Chute Family Notes: Notes 79-1371 through 79-1390

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Notes on Carl Philip Spaulding & Suzanne Elizabeth Chute:

Engagement Announcement

Los Angeles Ex.
8/27/1950, p. 178

"Miss Chute Troth Told at Party"

Bidding 75 to cocktails at their home, Mr. & Mrs. William Prior Chute of 2535 North Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, revealed the engagement of their daughter Zuzanne [sic] Elizabeth Chute, to Carl Philip Spaulding, son of Rev. & Mrs. Edward Lytton Spaulding of LaSelva.

An autumn wedding is planned.

Miss Chute, whose parents formerly lived in Marblehead, Mass., is a graduate of Stanford University and a member of Pi Delta Phi.


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Notes on Samuel Hemphill and Ellen Adelia Chute:

Family records show Ellen Adelia Chute's DOB as 17 AUG 1872, in Argyle, New Brunswick, Canada. Official birth record from New Brunswick Provincial Archives conflicts:

RS141A2/2 - Index to County Birth Registers, 1801-1899
New Brunswick Provincial Archives
Date of Birth: 1872-08-19

For full record, see sources. Aberdeen may be the county seat; Argyle the exact location. Note also the conflict in her mother's first name. Family records list mother as "Helen Graham", this records her as "Ellen Graham".


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Notes on O.E. MacDonald and Edna Viola Chute MacDonald:

RS141A2/2 - Index to County Birth Registers, 1801-1899
Date of Birth: 1892-05-13
County: YORK
Reference: CD: 10 BOOK: 3 PAGE: 47 Num: 5563
Microfilm: F14025


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Notes on James Abram (aka James Abraham) Chute, Mary Ella Chute and son Perley Chute:

There are two separate birth records on file for Mary Ella Chute in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick; they are nearly identical, except for the place of birth. I do not yet have an explanation as to why there are two birth records on file in New Brunswick, although most likely one is a county record and the other out of Hainesville/Haynesville. Note also that James Abram is identified as "James Abraham" in his own birth record and as "Abram", without the "James" in his marriage record.

Date of Birth: 1883-08-09
County: YORK
Reference: CD: 10 BOOK: 2 PAGE: 178 Num: 1088
Microfilm: F21000

Date of Birth: 1883-08-09
County: YORK
Reference: CD: 10 BOOK: 3 PAGE: 102 Num: 9154
Microfilm: F14025

Perley Chute: According to Rankin Chute, in his undated (probably ~1950 or 1951) Chute Family Data Worksheet,
"Abram's son Perley is at the Municipal Home at Douglas, New Brunswick. He is blind; was 45 years old on 18 November 1951."


Note    N1375          Index
Notes on Percy Harold Chute and Mahala Adelaid Fowler Chute:

Family records had Percy Harold Chute born on 2 May 1890 in Middletown, Massachusetts. Official records in the New Brunswick Provincial Archives contradict this, and our records now reflect the official version:

Date of Birth: 1890-05-07
County: YORK
Reference: CD: 10 BOOK: 3 PAGE: 183 Num: 12697
Microfilm: F14026

The location of Island Falls, Maine was obtained from a letter written from Mahala Adelaide Fowler Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr., in July of 1966. The letter provided information on the Havelock Chute family.


Note    N1376          Index
Notes on Alfred E. Morehouse and Ruth Ann ("Annie") Chute:

According to a letter written by Garfield Edward Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., Annie died "about a year after her marriage."


Note    N1377          Index
Notes on Aaron George Tucker and Atrude Myrtle Chute:

Family records show her as "Atrude Myrtle", while her marriage record reflects "Atrude Mary". However, the names of her daughters include both "Mary" and "Myrtle", so more confirmation on her middle name is needed.


Note    N1378          Index
Notes on Ernest Hewins and Ellen Chute Hewins:

This is not a confirmed marriage record for this Ellen Chute (daughter of James Wellington Chute). However, it is a probable record, given the location and time frame, and given the marriage of her brother Ray Cecil to Helen Slater Hewins, who may be a relation to Ernest Hewins. Working against this record is the mention of a "Jean" Chute (below) marrying the brother of Blanche Cameron, which was thought to be possibly another name for "Ellen", as "Jean" had not been recorded. On the other hand, Garfield Chute may have confused sisters-in-law Blanche Cameron with Helen Slater Hewins, and he may have confused "Ellen" and "Jean". Bottom line is that we need more definitive confirmation of the children of James Wellington Chute, and of this marriage.

