Chute Family Notes: Notes 58-924 through 58-946

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Notes on Andrew Augustus Chute and Ida Brooks Chute:

WWI Civilian Draft Registration:

Chute, Andrew Augustus
Birth Date: 27 DEC 1877
Birth Place: Works in Wapato, WA
State: ID
Ethnicity: W
City/County: Bingham


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Notes on Chandler Luduska Chute, Sr. and Elizabeth Myrtle ("Lizzie") Hayes Chute:

At the time of the WWI draft, was in Lake, Florida.

Correspondence between Chandler Luduska Chute, Sr. and George M. Chute, Jr.

July 9, 1957

Dear Mr. Chute:

Thanks a lot for the information received from you today. It will help a lot.

Before I wrote you this spring, I had been told by Robert D. Chute of Casco that his grandfather Leander Chute was a brother to your father. But now that I see your father's birthdate, 1842, I'm more inclined to believe that your father was a younger brother of Leander's father, who was Freedom Chute.

To help clear this up, may I again bother you with a few more questions? Just return the bottom of this page.

With best wishes,

George Chute

Reply received sometime after July 9th, 1957:

GMC: Can you give me your grandfather Chute's name? CLC: Freedom Chute. Grandmother's name was Mary McClukus.
GMC: Can you name any of your father's brothers or sisters? I believe that Freedom had 12 brothers & sisters. CLC: Webster Chute, East Holden, Maine was all the uncles I remember, he died about 1936.
GMC: You probably do not remember their birth years, but if you happen to know their relative age, or the order in which they were born, it would help a lot. CLC: You can write to Mrs. Webster Chute at East Holden, Maine, and she can give you more information on them than I can.
GMC: Do you know where any of your Chute cousins are living now? Their names? CLC: May Chute Day lives in East Holden. I do not know where the others are.
GMC: About when did your daughter pass away? CLC: At birth.

Sincerely yours,

Chandler L. Chute


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The WWI civilian draft database lists birthplace as San Jose, California and current residence as Yuba, California.


Note    N927         Index
"W. Canadian; mom lives Mobile AL Jackson Co. MS"


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Notes on Pvt. Glenn Chute and Esther Ferne Stanley Jacobs Chute:

According to his daughter, Glenn Chute was killed in an automobile accident.


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"Naturalized citizen, Latah ID"


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Notes on Clarence Lee Chute, Ethel Ray Lindsey Chute and Kathryn M. Johnson Chute:

Partner in McTeague & Chute which was a multi-purpose company - they were funeral directors and also - when business was slow - were dealers in furniture, stoves, carpets, rugs -- and pianos.

Letter from Waldo Heber Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr.
11 MAR 1951

" ... Mr. Clarence Chute, a Funeral Director of New Lexington, Ohio, I am told, has a lot of information on the Chute family, I met him several years ago, but do not know him very well.

My brother Clarence met him one time in New Lexington, and this Mr. Chute said he had collected quite a lot of data on the name. He is a very high class gentleman and if you write him, no doubt he can assist you.

Wishing you success in every way, and with personal regards,
I remain,
Very truly yours

Waldo H. Chute

Letter from Kathryn M. (Johnson) Chute to George Maynard Chute, Jr.
24 APR 1951

C.L. Chute Co.
Funeral & Ambulance Service
Phone 16
New Lexington, Ohio

April 24, 1951

Dear Mr. Chute;

We received your interesting letter some time ago and fully expected to answer as soon as we could gather some information but Mr. Chute has been ill since November. In fact he has been in poor health for nearly three years so you can readily understand the delay.

With his help I am sending you a little information but his sister Dorothy Hause in Springfield has the family Bible with dates etc., and we had hoped to secure more accurate data for you. However, I am sending this on to you but will make an effort to send more.

I typed some family data from C.L.'s notes which may be of some interest in the event that you do not already have it.

Wishing you luck in your work and assuring you that we will put forth an effort to gain more information for you, I am,

Very truly,

(Mrs. C.L.) Kathryn M. Chute

From Chute Family Data Worksheet, Prepared by Arbie Bowman, 10 MAR2008

"My grandfather C. L. was apprenticing in Ironton, Ohio to be a funeral director and learning enbalming there. Met Ray and they ran away in a horse and buggy to be married - then traveled to New Lex and had their marriage dinner with Grandma Dora Belle and all the family - fried chicken of course.

