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Notes on 1st Lieutenant Robert Gail Chute, Sr. and Eleanor Jane Wilde Mantaro Chute:

Bob's parents Lon and Lucy came from the family farms in Adams Co. in the southwest corner of Iowa, where they were married in 1915, and then the newlywed couple relocated to Des Moines in the middle of the state. The couple was married for five years before they had Bob, their first child, while at Des Moines.

By 1925, before Bob started school, the young Chute family came west to Oakland. Lucy's mother, Ada Humbert, and family had also moved here from Adams Co. several years earlier.

Throughout the late 1920s young Bob and family lived in a small home here in the Melrose District, and then moved out to Kelly Hill in east Hayward, into a house they bought from Lucy's mother Ada. During the early Depression, they moved a mile north to Crow Canyon in east Castro Valley.

In 1938 the family moved a few blocks away into their final property, a farmhouse on Pergola Hill on the old Hwy. 50.

That same year Bob graduated from the old Hayward High School, and began his studies at San Jose State College, Santa Clara Co.

In 1943 Bob married his wife Eleanor Jean Wiles at High St. Presbyterian Church near their former home in Melrose, east Oakland, and the young couple settled five miles to the southeast, in Crow Canyon on the eastern edge of Castro Valley.

During WW II in 1942, Bob became a First Lieutenant. In 1943, he was transferred and recommissioned to the U.S. Army Air Force, as an aviation instructor on the B25 Billy Mitchell bomber. By early 1944 Bob was stationed at Mather Field AFB in Sacramento. Bob and his pregnant wife were then living at 2022 13th St. in Sacramento.

A week after D-Day, in June 1944 Bob was on a training flight over the Greenhorn Mountains in the southern California wilderness when his plane went down. Tragically, Bob was killed ten days after the birth of his only son.

"Flyer Killed
SACRAMENTO, June 17.- (AP)- Mather Field officers announced today that First Lieutenant Robert G. Chute was killed and two student fliers are missing as the result of a crash of a B-25 near Glennville, thirty miles northeast of Bakersfield, on Friday night. The wreckage was not found until today." "Hayward Flier Killed in Crash SACRAMENTO, June 19.-(U.P.)-
First Lieut. Robert G. Chute, 23, of Sacramento and Hayward, was one of three men killed Friday night in the crash of a B-25 bomber in the mountains near Glennville, 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield, Mather Field officials announced today.

"He received his commission at Officers' Candidate School in 1942 and transferred to the air corps, being recommissioned in that branch last year. For several months he had been attached to Mather Field as an instructor in instrument flying."

Bob's cousin donated both of the above clippings and a framed photograph of Bob in uniform to the Soldier Citizen Museum (Nat'l Guard) in Old Sacramento.

Source: See Source

ID: I103572191
Name: Robert Gail CHUTE
Birth: 21 Jun 1920 in Des Moines, Ia.
Death: 16 Jun 1944 in near Bakersfield, Ca.
MARR: Oakland, Ca.
MISCLABEL1: Airplane crash, military
MISCLABEL2: Pilot instructor
MISCLABEL4: World War II, Army Air Corps

BIO: Bob Chute, his death 16 June 1944 was reported in the Associated Press as follows; "Flyer Killed "SACRAMENTO, June 17.- (AP)- Mather Field officers announced today that First Lieutenant Robert G. Chute was killed and two student fliers are missing as the result of a crash of a B-25 near Glennville, thirty miles northeast of Bakersfield, on Friday night. The wreckage was not found until today."

The United Press coverage said:

"Hayward Flier Killed in Crash SACRAMENTO, June 19.-(U.P.)- First Lieut. Robert G. Chute, 23, of Sacramento and Hayward, was one of three men killed Friday night in the crash of a B-25 bomber in the mountains near Glennville, 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield, Mather Field officials announced today. Lieutenant Chute is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Chute of Castro Hill and the husband of Mrs. Eleanor Chute of Crow Canyon. His son, Robert Gail Jr., was born June 6, last. Lieutenant Chute was a graduate of Hayward High School and attended San Jose State College. He received his commission at Officers' Candidate School in 1942 and transferred to the air corps, being recommissioned in that branch last year. For several months he had been attached to Mather Field as an instructor in instrument flying."

I donated both of the above clippings and a framed photograph of Bob in uniform to the Citizen Soldier Museum (Nat'l Guard) in Old Sacramento, when asked who to credit the donation to, I told them to credit it to Bob. This same museum has some momentos of Pearl Harbor, and some assorted ammunition casings (30-06, .50, 20mm, 40mm, 1.75, 3".50 mk1, and others) that belonged to J.L. Humbert, that I donated in memory of John and Mildred Humbert.

J.L.Humbert, Jr. 1992
Newspaper clippings from papers of 1944 (which papers, unknown)
From "351 Family Groups Plus Lateral Relatives", Author: John DosPerros
NOTE: All text © John DosPerros, except where indicated


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Notes on Floyd Marvin Chute, Harriet Ann Lawrence Chute and Patricia Ruth Fuller Chute Huntsman:

There are conflicting accounts of his residence in 1952, when family members were contacted for updated information: his aunt, Latonia Morea Chute (Teters) Leppert reported him living in Corning, Iowa in April of 1952; his mother, Dora Belle Eckles Chute had him in Omaha. We're going to assume his mother was correct.

Family Notes

Also in the family for Floyd Marvin Chute:

"I was married to him in 1947, he died in 1955 in Moses Lake, Washington

He was married to Harriett Lawrence in Corning, Iowa before me and they had two sons, Donald Dean and Douglas Marvin; I know that Douglas has passed away, don't know anything about Donald except the last I knew he lived in Indiana.

He had 2 sons, Michael Dale Chute and Gary Lee Chute with me.

Michael was born July 11, 1949 and Gary was born [Private].

Michael passed away June 16, 2015, he lived in Ankeny, Iowa and was married to Mildred Thede Chute who died in 2012; Michael had two sons: Jaimeson Lee Chute and Matthew Robert Chute.