"Now Granpa had another brother "Wellington", he lived in Smyrna Mills, Maine - he had I think 4 children there was Harley (dead), Havelock (dead) Ray and Jean. Ray lives in Smyrna Mills and Jean married a brother of Leland Chute's wife and I think they live in New Hampshire."
Letter from Garfield Chute to George M. Chute, Jr., July 12 1951


Note    N1379          Index
Notes on Grant S. Osborne and Daisy Alice Larson Osborne:

1109 Gould Avenue NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 6, 1967

Mr. George Chute

Dear Sir:

I'm sorry to be so late with my lists. Am sending Arnie Smesmo Sr.'s children and grandchildren - date was wrong on Patty Lou's birthday.

The cousins in St. Paul, Roy's and Archie I haven't seen or heard from for 20 years. One family - Leo spells his name Shute, I understand. I think most of their children were on your list. Archie has 14 children - 11 from first wife. I wouldn't begin to try to get a list made out for them!

My aunt Mrs. Stanley Chute sent in from most of the families. I made corrections on your list. Will your genealogy of my grandfather go into the book? I'm enclosing a stamped envelope for information on the finished deal. It's a wonderful thing you're doing and we all appreciate it. The young people are anxious to see the complete list or genealogy.

My apologies for tardiness, I had a long sick spell and so much trouble with my eyes. Thank you again and good luck.

Yours truly

Daisy A. Osborne


Note    N1380          Index
Notes on Laurence Robert Chute, Jean Van Natter and Doris Robinson:

Laurence Robert Chute
Commander, U.S. Navy, Retired
Cushing, Oklahoma
18 Nov 1958

Dear Mr. Chute,

It was interesting to read of your interest in continuing a record of the Chute family.

Since I recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 21 years of active duty and now live in Oklahoma, my knowledge of the many children is restricted. However, my mother, Bertha May Webb Chute, has done considerable research on the genealogy of the family and would be elated to hear from you.

All of the children, grandchildren, etc., live in the Massachusetts area so she has all the current information readily available. I will forward tiyr letter and enclosure to her for completion.

Our paths came reasonably close to crossing in recent years. In 1950-51 I attended Marquette University and last year I was Commanding Officer U.S. Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Buffalo, New York.

My mother has made reproductions of the family coat of arms and has made copies of the history of the family back to Henry VIII, as I recall.

It was pleasant hearing from you and if I can be of further assistance I will be happy to help.


Laurence Chute


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Notes on Robert C. Graves and Ura Vernan ("Dottie") Wilson Graves:

It seems that George M. Chute's letter requesting family data information came on the heels of a family reunion, possibly organized by Ura Vernan Graves herself, or it may be that she assisted the reunion organizers by sending out inquiries. It is uncertain whether or not the reunion itself took place, but Ura was able to forward two replies she received, included with her own, for the family records. One was from Lloyd Elmore Chute and the other was from Walter H. Chute, director of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois.

Letter to George M. Chute, Jr. from Ura Vernan Wilson Graves

Perrysville, Indiana
September 18, 1968

Dear Sir,

I have received a letter from Miss Elva Chute containing the genealogy report of my relationship to you and other members of my mother's family, for which I want to thank you very sincerely.

I recall Maud Chute telling me of your kind help in the publishing of the Chute supplement on grandfather, Rev. Alfred Chute's, branch of the family. I noted also that you are not familiar with the name of Rev. Robert Chute*, and I thought I might be a little help to you by telling you what I know about him.

[Jackie's Note: Throughout the letter she is referring to the Reverend Roger - not Robert - Allen Chute].

I am enclosing an item pulished in Granite City, Illinois, when he was holding services there, after I had met him in Danville, Ill., where he was preaching at a church near my home address. I wasn't sure how the name of Chute was spelled, I had heard it was spelled Schute, but my son and I went to the services hoping to learn if it could be possible he would be able to find time to talk to us, and I was surprised to find a very young man, who was warm and friendly and eager to claim relationship with us. I told him my mother was born in Canada and he said he was born there also, but he didn't know much family history, he said, he and another young man had been in the Baptist Seminary together who had said his mother's maiden name had been Chute. I think he said his friend's name was Timpany. He told me to write to him in care of the Baptist Ass., and they would forward it to him, which I did. I don't recall the address I used, but it was several months before I received an answer to my letter and it was written by Mrs. Jennie Chute.