Ray died during the influenza epidemic and was "laid out" at "the house" which my mom recalled as one of the worst nightmares a 9 year old could experience. At the time of her death my grandfather (who I called Pa) was building a new house on "the point" in New Lex, but Ray never got to enjoy it. That house was sold to Lydia Chute Kendrick and Arthur Kendrick's parents. Subsequently Pa built the C. L. Chute Funeral Home at 118 S. Jackson St. where they lived. Eventually Dory Chute moved in with the two of them, but my mom was a holy terror most of her life - and The Pa had his hands full. Ray Lindsey had two ancestors in the Rev. War - Peter Lindsey and his son John Lindsey."


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Also listed as "Loton Charles Chute".


Note    N932         Index
Birthplace also listed as Sawyerville.


Note    N933         Index
First name also listed as "Gerry".


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Notes on David or Daniel Hudson and Caroline Jane Guest Hudson:

There is a question about their marriage date, as many Ancestral Web sites have them being married before their children were born. We are still searching for a legitimate marriage record.


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Notes on Eaton Laury Chute and Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Chute:

This individual was originally placed under Eaton Chute, and has been correctly moved to his brother, Traverse (or Travis) Brinton Chute. Many thanks to their descendants for helping set the record straight.

"I am bothered by the fact that my dad Morris Winfred Chute never mentioned this man Eaton and seems if he was a brother we would have known about him as we lived in MA for a number of years then in ME, this seems unusual to me. I have seen Eaton L. Chute's name mentioned in other genealogies, but I have not been able to find out their sources. I would like to learn who this person is. Eaton L. Chute's birth in 1888 makes him born before my grandparents were married in 1892. I wonder if some one has jumped to the conclusion that he must fit into the family because my grandfather's name is Eaton too. My Grandfather Eaton also had an Uncle named EATON."

Muriel Olive Chute Hart, via e-mail, 30 MAY 2003


Note    N939         Index
Listed as living in Carmichael, California.


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Notes on George Trim and Madella Louisa Chute Trim:

vii. Madella L., b. Sept. 16, 1861; m. George Trim, Sept. 12, 1887.

Source: Chute, William Edward. A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America: With Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of Forty Allied Families Gathered from the Most Authentic Sources. Salem, Massachusetts, 1894. Page 108

Madelia's birth year has also been listed as 1862.

From a newspaper obituary: "Died - Mrs. George TRIM, Aylmer, 49th year, dau of late William CHUTE and Margaret GLOVER." Newspaper dated February 15, 1912. Newspaper not identified, but transcribed by Deborah Glover.


Note    N58-942         Index
Notes on Fillmore Chute and Winifred Brown Chute:

Fillmore's given name is also recorded as Philmore.


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Notes on Loretta or Lauretta Ann Chute:

Her grand-nephew, Paul Chute Brackenbury records his great-aunt as being a "singer in Toronto" when he completed his Chute Family Data Worksheet in 2002; the 1881 Canadian Census records her as also being employed as a Music Teacher in Stratford, Ontario, living in a boarding house.


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Notes on Maud Olivia Chute:

Maud Olivia Chute was the City Clerk of Hillsboro, Vernon County, Wisconsin for 20 years. The descendants of Alfred Chute held a reunion and discussed updating their branch of William Edward Chute's 1894 Genealogy. Maud Olivia was appointed the point person on the project. Shortly after this reunion, she was contacted by George M. Chute, Jr., seeking information. The correspondence between Maud Olivia and other members of her family is extensive, and she communicated everything she learned to George M. Chute, Jr., for his 1967 Supplement. As a result of their correspondence, the two compiled a mimeographed pamphlet on the Descendants of Alfred Chute, for this branch of the family.

1950     1951     1952     1953     1956

Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
February 6, 1950

Dear Mr. Chute:

Your letter arrived in the mail today; and I was rather surprised although I don't know exactly why I should be. We have a cousin in Yakima, Washington who says there are more Chutes than there are decent people*. Interpret it as you like!

[Note: *I believe this was either George Roger Chute, or his irrepressable mother.]

