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Notes on George Maynard Chute, III and Marjorie Anna Pino Chute:

Lifetime Chronology

George Maynard Chute III

Born 1/16/1925 at Schenectady, NY, of George M. Chute, Jr. and Josephine LaSota Chute.

Resided with parents in Scotia, NY from birth until about 1927, then to Detroit, MI at 18532 Riopelle St., south of Seven Mile Rd. until about 1928. Then to Plymouth, MI in about 1928-29, until his marriage in 1949; first at 440 N. Harvey St, then to 405 Irvin St., then to 546 Garfield Ave. (now known as South Evergreen Avenue).

Educated in Plymouth school system, graduated from Plymouth High School in 1942. Then to University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Ann Arbor, from 1942 until drafted 4/44. Resumed college 8/46, graduated 6/49 with BSE degree in mechanical engineering. Received MBA degree at Xavier University, Cininnati, OH 6/59. Received Professional Engineering (PE) license in Ohio, 9/14/55.

Served in the US Navy, 4/18/44 to 6/6/46, first in Navy Electronics schools at University of Houston (TX) and Chicago (Navy Pier), then assigned to the battleship USS New Mexico (88-40), joining the ship in Leyte Gulf, the Philippines, 6/45; participated in the �invasion� of Japan (never got ashore), and left the ship in Boston where he was discharged (6/6/46) with the rating of Electronic Technicians Mate 3/c.

Married 6/18/49 in Ann Arbor, MI to Marjorie Anna Pino, also of Plymouth. Father of three children: Jacqueline Irene Chute of Seabrook, NH; the late James Andrew Chute of Culpeper, VA, and the late Barbara Eugenie Parks of Ellijay, GA. Grandfather of three children and great-grandfather of four children.

Employed as engineer by General Electric Co. 1949-1961 at Schenectady, NY, Lynn, MA (River Works), Erie, PA and Cincinnati, OH (Evendale (jet engine) plant. Then to New York City area with ACF Industries, Phillips Electronics Instruments, Air Reduction Co., the management consultants Stevenson, Jordon & Harrison, and then Engelhard Industries before engaging in private practice as management consultant in industrial marketing in 1976. Retired 1991 to Newport, RI in 2002, to Tiverton, RI and in 2003 to Providence RI. In 2006, came to Grand Rapids, MI. In 2014 moved to Lansing, MI.

Registered Professional Engineer (Ohio). Former member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Society of Cincinnati, Air Pollution Control Association, Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute, American Marketing Association and Institute of Industrial Archeology.

As member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), became ruling elder at churches in Hamilton County (Ohio), and Pelham Manor, NY. Upon retiring to Rhode Island, became member of St. Paul�s United Methodist Church, Newport, where he was its lay leader and lay member pf the annual conference of New England. Subsequently, was member of Mathewson St. UMC in Providence, then to Trinity UMC in Grand Rapids, MI and Grace UMC in Lansing, MI.

Compiled by George M. Chute, III, 18 JUL 2015

Jackie's Memories

Naval Occupation: Electronic technician's mate, non commissioned officer, USS New Mexico, 1945-46. He tells of boarding a ship in San Diego that was so overcrowded with additional men being shipped to Hawaii to join the New Mexico (being repaired after the bombing and fire described below), that he spent his first weeks aboard ship sleeping under a torpedo (one assumes unarmed) - and of clunking his head the first few times he sat up quickly. After a stopover in Hawaii to board his ship, they continued west towards Japan, with all expectation of being part of the invasion force. However, in the meanwhile the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Enola Gay had beaten them to Japan with the known results. By the time they arrived, they were no longer part of an invasion force, but a silent harbor witness to the surrender of Japan.

He also tells of arriving in Tokyo Bay and asking where Mount Fuji was - all he saw was a cloudy shoreline. A shipmate standing behind him took his head and tilted it backward, and he then realized that Mount Fuji was in fact towering overhead - he hadn't been looking up far enough to see it. He described the sight as "awesome." The photo is of that moment: the U.S.S. New Mexico in Tokyo Bay, August 1945, with Mount Fuji towering over them.
U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph

"While approaching her berth in Hagushi anchorage just after sunset 12 May, New Mexico was attacked by two suicides; one plunged into her, the other managed to hit her with his bomb. She was set on fire, and 54 of her men were killed, with 119 wounded. Swift action extinguished the fires within half an hour, and on 28 May she departed for repairs at Leyte, followed by rehearsals for the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands. Word of the war's end reached her at Saipan 15 August, and next day she sailed for Okinawa to join the occupation force. She entered Sagami Wan 27 August to support the airborne occupation of Atsugi Airfield, then next day passed into Tokyo Bay to witness the surrender 2 September."