She said my letter followed him to England where he ws acting Chaplain with a branch of the Army stationed there, as he couldn't give any information to it he sent it back home to his mother to answer, she was unable to answer any of my questions, so she passed it to the Aunt Jennie Chute (Martland Chute's widow) to answer, since she was of the older generation.

That was the beginning of serveral years of friendly correspondence.

But Rev. Robert Chute told me that he had received a card from the Carnegie Library in Ont. (I believe) saying they had a book on Chute Genealogy, that they had borrowed, if he had any questions that he wanted answered concerning his lineage they would try to answer them, so he told me to write to them and give them my grandfather's names or all the other names and information I could give them and I would probably get something worthwhile. I know only that he was a Baptist Preacher who signed his name A. Chute. They gave me a short sumary of Arron [Aaron?], but Rev. Alfred's entire family history as it is given in Wm Chute's book.

So that is now Rev. Robert A. Chute became my guiding light. I owe him my everlasting gratitude for his help. You may be able to locate him thro' the Baptist Church Seminary or Association or thro' the Timpany family relatives.

I am sending you some clippings Jennie Chute sent me, also some snapshots of Canadian Chutes which might be a source of information. Rev. Robert A. Chute was married and when I saw them last they had a son named Robin about three years old. I don't remember the wife's name.

You may send the clippings to Miss Elva Chute if you care to, and she can return them to me.

Hoping you can find the answer you need about Rev. Chute, I remain sincerely,

Mrs. Ura V. Graves

Letter to Ura Vernan Wilson Graves from George M. Chute, Jr.

Plymouth, Mich.
Oct. 1 1968

Mrs. Ura V. Graves
Perrysville, Ind. R. 1

Dear Mrs. Graves:

Thanks for your Sept. 18 letter and the enclosed pictures and clippings. They are most interesting, and I can identify nearly all of the people. I am returning them all to you, as I do not believe Miss Elva Chute of Mobile would know any of them.

Here also is a 1955 picture of the Rev. R.A. Chute who helped you so much. He wrote me in 1957 when he was pastor of First Baptist in Santa Monica, California. Recently, he lives in Fresno, Calif., where he visited with my brother Aaron who was living in Fresno last year. Instead of Robert, his name is Roger Allan Chute.

I enclose my page 55 which lists him near the bottom and shows his son Robben (as you mentioned). Near the top is Jennie Chute (Mart's widow), who is Roger's aunt. Roger's grandfather Sidney Chute was a brother of your grandfther Alfred and one of my grandfather Aaron, so that you and Roger and I are all second cousins.

You mentioned that Roger had a seminary friend named Timpany to whom you wrote. He is Rev. Donald Timpany, who is shown in the Four-Generation picture of the Timpany family that you sent me. Donald's mother Edith Chute Timpany was a first cousin of Roger, but perhaps he never knew it.

We visited Jennie Chute and Irene Mills in Aylmer in August 1950. That day we also visited the Elgin Chute home shown in your clipping. Many of your pictures show relatives who are McConnells, so I enclose also my page 59 that lists the family of Cynthia Chute McConnell, many of whom you may know.

I am glad to see the picture of Oscar Chute of Evanston, of the candy family. I have talked with him by phone.

And the sisters Marchette and B.J. Chute, both writers. I visited them in New York about ten years ago. Both of them are now in "Who's Who in America".

They are sixth cousins to us.

But I do not identify the musician Rette Chute, pictured in your clipping, whih does not give her parents' names.

A copy of my 126 page record was sent to your Indiana State Library last fall, under "Chute Family in America in the 20th Century".

Please let me know if I can help further.


George M. Chute

Letter to George M. Chute, Jr. from Uva Vernan Wilson Graves

Perrysville, Indiana
October 5, 1968

Dear Sir,

I received your most interesting letter containing the clippings and the picture of Rev. Roger Chute and family, for which I thank you very much. I am glad you have taken the time to write to me explaining that we three are really second cousins, when we met Roger at his services he looked at me and remarked that he felt we were related, tho' perhaps tenth cousins or maybe closer, we laughed about it, so I am glad to know just how much we are related. I liked him at once. I was surprised to find such a young person. I expected to find a gray-haired man.