It was a few years ago I wrote to those girls in New York; I did mention a reunion and invited them to attend; they sent regrets; we can't always do as we like. This reunion is sort of a, shall I say, permanent affair. It is held in or near a small country community called Cooperstown, Illinois. There was formerly a post office there which has been discontinued. There is a school, 2 churches, a telephone exchange, a grocery store, garage and a few retired farmers. The last few years this reunion has been held in Scripp Park in Rushville, Illinois. There is usually a good attendance, 100 or more. But, these are all descendants of my grandfather Alfred Chute. There are still 2 sons living near Cooperstown, 83 and 89 years old. My own father passed away March 6, 1949, nearly 93 years old. He was Andrew Fuller Chute and I am presuming you have a genealogy and will find us listed there under his name. We have a copy of the 1894 book too, but it is presently in Cooperstown.

At the meeting last year, bringing the genealogy up to date was discussed and I was appointed to investigate the necessity, steps, cost, etc. But, again, it was discussed that the effort of gathering data for ALL the families in the 1894 book would be more than our minds could undertake and we decided to take in only the descendants of Alfred Chute our grandfather. We will be glad to cooperate with others who would want to take the lead in going beyond the one branch. It is going to be quite a task for us to get all the data we want, as there are so many who are living far away and don't even know what we are planning.

I know that William Chute traveled many many miles and spent a lot of money in gathering material for the 1894 book; and it took him years to get it and get it in order. I say he did a very good job of it.

I have no material yet as every family is supposed to get the data and then we can put it in order. We have written to Mabel Louise Keech, North Shore Hotel, Evanston, Illinois and she can be very helpful; I don't know what her business is, but it was from her that we obtained our genealogy. She also sent samples of forms to be filled out and she would assist in arranging them, for a fee; and see about publishing, but we didn't want to do anything until we had some idea as to expense, etc., as the folks are asking, "What will it cost?" We estimate there are now about 550 families to be listed, but not all will want a copy of the book.

On the back of this sheet, I will copy the form Mabel Louise Keech favored as it contained more information than the other forms.

I will be glad to hear from you again.

Very sincerely,

Maud Chute

I had to use a different sheet of paper as this is not large enough.

(Not attached)

Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
March 10, 1950

Mr. Geo M. Chute
Plymouth, Mich.

Esteemed Cousin:

I had not intended to delay answering your letter but events ganged up on me to interfere with it. I am not able right now to give you the information you ask for, but I know where I can get it, sooner or later.

You are asking for the sons: don't the daughters have any consideration in your scheme of the genealogy? I think there really are more daughters than sons; I know their names if they marry are not likely to be Chute, but they should be considered.

I think, too, you should put your efforts on the other branches of the family; the only one likely to cause us an difficulties is Angelina's family. Probably somebody around Cooperstown, Illinois may know of some of the family's whereabouts. Personally, I have not seen ANY of them.

Three years ago, Elberta Chute Tupper visited here; her home was in California, but she was visiting a brother and passed away from a heart attack. Her grandfather was Edmund Chute. Her brother lives at Harsens Island, Michigan; name Eral Chute. You may know him. She went with us to the reunion and was so thrilled to meet so many relatives, and enjoyed heself immensely. Eral Chute should be able to give you quite a bit of data.

You mention that your idea was to leave a history of the family for future generations for reference. If some of the books are not sold, where is the cost of the printing, binding, etc., coming from? Perhaps I have the wrong idea. I know that some of the folks would like a copy; how many I can't tell yet.

I had a notice from the publisher that B.J. Chute was having a book published; you wrote that Marchette is having a book published too: could it be the same book or are there two books?

[Note in the margin by GMC: "BJ: "The Fields Are White", Marchette: "Shakespeare of London, 9th Edition"]

I hope to have more information to offer when I write again.

Very sincerely,

Maud Chute

Letter from Helen Olene Murphy Auble to Maud Olivia Chute. Forwarded by Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

1314 Georgetown Road
Danville, Illinois
April 14, 1950

Dear Maud:

I received your letter and have been trying to do as you asked. Enclosed is the best I can do at present � I hope soon to be able to complete the record for you.

Some of my family are a little negligent � and as I don�t know exact dates of all, I�ll only send what I do know exact dates of.

Our April is like Jan. and it has us with colds. I don�t like it very well.

Tell Smoke and Alf hello from me and my best wishes to you.

I hope to have more of the record for you soon.