Michael was in Good Samaritan Center in Red Oak, Iowa when he died with colon cancer.

Michael was married to Judith Vanderhoef and she is the mother of his two sons. Mildred Thede was his second marriage and they had no children.

Jaimeson was born [Private] in Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from Hardy, Ark. high school and then joined the Marine Corps. He married Sophia Garcia in California; they were divorced and he married Allison Abel and moved to Texas, and was discharged from the Marine Corps.; don't remember the years, there were no children with these marriages. He now has married Ida Richard and they have a daughter Brooklee Renee Chute, born [Private], they now live in Camp, Arkansas. and were married in [Private], I don't know the date for sure. That is correct, Brooklee born in [Private] and they married in [Private].

Matthew was born [Private] in Des Moines, Iowa. He enlisted in the Air Force and is currently a Master Sergeant stationed at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. He plans to retire from the air force when he has 20 years in. He was married to Shannon, I can't remember her maiden name. They had two daughters, Guiliana Marie and Elisabeth Mattea; They divorced and Matthew married Erika Surrey Stogner [Private] in Grand Canyon, Arizona. They are expecting a child in [Private]. They live in Mascoutah, Ill.

Gary Lee Chute lives in Rapid City, SD; his wife died in 2013. He has no children ... He was married 3 times, last wife, Donna Cole, and they lived in Rapid City."

Source: E-Mail, Patricia Ruth Fuller (Chute) Huntsman, dated Thu, Jan 26, 2017 10:34 am, to Jacqueline Chute

"Marvin died in Moses Lake, Washington Jan. 23, 1955. He and his parents are buried in the Stringtown Cemetery, at the intersection of Highway 34 and the highway that goes into Lenox, Iowa.

He was born May 12, 1921 in Corning, Iowa, I assume he was born at home as there was no hospital there at the time. He was found dead in a mobile home that he lived in with a co-worker, had been dead about a week. Supposedly a heart attack but I always thought it was murder. And why didn't someone find him before a week was past.

He was married to Harriett Lawrence and they had two sons, Donald Dean and Douglas Marvin. Doug has died and funeral etc. held in Arizona. He was cremated. Donald lives in Arizona and Illinois. Donald was named after a cousin of Marvin's, Donald Dean Eckels, who was killed in WW2.

They were divorced and she married Paul Spring and raised the two boys. Paul and Hariett also had two sons, I don't remember their names.

He and Patricia Ruth Fuller were married May 1, 1947 in Troy, Kansas. On the marriage certificate it states Patricia's age as 19, that is wrong, Patricia was only 17. Was not legal to marry at 17 so lied about age.

They divorced Feb. 2, 1953 in Corning, Iowa. Patricia was awarded full custody of Michael Dale Chute and Gary Lee Chute.

Howard Fuller, Patricia's adopted father, gave Michael his first haircut.

Patricia and Marvin (she took a correspondent course to get a high school diploma) moved to Red Oak and he worked to help build the Eveready plant here (since closed and torn down). He learned to be a plumber. He later was a journeyman union plumber in Omaha.

They later moved to Omaha, he helped do the plumbing in the Veterans Hospital in Omaha at 42nd and Woolworth Ave.; Omak, Washington where he worked to build an elementary school, back to Omaha where he worked for a plumbing contractor. They lived in Omaha when the two sons were born. Michael was born in the old Murphy Memorial Hospital in Red Oak; Gary was born in Rosary Hospital in Corning, Iowa. Dr. Clarence L. Bain of Corning, Iowa was the physician and delivered both sons.

Michael was born July 11, 1949 weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz. He died June 16, 2015 with colon cancer.

Gary was married to Melissa Marie McIntire in Omaha [Private]. He was 18 and she was 15 and ... they later had a daughter, Dawn.

Their marriage ended in divorce. He later married Leah Upshaw in Topeka, Kansas. Leah was a widow with 3 children, 2 girls and a son, 1 of the girls and son were twins. Her first husband was shot when he was working as a private security guard. They divorced and Gary moved to Las Vegas where he was a blackjack dealer for many years. He married Donna Cole there; they divorced and she moved to Rapid City, SD. Gary sold the house he owned in Vegas and followed Donna to Rapid City and they remarried. Donna died of cancer in 2013.

Michael was married to Judith Vanderhoef in Fontenelle, Iowa [Private]. Two sons were born to them, Jaimeson Lee and Matthew Robert. Jaimeson was born [Private], and Matthew was born [Private].

Michael and Judy were divorced and Judy married James Winget. Michael married Mildred Thede (a widow) 5-29-1988 in Ankeny, Iowa. Mildred had 3 sons and a daughter, Paul, William and Robert and Pamela, all living in that area.

Michael was employed by Certified Power in Des Moines, Iowa and they made their home in Ankeny, Iowa. He was forced to retire in 2015 because of his health. Mildred died in 2012.

Jaimeson married Sophie Garcia in California while stationed there in the Marine Corps; they divorced and he married Allison Abel and after serving 14 years in the Marines he and Allison moved to Texas, near her parents. Allison had 5 children; she and Jaimeson had none. They divorced and Jaimeson moved to Arkansas and married Ida Richard, they have a daughter Brooklee Renee and live in Camp, Ark.

Matthew married Shannon VanValkenberg at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa; they had two daughters, Giuliana Marie and Elisabeth Mattea; they divorced and Matthew married Erika Surrey Stogner (a widow) [Private]. She had a daughter, Katie, [Private] years old in 2017.

Matthew is a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed at Scott AFB, Illinois. Lives in Mascoutah, Ill.

Matthew and Erika became parents of Kasey Michaela [Private], weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz.

Gary's wife, Donna, had a son in Rapid City, SD, either in sheriff department or police, his name is Ron Bintiff if ever necessary to know. She has two daughters living there also, don't know their names.

I have a new great-granddaughter born [Private] to Matthew and Erika Chute of Mascoutah, Ill.

