Chute Family Notes: Notes 85-1546 through 85-1565

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Notes on Percy Richardson Chute, Hazel Griffin Chute and Violet Leslie Chute:

Correspondence from Percy Richardson Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Kingston, Kings County, Nova Scotia
June 27, 1976

Dear Mr. Chute:

I am writing you re: the Supplement to the "Chute" Genealogy which I believe you wrote up in 1967.

I should like to know if this has gone to print - and where said supplement could be obtained. A Mr. Dale Young, Middleton, (illegible), N.S. showed me a stenciled copy on which you asked for any corrections and comments. I recall you interviewed my late mother Mrs. Emma J. Chute, widow of Edward M. Chute. She was born Emma MacInnias. Her granddaughter Elizabeth Crocker married Harvey Hiltz (not Harney Hilty).

I have since been divorced from Violet Leslie Chute and am now married to Hazel Geraldine (Griffin), by whom I have a son Lester Richardson Chute and a daughter Elaine Geraldine (Chute) Dykens.

If this information is of any use please feel free to publish accordingly.

I wrote a (name of a Massachusetts Bookshop) for the original copy edited by William Chute, 1894. They quoted $80.00. If you know of any firm where it can be purchased, including the Supplement, at price, I should like to have their address.

Trusting to hear from you,

I am yours truly,

Percy R. Chute


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Notes on Alison Chute:

Appears to be employed by British Waterways in 2005. Further information not available at this time.


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Notes on Chaloner Chute:

Attended Cambridge University and studied Law.

Correspondence from Chaloner Chute to former classmate Edward Beeston Long at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Monday March 29, 1784

Dear Long,

I give myself the Pleasure to write two or three Lines to you by way of renewal of our old Correspondence.

A Correspondence I was reminded of by finding the other day three or four Letters of yours, which I had kept by me, for which I again give you (What I have often given you already) applause for your Sincerity.

But with regard to the Liberty I am in this letter going to take, I think to you I shall plead no kind of Apology. I have often heard much of your Industry and I shall now put it to the test.

Let it be if you please an Assurance, yet to me (vice versa) I would have wished you to do the same.

There were two or three (and only those) of Halifax's Lectures which I lost. But with which will you give me leave to refer to your assiduity to furnish me.

Those particular Lectures I mean treated of obligations arising from both lawful and unlawful Acts. I. Ex Contractu II. Quasi Ex Contractu III. Ex Maleficio IV. Quasi ex Maleficio ... Justin. Inst. 3. 14. Beginning with the 13th Chapter of Halifax's 2nd Book. Now I am more confident in asking this favor, as your term at Cambridge is at an end. And as the Doctrine of Contracts (which you know convey a Property merely in Action) is a Doctrine of great Importance in our Courts of Equity. A knowledge yet will therefore compensate its Recolection. Perhaps Jowett will give you a copy from his Lecture Book.

Your sending them me by the Post or by Private Hand yet will be polite enough to further them, will confer a Considerable Obligation on your sincere Friend and Humble Servant,

Chaloner Chute
New Square
No. 11, Lincoln's Inn
PS: I shall be happy to hear from ____ give me an Account of your Election.

Chaloner Chute to Edward Long at Burlington Street, Bath, Great Britain

The Vyne
1 January 1790

Dear Long,

I give myself the pleasure of informing you that a very numerous and responsible meeting of almost all the gentlemen of Hampshire on Wednesday last at Winchester, did my Brother the honor to nominate him as a proper Candidate (in conjunction with Sir William Heathcote) to represent this County in the ensuring Parliament. If you should have, among your Connections, any who have Votes or Interest in this County, we should be very much obliged to them for assistance and Support.

As to your Business I the other day call'd on purpose to enquire about a very Elevated House, lately taken by Mr. Evelyn and afterwards by Air Abraham Hume. It was formerly possessed by one of our own family. It is situated about two or three mile from Kempshot and Dummer, about 5 from Bramstons and ten from us. There is a very worthy man lives in the same Parish, of our acquaintance, and I am sure, would do everything for you, as a particular friend of mine and a neighbor!

The House is the best in the village of Preston Candover. A square built House and I understand was new done up last Summer. There are twenty or thirty acres oif land if you like, or more to be hired with it. If you'll give me commission, I shall be happy to do anything for you, in my power - and shall continue to be

Your very sincere and Humble Servant,
Chaloner Chute

PS: My compliments to your wife. It is an exceeding good House and was recommended to the Prince of Wales.

[Ed. Note: At the moment, I'm not sure which house he is referring to. It is possible nothing further transpired in this, as Chaloner died of a fever shortly after canvassing Hampshire in support of his brother's nomination for a seat in Parliament, the same year that he wrote this letter. See the "Notes" section of his brother, William John Chute, M.P.]


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Notes on Clifford Earl Chute and Ida May Pineo Chute:

Correspondence from Ida May Pineo Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Waterville, Kings County, N.S.
Dec 11th 1956

Dear Mr. Chute,

I'm very sorry to have been so late in answering your letter of September. When your letter arrived, my husband asked me to look after it. At that time we had visitors and I put the letter in my desk and forgot about it until your second letter arrived, and this past week I have been trying to get data on Joan Chute's family - finally today I received the birthdates of her children.