I had grown used to hearing about Timpany's and McConnell's thro' Aunt Jennie's letters. I am glad I was able to help my group of cousins to find that the book William Chute had published in 1894 was still within reach of them.

I had learned of the Chute sisters thro' reading the Saturday Evening Post and the list of books available. Maud Chute had written them sending congratulations from both of us, which they acknowledged. There is a family of Chute's in St. Louis, MO that I have read about some years ago. The family of Retta Chute is given on pages 161-2 of William Chute's book under David Fletcher Chute, who married Anna A. Farris. Retta was born Sept. 8, 1879 - one of thirteen children.

I thank you for sending the record of the "Chute Family in America in the 20th Century" to the Indiana State Library and again thanking you for Roger's picture, and all your additional news.

Mrs. Ura V. Graves

*Note: The letters she included have been transcribed in the notes sections of Walter H. Chute and Lloyd Elmore Chute.


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Notes on Murray LeRoy Chute and Catherine Irene Mitchell Chute:

Letter to George M. Chute, Jr. from Murray Leroy Chute

683 Bellaire Street
Peterborough, Ontario
Jan 29/58

Dear Mr. Chute,

In reply to your letter of Jan 5/58 regarding information about this branch of the Chute family.

The information I have listed on the following two pages is all I have record or memory of. I trust it will help you in your efforts to bring up to date records of the Chute clan.

I have a 2nd cousin in Michigan, Ralph Chute by name who is also very interested in our family tree and has traced same back to Nova Scotia, Canada. If you haven't already contacted him, you should try & do so, I am sure he could provide data re: his branch of the family and further information that he may have gathered. His father Frank and my Grandfather Robert were brothers.

I am only too happy to provide this information for you & hope that it helps. I have not made a study of family trees but naturally am interested and hope you will wrote again, if I can be of further assistance. I would also like to know sometime if it would be possible, and where I could obtain such a record of the Chute family tree. I understand that my son Brian is the eldest son of the eldest son that goes back 5 generations at least.

It certainly must make an interesting sideline to every day activities.

Sincerely yours,

M. L. Chute

Obituary, Catherine Irene Mitchell Chute

"CHUTE, Catherine (Kay) - Passed away peacefully on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at the age of 94. Predeceased by her husband Murray Leroy (Roy) Chute. Loving mother of Brian and Nancy Chute of North Bay and Joanne and Norman Gibb of Whitby. Sadly missed by grandchildren Christie, Colin, Andrew, Heather, Jennifer and Laura. Lovingly remembered by great-grandchildren Cole, Mikaily, Maya and Gabrielle. Visitation will be held at the OSHAWA FUNERAL HOME, 847 King Street West (905-721-1234), on Thursday, June 10th from 7-9 p.m. Family and friends are invited to participate in a celebration of her life in the Chapel on Friday, June 11th at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, World Vision or Westminster United Church (Whitby) would be appreciated by the family."

Born: May 20, 1916
Died: June 6, 2010

Source: Oshawa Funeral Home, Whitby, Ontario


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Notes on Robert Joseph Chute and Evelyn Irene Williams Chute:

In January of 1962, Robert Joseph Chute sent in a Family Data worksheet. At the time, he was a salesman for the Perry Hardware Co., New Lexington, Ohio.

Letter to George M. Chute, Jr. from Robert Joseph Chute

Dear Mr. Chute,

I am sorry I was so long returning this information to you. I had good intentions, but just didn't seem to get around to sending it back. This is quite a pleasant surprise to us about this book "Chute Family in America", and I wonder if you could let us know how we could acquire a a copy of it, if only to read and return, or if there would be a chance of purchasing one after it is brought up to date. Would you please let us know the score on this? Also, we are wondering how close a relative you are to us and if your sons live in Michigan, too? If there is any other information I can secure for you, please don't hesitate to write me, and I can assure you there won't be such a lapse of time again. I guess it must have been the Christmas rush coming on and everything else too, that resulted in your letter getting laid aside for while. I hope you had a very nice Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year.

Robert J. Chute
Highland Drive
New Lexington, Ohio

Obituary, Robert Joseph Chute

Robert J. Chute, 85

NEW LEXINGTON -- Robert J. Chute, 85, of New Lexington, former New Lexington Fire chief, died Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, at the Sunbridge Care and Rehabilitation Center, New Lexington.

