wa s a boss carpenter in North Madison, Jefferson Co., IN (page 28).

Botsford moved to Washington Co., TX in 1852. He sold his farm there in 1858 and moved in Brazos Co., TX. In 1860 B. Comstock was an engineer at Boonville PO, Dist. 2, Brazos Co., TX (pa ge 91) with his wife Julia A. and children Emma J. and Joseph. In 1870 Bots, 73 CT, Comstock farmed at Bryan PO, Brazos Co., TX (page 73) with his wife Julia Comstock, 50 OH, Em Taulma n, 23 OH (property $2,000/$500), Joseph Taulman, 3 TX, Oscar Taulman, 2 TX, Elizabeth Ayers , 14 WI, William Graham, 35 MS (farmer) and family, and Morris Tom, 30 MS.

Will of Botsford Comstock:
Know all men by these presents that I Botsford Comstock of Brazos County, State of Texas, being sound in mind, do this day, which March the first 1869 one thousand eight-hundred and sixt y nine make my last Will and Testament that in case of me Decease ofter my debts are paid I g ive to my wife July Ann comstock all my property, goods, chattels, stock lands, and tenement s to have and to hold and to dispose of in any way or manner she may think prefer and at tha t of the said Julia Ann Comstock is the only executror or administrator to my estate, given u nder my hand and seal this the first day of March 1869. Signed Botsford Comstock. In Presence of Witnesses G. C. Wallace, B. E. Gentry, and W. T. Pate.

In 1890 probate proceedings Botsford was reported deceased in 1870 in Brazos Co., TX. His will was submitted to the Brozos County Recorder in 1870 and lost or misplaced. On 22 Mar 1890 his widow Julia Goin filed for probate. A notice of probate was published 4 consecutive weeks beginning 3 Apr 1890 in the Bryan Eagle, a weekly newspaper in Brazos Co. Affidavits were secured from the original witnesses to the will, dated 24 Oct 1890, at which time the will was probated.


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Notes on Martland Chute and Jennie E. Bentley Chute:

"xi Martland, b. Dec. 3, 1860; in. Jennie E. Bentley, Oct. 26, 1884; and is a machinist near Chicago."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 115.

"He was a machinist near Chicago, then moved to Ontario where he farmed on the first concession of Bayham. They adopted one daughter Lucille �Irene� Maynard at age 10 who was born in Detroit, Michigan Oct 20, 1909. Jennie was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan June 15, 1864 and died Feb 11, 1951. Irene married Willard Mills on Nov 10, 1934. Willard was born Dec. 19, 1910,. and died Jul. 6, 1977. He was a painter. They had one son, Ronald Lloyd, born Aug 24, 1935; married Claudia Thompson., They have two sons: Brian born May 15, 1965 and Paul, born April 30, 1967. Irene�s father was shot accidentally in France and died. Her 21-year old mother was left with three children whom she could not support, and so she put them out for adoption. In her later years, Jennie moved in to live with Irene and Willard in Aylmer, Ontario. She enjoyed visiting especially the Chutes. One night before a planned visit to Mert and Mamie Chute�s she unfortunately fell down the stairs and died four days later of pneumonia. She was 86."


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Notes on Burton F. Greenwood, Kenneth McGlenn and Violet Beryl Chute (Greenwood) McGlenn:

"Violet Beryl, born June 2, 1906, died Dec 31, 1939. Married Burton F. Greenwood June 20, 1925 and moved to Vancouver, B.C. She divorced and moved to Seattle and Spokane, Wash., where she married Kenneth McGlenn. She was a milliner and had no children. She died accidentally of carbon monoxide poisoning while starting the car in a closed garage to go to the dentist."


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Notes on Kenneth Bradfield, John Lamers and Mary �Neva� Irena Chute (Bradfield) Lamers:

Mary �Neva� Irena, born Dec, 7, 1910 married Kenneth Bradfield (born Sept. 24, 1909, died July 1952), married second John Lamers (born Feb. 17, 1905). She lived in Straffordville, a Bayham Township and Tillsonburg. Kenneth Bradfield was a tobacco farmer and John Lamers was a tobacco farmer and owner of Tillsonburg Broadcasting Co. Ltd.

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Notes on Liberato J. Gambacort and Ruth Emily Chute Gambacort:

Jeffrey Lynn Gambacort died of leukemia as a youth. When his mother helped to contribute to their family branch's genealogy records, she contributed the following poem and comment on her son:

A sweet little bud, picked for your birth
Wanted and loved each day on this earth
God, however, did take back his seed
When he thought that your work here we no longer had need
Our hearts have been broken and silent tears still flow
But our love for you Jeffrey will ever grow
Till we meet again somewhere above
Our memories of you we will cherish and love.