I'm very sorry we were away the day you called. We were having a family gathering on the Fundy shore where a couple of the children had cottages for their vacation.

If you are this way again, would be very glad to have you call on us.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


Ida M. (Mrs. C.E.) Chute
Enclosed: Clifford Earl Chute Family Data Worksheet


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Notes on Foster Morse Chute and Laura Belle Balcomb Chute:

Regarding confusion over her mother's name, Professor Hettie Morse Chute explained on the Chute Family Data Worksheet she submitted in May of 1951: "My mother's name was Laura Belle Balcomb. Some of her family called her Laura, most of them, however, called her Belle."


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Notes on Professor Hettie Morse Chute:

Was a Professor of Botany in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Correspondence from Hettie Morse Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

12 Mar 1951

Sorry to have held up this information, but some of it I had to write away for, part has come, but the rest (as indicated above) has not - probably forgotten all about my request. Will send it along when it does come.

Are you descended from one of the So. Berwick Chutes?

Glad to help out in your good work.

Hettie Morse Chute

PS: My mother's name was Laura Belle Balcomb. Some of her family called her Laura, most of them, however, called her Belle.

Enclosed: Chute Family Data Worksheet


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Notes on Ella Augusta Chute (Heath) Pratt, William Henry Heath and Charles Edward Pratt:

Correspondence from M. Fries (descendant of Charles Edward Pratt) to Jacqueline Chute, on this family group.

Ella Augusta Chute

Marriage #1- William Henry Heath on Sept 20, 1877 He was b-20 Feb 1849 Roxbury, Ma. Died 1877 ??? I believe it was later, because he is biological father to Edward, b Jul 1890.

Marriage #2- Charles Edward Pratt on June 18, 1893 *, b-Mar 13, 1845 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine only son of Joseph Howland Pratt and Martha Eunice Hanson. His Sisters: Jennie b-1848; Sarah b-1851 and Hannah b-1854.

Charles was married previously, on Oct 16, 1872, to Georgiana Folie, b-1848, and they had two daughters, Ethel, b-1877 (died young) and Helen Cary Pratt, b-1877. Per 1880 Census, they resided Ward 21, Boston, Suffolk, Ma. He was a Lawyer. Charles died on Aug 20, 1898, Boston and is buried in Forest Hills Cem. Jamaica Plain, Ma.

Per 1900 Census:
Residing at Devon St. Boston, Suffolk Cty, Ma.
Ella A. Pratt, b July 1861, widow, born in Maine, parents born in Maine & NH
Edward, son, b July 1890, age 9, born in Mass., both parents born in Maine. He may have been listed as "Pratt", as enumerators assumed the child had the same name as the mother. I have not seen any documentation that Edward was adopted by Charles, tho it is a possibility.
Additional Info:

Charles' info is from "Biographical Catalog of Matriculates of Haverford College" published in 1922 in Philadelphia and info above from pp 146-147; Census 1880 & 1900, in addition to various family documents.

Ella A. (Chute) (Heath) Pratt probably is buried at Forest Hills Cemetery.
Hope this helps to clear up some information.

M. Fries


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Notes on Winnie Laurier Chute:

Correspondence between Winnie Laurier Chute and George M. Chute, Jr.

P.O. Box 153
Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 5, 1971

Dear Mr. Chute,

I am writing you regarding your book - the Chute Genealogy. Some many years ago you had, from time to time, corresponded with my sister, Dr. Hettie M. Chute (New Brunswick, New Jersey), and my sister-in-law, Mrs. C. Earl Chute (Waterville, N.S., Can). Both of these persons have now passed away, my sister in 1962 and sister-in-law in 1970. It was while going through some of her belongings that we came on a letter and your address.

If there is a genealogist keeping up the records of the Chute family, I would be very willing to keep such a person up to date on our branch of the family. I have an item to add to the original copy, which my brother and I discovered in an old reclaimed cemetery in this county. The family concerned is Silas Parker Chute (1834-1913) and his second wife's children. Your book lists these children as Rose; Samuel; twins nameless (1873).

May I tell my story, we were searching for the gravestone of Mehitable Morse Chute (Silas Parker's first wife), and my father's mother (Foster Morse Chute). We finally found this (all these stones were remarkably well preserved, very white and the inscriptions very clear). Then to our great surprise (and delight at the first), next to this was a stone with this inscription:

Harry Parker Chute, age 4 months
Hettie Morse Chute, age 10 months

The cemetery is known as the Pleasant Valley Cemetery and has been reclaimed during the past 10 years. Previous it was overgrown with small trees and bushes and waste land. Now it is a beautiful green lawn, well kept and in use today. The old stones had been re-set, cleaned and mended where necessary. The two stones of which I speak were unbroken and as I said in excellent condition. There is an endowment fund set up by a Mr. Fuller (Fuller Brush) whose early home is located in this area.

I trust this may be of interest to you and that I may hear from you. We are very grateful to you for writing the genealogy of our family and thus enabling us to establish ourselves as the XI generation from Lionel Chute.