After returning stateside, he worked as an engineer, focusing on both aeronautics and civil & industrial sectors, and he and mom raised their family in Pelham, Westchester County, New York. Later he worked as a consultant before retiring to a seaside home in Newport, Rhode Island.

Possibly the world's most bizarre sense of humor; tells terrible puns with a straight face; he and his brother Bob developed a "talent" of being able to lean far right and then far left in perfect unison without losing their balance; they are very entertaining at family picnics. Favorite pet: a golden retriever named "Charlie". Loves singing in the church choir; after retirement he and Marjorie traveled to the Yukon, Alaska, South America and his travel itineraries are legendary in their precision. As a boy, would take week long bicycle camping trips around Michigan; was an Eagle Scout. His campfire skills (later used to great effect in the family fireplace) are so complicated and spectacular, one hates to set a match to the final result. When the children were young, he invented an ongoing fairy tale/bedtime story in which all three children were royalty, and in which all household messages were passed from Jeeves the Butler to the "Royal Guards". The long line of echoing messages and subsequent replies, passed through the Royal Guards, went on for 10 minutes, much to the delight of his children, not knowing it was a ploy which gave him time to think up the next plot line.

George Chute: Snap Fitness Questionnaire

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is George. I�m an 88-year-old geezer who lives alone. My late wife and I have lived in the Cincinnati area, metro-NYC and Newport, RI (�the city by the sea�) before returning to Michigan where we have family. I�m a retired engineer (jet engines) and management consultant (industrial marketing).

Why do you enjoy exercise?
It keeps away the aches and pains of old age and helps me keep a positive outlook on life. I�m just coming off a 4-week period of �house arrest� imposed by my doctor after some surgery. I was getting �stir-crazy� � restlessness plus depression � so, even with the present reduced regimen, I�m feeling alive again!

Why do you enjoy Snap Fitness?
The place is nearby and convenient, clean, secure, and the wide variety of equipment is in good repair. And the clients are great!

What are some of your hobbies/interests?
I�m a retired engineer, so my interests are in technical/scientific fields. I�m a ferroequinologist (a railroad nut) who also is interested in astronomy (cosmology � the origin and structure of the universe � string theory, black holes and all that) and the earth sciences (tectonic geology, volcanology, meteorology, climatology), plus lighthouses and foghorns. Oh, and I like American history and classical music, too.

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? What spare time? I tell my younger friends, �Don�t even think of retiring unless you have the time.�

Source: Completed by George M. Chute, III, 13 MAR 2013

Notes on Marjorie Anna Pino Chute

Marjorie Anna Pino, 1944

Newspaper Article

Pino, Chapman Win Class Honors

Senior Honor Revealed by Princ. Henry

One Boy Included Among Sixteen Top Students

At a special assembly, today, Principle Edwin C. Henry announced the list of honors students for this year�s graduating class revealing that Marjorie Pino and Sally Chapman are valedictorian and salutatorian respectively.

Only one boy is included in the top sixteen students. He is John Mac Ritchie, editor of the Tween Towers, who with an average of 3.107 tied with Ardis MacNeil. Two other tie ratings exist in the list.

Honor students, together with scholastic achievements based on a 4-3-2-1 level from grades A-B-C-D follow: Marjorie Pino 3.964; Sally Chapman, 3.895; Onalee Townsend, 3.6; Margaret Blattner, 3.567; Julia Popiel, 3.556; Sarah Dimmers, 3.483; Louise DeRose, 3.464; Lorabeth Moore, 3.414; Frances Cooke, 3.4; Betty Peacock, 3.370; Lois Anderson, Doris Jennings, both 3.357; Evelyn Watkins, Clarabel Kelly, both 3.286; Ardis MacNeil, John MacRitchie, 3.107.