Her name is Kasey Michaela, weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. 20 inches long.

Source: Patricia Ruth Fuller (Chute) Huntsman, via e-mail, Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 1:38 PM


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Notes on Davis Chute and son George Greenlief Chute:

The data surrounding this father and son is uncertain. It is derived from a Family Data Worksheet submitted to George M. Chute, Jr. by Latonia Morea Chute (Teters) Leppert in April of 1952, who responded to the question, "Which was Geo. Greenlief's father?", with "Uncle Davis Chute". None of her father's brothers were known by the name "Davis" - this may be an unknown middle name by which a previously recorded uncle was known (David is a prime candidate, although nothing further is known about him), or may in fact be an uncle not previously identified. It is also uncertain whether she was referring to her uncle - known as Greenlief, without the "George" attached to it - and who had resided in Kansas, according to the 1880 United States Census, with wife Clara and no known children living with them at the time of the Census. More research is needed on this group.

1880 United States Census
Greenleaf CHUTE
Keeping House

Source Information:
Census Place: Stockton, Rooks, Kansas
Family History Library Film: 1254395
NA Film Number: T9-0395
Page Number: 434C


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Notes on George Albert Pope, Jr. and Carol Louise Fuller Pope:

"George was very active with the Elks Lodge from the day of its inception in the town of Ludlow. He was one of the first members who joined. He held a number of fundraisers to help the family of a 10 year old girl who was very badly burned in a school fire pay for the enormous medical bills. He worked hard on a fundraiser to raise money for the Ludlow Fire Department buy a �Jaws of Life�. He worked on a number of dinner/dances to raise funds for a new building to house the Elks Lodge. He did all the catering for special occasions for which the lodge had rented the hall for almost 20 years. In 1990 he underwent heart valve replacement surgery and came through with flying colors. In 1996 he was named District Deputy for the Northeastern District for the Grand Lodge of Elks. He died on March 14, 1997 at the age of 67, his term as District Deputy would have ended in June of that same year.

Carol had been active in the Emblem Club which is the wives and daughters of Elk Members. She did as much work as George did on the fundraisers and dinner/dances. She ran a number of fundraisers herself to raise money for the Emblem Club. Most of the money that they raised was given to the Elks to pay for various items that were needed for the new lodge that was erected. She went to work for Howard Johnson's restaraunt on the eastbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike when her youngest child was 15 years old. Howard Johnson's was bought by Marriot who turned it into Roy Rogers. She retired from Roy Rogers after being on a disability for being hurt on the job. In 1990 her father's funeral was held the same day that George had his heart surgery. She and her 4 daughters went to the funeral in Wakefield then went to the hospital to visit George. In 2003 after being alone after Georges death for 6 years, she sold the house in Ludlow and moved to Florida near her sister and brother."

Donna L. Pope Webb, 23 SEP 2003

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Notes on Daniel James Chute:

The name of his wife is unknown; they had two children.


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Notes on Rose Baker/Barker Chute and father Robert Baker/Barker:

I haven't yet located a definitive record on Rose, but am leaning slightly towards the surname "Baker", and found two that might be the mother of our Rose (and might even be the same Rose - i.e., a Rose Taylor marrying a Robert Baker, and remarrying after his death.) The marriage date of a Rose Taylor and Robert Baker coincides with the estimated birth year of Rose Baker/Barker Chute, and that sums up the entire foundation our consideration of this record. Needless to say, this requires further research and confirmation. I haven't yet found a Barker record that is within the correct time frame, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

London: - Marriage Licences, 1520-1610
Marriage Licences Granted by the Bishop of London. 1581-2.
County: London
Country: England
02 Feb 1581-2
Robert Baker, Taylor, & Rose Taylor, Spinster, of City of London; at St Andrew, Eastcheap.

London: - Marriage Licences, 1520-1610
Marriage Licences Granted by the Bishop of London. 1587.
County: London
Country: England
13 May 1587 Thomas Ubancke, Yeoman, of All Hallows Barking, & Rose Baker, Widow, of same, relict of Robert Baker, late of St Margaret Pattens, Brown Baker; Gen. Lic.


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Notes on Joseph Spicer and Alice Crossman Spicer (Also Lieutenant Robert Spicer and Lady Priscilla Chomondelay Spicer):

"Joseph Spicer was a son of Lieutenant Robert Spicer born 1748 in England, died Advocate [Nova Scotia, Canada] January 19 1810 and Lady Priscilla Chomondelay born Wales 1745 and died at Advocate March 20 1820. As the story goes, the young Robert Spicer was a coachman for the Chomondelay family, he fell in love with Priscilla and when the Chomondelay's disapproved of a marriage the young couple eloped. Robert the 2nd Spicer was two years old when his parents left England. When the Spicer's arrived in Halifax they had two children. Robert and his wife rode on horseback to Windsor while two black slaves carried the children. From Windsor they sailed to their land grant at Spencer's Island near Advocate. Years later the Chomondelay family relented from their original disapproval and one of Priscilla's brothers sailed to North America with a dowery of furniture and gold."

Loman Ayer, Ayer-Spicer Family Genealogical Database, Kings County Settlers, �2001 by Kings County NS GenWeb

"Joseph Spicer: 14 children, most of which settled on Spencer's Island, his son John resided there in 1899. Buried near the church at Black Rock Cemetery Kings Co., N.S. family burial plot. Grew up in Advocate and moved at some time after marriage, across the Bay of Fundy to Black Rock. 1838 census says he was a farmer and there were 10 children. 3 male & 1 female 0-6, 1 male & 2 females 6-14, 2 males & 1 female 14+. Burial information from "Cemeteries Kings Co., NS" by Kings Historical Society, txt 28, Canada Creek. Inscription: In Memory of Joseph Spicer, died 16 Nov 1880, aged 89 yrs. His wife Alice, died 22 Feb 1873, aged 77 yrs. Bill Roscoe went to the cemetery at Black Rock and actually saw the headstone of Joseph and Alice."