Winnie L. Chute

Nov 2, 1971

Dear Miss Chute:

Your October 5 letter arrived today and it is greatly appreciated; I thank you for sending the news of your finding the names of the twins born to Silas and Lucy Chute, which I have added in my copy of the old Chute genealogy.

The Chute Genealogy to which you refer was published back in 1894 before you or I were born. It was written by William E. Chute, who was my father's uncle, who died in 1900.

I recall the correspondence with Dr. Hettie M. Chute and Mrs. C. Earl Chute. I had one phone talk with Earl when we were in Nova Scotia ten years ago. I was gathering Chute data to provide a record that would show how the living Chutes were related to those listed in the old book. In 1967, I prepared about 125 pages of Chute records, had them hektographed and sent 100 copies to the leading libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada. One copy is at the library of Acadia Univ. at Kentville, one is in the Public Archives at Halifax, and one at Annapolis Royal, c/o Mrs. F.C. Gilliatt, Box 87. I enclose a copy of page 13 of these records, showing your part of the family.

I have no present plans to further revise or update this information; I have merely made it available to anyone in future years who may undertake to revise the old 1894 Chute book. That would be a huge job, and I know of nobody who is planning to do so. My 125 supplement is titled "Chute Family in America in the 20th Century", and I spent 18 years gathering data for it, while also teaching electrical engineering at the University of Detroit.

In your group, it looks like the Chute name will be led into the future by any children of Allison's sons Michael Earl or Foster Morse. I would be specially interested in their names and birthdates; any addition to my page 13 is welcome.

It is a pleasure to hear from you. What an interesting life you have led. Probably you have known of Dr. Andrew Lawrence Chute of the hospital in Toronto, who recently is listed in "Who's Who in the World".

Again, thank you, and I'll be happy to hear from you further.

With best wishes,

George Chute

Box 153
Berwick, N.S.
February 17, 1972

Dear Mr. George Chute,

Your letter of November 2, 1971 is long overdue an answer, almost 3 months. I have shared it with many others; here in N.S. my own family, especially Shirley Chute and her father Earl (my brother); then the Chute family in Toronto, there is a sister of Dr. A. Lawrence Chute is a friend of many years, as is all the family. Laurie's daughter Judy, married to Alden Redfield (address, 26 East Parkway, Columbia, Minn.) is an Anthropologist (by education and life work) and extremely interested in the Chute genealogy and owns a copy of the 1894 book. I hope that you do not mind that a copy of your letter was made and sent to Judy.

Births, Marriages and Deaths continue in the usual manner and make many changes. I have filled in some of these events on the sheet which you sent from your "Chute Family in America". The name here in N.S. (of our immediate family) will be carried on by Allison's son Michael (Foster died - accident - at the age of 2 years). and by Harley Chute's sons, his family consists of 1) daughter Cheri, 2) son Michael and 3) son Gregory. So you see there are two boys there to carry on the Chute name.

Do you mind if I correct for you, the location of Acadia University - it is in Wolfville (Kentville is the county town, nearby).

We understand there is a copy of the 1894 Genealogy in the Acadia Library, as well as your recent work. Shirley Chute is once more on the faculty of Acadia, she spent the greater part of the last 4 years in Pittsburgh studying for her Ph.D. - which is almosty completed - just (not such a little task as that word would indicate) her dissertation to be completed. I have a friend, Esther Clark Wright, who after more than 10 years has completed the Genealogy of the Steeves Family (originally from New Brunswick) - a massive tome! She traveled all over Canada, the U.S. and some in England for her material, now, as it is still being added to (daily?) she has passed this up-keep to a retired member of the Steeves family and he is finding it a full time occupation. So, having known Esther very intimately these many years, I appreciate what it takes to write a genealogy.

In case you look at the February 17th heading and think our postal services are poor - this letter has been written in pieces and now on March 2nd is finally being finished.

I would be pleased if your traveling brings you to N.S. any time in the future to have you call on me in Berwick. My brother is at present making his home with Shirley in a rented house just outside of the town of Wolfville, so not a permanent address.

With sincere wishes,

Winnie Chute
Enclosed: Chute Family Data Worksheet dated March 1972

March 10, 1972

Dear Miss Chute:

Thanks for your letter of February 17-March 2nd, with all its interesting information. Am glad to know of Harley's three children, and of Allison's new daughter-in-law.

Am glad that you made good use of my earlier letter, and I appreciate the corrections on the page returned. And I enjoy knowing of your friendship with Dr. A. Lawrence Chute's family. His sister would be Lorena Margaret; her and your background in India would have brought you together. Their family record is near the bottom of page 41 of my 125-page supplement, and I enclose a copy that you may wish to send her, or to Judy Redfield.

I wonder if you had ever figured out that you and Judy are fifth cousins. Here is the lineage, starting with John, who is listed in paragraph 7 of the 1894 book: he was born in 1720. (Chart drawn into letter).

Your father and Lorena are 4th cousins and also 4th cousins to me. But Lorena and I are 2nd cousins. I note that your father was born two days after my father.

Would you know if Grace Chute still has her shop in Berwick? She was your father's second cousin. You have many relatives in that area.