Helen Auble

Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
June 1, 1950

Dear Folks,

... Martin Luther Chute died about May 20, 1920. 1. Son Andrew lives at 1205 Cherry St., Yakima, Wash. He married Ida Brooks, date later. Adopted Helen who was born May 12, 1909 when she was a tiny baby; Helen married Hal Volmer, lives at 6507 N. Mississippi St., Portland 3. There are no children.
2. Alfred Edward lives at Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. Children have same address.
3. Ernest Ellsworth married Esther Hannan who lives at 300 S. Hayes St., Pocatello, Idaho. I think she is a school teacher. Merle, their only child, m. Lewis Baldon.
4. Harriet Ardelia b. July 4, 1894 m. Arthur Gregory June 1916. Son Arthur Glen b. May 25, 1917 Son unnamed died at birth when mother also died. Arthur Glen G. m. Fern Larson 1947, no children, address unknown.
Glen, b. Sept. 21, 1891 m. Esther Ferne Stanley Jacobs Aug 9 1919. a. Glennis Irene, b. (Private), m. George Raymond Lynch. Have (a) twins Geo R. II b. [Private] dau Barbara Jo, live at Jeffersonville, Indiana. (b) Richard Martin, b. [Private]; (c) Robert Andrew b. [Private], (d) Margaret Claire, b. [Private] Address Orting WA, (e) Laurel Helen b. [Private]

My mother Caroline Bauer Chute died December 20, 1922 and is buried in Mt. Vernon Cem. in Hillsboro, Wis.
My father Andrew F. married the second time Emma Wilcox a widow in Salem, Oregon. She died November 26, 1941 and is buried in Salem Ore.
Father then returned to Hillsboro, Wis to make his home with us. He died Mar 6, 1949 and is buried in Mount Vernon cem. also.
Alfred H. single lives in Hillsboro. He and I own our home together. He receives a railroad retirement mention and social security; I too receive social security.
Adolph A. lives at Elroy, Wis. He and his wife Emma own and operate Hotel Elroy. He has run this hotel 18 years and doing well. Son George E. helps at the hotel but lives with his family in E.

The uncles J.H. and A.E. live near Coopertown Ill but the post office has been discontinued and their address is Mt. Sterling, Ill. J.H. had a son Halstead who died about 10 years ago, who has 3 sons ands a daughter/ I do not have names and dates at present. A.E. has 2 sons, 2 or 3 daughters; 1 son has 6 sons � lots of CHUTES. Names and dates for them later.

Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
August 25, 1950

Dear Cousin,

Now that vacations are over, we have to get into the harness again.

I did not accomplish much towards the genealogy at the reunion. Many do not come until noon, and this year it began to rain before the dinner was over, so there was no program and no chance "to speak my piece" as so many packed up and went home. The reunion was July 16; Ida, wife of J.H. Chute, died July 8, and was buried July 11. There was an error in the 1894 book. Ida Snyder married --?-- Daab and he drank so heavily she divorced him after Carl was born. Carl Daab is not J.H. Chute's son. I'll get all the data for them later. J.H. and Ida lived in her house, on a side hill, for nearly 60 years. The yard is full of trees with many of the roots above the ground which made walking hazardous. The house is old, nearly eaten up with termites; no modern conveniences, no electricity, but it's home to J.H. and he is there every day but at night stays with a daughter about 3/4 mile away. He is well-looked after by all the relatives and could be so comfortable if he would leave the old house. He would be broken hearted if it should burn down. The children did bargain for a house for J.H & Ida a couple of years ago but he said Ida could go there but he would not. It is 15 miles to a doctor. J.H. & A.E. both seem better physically and more active than a year ago.

I have mislaid your last letter, so if there is something you asked about, you will have to write about it again.

Did you see the 3 Chute girls this summer? We hope you folks had a nice vacation. I don't envy you, but I do love to go "places", especially where I have not been. We have been talking about a trip to Southern Missouri, but I imagine it's much warmer there than here so if we do go it will be much later. Too, one can't always get away when we want to.

I hope I'll have some more news for you later.


Maud Chute


Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
April 16, 1951

Esteemed Cousin:

I seem to have the faculty of mislaying your letters. I think I take them to Elroy for my brother there to read and do not get them back.

I haven�t been able to get any more data for the genealogy. If I go to the reunion this summer, I plan, now, to go a few days earlier and perhaps stay longer than usual. I gave up the city clerkship this spring (after 20 years) and so won�t be quite so tied down. I think the majority of the Chutes are rather indifferent to the genealogy. But, in a few years, when somebody needs a proof that is given only in the genealogy, it will give them a different view, My father needed a proof that was given in the genealogy, to help him get an old age pension. My older brother had to have a proof of age, it too was given in the genealogy, and was accepted when he applied for a railroad pension.

We offer our congratulations on the new book. We hope it is the success you desired and expected. May we hear more about it?