"Alice Crossman Spicer: The Crossmans came from the colonies; lineage unknown. 1838 census says there were 10 children. 3 male & 1 female 0-6, 1 male & 2 females 6-14, 2 males & 1 female 14+. Source: photo of headstone supplied by Bill Roscoe; Canada Creek Cem. near Black Rock, Kings Co. Burial information from "Cemeteries Kings Co., NS by Kings Historical Society, txt 28, Canady Creek. May possibly be d/o Samuel & Alice Crossman of Falmouth (ca. 1760) and Cornwallis, who had a daughter Alice. Source: Dr. Paul Neuman."

Brian MacKenzie, author of Brian MacKenzie, Russo, Zino, Maccio Family Tree.


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Notes on Donald Hartley Densmore and Alma Louise Chute Densmore:

Donald Hartley DENSMORE
died on Tuesday, May 6, 2003
Source: Halifax Daily News
Submitter: CathyLee Rudolph

DENSMORE, Donald Hartley - passed away May 6, 2003 in the Colchester Regional Hospital, Truro after a brief battle with lung cancer. Born April 22, 1926 in East Noel, he was a son of the late Burton and Harriett (HIGGINS) DENSMORE. Donald was a retired dairy farmer, having operated the family farm in East Noel for twenty nine years, retiring in 1989. He was previously employed with. H. T. Warne Lumber Ltd.; for seven years as a bulldozer operator and truck driver, and with Maritime Moving and Storage, Halifax for six years as a truck driver and service station operator. Married to Alma CHUTE July 17, 1954 in Digby. Alma passed away July 20, 1996. He is survived by son Ronald and wife Beth, East Noel, daughter Brenda and Husband Steve THORPE, Beaverbank, sister Doreen and husband Gilbert BARKHOUSE, Windsor, grandchildren Darren, Holly and Chantel. He was predeceased by brothers Trueman, Blair and Claude; sisters Freda and Kathleen and a grandson in infancy. Donald accomplished a lot in his life. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He was a proud member of the community. East Noel was home and being able to take over the family farm meant a lot to him. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Arrangements entrusted to Withrow-MacMillan Funeral Home East Noel. Funeral services 1 p.m. today at the Noel United Church , Rosaline Brown L. T. officiating. Reception to follow. Private family interment will be in the Noel Cemetery. Donations may be made to Noel United Church, N. S. Lung Association or to a charity of your choice. On line condolences may be made at [email protected]


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Notes on Gordon Clarence Cook and Dorothy Melissa Chute Cook:

SMITH (COOK), Dorothy Melissa - 82, Bear River, Digby Co., passed away peacefully February 23, 2003, in Digby General Hospital. Born in Bear River, she was a daughter of the late George and Lillian (JEFFERSON) CHUTE. She was a member of The Bear River United Church, and worked for about 10 years at the former Children's Training Centre, Digby, where she loved working with the disabled children. She is survived by her companion, Glendon HAIGHT; sons, Donald (Barb) COOK, Ontario; Lloyd (Darlene) COOK, Brighton, Digby Co.; daughters, Nancy MCNALLY, Ontario; Patricia RICE, Digby; Dianna HEARN, Alberta; Susan (Frank) MORTON and Debbie COOK, both of Bear River; Beverly (Robert) COTTREAU, Digby; brothers, Lloyd CHUTE and Harold CHUTE, Ontario; Kenneth CHUTE, Yarmouth; 22 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren.

She was predeceased by her first husband, Gordon COOK; second husband, William SMITH; grandson, Donald HEARN; sisters, Marjorie CHUTE, Alma DENSMORE, Myrtle GAUDET. Arrangements entrusted to Jayne's Funeral Home, 7 Birch St., Digby. Funeral will be held 1:30 p.m. Friday in the United Church, Bear River, Rev. Wade REPPERT officiating. Interment in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bear River. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the United Church of Canada, Bear River. On-line condolences at: jaynes@funeralscanada.

Halifax Daily News


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Notes on Andrew McCleish and Mary Jane Franklin McCleish:

The same notes on the members of this family have been passed around (without original credit), in so many databases, I cannot determine who wrote the original notes.

Of the marriages of Andrew McCleish (Jr.) the notes are, "MARRIAGES: First to Mary Jane Franklin, born 16 May 1821, died 1 Dec 1866, mar. 2nd Mrs. Mary Dolan Titus., born 1824, died 1891, res. Waslingham Twp. then Malahide Twp., Elgin Co, Ont. had 6 children, all in Mabie book. His son, Andrew born 1844, lived in Walsingham Twp and then moved to Michigan. Andrew McCleish, the only son, was twice married. By his first wife, Jane Franklin, he had three sons, Andrew, George and Austin; and three daughters, Sarah, Rachel and Helen. Subsequently he married Mrs. Titus,nee Mary Dolan, by whom he had one son, Bruce. Mr. McCleish settled in Walsingham, and died in Aylmer when about sixty years old, and none of his children remain in Norfolk. The sons are all in the States --Andrew being in Michigan, one daughter settled in Manitoba, one in Aldborough,and Helen married James Chute, and settled on Nova Scotia Street, Malahide. The name has become extinct in Norfolk."

The source references for the notes appear to be:

1. 6,000 New York Ancestors: A Compendium of Mabie Research by R. Robert Mutrie. Published by Second Ave Printing Ltd., 86 Second Ave, Simcoe, Ontario, N3Y 2P3, CN.

2. Broderbund's World Family Tree Vol. 1 (with estimated dates only).

3. PIONEER SKETCHES OF LONG POINT SETTLEMENT by E.A. Owen. Publisher's information not included.

Of the McCleish/Mabee/Montross family histories, the notes read, "[Andrew McCleish, Sr. was] married in New Brunswick, CN before 1797, according to R. Mutrie in Mabie Book. After the [Revolutionary War?], he obtained a land grant in New Brunswick and settled there. In 1807, they followed the Montross family to the Long Point Settlement and were granted 400 acres, Lot 8 and 9, Conc, IV, Charlotteville Twp., Norfolk County. They had 1 son and 11 daughters. A favorite saying among their neighbors was, "They had 11 daughters and each had 1 brother, so how many sons did they have?" He was a Farmer, Baptist, a U.E. Loyalist, and a British Soldier. He died before the rebellion of Canada."