I appreciate your rectification of my location of Acadia University in Kentville. I should know better, as I recall seeing Acadia U. while I was driving in Wolfville ten years ago.

Thanks for your invitation to call on you in Berwick. We would be happy to, when we ever visit that area. But I fear we will not get to N.S. again, as my sight is deteriorating so that I dare not attempt long drives. We stick close to home now.

With best wishes,

George Chute

2438 Gottlinger St.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
August 13, 1975

Dear George Chute:

As the above address will indicate, I have changed my residence from Berwick to Halifax. This I did in June, 1974, and as this is a home for the growing old, it will doubtless be my permanent address now.

In the 1894 edition of the Chute Genealogy, if I remember correctly, there was not much attention paid to the female members. I have always been curious about a daughter of Benjamin Foster Chute (1801), who of course was sister to my Grandfather Silas Parker Chute. I refer to HANNA. Just this week I have visited with my only remaining first cousin on the Chute side. I found that she knew all about HANNA's life.

HANNA married JOHN BARTEAU and had one son, JUDSON BARTEAU, who is still living. They lived in NICTEAU, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia and are buried (HANNA and JOHN BARTEAU) in the NICTEAU cemetery. This cousin (daughter of ROSE (Chute) CHARLTON is one of the trustees of this cemetery and keeps the records of old graves there.

This could be confused by the fact that HANNA was twice married, after the death of John Barteau, she married G.W. Charlton - but she is buried in the same lot as her first husband. Also confusing in my cousin's life is that her father (wife Rose Chute) was a son of G.W. Charlton by a first marriage! I am particularly interested to have this information as it explains my family's relationship to the BARTEAU family. A relationship I knew existed, but not how.

May I also tell you that with your revision (which we had from Acadia Univ Library - Wolfville), I was able to trace our relations to all of the many CHUTE families in Berwick (Kings County) - and surprised to find how we were all descended from 4 sons of Abram (1775) and are cousins of sorts. It gave us all much pleasure to have this information.

I do not have anything to add to the present life family - as Michael (the only male in our family) has no children (he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Geology and postponing a family!)


Winnie Laurier Chute

August 21, 1975

Dear Miss Chute:

Your August 12 letter is very welcome and I am glad to have your new address. Hope you will be very happy there.

I have reviewed the letters you wrote me three years ago. You are a very diligent searcher for family information.

When William E. Chute wrote the Chute Genealogy in 1894, he used different spelling for your grandfather's sister HANNAH MARIA married JOHN BARTEAUX. This appears on page 94 of the old 1894 book. Hannah's children are listed there. But I find many such errors in Wm. E. work, and he did not have the Charlton name for Hannah's second husband.

I am glad to hear that my 1967 supplement gave you the relationship between you and other Chutes in Berwick. You must have enjoyed tracing these.

Am sorry to learn that Michael has no children to carry the family name in your part of the family. So we hope he becomes an excellent Doctor in Geology. But at his age 28, there is still time, but not probable.

We hope you are enjoying good health. My wife and I both are enjoying life. Two weeks ago, both our sons and their families were here. So we are very thankful that all are well. Three of our five grandchildren are at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I graduated 53 years ago.

It is good to hear from you. Thanks greatly for sending your new information. And give our best wishes to the Chutes you encounter.


George Chute

2438 Gottinger Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jan 23, 1976

Dear George M. Chute,

May I wish the greetings of the New Year, now almost a month old, so quickly does time pass. I write to tell you of the death of my brother Earle (Clifford Earl Chute). He passed away on January 5th, just before his 84th birthday (Jan 17th). This leaves me the last one of our family. His family is still intact and all, except Michael, who is studying in Winnipeg, were present at his funeral. He is buried in the family lot in Berwick Cemetery.

Earle was ill and in hospital from early in December with very little change and the end came swiftly with a massive stroke (cerebral accident) from which he did not rally.

I enclose a copy of the obituary as it appeared in the Halifax morning paper (Note: obituary not with her letter. May have been filed with his documentation).

For myself, I am still very comfortable situated here in this home, Victoria Hall. At least my address will, likely, remain the same.

Yours sincerely,

Winnie Laurier Chute

GMC Handwritten Notation: Answered Feb 1, 1976. Copy not in the file.


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Notes on Gladys Chutte, Argentina:

A Chute Message Board posting indicated that there is also a "Chutte" family, also in Argentina, and also descended from two brothers. The posting, in Spanish, was:

"Mi bisabuelo y un hermano llego a la Argentina entre 1860 al 80, fue a zona rual (Azul-Olavartria), se cas´┐Ż con Rosa Pucheau o Puyo (francesa) y no tengo mas datos, oralmente se dijo que venian del paris vasco frances, busco aportes. Gracias."

Translation: "My great-grandfather and a brother came to Argentina between 1860 and 80, were of the rural zone (Azul-Olavartria), he married Rosa Pucheau or Puyo (French), and I don't have more dates; orally, it is said that they came from Paris, French Basques. I'm looking for contributions. Thank you."

It's always possible that she is referring to Robert John and Lyman Wallace and the French Basque oral tradition comes from a maternal side of the family, but until this is sorted out, I'm adding the record should anyone be interested in possible distant "Chute" relations who might have remained in France, when our line moved to England.