Maude Chute

Comment from GMC: �Answ. May 11, �51.

Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
August 15, 1951

Cousin George:

I've really been so "occupied" since the reunion, I didn't get around to write you. I had pretty good luck at the reunion and was in that neighborhood only two days. I expect to go to Yakima, Wash. next week and will be gone about 3 weeks. I expect more data, too, by that time.

I hope you had a pleasant summer, tho' here we haven't had any summer, it's been cool and quite wet.

I'll write again after I get home.


Maud Chute

Letter from Hallie Oleta Chute to Maud Olivia Chute

Payson, Illinois
Sept 25, 1951

Dear Maud:

I now have a little time to begin a reply to your inquiry concerning the furnishing of data of my immediate family for the genealogy. Here it is, as near as I can get it now.

Hallie Oleta Chute. Born April 8, 1899, near Cooperstown, Brown County, Illinois. Married to Dwight Herbert Adams, August 2, 1919. He born June 1, 1900, at Cooperstown, Brown County, Illinois. Of this marriage, one son - James Herbert Adams, born Nov 19, 1922, near Cooperstown, Brown County, Illinois. Married to Mary Margaret Veith, on Oct 5, 1947. She was born April 12, 1921, near Mr. Sterling, Brown County, Illinois. Born to them a daughter Jacquelyn, October 12, 1950, in Champaign, Champaign, Illinois.

Hallie Oleta Adams divorced from Dwight H. Adams October 1939. Married to Grover C. Daniels, September 2, 1949. He was born November 17, 1885, near Payson, Adams County, Illinois.

I can't help a lot right now on Aunt Angelina's family, but might [have?] some information a little later on. This I know. She had a daughter in Canada by her first marriage, named Eva, and who married a man by the name of Steel. She died childless. When and where, I can't say. Aunt Lena was married a number of times. If Mamma were alive, she could help on this for she knew quite a bit about her activities and her marriages.

The folks told me most of what I know; however, I remember her very well. I suppose Papa told you she died in Eureka Springs, Ark. In what year I don't know yet. Will try to get some more on this and let you know.

We expect to go South again this winter. It may be we could go by way of Eureka Springs, and come home that way.

May not be able to make you that visit this year, I'm having my teeth out, but many thanks, we appreciate the invitation. Would like for you folks to drive down and make us a visit. Hope you had a nice time on your trip West.

We are having cool and damp weather now. Heat from the furnace feels good these days.

Let's hear from you, and take care of yourselves. Bye now.


Your Cousin,



Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wis; Aug 18, 1952

Dear cousin,

It�s time I was returning your manuscript. You will notice a few corrections. I have heard from Wesley Barclift�s daughter; she sent the date of Charles Wesley�s marriage, between June 5 and June 10, 1945, which now I think about finishes the available data. At the reunion it was asked how long a time would be allowed for more items and I agreed that it would be left open until Jan 1, 1953 for any further births, deaths or marriages. I hope that is agreeable with you. Those present at the reunion were very interested in set-up and gave all the information possible. I, too, hope you will see a way to list all the grand, great-grand and great-great grandchildren that you have the names for.

One descendant of the Chute clan; a great grandson of Selina Eliz. Chute Wilson, has asked for an exact copy of the Chute �coat of arms� to have engraved on a ring in Japan, where it can be done so very reasonable. It has been transferred from the one in the genealogy and sent to him. SO*O*O it has been SUGGESTED, by a relative, to have copy of this coat of arms printed in this new book with the pictures of our (my) grandfather and grandmother, also in the book. I myself question the matter but what do you think????? Speak freely, please.

I am enclosing an item from a daily. You could possibly have met the man mentioned. I received it about a week ago. [The item was not kept with the letter.]

I hope that by Dec I will have the exact day for Chas Wesley�s marriage.

We have had plenty of rain this season and the weather has been on the cool order. The gardenias good. The cannas, glads, dahlias are out in great profusion and the asters are coming.

I hope you had an enjoyable vacation. Regards to Mrs. Chute.

Did I do anything wrong --- I am sorry. I mean in extending the date. But they do want their hopefuls listed, too.

As ever,


Christmas card and letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
December 12, 1952

Dear Cousin,

Here is that pest again!! I know you are very busy so tried not to bother you. Just received a card from Oregon, with two births reported on it. They belong to the Chute-Barclift limb.