Dearly loved by his family,
Poem by Ruth Gambacort

The Jeffrey Lynn Leukemia Foundaton was founded in his memory shortly after his death and was responsible for contributing thousands of dollars to leukemia treatment and research throughout these years of 1973-1984.


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Notes on Elmus Arthur Chute and Emily Fisher Chute:

Joined the 181st Batallion on the 7th Day of December 1916 at the age of 18. He served in Canada, England and France, with the 44th Batallion. He was wounded twice. He was discharged the 19th day of March 1919. His conduct and character while in the service were good. He had British War and Victory medals. At the time of discharge he was:

Age - 20 years
Height: 5'6"
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Blue

While in the service he met an English girl - Emily Fisher - who he later married, and as he was not yet 21 years of age, he had to get permission from his father in Canada. Granted permission, they were married January 18, 1919. There is a cenotaph in Port Burwell, Ontario with area men who fought in the war and Elmus' name is there.

Elmus moved from the farm several times seeking work, only to be lured back to the old home of his boyhood.

One such time they moved back, with small children he had to have a cow for milk. He paid the grand sum of $25.00 for a cow only to have it destroyed soon after because it had T.B. Times were very hard and $25.00 was a great loss.

He gave up the farm for good in 1936, moving to Brantford where they lived and worked. Elmus worked at Watson's Manufacturing, makers of underwear for men and ladies, now known as Penmans. He also worked at The Lake of the Woods Flour Mill at Market & Wharfe Street, later closed down. He worked at Keeprite Refrigeration on Elgin Street, Brantford before passing away December 22, 1952, age 54. Emily passed away November 14, 1954, age 57.

While on the farm the children attended S S #13 Winters School on the 13th Concession of Walsingham, west of Langton. Sunday School - Frogmore & Glen Meyer.

Jennie, Pearl, Ruth and their families live in Brantford. Vera and family live in London, Ontario. Albert and wife live at RR#1 Paris, Ontario.

The Old Homestead of James Albert Chute on the 3rd Concession of Houghton Township burned to the ground Saturday September 9th, 1933, while Elmus and his family were living there.

As the baby Shirley Rose was only about thirteen days old and Ruth only fifteen months old, Pearl was upstairs rocking Ruth in the cradle to sleep when she noticed smoke coming in the corner of the bedroom. Pearl left the room and was going to get her doll, then thought she better get Ruth to safety. She took Ruth downstairs and told her mother the house was on fire. Elmus was across the field to Granny Godby's, so Peaarl ran across the field to get her father.

The house burned to the ground and so did Pearl's doll, along with much of the furniture.

Elmus and Emily scrubbed down the walls of a chicken brooder house to use for accommodation until they could rebuild.

When Elmus was a young lad going to school, he wanted to go barefoot, as quite a few were going barefoot. His father said he could not until after May 24. It was early May and lovely weather so Elmus left for school and hid his shoes in an old pine root fence going on to school barefoot feeling quite proud of himself. By afternoon it snowed quite a bit, and Elmus had to walk home barefoot to where he had hid his shoes.

Source: Chute, Max; Brazier, Pearl Chute; Gambacort, Ruth Emily Chute, Herbert, James and Elmus Chute Families, 1984-1986, unpublished. Facsimile edition transcribed by Jacqueline Chute, 2011


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Notes on Charles Arthur Chute and Irene Antoinette Valliere Chute:

On June 25, 1938, Arthur Chute, nine year old son of of Mr. & Mrs. E.A. Chute, 13 Clarence Street, was rescued from the Grand River just above the dam at Lorne Bridge by Bud Atfield of Albion Street. P.C. Archie Sweet applied artificial respiration to revive the unconscious boy. Chute had gone down the third time when Atfield reached him.

He was employed by Scarfe & Company, makers of paint and paint products in Brantford.

Source: Chute, Max; Brazier, Pearl Chute; Gambacort, Ruth Emily Chute, Herbert, James and Elmus Chute Families, 1984-1986, unpublished. Facsimile edition transcribed by Jacqueline Chute, 2011


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Notes on Richard Thomas Chute and Margaret Ann ("Maggie") Kneale Chute:

Lives in Munster, near Ottawa, worked as an Area Manager Salesman for Perolin-Bird Archer, a chemical company.

In 1985 he received the Company "President's Award" for Top Salesman. His wife, Margaret Ann, is a Registrered Nurse.