The dates listed here seem too late for the Revolutionary War, although he may have been a land grant beneficiary of the post-Revolutionary War exodus from Canada of pre-war Loyalists.

Some Databases with the same notes:
My Allens & Procuniers
Entries: 1602 Updated: Sat Aug 25 17:36:14 2001 Contact: Elaine Allen

My Family
Entries: 3012 Updated: Sun Dec 9 16:17:04 2001 Contact: Diane Grendahl

Barnes/Clapp Families
Entries: 10197 Updated: Thu Dec 18 11:59:03 2003 Contact: Wayne Barnes


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Notes on Michael Scanlon and Hannorah ("Nora") Finnerty Scanlon:

"Mary's brother Michael married Hannorah ( Nora ) Finnerty , at St. Mary's Church in New Britain Ct., moved to Ire. where she was from, had 6 kids, then they moved back to the U.S. & settled in the state of R.I., and raised Ten more kids. Their names are: Thomas, Bernadette, Emmett, Norene, Loretta, Helen, Mildred, Neil, May, & John Scanlon (in R.I.)"

Edward Joseph ("Eddie") Chute, Jr. via e-mail, Sunday, February 01, 2004.


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Notes on Edgar Howard Emery Chute and Lottie F. Wheeler (Chute) Atwood:

The correspondence between Lottie Wheeler (Chute) Atwood and George M. Chute, Jr. was precipitated by correspondence between George Chute and Ralph Belcher, Town Clerk of the Town of Rockland, Massachusetts, dated 11 OCT 1961. That letter read:

Dear Sir:

In reply to your letter of October 7th, enclosed herewith is a chart giving information, which I have gleaned from the vital statistics records in Rockland, regarding the members of the Chute family about whom you inquire.

The only person connected with this family who is now in Rockland is Mrs. Lottie Atwood, residing at 46 Hingham Street. Her first husband was Howard Emery Chute. I have talked with her on the phone and told her that she might be hearing from you. Her second husband Waldo W. Atwood died recently.

Very truly yours,

Ralph L. Belcher
Town Clerk

Chart Provided by Town Clerk, Town of Rockland, October 1961
Charles Moses Chute
Beulah W. Arnold
Duxbury, Massachusetts
Information from death record of Mary V. Chute, aged 9 years, who died 1/27/1894.
Edwin Elliott Chute
So. Carthage, Maine
Father - Moses S.
Mother - Violet H. Gray
Mary H. Foster
Abington, Mass.
Father - Solomon
Mother - Martha Williams
October 8, 1875
Abington, Mass.
Edwin died 10/24/1913; Mary died 10/20/1913
Fred Arnold Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Charles M.
M - Beulah Arnold
Arthur Murray Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Charles M.
M - Beulah Arnold
Mary Violette Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Charles M.
M - Beulah Arnold
Harry Foster Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Edwin E.
M - Mary Foster
Bertha E. Beckwith (mn Poole)
Abington, Mass
2/14/1903, Rockland, Mass
Bertha: 2/27/1953
Walter Edwin Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Edwin E.
M - Mary Foster
Cora E. Bishop
?,F-Simeon, M-Sophronia Cartwright
NB, Canada
12/25/1907, Whitman, Mass
Walter - 4/9/1931, Cora - ?
Howard Emery Chute
Rockland, Mass
F - Edwin E.
M - Mary Foster
Lottie F. Wheeler
10/23/1885, F-D. LaForrest Wheeler, M-Enna W.Crocker
Rockland, Mass
6/1/1910, Rockland, Mass
Howard - ?, Lottie - Alive
Town of Rockland, Massachusetts, Office of Town Clerk, October 11, 1961

Correspondence from Lottie F. Wheeler (Chute) Atwood to George M. Chute, Jr.:

(Date unknown, but after 11 OCT 1961)
"Dear Mr. Chute:

October 1948, my granddaughter Joan was interested in her school work tracing "the Tree" and I wrote to Grace Chute to help me out so this is what she wrote which would be for my daughter Dorothy (Joan's ma):

Great-great grandfather Curtis Chute
Great-great grandmother Susan Chute
Great-great grandfather John Gray
Great-great grandmother Huldah Gray
Great-grandfather Moses S. Chute
Great-grandmother Violette H. Chute
Grandfather Edwin E. Chute
Father Howard Emery Chute

Grace said she got this information from her sister Lizzie Chute Capen. She said Emery Chute was a brother of theirs. He and his brother Jimmie died the same week with diptheria and that was before Lizzie Chute Capen was born.

Maybe this will help in some way.

You spoke of Harold Capen's address which is correct the way I wrote it. That is a post office in or at Scituate (near Scituate Harbor).

Lottie F. Atwood

Correspondence from Lottie F. Wheeler (Chute) Atwood to George M. Chute, Jr.:

January 6, 1962
"Dear Mr. Chute:

Last night's paper gave the following. I'm keeping the clipping to send to my daughter, who is in Florida.

"Mrs. Emma V. Chute Poole, a former resident of East Water Street and Liberty St., wife of the late Howard M. Poole, died Thursday (the 4th) in a local nursing home after a period of failing health. She was in her 94th year.

A resident of this town for most of her life, she was employed for a number of years as a housekeeper. She was a member of the Rose Standish Rebekah Lodge.

She leaves two nephews and several grandnephews.

The funeral services will be held Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the funeral home 15 Webster Street with Rev. Herbert E. Stevens, pastor of the First Congregational Church, officiating. Internment will follow in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery."

We've been having all kinds of weather lately. Goes from extereme cold to 40-degrees. Rains and snows and it is a problem to keep my yard so I can get out at all. Regular January thaw today, rainy and foggy. Hope it will take all the snow away.