Under Wesley Barclift's division: Harriette Barclift - Leo J James, parents of Helena Marie James, both [Private] at Eugene, Oregon.

Betty Temple and Joyce Barclift, a son born [Private] named Stephen Temple Barclift.

It is possible I may hear more before the deadline.

I suppose you have gotten into the swing of your work by now, and that it is easier. You will have a breathing spell during the holidays.

I wish you and Mrs. Chute a nice Christmas.


Maud Chute


Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
July 6, 1953

Dear Cousin, Here is that pest again!!!!! but time is running out and we will be all caught up.

I have bought the cream color cover material, and am sending a sample that you may see. I take it you have saved yourself a copy: or several, of the "books" or can make them if desired. These covers cost me, for 50 now, $1.82, nearly 4� each, which is about as cheap as if you sent the folders, with postage.

You wrote that your expense would be about 10� a copy. At that rate you would receive 10.00. I would like to send you your part as soon as I collect it, and then I keep what comes later as received. Would the $10.00 be ample to cover all your expenses? Please be very frank about it. We did not go into it for a money making venture but I think we should try to come out whole. I sincerely appreciate all you have done to make the project the success it is. Without your assistance, it would have been so MUCH more expensive. On my part, I enjoyed doing it and really have a thrill in the realization of a task well done.

The reunion this year will be held July 19, being the third Sunday in July. At least I have had no other word on it. It will be held in Scripp Park in Rushville. Scripp Brothers donated the park to the city in memory of a sister. It is a lovely park - ball park, swimming pools, tables, benches, etc. It had been held at the homes of the families, but it made a lot of work for the one�s home at which it was held and some were not able physically to do it, so it was decided to hold the party in this park. The reunion was formerly held the second Sunday in July but when I told them, while I was city clerk, I could not attend for the second Sunday, it was changed to the third and there has been no suggestion to change it back.

Fruits and no flowers are so �short season" this summer. Strawberries are already out. Our everbearing were in early and are done bearing; we have high hopes they will begin again soon and continue until frost. Our Regal Lilies are beautiful. The canna bulbs I held over did not grow this summer. My sister-in-law put some in dirt early in the spring and they are growing; so, we live and learn. My neighbor has Oriental poppies and I am trying to raise some from seed from her garden. I can not be out anything.

We had a nice rain yesterday, but we are not suffering for want of rain now; might be later. Gardens are fine. West of us the wind did much damage, and in Iowa.

The lad who mows our lawn was at the cottage up in the northern part of Wis, and brought us 4 very nice crappies; best meal of fish I have had for more than a year. 2 years ago, and 4 years ago we got fresh salmon from the Columbia and had it canned at the cannery in Yakima. It was SO good, it spoiled our appetite for "store� salmon. I hope we may be able to get some again this year. Andy Chute of Yakima wrote that The Graves of Perrysville Ind. are driving out and I should be with them. I'll know more about it later.

I hope your weather is as nice as our today. The air is so fresh and clear.

Remember us to Mrs. Chute. I like to hear from you soon.




Letter from Maud Olivia Chute to George M. Chute, Jr.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin
June 18, 1956

Dear George,

Was surprised to receive your letter. Just thought you too busy to write, and I had no news to send you. I haven't been to Illinois since 1954. I was a delegate of the Women's Guild of the Congregational Church at a convention called "Women's House Party" at Green Lake, Wisconsin last year which met about the same time as the reunion at Rushville, Illinois.

There has been the usual increase in births but not so many among the surname Chute; such as I have follows on the next page.

I don't know yet if I shall attend the reunion at Rushville, Illinois this year. The temp in that vicinity in 1954 the day a friend and I drove down there was 114-degrees and terribly dry, and such heat does not agree with my disposition. My brother Alfred is in better health now than he has been for 3 years, since his spell in the local hospital, but at 77 he can't do the things he did 20 years ago. Strange, eh?

As for myself, I try to keep up with my share of the work. Am fine, but have given up most outside responsibilities that take much exertion. I'm still sec. of the Q.E.S. and church clerk of the First Cong. Church.

Last week we traded our 18 year old Plymouth sedan for a 2 year old Plymouth. The old one gave us good service but we had a chance to make a good trade and took it. Alfred plans to drive to McGregor, Minn for the weekend with it. Our hot dry spell has broken and the temp today is 64 degrees, humidity 80% and the lawns and gardens already smile again.

You better enjoy those grandchildren now. They grow up pretty fast, and the distance not far with a good car. What do you drive?