Source: Chute, Max; Brazier, Pearl Chute; Gambacort, Ruth Emily Chute, Herbert, James and Elmus Chute Families, 1984-1986, unpublished. Facsimile edition transcribed by Jacqueline Chute, 2011


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Notes on Unknown Chute and Charlene Filley Chute:

Laura A. Filley, 44, GORHAM � Laura A. Filley, 44, of Rust Road died March 7, 2001, in Portland. She was born in Exeter, N.H., a daughter of Charles and Edna Sanborn Filley, and attended Hampton, N.H., schools. Miss Filley loved her family and was a wonderful sister and aunt to her nephews, family members said. She enjoyed shopping and buying gifts for family and friends. Surviving are two brothers, Eugene T. of Rollinsford, N.H., and Ralph C. Filley of Dover, N.H.; and four sisters, Diane Lotz of Bow Lake, N.H., Debbie Trethaway of Florida, Charlene Chute of South Hiram and Viola Mae Verrill of Steep Falls in Standish. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at York Funeral Chapel, Maple Street, Cornish. The Rev. Dan Martin will officiate."

Source: Unknown


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Notes on Howard Fremont Kenney, Ralph T. Wells and Jane Dresser Kenney Wells:

Obituary/Biography, Jane Dresser Kenney Wells:

"Jane Dresser Kenney Wells, 88 died March 28, 2013 at the home of her daughter. Jane was the third born, after her twin sister, to Earl and Helen (Chute) Dresser of Harrison, Maine on April 9, 1924. Jane grew up on a farm with five other siblings, attending Norway High School (1943). She then went on to Nursing school at Maine Medical Hospital in Portland, Maine, served her country from June 1944 - July 1946 in the WAVES. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania school of Dental Hygiene in 1948, and worked in Boston for 10 and half years for dentists before moving back to Maine to work for the State of Maine, doing school dental hygiene for five years, from there went into private practice for Dr. Paul and then Dr. Wibby. Mom married Howard F. Kenney of Brewer in May 1967 and after he died, she married Ralph Wells of Ohio, who was the widower of Mom's first cousin. Jane was the President of the Maine Dental Hygiene Association from 1964-1968. Later she was the President of the Maine Unit #41 of the WAVES from 1981-1991. She served as the area Commissioner of Brewer Housing Authority from 1987-1992. She served as the treasurer for Christian Women's Club of Bangor/Brewer from 1990-1992. Mom was an awesome seamstress making beautiful dresses, drapes and whatever else you needed. The family always looked forward to her double-knitted mittens for winter. She was the original Handywoman, Making her own outdoor brick BBQ and rebuilt her old porch into a beautiful sunroom for her beloved flowers and for her 2 cats. She loved to travel and Ralph and her got to travel to so many wonderful places. After moving to Florida, she loved to help do the ironing and the evening dishes. We want to say so much about her, what she did and accomplished, but the best thing was she so easy to have in the home and we greatly miss her Maine humor, and her sweet smile.

Jane was predeceased by her parents, both husbands, Howard Kenney and Ralph Wells, Step-mother Bessie Dresser, brothers Roy, and Wyman, of Maine, nephews Roy, Marshall, and twins David and Donald Dresser of Harrison, ME, grandson, Kevin Tompkins, and step-sister Lucille (Robert) Kenerson, Fryburg, ME. Jane is survived by her daughter and family, Gloria Tompkins (Carl), grandsons Bryan and Cory of Clearwater, granddaughter, Donna of Largo, and one great granddaughter, Enola Ward of Greenfield, ME. Her twin sister, Jean Carter of Etna, ME, brothers, Richard (Maureen) Dresser of Zephyrhills, FL and R. Wayne (Shirley) Dresser of Tavares, FL. and baby sister, Nathalie (Bruce) Caler of Arlington, VT. along with other nieces and nephews. A Memorial service will be held at Holloway funeral Home, 112 Bayview Blvd., Oldsmar, FL on Saturday April 6, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. with Jane Arnold, officiating and then later to be announced a Memorial service in Maine. She will buried at the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Augusta, Maine. In lieu of flowers, if you wish please donate to either (suncoast) or the Alzeheimerfoundationof"


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Notes on William Russell Chute and Theresa M. Thibodeau Chute:

Obituary/Biography, William Russell Chute:

William Russell Chute
In Memory of William R. Chute
January 10, 1943 - April 4, 2011

William 'Bill' R. Chute, 68, beloved husband of Theresa (Thibodeau) Chute of Bristol, passed away on Monday, April 4, 2011 at the St. Francis Hospital. Bill was born Jan. 10, 1943 in New Britain and was son to the late William and Anna (Stepp) Chute. He was a graduate of New Britain High School and proudly served as a police officer for the New Britain Police Department before retiring in 2005. Bill was active at the Bristol Senior Center and especially enjoyed fishing, UConn and his Tuesday night card games and will be most remembered for his selflessness.