My daughter writes it has been cold several times where she is and says it really feels colder down there at 40-degrees than it does up here.


Lottie F. Atwood


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Notes on Oscar Alroy ("Roy") Chute, Erna Grace Bagnell Chute and Harriet Wadden Chute:

Obituary, Oscar Alroy Chute

Name of Deceased: Oscar Alroy "Roy" CHUTE
Birth Date: 3/22/1908
Newspaper Title: Chronicle-Herald/Mail Star Newspaper
Location: Halifax, NS, CAN
Obituary Publication Date: 1/28/2004

CHUTE, Oscar Alroy "Roy" - Passed away in Windsor Elms on January 25, 2004. Born in Bridgetown on March 22, 1908, he was the son of the late Archie and Ethel (Cropley) Chute. After graduation from Bridgetown High School he taught for a year at Belleisle, Annapolis Co., following which he enrolled at Acadia University. He graduated in 1929 and accepted a teaching position at the Glace Bay High School. While in Glace Bay, he met and married Erna Bagnall in 1932. In 1946, the family moved to Halifax where Roy taught at the Halifax School for the Blind and later at Bloomfield Junior High School. In 1952, he transferred to the Mathematics Department of Queen Elizabeth High School. He ended his teaching career there as Department Head in 1971, after 43 years of teaching. While in Glace Bay, Roy was active in many student activities, most notably as leader of the Air Cadet Corps. Following his move to Halifax, he was a volunteer and first aid instructor with St. John's Ambulance for many years. In recognition of his years of service with that organization, he was invested into the office of Serving Brother of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem by the Lieutenant Governor in 1957. Following his retirement Roy did extensive volunteer work with UNICEF, and as a driver for the Canadian Red Cross. He was actively involved with the Halifax Senior Citizens Association, and for a number of years served as president of that organization. For many years Roy was an active member of United Memorial Church where he served on a number of boards including the Board of Stewards, and the session, and as superintendent of Sunday school. In later years he attended Fort Massey Church and latterly attended Bethany United Church. He is survived by his daughters, Jean (Richard) Cassidy, Saskatoon; Grace (Edward) Veino, Halifax; his sister, Beatrice Chute, Bedford; four grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren, as well as several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by an infant son; former wives, Erna (Bagnall) in 1971 and Harriet (Wadden) in 1986; sister, Melda Chute in 2000. Visitation will take place in J.A. Snow Funeral Home, 2666 Windsor St., Halifax, from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, January 28. Memorial service will be held in Bethany United Church on Thursday, January 29, at 2 p.m., Rev. Vincent Ihasz officiating. Cremation has taken place. Interment will take place in Riverside Cemetery, Bridgetown at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations will be gratefully accepted by UNICEF, the Northwood Adult Day Program or Alzheimer Unit of Windsor Elms. On-line condolences to: [email protected].

Bagnell Family Genealogy:

Pedigree: William Bagnell was born in May 1731 in London, Middlesex, Great Britain and died in 1811 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 80. He came to Cape Briton 1758 a Sgt. with the British Army 45th Reg. under Capt. Hill and Gen. James Wolfe at Louisburg 1758. He is on the muster roll for Captain Ralph Hill's Company, Louisbourg. (1760) William married Anna Maria Keyser on 25 May 1756 in Lunenburg, Lunenburg Township, Nova Scotia, Canada. Anna was born in 1741 in Germany and died in 1811 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 70. Among other children, they had a son: Isaac, Sr.

Isaac Bagnell Sr. was born on 9 Jan 1782 in Little Bras d'or, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 20 Aug 1868 in Baleine, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 86. Isaac married Sarah Cann. Sarah was born in 1788 in Baleine, Nova Scotia, Canada. They had a son: Isaac.

Isaac Bagnell Jr. was born on 6 Nov 1818 in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 14 Apr 1899 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 80. Isaac married Catherine ("Katie") Tutty. Katie was born on 1 Apr 1818 in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 28 Mar 1895 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 76. Among other children, they had a son: Thomas.

Thomas Bagnell was born on 18 Feb 1845 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 28 Aug 1924 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 79. Thomas married Jane Peniah Grant. Jane was born in 1852 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada and died in Oct 1877 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 25. Among other children, they had a son: John Joseph.

John Joseph Bagnell was born on 18 Oct 1876 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 28 Jul 1969 in Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 92. John married Eva Grace Matilda Ormiston on 24 Dec 1897 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada. Eva was born on 30 Apr 1876 in Gabarus, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on 18 Mar 1960 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, at age 83. Among other children, they had a daughter: Erna Grace.

Source: Bagnell Family Tree. Author: Jennifer Hagenaars-Witham. Title: �Welcome to the genealogical corner of my web world!�. Date of reference January 22, 2004. URL: Extensive source references.


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Notes on "Baron Edouard LeChute":

Edward Chute has been the focus of a great deal of research in this 26th, 27th and 28th generation of Chutes. Identified as "Baron Edouard LeChute" in William Edward Chute's Genealogies, his existance almost immediately was thrown into doubt as there was no record of such a nobleman accompanying William the Conquerer. See "Baron Edouard and the Jutes".

That the surname "Chute" may in fact be drawn from the word "Jute" is still on the table (with a question mark) until other origins seem more compelling. William Chute mentioned the possibility; and "Chaloner Chute of the Speaker [of the House] let it be understood that his surname "carried the memorial of that third nation of the Germans that conquered the Britons, commonly called Jutes".

Manning's "Lives of the Speakers", p. 356

On Friday, July 04, 2003, a discovery made by Dennis Robert Chute of British Columbia threw the research in Edouard wide open. From that day's entry:

"In the meanwhile, hang onto your hats: the good news is that Steve (or was it his brother?) found the man formerly known as "Baron Edouard LeChute", the source of the "Baron Edouard" family lore!! He is, as suspected, not a Baron, but a Captain, and appeared in only one volume of only one edition of a 6-volume scholarly, encyclopedic study of the Norman Conquest, Edward A. Freeman's The History of the Norman Conquest of England, Its Causes and Its Results, published from 1867 to 1879. Why Edouard hasn't been found since then? He appeared only that once, in the first edition! (This is such a remote reference, neither Steve or I have even seen it yet - his brother is the one sneaking spare moments to copy pages of the book on the copy machine, as we speak - I want to say it's Dennis, and I hope Steve will correct me - quickly - if I'm wrong).