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Notes on His Honour John Chute Nelligan and Ellen O'Sullivan Nelligan:

NELIGAN, His Honor Judge John Chute, Q.C., of The Spa, Tralee, co. Kerry.

Eldest son of William John Neligan, Esq. of Tralee, co. Kerry, who d. 1874, by Dorothea, 2nd daughter of the late Richard Chute, Esq., of Chute Hall, co. Kerry; b. 1826, m. 1854 Ellen, daughter of Denis O'Sullivan, Esq., of Belgrave Place, Cork, and has issue surviving.

*William John, a Magistrate for co. Kerry (on the roll for High Sheriff (1899) and Maj., 4th Batt. R Munster Fusiliers, b. 1855.

Educated at Trinity College, Dublin, B.A. 1848, M.A. 1864, is a member of the Irish Bar, Recorder of Cork, and J.P. for co Kerry; was Chairman of Quarter Sessions for cos. Langford, Meath, Westmeath and King's Co, 1878-1883. The Spa, Tralee, co. Kerry; Stephen's Green Club, Dublin.

Source: The County Families of The United Kingdom


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Notes on Daniel Chute and Elizabeth McGraw Chute:

The following was researched by and © Craig E. Hubbard:

"Daniel Chute was born in Ireland. He married Elizabeth McGraw. Elizabeth was born in Ireland. Daniel and Elizabeth McGraw Chute reportedly migrated from Ireland to America in the 1850s, settled in Pittsburg and raised three children. Michael Daniel Chute was the eldest of their three children and their only son. However, their son is listed in the 1880 Census, Ohio, Belmont County, Martins Ferry, page 183A, Michael Chute, 18, laborer, living alone, born in Ohio, father and mother born in Ireland. Perhaps the family migrated to Ohio or Wheeling, West Virginia before Michael was born. I suspect that he was younger than 18 in 1880, other sources have his birth year about 1866.

I have been unable to find Daniel and Elizabeth Chute in the 1860 or later census.

Daniel Chute and Elizabeth McGraw had the following children: Michael Daniel Chute, born in 1866 and two daughters."

Source: Craig E. Hubbard, "Stahl/Yahn and Related Lines"

"Daniel Chute and Elizabeth McGraw Chute, migrated to America from Ireland during the mid-1850's. They settled in Pittsburgh, where they raised three children. Michael David Chute, born in 1806, was their oldest child and only son. Although it is not known how they met, Michael Chute and Elizabeth Kunz, the seventh child of Ben and Elizabeth, married and became the parents of two children: Dalton and Margaret. While the children were quite young, Elizabeth died following an operation, and Michael lived temporarily with his parents-in-law. While there he married Rose Kunz, the fifth child of Ben and Elizabeth. The newlyweds took Margaret and Dalton and moved to Rhoney's Point near present-day Elm Grove. Here a daughter Laura was born in 1907 and a second daughter, Elizabeth or Betty as she would always be known, in 1909."

Source: Dale Fiers: 20th Century Disciple


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Notes on William Henry Tooker, Jr. and Ruth Huber Tooker:

"My nephew William H. Tooker, Jr. is in the electronic field with General Electric in Syracuse, New York. He had recently spent two years in Trinidad, and is now in Turkey." (Source: George Beebe Chute, 9/20/1960)


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Notes on Alan Dale Fiers and Elizabeth ("Betty") Chute Fiers (aka Betty Chute Kunz):

"Daniel Chute and Elizabeth McGraw Chute, migrated to America from Ireland during the mid-1850's. They settled in Pittsburgh, where they raised three children. Michael David Chute, born in 1806, was their oldest child and only son. Although it is not known how they met, Michael Chute and Elizabeth Kunz, the seventh child of Ben and Elizabeth, married and became the parents of two children: Dalton and Margaret. While the children were quite young, Elizabeth died following an operation, and Michael lived temporarily with his parents-in-law. While there he married Rose Kunz, the fifth child of Ben and Elizabeth. The newlyweds took Margaret and Dalton and moved to Rhoney's Point near present-day Elm Grove. Here a daughter Laura was born in 1907 and a second daughter, Elizabeth or Betty as she would always be known, in 1909.

Betty was only three months old when her father moved the family to Appledale, British Columvia, planing to homestead a land grant. Instead, he managed a little country store and post office. Betty was just three years old when her mother died in childbirth but the infant son, Benedict, survived. For the next four ywars, Michael Daniel Chute was both father and mother to the five children. "Living was hard and pleasures few," Betty recalled. Thern in 1916, word came to the one-room schoolhouse where the Chute children were in class that their father was ill. Their teacher sounded the signal of emergency by ringing the school bell. The children ran home only to find their father had died of a heart attack. He had spent the days before his death chopping wood for winter fuel.

At first it was thought the five Chute children, brought to Wheeling by train soon after their father's death, would be placed in an orphanage, but the Kunz family decided it would be better to divide the childrten among members of the family. Edward Kunz, the eldest of Ben and Elizabeth's childtren, was married to Louise Barbara Kindelberger. They had lost a child at birth, and were unable to have more. They took seven-year old Betty to raise and legally adopted her as their own daughter.