In addition to his wife, Theresa, Bill is survived and will be dearly missed by, his three sons; Eric Chute of Kensington, William Chute of Enfield and Gary Chute and wife Claudia of Bristol, his daughter, Allison Chute of Kensington, two step-children; Christopher and Kelsey King of Bristol, his brothers; James Chute and his wife Marilyn of Newington and Gary Chute and his wife Laura of Berlin, a sister, Marion Malachowski of New Britain, a very dear mother-in-law: Lorraine Thibodeau of Bristol, many nieces and nephews and numerous dear friends from the New Britain Police Dept and the Bristol Senior Center. He was also predeceased by a sister; Ruth Thibeault, his dear Aunt Elizabeth Chute of New Britain, whom he dearly cherished and his dear sheltie dog, Misty.

Family and friends are invited on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 12-3pm , with a Service of Remembrance at 2:30pm, at the New Britain Memorial, Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home, 444 Farmington Ave., New Britain. Burial services are private. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in his memory may be made to: St. Francis Fund Development, c/o: MSICU in memory of William Chute, 114 Woodland St., Hartford, CT 06105 or the Bristol Senior Center, c/o: Memory of William Chute, 240 Stafford Ave., Bristol, CT 06010 For directions, extending messages to the family or viewing his video tribute, please visit



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Notes on Haskell Willard Banks, Effie Mae Chute Banks and Florence Estelle Chute Banks:

E-Mail, Peter Banks to Jacqueline Chute, 15 MAY 2013

I have seen the Chute Family genealogy information at . I have information relating to the Chute family listed on this page. In particular, Effie Mae Chute, born 21 SEP 1875 and her sister Florence Estelle Chute, born 3 JUL 1878.

Effie Mae is my paternal grandmother via her marriage to Haskell Willard Banks in about 1906 in Santa Ana, CA. They moved to Banning, CA in about 1906.

My father, George Willard Banks, was born in Banning, CA on 21 May 1909. The family moved to San Diego, CA in 1912. I was born [Private] in San Diego and have pictures of Effie Mae before she died in 1938. (precise date not available).

Florence Estelle Banks, nee Chute, died in San Diego, CA on 18 MAR 1961. Following the death of Effie Mae in 1938, she married her sister's husband, Haskell Willard Banks in 1940. Florence Estelle's first marriage was to a Mr. Marsh, living in Vermont. Florence Estelle and Mr. Marsh had two children. Her husband died from tuberculosis in Vermont, date of death not known. A son of Florence Estelle, name unknown, was born in about 1902, died as a young boy. A daughter, Mary Marsh, born in 1904, survived until age 21, dying of tuberculosis on 31 Jan 1926 in San Diego, CA.

The second son of Effie Mae was named Everett Sidney Banks. I note the similarity of this name to Everett Sidney Chute, born 15 OCT 1875. I would welcome any additional information you may have about Israel Chute or Reliance Nickerson and their parents.

E-Mail, Peter Banks to Jacqueline Chute, 17 MAY 2013

"Marianne Splenda is my sister, born in San Diego, CA on [Private]. Parents were George Willard Banks (born of Haskell W. Banks in 1909), and Mary Margaret Banks, ne� Morgan and born in San Diego on March 19 1912. Marianne is living and lives in Berkeley, CA. She just retired as a school district administrator ... Marianne's two children are Jot and Trig Splenda, with no middle names.

Best wishes,
Peter Banks


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Notes on Mahlon Chute and Lucy Horsewood Chute:

Newspaper Item, 11 SEP 1949

"Mr. and Mrs. George Schiller and two children visited in Columbus at the home of her mother, Mrs. Lucy Chute, and sister Mrs. L. Barndt and baby son. Mr. Schiller recently received his pilots license and flew them to Columbus."

Source: The Independent Record, Helena, Montana

Newspaper Item, 26 FEB 1956

"Mrs. Lucy Chute and daughter Irene, returned Tuesday from a 30-day tour of Mexico. In Mexico City they attended a bull fight at the arena."

Source: The Billings Gazette, Billings, Montana, p. 39

Newspaper Item, 15 JUL 1956

"Mrs. Lucy Chute and grandson Ronnie Barndt returned after a week visit in East Helena with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Schiller and family, and her daughter Irene Dull. Mrs. Chute and daughter, Miss Dull, spent the weekend in Butte with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brown and family."