Mr. Chute was born July 14, 1922, in New Lexington, to the late Robert L. and Charlotte Preest Chute. Mr. Chute retired as the assistant director of the Perry County Board of Elections. He was a member of the New Lexington Fire Department for 62 years. He was a state-certified fireman training instructor for many years. He was a member of the Masonic bodies for more than 50 years, including Lodge 250 F&AM, Chapter 149 Council 75 Commandery 57 Knights Templer, Scottish Rite, Valley of Columbus, Aladdin Shrine of Columbus and Carnation Chapter 167 OES. He was a member and past commander at John Tague Post 188 American Legion, a member of 40&8 Voiture 68 and member of Lodge 509 BPOE. He served in the U. S. Navy during World War II. He enjoyed photography and was an avid reader.

He is survived by his children, Bob Chute of Corning, Jerry Chute of Murray City, David (Susanna) Chute of Newark, Steve (Tammie) Chute of Winchester, Ky., Virgil (Beth) Chute of Saltillo and Barbara J. Fox (Bill Zartman) of New Lexington; niece, Diana Johnston; nephew, Lane (Barb) Johnston; eight grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Maxine, in May 1999; and his sister, Dora Lou Johnston. Calling hours will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 9, at the Vensil-Orr and Chute Funeral Home, 1850 W. Main St. in Newark, and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10, at the Roberts Funeral Home, 304 Mill St. in New Lexington.

Funeral services are 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008, at the Roberts Funeral Home with the Rev. Richard Newlon officiating. Burial will be in New Lexington Cemetery. Military funeral honors will be conducted by American Legion Post 188 and fire department honors by the New Lexington Fire Department. Memorial contributions may be made to the New Lexington Fire Department.

The Newark Chapel of Vensil-Orr and Chute Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Additional information and guest book are available at

Source: Zanesville Times Recorder, January 8, 2008


Note    N79-1384          Index
Notes on Arthur Wellington Larson, Cressa Clement and Tomasina Torgiano:

Originally, all four children were attached to Arthur and first wife Cressa Clement Larson; now only Conrad Richard is attached to that marriage, prior to Cressa's death in 1946. Conrad was actually born Conrad Richard Clement, Cressa's son by her previous marriage. Arthur adopted him as an infant; his mother died a year later.


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Notes on Archie Pearl Chute, Viola Augusta Vick Chute and Irene Kober Chute:

According to George Maynard Chute, Jr., in discussion of Ocie Ella Chute: "One son, Archie Pearl Chute, was raised by her father, Arthur Wellington Chute." Archie Pearl Chute was never known as "Smesmo", so his paternity is uncertain.

According to his daughter, Roxanne Marie Chute, "Archie died of a heart attack, as he had heart problems. He retired from Booth Cold Storage after an accident: boxes fell on his leg. He was a great cook and a baker. Irene Kober Chute died from infection with diabetes. She remarried in 1971 to a Hallie Stafford, and have not seen him in years - I don't know what happened to him."

E-Mail, Roxanne Marie Chute to Jacqueline Chute, Saturday, March 08, 2003

According to his great-granddaughter, Karen Marie Chute Kilgallin, "Sadly, there are only 3 children still living from the union of Archie Pearl Chute and Viola Augusta Vick. Two daughters, Mary Lou and Arlene and one son, Alvin Leroy Chute (he's my father). I know you are missing lots of information for the children of Archie and Viola ... I have many, many cousins and believe it or not, some I've never even met, or haven't seen in over 30-40 years!!! ... I'm trying to find out more information on my grandmother, Viola Vick. My father doesn't remember her parents' names. He said all he remembers is that they called Grandma Viola's mom, "Little Grandma". I'm hoping my Aunt Arlene Chute-Nilek knows more."

Karen Marie Chute Kilgallin, E-Mail to Jacqueline Chute 26 NOV 2006


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Notes on Benjamin McConnell and Elizabeth Haines McConnell:

"Benjamin McConnell and his twin brother Joseph were born in Ireland, 1742, and came to Long Island, New York about 1765. Joseph died young. Benjamin married Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Hains, Jr., 1770, and went to Weymouth, Nova Scotia, at the time of the Revolution, where he died Dec 28, 1808, and was buried in the Church of England Cemetery. His widow died in 1828, aged 77."

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page cvi.

Sheila Stewart gives his birthdate as 1749, not 1742.

"This may be incorrect. To be researched. I believe that Benjamin and Joseph are brothers.