Betty Chute became Betty Chute Kunz. They were excellent parents who lived Betty immensely, a love Betty returned in full measure." (Source: Dale Fiers: 20th Century Disciple)


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Notes on Raymond Jerome Chute, Jr. and Martha Juanita Ringland Chute:

Raymond Jerome Chute, Jr. was a Private in the U.S. Marine Corps, with an enlistment date of 7 Aug 1950 and a discharge date in 10 Oct 1950. He is buried in the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego.

He worked for the Boeing Company as a Quality Control Inspector, in Renton, King County, Washington, USA.


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Notes on Oliver Blackinton and Mary Whipple Blackinton:

Oliver Blackinton and his brothers had a considerable record in Revolutionary War Activities, all found in Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors in the War of the Revolution, Volume 2, page 105 (located on

"Blackinton, Oliver, Attleborough. Private, Capt. Jabez Ellis's co., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 6 days; also, order for wages for service on the alarm caused by the battle of Bunker Hill, given by Capt. Jacob Ide and [p.105] company on Ephraim Newell, Town Treasurer of Attleborough, dated July 5, 1776; also, Capt. Moses Willmarth's co., Col. John Daggett's regt.; pay roll for 2 mos. 25 days service, from Jan. 1, 1778, at Rhode Island; enlistment, 3 months; roll sworn to at Taunton; also, Capt. Joseph Cole's co., Col. John Jacobs's regt.; enlisted July 6, 1778; service, 5 mos. 27 days, at Rhode Island; enlistment to expire Jan. 1, 1779; also, Capt. Enoch Robinson's co., Col. Isaac Dean's regt.; marched to Tiverton, R. I., on the alarm of July 31, 1780; discharged Aug. 8, 1780; service, 10 days."

A comparison of the Blackinton military records out of Attleboro for this same period may indicate that there was more than one family in the area.

Wife Mary Whipple is problematic. Some researchers such as Thomas Wright of The Wright Family Genealogy give her a birth date of 1735 in Attleboro, and a marriage location of Cumberland, Rhode Island. Logically, Oliver's military travels to Tiverton, Rhode Island could have facilitated this encounter. Wright cites his source for the full record as "Vital Records of Attleboro 1700 to 1850", but it is not certain which portion of the full record is covered by this source.

Chuck Carles of the Carles genealogy also gives her a birthdate of 1735 in Attleboro, a death date of 6 DEC 1823 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, and parents James Whipple and Sarah Adams. However, the Whipple Family has an entirely different set of husbands and children for the Mary who is the daughter of James and Sarah - and no record of an Oliver Blackinton or Blackington at all. The source for this is listed as Ancestral File #: 1BVN-LZ8.

Researcher Donna Mathias (Disc #72, Pin #979110 through the web site) has her birthdate as 1 MAR 1735 in Somers, Connecticut, her marriage in Cumberland, Rhode Island, her date of death as 6 DEC 1823 in Atteboro, and her parents as Abraham Whipple and Mary Jones of Cumberland, Providence County, Rhode Island. Back to the Whipples again, who have records of Abraham Whipples in Cumberland, but none married to a Mary Jones.

Finally, a third source gives her birthdate as 12 FEB 1755 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts - which would make her 10 months older than her own daughter Olive - and the same death date of 6 DEC 1823 in Attleboro. In this case, the marriage is recorded as having taken place in Attleboro, as opposed to Rhode Island.

It is hoped that someone - somewhere - clears up the confusion ... as our focus is on Chutes, I don't feel particularly qualified to unravel a Whipple genealogical mystery.

With respect to the burial of both Oliver and Mary, the Wright genealogy reports that they were both "originally buried at The Old Kirke Burial Site and moved to make room for the new Boston to New York train line that runs through the center of Attleboro, MA." However, there is no indication as to where they were moved.


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Notes on George Edward Chute and Myrtle Lucy Bennett Chute:

Obituary, Myrtle Lucy Bennett Chute

Friday, September 16, 2005
The Halifax Herald Limited

"CHUTE, Myrtle Lucy CHUTE, Myrtle Lucy - 93, Cambridge Station, formerly of South Berwick, Kings Co., died September 14, 2005, in Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville.

Born in Pereau, she was a daughter of the late Giles and Lucy (Burgher) Bennett. In her early years she was employed in the kitchen at the Nova Scotia Sanatorium. Her exceptional culinary skills served her well throughout her life as kitchen manager at the Berwick Fruit Company (subsequently the Graves/Avon canning factory) where she created the recipe for the first batch of canned baked beans. She was also co-owner and operator of the South Berwick Canteen, as caretaker to numerous house boarders, and as the heart of family feasts and celebrations.

In her early years she loved dancing and won a local Charleston dance competition. In 1968 she was crowned the TOPS Queen of Canada following her successful display of will power and subsequently as KOPS Queen in 1969. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who devoted her life to her family. Her Christmas tradition was to knit unique mittens for her great-grandchildren and other lucky recipients. She nurtured everything around her and besides her family, particularly cherished her roses, African violets and Boxer dogs. That caring and kindness extended beyond her immediate family to include recipients of over 50 blood donations she made throughout her life, and to the families who benefited from proceeds raised at VON auctions that included numerous quilts made by her and her sister, Margaret.