Source: The Billings Gazette, Billings, Montana, p. 9


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Notes on Harry E. Dull and Irene Frances Chute Dull:

Marriage Announcement, 03 JUL 1949

"Marriage vows were exchanged by Miss Irene F. Chute, daughter of Mrs. Lucy Chute of Columbus, and Harry E. Dull, son of Harry W. Dull of Glasgow (Montana), at a ceremony Friday evening in First Congregational Church. The Reverend T. F. Rutledge Beale officiated.

The bride wore a blue lace ballerina-length frock accessorized with white, and carried a bouquet of yellow roses. Her maid of honor, Miss Elsie Simpson, was attired in yellow with navy blue accessories. Her flowers were a bouquet of red roses. A blue two-piece suit was worn by the bride�s mother.

Attending the bridegroom was his brother Paul Dull of Glasgow.

Following the ceremony a reception was held in the church parlors. Centering the table, at which Mrs. George Dull poured, was a white three-tiered cake.

Afterward, the couple left on a trip through Yellowstone National Park. Upon their return they will make their home in Billings, where Mr. Dull is employed. Mrs. Dull is a 1945 graduate of Columbus high school and her husband was graduated from Laurel high school in 1942.

Out-of-town guests at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. George Schiller of East Helena, Mr. Harry W. Dull of Glasgow and Paul Dull.

Before her wedding the bride was feted at a surprise miscellaneous shower at Miss Simpson�s home, 208 North Broadway. Hostesses were Mrs. Harold Berker, Miss Gurianne (?) McGarveth and Mrs. T.A. Mikelson.

A blue and white color scheme was carried out on table decorations and in the corsage presented the honorees. Miss Bette Parish received the hostess prize and Mrs. Perry Scott won the prize at games."

Source: The Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana), Sunday, July 3, 1949


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Notes on George Frederick Schiller and Shirley Lucille Chute Schiller:

Obituary, Friday, July 13, 2001

Shirley L. Schiller, 81, formerly of East Helena, passed away Friday, July 13, 2001, at the Cooney Convalescent Home in Helena, where she had resided for the past six years. Shirley was born on June 23, 1920, in Columbus to Mahlon and Lucy Chute. She graduated from Columbus High School in 1938 and attended the Billings Business College.

She met her future husband, George F. Schiller, in Columbus, where he was in business with his brother. George was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1941. When he came home on leave, the couple eloped and were married April 24, 1942, in Reno, Nev. George returned from Europe in 1945, and in 1946 they moved to East Helena. He opened Schiller's Standard Service, and Shirley became his bookkeeper. When he retired in 1982, and turned the business over to his son Gary, they had the time to do some traveling and enjoyed just doing things together.

Shirley was involved with her community for many years as an active member of the East Helena Home Demonstration Club, the East Helena Ladies Kiwanis, and especially the East Helena VFW Auxiliary where she had served as a past president. She was also a member of the Last Chance Stampede Association, and involved in its parade committee for 20 years. Shirley was also active in the East Helena United Methodist Church.

When George passed away April 18, 1988, Shirley continued to reside in the family home in East Helena where she enjoyed working in her yard and garden. She had suffered a stroke in 1987, and never completely regained her health. In March of 1995, she was no longer able to live alone and moved to the Cooney Convalescent Home in Helena. For the past six years, she has received the warmth and caring of the wonderful staff at Cooney.

Her husband, George; her parents; her two sisters, Irene Hansen and Mildred Barndt; and a grandson, Michael, preceded her in death.

Survivors include her daughter, Sandi Cory of Helena; her sons, George M. Schiller and his wife, Donna, of Montana City, Gary B. Schiller and his wife, Jean, of Helena; five grandchildren: Nikki Cory of Helena, Lee Cory of Butte, Tyler Schiller of Helena, Vicki Schiller-Long and her husband, Rob of East Helena, Tara Schiller and her fiance, Troy Haynes, of San Francisco, Calif.; four greatgrandchildren: Jaidyn Cory of Helena, and Brody, Dallas and Makenzi Long of East Helena; a sister-in-law, Vera Schiller of Miles City; and numerous nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews.

Visitation will be from 5-8 p.m. on Monday, July 16, 2001, at Retz Funeral Home and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July at the funeral home. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday at 2 p.m. from the Retz Funeral Home. Burial will follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens. The family suggests memorials to the Cooney Convalescent Home, the East Helena VFW Auxiliary, the East Helena United Methodist Church or to an organization of the donor's choice. The family wishes to express its sincere thanks to the staff of Cooney Convalescent Home for the excellent care Mom received in her final days.

Source: Retz Funeral Home

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