A Loyalist. Moved his family to Nova Scotia at the close of the Revolution.

Came to Weymouth, Nova Scotia in the sloop Shoulderham from New York in May 1784, after a boisterous and prolonged voyage of nine weeks -- having lost her bowsprit in Grand Passage. Samuel Doty the Loyalist, a blacksmith, Alexander Haines, Joseph McConnell, senior, brother of Benjamin, and others, were also passengers. She landed south of Campbell's old wharf. After being repaired she sailed with most of her passengers for their destination in Annapolis. Benjamin McConnell located on farm east of Weymouth Point, adjoining Benjamin Chapel on western side. The site for that edifice was afterwards presented by his widow.

Died in his 60th year."

Source: Sheila Stewart, Gertridge Tree,

The source she quotes for his year of birth is:
 Title: Haggan Papers Part 1, Page 131, McConnell
 Pub: LDS Library System

The source she quotes for the notation is:
 Title: Wilson, Isaiah W., A Geography and History of the County of Digby, Nova Scotia


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Notes on Joseph Chute and Mary Ann (surname unknown) Chute:

This family record has two well documented sons, both named "John". The first married Emma Jane Handley in 1890, the second, identified as "son" in the 1891 Census, was born ~1883. It could have been that the second was known by a middle name of John, and his given name was something else. More information is needed.


Note    N79-1388          Index
Notes on Kevin Robert Chute & Angela Marie Beeman Chute:

Kevin works as a Service Manager and Angela works as an Insurance Agent. They met at Church, the same one in which they were married: The United Church of Christ in Beacon Falls, CT.


Note    N79-1389          Index
Notes on Frederick ("Fred") Monroe Ross & Cynthia Lois Chute Ross:

Fred Ross has been in the U.S. Army for 3 years; Cynthia is a Warehouse P.I.T. operator. She is a member of the Maine Trail Riding Assoiciation and the Eastern Competitive Trail Riding Association. They were introduced by a mutual friend and married at the 2nd Baptist Church in Bowdoinham, Maine by Pastor Hickson.


Note    N79-1390          Index
Notes on Ray Cecil Chute and Helen Mae Slater Chute:

Ray Cecil Chute was "a farmer and a woodsman; he was an excellent cook and a very quiet, religious man. He could make anything from a piece of wood with an ax and knife and pokey. He also loved to garden. Helen Mae Slater Chute was a very small lady with a very feisty temperament. She was also an excellent cook, and a very good housekeeper. She worked for some years for H.C. Boxtsy Brothers, a division of Birdseye Frosted Foods."

Rodney Cecil Chute, 12 DEC 2002, Family Data Worksheet

"If you will bear with me I will attempt to clear up all the problems with my mothers marriages. It gets rather complicated as she married three times and all three men were closely related to each other.

First let's clear up the Chute-Hewins thing, Ellen Chute (my father's sister and a daughter of James Wellington) married Ernest Hewins. They had a son Coral Ernest Hewins, Coral was Helen Slater's first husband. Coral was accidently shot and died as a result of the wound leaving Helen with three young children Walter Thomas, Donald Coral, and Virginia Eldora.

This is where my father came in ( now you have to realize that Coral and Ray were first cousins.) My father was 20 years older than my mother and I am sure it was for convenience on my mother's part, I am sure my father loved her. All three of the children grew up treating Ray as their father. Helen divorced my father in the late forties. Shortly thereafter she married Hartley Fowler. Now here we go again: Rebecca O. Fowler, my grandmother and the wife of James Wellington, is Hartley's aunt. So my step-dad and I were actually second cousins. I will include as many of the Hewins work sheets as I have - I can furnish all the Hewins children's names and some information on most of them but there are a few I have lost contact with at the present time.

...In regards to the "Cassie Mae" in parentheses - her name was actually Cassie Mae Dora Black but she only used the Dora. Yes, my mother worked for H.C. Baxter Brothers cannery they were a division of Birdseye Frozen Foods. My wife's name is Beverley June Nichols.

About my father making anything from wood: he made practical stuff that he could sell, i.e., ax handles, cantdog handles, runners for sleds and sleighs, wiffletrees, etc. About the "pokey" What I actually was trying to say was "poker", which is a long slender piece of iron that he would heat red hot and burn holes in the wood as small drills were very scarce then.

Rodney Cecil Chute, 26 JAN 2003, Letter to Jacqueline I. Chute

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