She was a member of the Berwick Baptist Church. She will be sadly missed by her daughter, Madelyn (Harry) Morse, Somerset; son, Edward Chute (Debbie), Springhill; son-in-law, John Morse, Hantsport; 14 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren; sisters, Margaret (Roy) Shaw, Port Williams, and Jessie (Lawrence) Brown, Medford. Besides her parents she was predeceased by her husband, George Edward; daughter, Marilyn; sisters, Laura Brown, Hattie Bennett, Minnie Barkhouse, Daisy Cogswell, and Edith Dunham; brothers, Reginald, Percy, Joe, Amos, Delbert and Charles Bennett. There will be no visitation. The funeral service will be held Saturday, September 17, at 2:30 p.m. in H.C. Lindsay's Funeral Home, 192 Commercial St., Berwick, Rev. Howard McCormick officiating. Burial in Berwick Cemetery. Family flowers only. Donations in memory may be made to the Annapolis Valley Branch of the Victorian Order of Nurses."


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Notes on Clinton M. Bumpus and Emma C. Chute Bumpus:

The following city directories all reflect Clinton M. Bumpus' occupation as being a boat builder. At the same time, the two census records in which Emma Chute Bumpus appears show that she was a weaver and worked in the cloth manufacturing industry.

Name:         Clinton M. Bumpus
Title:        1922-23 Directory of Oxford County Maine
Year:         1922-1923
City:         Oxford
Book Section: City Information
Page:         442

Name:         Clinton M. Bumpus 	
Title:        1925 Oxford County, Maine City Directory	
Year:         1925 	
City:         Oxford 	
Book Section: B 	
Page:         315 	

Name:         Clinton M. Bumpus 	
Title:        1927-1928 Directory of Oxford County	
Year:         1927-1928 	
City:         Oxford 	
Book Section: City Information 	
Page:         596 


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Notes on Captain Joseph Rawding and Phoebe Lecain Rawding:

Obituary, Captain Joseph Rawding

"CAPT JOSEPH RAWDING: The death of Capt. Joseph RAWDING at Bear River on Tuesday Nov.27th. removed from that town, one of its oldest and best known citizens. Born at Clementsport, Annapolis County on July 2 1838, "Grandpa Rawding", as he was familarly called by the many outside his immediate family who knew and loved him, carried his ninety years lightly, until recently, and was always ready with a smile and a pleasant greeting for those he met. Living as he has for the past twelve years with his daughter Mrs W.D. CHUTE, at the Grand Hotel, he made hosts of friends among its guests and the genial Captain will be greatly missed by them. Capt. Rawding belonged to the era of the "Wooden Ships" and Iron Men and was one of those who captained ships in the days long past, when Nova Scotia's wooden trading fleet was at its best.

The Rawding home was at Clementsport, Mrs RAWDING [nee Phoebe LECAIN ] dying there twenty-three years ago and here the large family of ten children were born, eight of whom survive, viz. Capt. Elias RAWDING, Clementsport; Capt. Fletcher Calais, Maine; Oscar, Rye Beach NH; Thomas, Liverpool NS; Percy, Brooklyn, Queen's Co. NS; Mrs F. COTES, Melford Ma.; Mrs Roy WELLS , Wakefield Mass.; Mrs W. D. CHUTE, Bear River. There are also living fifteen grand children, five great-grand children and one sister, Mrs. Obediah FLOYD of Clementsport. Capt. Rawding was a member of the United Baptist Church, in politics a life long Liberal, to the last taking great interest in all the political happenings of the day. The funeral service was held at his daughter's residence, Bear River, Friday afternoon, conducted by Rev. E.J. BARASS, pastor of the United Baptist Church and internment was in the Clementsport cemetery beside his wife."

Source: Digby Courier, dated Friday, December 7, 1928
Submitter: Luella Marshall


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Notes on John William Chute, Sr. and Elizabeth Gertrude Coffey Chute:

Correspondence from John William Chute, Sr. to George M. Chute, Jr.

8 Fremont St.
So. Portland 4, Maine
January 28, 1958

Mr. George M. Chute
546 Garfield
Plymouth, Mich

Your letter was a very pleasant surprise. Very puzzling too, before it was opened. We were wondering where or how how far we had branched out.

I have filled out your list of questions and sincerely hope that the information will be of some use or value./

My Dad was from Halifax. As far as I know, he was the only child. He and his mother, possibly step father also, came to Portland when he was a young boy.

Of all the Chutes in Portland, just my brother, sister and I remain of the branch. We have no relatives by that name.

There were three aunts. I cannot tell you if they were even his sisters or half sisters.


John W. Chute

Ps: In the future, before it is too late, would be sincerely interested in knowing about the progress you have achieved.