... Announcement that Marjorie Pino was this year�s valedictorian brings to a climax a public school tenure during which she has distinguished herself with teachers and classmates alike. A member of the Tween Towers editorial staff for six years, having begun writing while in Junior High school, she has played an active role in promoting the best interests of the school. She has participated in Girl Reserves work, tutored in various subjects and last fall was named �Best Citizen� of her class in activities in the "Daughters of the American Revolution". The daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Austin Pino of 4 E. Fayette street, Marjorie�s sister, Kathryn was salutatorian of her class in 1939.

... Adhering to tradition, the honor students will be in charge of the 70th annual high school commencement, which will take place Thursday June 8.

Source: Tween Towers, Published by the Students of Hillsdale High, Hillsdale, Michigan, Volume 41, Number 8, May 9, 1944, Front Page

Engagement Announcement, 25 AUG 1948

"Marjorie Pino Engaged to Wed"

Mr. and Mrs. Austin L. Pino, 49151 West Ann Arbor road, Plymouth, Mich., formerly of Hillsdale, announce the engagement of their daughter, Marjorie Anna, to George M. Chute, 3rd, son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Chute, Garfield Avenue, Plymouth.

The wedding is being planned for next summer.

Both the bride and bridegroom-elects will be graduated from University of Michigan next June.

Miss Pino is a graduate of Hillsdale High school in the class of 1944, and Chute was graduated from Plymouth high school.

Source: August 25, 1948, either Plymouth or Hillsdale news source (unspecified)

Obituary, 01 MAR 2013

Marjorie Pino Chute, 86

Marjorie Pino Chute, a resident of Pelham from 1961 to 1991 and an active member of Huguenot Memorial Church, died on Saturday, January 26, 2013. She was 86.

Born in Lansing, MI on August 28, 1928, she was preceded in death by her daughter Barbara and son James. She is survived by her husband of 63 years, George, and daughter Jacqueline Chute of North Andover, MA. She is also survived by four grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and five nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Chute was class valedictorian of Hill Water High School [Hillsdale High School] in 1944 and graduated in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1949, at which time she married her husband. She resided mainly in Fairfield, Ohio, Pelham, NY and Newport RI before settling in Grand Rapids, MI in 2008 to be near her family.

Mrs. Chute was a high school Science Study Center Administrator before joining the engineering firm of Parsons Brinckerhoff of New York, as Proposal Coordinator for projects that included the �Big Dig� of Boston, a subway in Singapore, and an airport in Hong Kong.

Honoring her wishes, cremation has taken place.

Memorial contributions may be made to Clark Retirement Community Benevolent Fund, 1551 Franklin St., S. Grand Rapids, MI 49506 or to Faith Hospice, 2100 Raybrook St., Suite 300, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.

The Pelham Weekly, Pelham, NY, Friday March 1, 2013, Page 20

One sister, Kathryn Eugenia, who married Emery Seestedt, they live in Romulus, Michigan and Marine City, Michigan; 4 children: Ruth, Jean, Paul and Carl.

Definitely born at the wrong time � graduated from the University of Michigan School of Engineering at the top of her class at a time when she had to make a choice between being a wife/mother, or a career in engineering. However, she never regretted her choice, and did return to school in computer programming later in life; was a technical writer for the engineering firm which designed the Supercollider in Texas. Hated swimming; in previous experiences had "sunk like a stone"; one of her most terrifying moments was watching from behind a fence while 5-year old Jackie got out of a wading pool and jumped in the deep end of the adult pool to join her Dad unobserved by the wading pool lifeguard - and Dad was without his glasses and nearsighted (luckily, she'd managed to raise a child who was "part fish"; no harm done). Always believed that life was what you made of it; was always happy and cheerful; students she'd tutored at Pelham High School often returned to tell her how much she'd improved their lives. Is always the medical expert and the font of knowledge who knows everything there is to know about everything. Family saying: "I dunno, ask Mom."

From memorial service: "Marjorie Anna Chute, age 86, born in Lansing, August 28, 1926, passed away quietly and peacefully on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Marjorie was preceded in death by her daughter Barbara, and son, James. She is survived by her husband of 63 years, George, and daughter Jacqueline Chute of North Andover, Massachusetts. Marjorie is also survived by five nieces and nephews; four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren."


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Birthdate also listed as March 8, 1931.


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Notes on Jacqueline Irene Chute:

A Training Delivery specialist and facilitator (also a Technical Writer) in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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