There have been some questions about Freeman's choices in original source material, but the criticism has been more focused on battle history than in actual names, which would suggest that his mention of a Captain Chute did come from an original source document. Steve also commented that he had a habit of anglicizing names, so we're unsure at this point if the name appeared as "Chute", or as something else and then was anglicized to "Chute". Freeman taught at Trinity College, Oxford, filling the office of examiner in law and modern history from 1857 to 1864.

Nonetheless, there is apparently a reference to one Captain Edward CHUTE, in the employ of Robert De Conteville, Count of Mortain, Earl of Cornwall. Mortain was born about 1037 in Normandy, France, and died about 1091, also in France. According to Freeman, when William gathered his faithful retainers for a conclave in Dives, Normandy prior to the invasion itself, the good Robert De Conteville, Count of Mortain was such a loyal retainer that he failed to show up ... and sent a representative, one "Edward Chute" in his place. (And thank goodness for that - we might never have found him!) The Count - and by "The Count", he probably means "Edward Chute", who was his representative and a Captain - was put in charge of 20 ships, which sailed not to Kent, but to Cornwall, where it was their job to prevent the Cornish and the Welsh from joining the fray. Count Mortain was given lands in Taunton and Somerset for his effort ... and had more land than the Church. Edouard would have been given a sizeable tract in the area.

NOW ... remember that this information was apparently published ONCE in the very first edition ... subsequent editions apparently chopped our Edouard right out of it, in the interests of brevity. But the first edition had been published BEFORE William Edward Chute undertook his Genealogies, and we know he saw this entry. How do we know this? Because among Freeman's personal papers and notes, collected in Manchester, is correspondence with one William Edward Chute of Nova Scotia ...! (And why he couldn't have just cited Freeman as his source for Edouard, we'll never know!)

Now, for Robert de Conteville to have sent Edouard Chute to Dives as his representative says a great deal about Edouard Chute, because what he was doing was sending Edouard in his place to a meeting with his own half-brother, William ("The Conquerer"), Duke of Normandy. Bishop Odo of Bayeux was Robert de Conteville's brother. All three of them shared the same mother, Herleve de Falaise of Normandy, who was the mistress of William's father Robert. William the Conquerer was her first, and illigitimate, son; Robert de Conteville and Odo of Bayeux were William's younger half-brothers. After his coronation in 1066, William the Conqueror claimed that all the land in England now belonged to him. William retained about a fifth of this land for his own use. The rest was distributed to those men who had helped him defeat Harold at the Battle of Hastings. Robert of Mortain was granted manors in Cornwall (248), Yorkshire (196), Northamptonshire (99), Devon (75), Sussex (54), Dorset (49) and Buckinghamshire (29). He also had manors in ten other counties. His 793 manors made him the second largest landowner in England. One of these manors was granted to Captain Edward Chute. It could not have been the Manor in Taunton, because as you'll recall, that land was owned by the Church. How Adam and Alexander ended up on Church land in Taunton we don't know ... yet ... but Taunton would not have been the origin of the manor Edward Chute was granted. And one of these days, we might even find out which piece of land that was!"

The next entry was almost year later, on April 07, 2004

"About a year ago, I posted that Edouard had been found - the information was uncovered in the first edition of Edward A. Freeman's multiple volume series on The Norman Conquest, first edition only. That information had originally been discovered by Dennis Robert Chute, and passed along to his brother Steve verbally; Steve passed the news to me, also verbally. Robert (Dennis) was to have mailed the pages he discovered to Steve ... however, before doing that, he wanted to do a little research on the information he located.

Apparently, the research took a little bit longer than anyone anticipated!

Steve reports that Robert has apparently been spending the past year corresponding with every expert on the Ango-Saxons and the Normans he could find ... what he has shared with Steve (still verbally, although we hear the documentation is going to be arriving - sometime!) - has all but stopped everyone in their tracks. Apparently, our Edward was known in official 1066-era documents not only as Edward Chute (or a variation thereof - I'm still not sure how it was spelled at the time) but - here's the kicker - he was known and indentified by a second name as well: Edward Sweinson, (son of Swein de Douai), "who built ships at Dives sur Mer with his father and Uncle Urso and commanded ships that landed in Cornwall during the Conquest. Interestingly this Edward held lands in Uffculme and Appledore both of which lie but 12 miles east of Taunton & Bridgewater."

If this information is correct - and that's a big "IF" - it appears we may have once been members of the de Douai family. And THAT family is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Walter de Douai, who would have been Edward's first cousin, is generally considered to have had a Flemish background. But there is a suggestion that there may also be a direct line of descent from this family to the Saeberht line, dating back to the Saxon King, Saeberht or Sebert.

Anyone who has been paying attention to recent archeological news - and I'm sure all of us have - will recognize the well-publicized re-appearance, posthumously, of the original King Saeberht himself - in Southend-on-Sea.

Saxon king's burial chamber yields its secrets
(Filed: 5 February 2004)

"Historians believe they may have found King Saeberht's resting place". David Derbyshire reports.

A burial chamber, believed to be that of an early Christian king who ruled over Anglo Saxon Essex nearly 1,400 years ago, has been uncovered by archaeologists.

The discovery, due to be announced today, is one of the most important finds in decades, researchers say. Although the bones have long vanished from their resting place, historians believe the chamber may have belonged to King Saeberht, the nephew of King Ethelbert and the first Christian king of Essex.