There was an interesting interaction between John and the Chute Homestead in Naples, Maine. Among the other items sent by Philip Chute to George M. Chute, Jr. of Chute items he had collected over the years was a business card from a "John W. Chute" who was a "Sales-Service Representative, Electric Razor Division, Remington Rand" in Portland, Maine with the comment, "This Chute fixed my electric razor. Says he has heard from you, but I don't think he replied - he is a Nova Scotian."

[Jackie's note: My interpretation of that last sentence was that Phil was communicating two separate points of information, and not did not mean to imply that Nova Scotians are notorious for never answering their mail. Any Chute students out there struggling with their English grammar assignment to find an example of an original non-sequitur? There you go.]

After this information was posted, he was identified by his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Chute Brownell:

"That "John W. Chute" is my father, born Oct. 12, 1910 at Brooklyn Naval Yard, NY, died approx. April 17, 1978, and buried in Calvalry Cemetary, South Portland. His widow, Elizabeth G. (Coffey) Chute, died February 24, 2005, and she is interred beside him. He is survived by five children. Dad's family [i.e., his mother Anne E. Folan] came from Spiddle, Ireland, and I believe some of them came via Nova Scotia."


Mom and Dad were married in Houlton, ME. They first lived on Pennell Ave past Woodford's Corner in Portland and shortly bought their home at Tremont St in So. Portland, ME where they raised their five children.

Dad was a great football player in high school; several years after he passed, an elderly gentleman asked me if I knew Jack Chute ... he was referring to Dad and told me what a fantastic football player he was.

Dad worked for a short time as a longshoreman, probably getting the position with the help of his uncle, Tom Folan. He also was a carpenter and involved in the building of houses off the bay side of Ocean Ave in Portland. He spent the rest of his working years in sales: with Nissen's West Disinfecting and Remington Rand where he was voted most productive saleman several times.

Dad had a good sense of humor and a great singing voice. He enjoyed being by the ocean and would sit out at Two Lights watching the freightors as I ran around the rocks and tide pools with the family dog, Fuchs.

Mom was the youngest of her siblings, the oldest being about 20 yrs older than she. She left Houlton ME after high school and was trained in Nursing at Queen's Hospital (later became Mercy Hospital) in Portland ME. Mom graduated Validictorian of her nursing class and started to work at Queens/Mercy on the 5th floor OB/GYN. Not long after, she was promoted to supervisor of the floor.

My recollection is that when I was young, Mom worked the 3-11 evening shift. She left Mercy sometime I think in her late 40-early 50s and worked for a short time in a doctor's office. She then went to the newly opened Westbrook Community Hospital as their Assistant Administrator until her retirement around the age of 65.

Mom was an active participant in her community, her church and her town and in government. Neighbors would come to her for nursing help - if they needed shots, or blood pressure taken or a sick one checked on. She was very very active in her parish and the church in general. Mom was on the board of the So Portland Taxpayers Assoc, she kept a close eye on Congress and didn't hesitate to write or call them if she felt something was amiss."

Source: Basirah Nur Al'Basit, (formerly Ann Genevieve Chute), Chute Family Data Worksheet, 2 FEB 2006

Obituary, Elizabeth Gertrude Chute

Elizabeth Gertude Chute, 93

"SOUTH PORTLAND - Elizabeth Gertude Chute, 93, formerly of South Portland, passed away peacefully on Feb. 24, 2005 in Boston, Mass. She was most recently a resident of Goddard House, Brookline, Mass.

Elizabeth was born in Houlton on March 11, 1911, a daughter of George William and Mary Jane McGlynn Coffey, and was a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy. She graduated from The Queen's Hospital School of Nursing and attended the University of Maine.

In her career as a nurse she worked for The Queen's Hospital, Mercy Hospital in Portland and retired as executive director of the Westbrook Community Hospital in Westbrook.

Mrs. Chute was a communicant of St. John the Evangelist Church. She was a member of the American Nurses Association, Catholic Daughters of the Americas and was secretary for the South Portland Taxpayers Association. She was predeceased by her loving husband of 42 years, John William Chute Sr., in 1978.

Elizabeth is survived by her three daughters, Mary Elizabeth Brownell of North Bennington, Vt., Patricia K. Chute-Sapir of Boston, Mass., and Basirah Nur Al'Basit (Anne G. Chute) of Sedona, Ariz.; two sons, John W. Chute Jr., of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Kevin E. Chute and his wife, Virginia Boyles of Freeport; and five grandchildren, Siobhan E. Chute of Herndon, Va., Kathleen F. Chute of Toronto, Canada, Jared M. Chute of Freeport, Briana M. Chute of Freeport and Devin Sapir of Boston, Mass.

Visiting hours will be 2-5 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 27, at Conroy-Tully Crawford South Portland Chapel, 1024 Broadway, South Portland. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10 a.m., Monday, Feb. 28, at St. John the Evangelist Church, Main Street, South Portland. Burial will be at Calvary Cemetery."

Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, Sunday, February 27, 2005
Morning Sentinel, Waterville, Maine, March 4, 2005


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Notes on John William Chute, Jr. and Sandra K. Burgett Chute:

The family spent time in Canada, Maine and Massachusetts: in 2004, at least one daughter (Siobhan) was in Boston; in 2005, she was in Virginia.

Kathleen and Siobhan are twins.

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