Will write again,


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Roger Dennis Chute, born [Private] to Marion Chute and Shirley Jean Edwards, who were married in August 21, 1953.
Robert Gale Chute, Jr., born November 20, 1953 to Robert Gale and Jocelyn Ransom.
Brian Allen Chute born [Private] to Willis G and Claire Chute, Brooks, Alberta

James Hervy Chute, 88 died January 18, 1954
Hallie (Chute, Adams) Daniels died of cancer October 8, 1955, aged 56.
Adolph A Chute, 70, died October 19, 1954, at Elroy, Wisconsin.


Miss Maude Chute, 79, a highly regarded, lifelong resident of Hillsboro, and for twenty-one years City Clerk here until her retirement in May, 1951, passed away Sunday, June 25, 1961 at St. Joseph's Memorial Hospital in Hillsboro. She had been in failing health for more than a year and during the past few months her condition had become increasingly critical.

Funeral services were held at the First Congregational Church of Hillsboro, at one-thirty p.m., Tuesday June 27. The Reverend J. Paul Tatter, pastor of the church, officiated at the rites. Eastern Star services were held at eight p.m. Monday night in the Hart Funeral Home. Burial was in Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Maude Olivia Chute, daughter of Andrew Chute and Caroline Bauer Chute, was born April 14, 1882 at Hillsboro, Vernon County, Wisconsin. She attended the Hillsboro schools and graduated from Hillsboro High School with the Class of 1898.

For several years she taught in rural schools of Eastern Vernon County, including the Champion Valley, Burnham, Staley and Trippville district schools. Later, for a number of years, she was employed as a saleswoman in various Hillsboro stores.

In April 1930, she was elected Clerk of the Village of Hillsboro. She continued in that capacity, becoming City Clerk when Hillsboro became a city in the year 1939. Miss Chute was successfully re-elected City Clerk until in 1951 when she choose to retire from the position on May 1st of that year. After her retirement from the office of Clerk, she served for nearly 10 years as a member of the Election Board of the City of Hillsboro.

Miss Chute was a member of the First Congregational Church of Hillsboro and has served as Church Clerk for more than two decades.

She was a member of the Elizabeth Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star of Hillsboro, had served as Worthy Matron and Secretary of that Chapter and was a member of the Past Matrons Club. She was especially honored October 15, 1957 when she was presented with a Golden Anniversary pin and a Life Membership Certificate in observance of her fiftieth year as a member of the Eastern Star.

She was also a member of the Women's Civic Club and had served as an officer and on important committees of that organization. For a number of years she was an active member and an officer in the Women's Republican Club of Hillsboro. She was the author of the "Chute Family Genealogy", a volume that required many years of careful historical research.

Miss Chute is survived by one brother, Alfred H. Chute of Hillsboro, one nephew George Chute of Elroy, other relatives and a large number of friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Chute; and one brother Adolph A. Chute.

In the death of Miss Chute there is mourned the loss of a lady whose kindness, leadership and guidance in many fields of community interest and welfare provided a helpful and inspiring influence that will long continue to be treasured by all those who were her associates or companions.

Her devotion to her home and the members of her family, her service in behalf of other people and in the best interest and progress of the community and the organizations of which she was a member will always be a precious legacy in the memories of all those who now so deeply mourn her death.


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Notes on Ernest August Ney Chute and Mary Rosabel Teetzel:

Ernest has also been listed as "Ernest Augustus Nay Chute" with a birthdate of March 24, 1859.

Mary Rosabel Teetzel was listed in WEC as Rose Tisdale; this is a misspelling. According to grandson Paul Chute Brackenbury, Ernest was a county police constable and farmer. "There are many interesting stories about his experiences". Mary Rosabel attended highschool and teacher's college and was a schoolteacher.

That she might have remarried is based upon her Fingal Cemetery stone marker, which has been transcribed:

"Listed on cemetery marker as "Ernest Ney Chute", 153, Large grey pillar
West side - Elizabeth/wife of/Jas. TEETZEL/who died/August 25, 1885/aged/58 years
South side - In / memory of / Jas. N. TEETZEL / who died / March 23, 1884 / aged 54 years / - /
TEETZEL North side - Ernest Ney CHUTE / March 24, 1860 / May 19, 1930 /
Rosabel CHUTE / BATE / 1870-1956
Markers - 2, west of TEETZEL


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Also listed as Helen Gertrude.

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