The chamber was unearthed during a routine inspection being carried out for a road widening scheme in Southend-on-Sea. David Miles, chief archaeologist at English Heritage, said: "This is a discovery of international importance which stunningly illuminates the rich and complex world of the so-called Dark Ages."

Preliminary work suggests that the king was buried early in the 7th century. The body had been placed in a wood-lined chamber, surrounded by valuable possessions. These included bronze cauldrons and flagons, a sword, a shield and drinking vessels.

There were also signs that the king was an early Christian. Ian Blair, who carried out the work for the Museum of London Archaeology Service, said: "Two foil crosses, probably originally laid on the body or sewn to a shroud, suggest that the king had converted from paganism to Christianity.

"Originally, the wooden tomb chamber was covered by a shallow mound but this collapsed into the chamber sealing all of the objects in place."

The remains will go on display from today at the Museum of London.

Howard Briggs, the leader of Southend-on-Sea borough council, described the chamber as an amazing find. "It's hard to believe that for hundreds of years a king has been laying in Southend, untouched by all of the things going on around him," he said.

Saeberht, who is thought to have reigned between 603 and 616, became the first Christian king of Essex and appointed a Christian bishop. But, despite his enthusiasm for the new religion, much of his kingdom, including his family, reverted back to paganism after his death.


King Saeberht is also credited with building the earliest foundations of Westminster Abbey.

Steve, taking that Saeberht name and running with it, located a reference to a very old standard (family crests and coats of arms were not in existance at the time) which has been connected with Saeberht. (I can't give you that reference, either - Steve is currently vacationing in Southern California, and has none of his notes with him). When he saw the standard, he nearly fell down in surprise:

Three seaxe's - (the Saxon predecessor of a sword) - with gold pommels, in a vertical row, against a red background. Or, "in heraldic terms as, and I quote: "GU three seaxes barwise ARG., hilted and pommeled OR". Without augmentation, the Chute coat of arms is described as "GU three swords barwise ARG., hilted and pommeled OR".

The County of Essex currently uses a variation of that standard - very recently adopted - that reportedly has been based in part on the Saeberht standard. The standard he saw is reported to have been dated back to the mid 7th century - 650 A.D. or so. The seaxe's in this case face in the opposite direction than the three Chute swords - in heraldic terms, the seaxe versions has points to the sinister (right), the Chute version has points to the dexter (left). Both are fitted with gold pommels, are arranged in a vertical row of three, and are against a red background. There is no suggestion of which direction Saeberht's seaxes faced, but if this emblem has been drawn from the prior Saeberht standard, it appears that both share the same red background.

"There is a certain amount of mystery as to why Essex adopted three seaxes for its arms, but they were in use in forms similar to the official grant long before it was made. It has been suggested by some writers, that the weapons were chosen as a pun on the name of the County, which was called 'Eastseaxe' in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Although three seaxes on a red field are often quoted as the arms of the of the kings of the East Saxons, heraldry as we know it was not established until the early twelfth century, and it is probably due to the fanciful and romantic minds of early historians and heraldic writers in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries that 'arms' were attributed to the Saxon kings.

However badges and emblems have been used by nations, sovereigns and chieftains from earliest times, and perhaps the 'arms' attributed to the Saxon kings by the medieval heralds were based upon some of these badges. The earliest reference the arms of the East Saxon kings was by Richard Verstegan, the author of A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence, printed in Antwerp in 1605. Verstegan gives no authority for his statement "Erkenwyne king of the East-Saxons did beare for his armes, three [seaxes] argent, in a field gules", but there is no reason to doubt that he believed his source was reliable. John Speed in his Historie of Great Britaine (1611), also gives similar arms for Erkenwyne, but he seems to have doubts and his statement is qualified with the statement "as some or our heralds have emblazed".

Note: The Essex Crest (pictured, left) is NOT the original emblem associated with Saeberht - it was designed and issued very recently. However, it is based on the earlier badge or emblem, which, based on its description, would have looked similar to this example.

According to Steve's recap of Robert's research, Edward was apparently a member of this very powerful ship-building and sea-faring family, and had at least three brothers. It is noteworthy that he was quite at home in both Briton and France, and was trusted and respected by the powerful ruling families of Normandy, including the Duke of Mortain (who you'll recall he represented at a conclave prior to the Normandy Invasion) and William the Conquerer himself, who placed him at the helm of a large fleet during the Invasion. This strongly suggests that Edward Chute/Sweinson had the skill and experience necessary to act as an accepted emissary between powerful, noble families - not a skill a commoner would have. He would have had wealth, status and respectability, in his own right. Being a member of the de Douai family would certainly have afforded him all of those traits.

But why the name "Chute"? Where did that name come from? Why did Edward not carry on his de Douai name, if that was in fact who he was? He did not use the deDouai family coat of arms, but that is to be expected: that coat of arms would have been the inherited right of his cousin Walter, son of his uncle Urso, who was probably his father Swein's older brother. Instead, he apparently used - or inherited? - another coat of arms more directly identified as Saeberht's: those three swords placed in a vertical row against a red background. Did he cling to two distinct heritages with the Chute or Jute surname and a Saxon emblem that still survives to this day? Is there a connection between the standard or emblem of three seaxe's, and the Chute coat of arms?

Curiouser and curiouser. More information to follow ....


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Notes on William E. Hause and Dorothy L. Chute Hause:

The family lived in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, although there is record of them living in Dayton in 1938. Records dated 1964, 1957 and 1958 have them in Springfield.

Letter from Dorothy L. Chute Hause to George M. Chute, Jr.

June, 1958
Dorothy L. Chute Hause
604 East Grand Avenue
Springfield, Ohio

Dear Mr. Chute:

Your letter regarding the Chute family has been forwarded to my brother Howard Chute, Shawnee, Ohio, son of Lane Chute. All 7 of our family are passed on - with exception of Howard, myself and sister - Mrs. A.H. Kendricks, 3655 Mantell Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.

My father Lane Chute was married to a Dora Colborn.

Trusting you can divine some information from my brother, I remain,

Dorothy L. Chute Hause

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