Chute Family: Missing Chutes and UFO's
Missing Chutes and UFO's

UFO Collection: (Unidentified Family Offspring)
Date of Latest Addition or Update: Friday, July 14, 2017

Over the years, my grandfather, and then my father, and then I, randomly collected articles about anyone with the last name of "Chute", hoping at some point to connect them to the Family Tree. Sometimes other Chutes sent them, with a "thought this might interest you" message; at other times, they happened to be in a newspaper or magazine one of us happened to be reading at the time. This (rather thick) folder is titled "UFO's", for "Unidentified Family Offspring". Many of these Chutes were written about for their skills, accomplishments and success, so we know that someone out there has to be extraordinarily proud of them - we'd just like to know who! In some cases (mainly) due to location and age, we can make educated guesses about who they belong to, but we'd prefer to have our guesses substantiated by someone who actually knows them. Better yet, if you happen to be one of these UFO's yourself, we'd especially like to hear from you.

As I said, this file folder is rather thick, so I'll only be adding a few at a time, but if any of these names and descriptions ring a bell with anyone, please drop us a line and let us know. It would be a big help!

Looking for Obituary, Harry Lloyd Chute

Hoping to get obit on my uncle Harry Chute, born May 22, 1926, he died Apr 18, 1995.

Posted by Viola Beavers on Fri, 11 Aug 2000.

Joseph Chute - Mary Jane Rowan Chute

Seeking descendants of Joseph Chute, who died October 16, 1888 aged about 40 years, and his wife Mary Jane (nee Rowan). They are buried in Elmbank R.C. cemetery, 5th Line East, Toronto twp.

Brian Gilchrist on Mon, 04 Sep 2000.

Stanley Arthur Blue - Lillian Pearl Chute Blue

"I am writing on behalf of Leonard Everett Blue. Lenny is interested in contacting his cousins Diane and Cheryl. Can you please let me know how I can assist him in that task? Thank you. Linda Weiner".

If anyone knows Diane or Cheryl Blue, please let us know - we will put you in touch with Linda.

Mike Chute

Mike Chute, Stuntman, The 300

Speaking of popular Chutes, those of us who enjoyed the film of Leonidas and 300 Spartans battling the entire Persian Army (The 300) with Gerard Butler in the title role, might be surprised to learn that one of our own was among those impressive sword-wielding Spartans. That would be MIKE CHUTE, who appears to be one of our Quebec-based Canadian Chutes, although I'm not sure which Michael Chute he is - (no doubt he's the very hungry one. Actor David Wenham described the training regimen the cast endured to play the physically fit Spartans - their mid-morning snack after a morning of training? Six almonds.) Mike's resume on the Internet Movie Database includes his years of stunt work, as a coordinator, as an actor and as a stuntman. He has also doubled for actors like Bruce Willis, Cary Elwes, Steve Guttenberg, Anthony Michael Hall, John Malkovich, David Carridine and William Hurt.

If anyone can place this Mike Chute in the family tree somewhere, drop us a line and let us know.

Robert Chute, Eric Chute

Here are two extremely popular Chutes (if you're a United States Superbowl fan) that I haven't been able to identify yet. A Robert Chute of Charlotte, 40, and an Eric Chute are two of the four men responsible for starting up a grassroots petition to recognize a "Superbowl Monday" holiday ... or as it is more popularly known: "National Hangover Day". If anyone would like to sign their petition, their website can be found at Maybe while you're signing their petition, you can ask them where they fit into the Chute Family.

Hillary L. Chute

Hillary L. Chute, University of Chicago

A member of the faculty of the Department of English, Rutgers University in New Jersey. This Hilary was the author of a number of papers and articles related to modern fiction literature, and conducted "An Interview with Alison Bechdel", in "Modern Fiction Studies"; Winter 2006, Vol. 52 Issue 4, p1004-1013. In 2010, she published Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics through Columbia University Press. She has an extensive catalog of published articles and papers. Our only record of a Hilary Chute is a "Hilary T." Chute, so if anyone knows this Hilary, let us know!

F.J. Chute, Professor of Economics, City of London School for Boys

It is possible that this individual has already been recorded, but is not easily recognizable solely by his initials. In the academic 2005-6 calendar year, he was employed as a Professor of Economics at the City of London School for Boys. He is recorded as having obtained a M.A. from Trinity College, Dublin, and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of London.

Source URL:

Mystery Solved!
... by his younger sister Elizabeth Chute Carroll, who wrote to tell us that this is her eldest brother, Frederick J. Chute, one of the sons of Arthur Chute of Listowel.

Laura Chute, Surrey, Inhouse Recruiter for Jani-King

From an advertisement/job Posting. While there was no date attached to the advertisement, the surrounding advertisements appeared to be in the 2004-2005 date range. The advertisement was for an opening as "Head Housekeeper" to manage a team of up to 30 people in a "well established hotel in Bristol City Center", the Travel Inn. However, the contact for prospective employees was the In-house recruiter for Jani-King, a company which provides staffing for hotels in Great Britain. Miss Laura Chute was listed as the In-house recruiter, located in Kingston on Thames, in Surrey. No further information is known about her at this time.

Brian Chute, married to Brooke Leanne Balding

Brian has been added to the family records based on Balding Family records which did not identify his parents. If anyone knows Brian and Brooke - or knows which branch of the family Brian is connected to, please let me know.

George Chute, Author, Reluctant Warrior

The author's biography at the conclusion of Reluctant Warrior reads: "George Chute is retired and living in Green Valley, Arizona. George worked in the insurance industry, most recently as an underwriting vice president for a large property-casualty insurer. He grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and went to school at Western Michigan University. Following graduation from Western, George was drafted and spent two years in the Army. He served a tour of duty in Vietnam and was discharged in 1970, a decorated infantry NCO. George lived in Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota before moving to Arizona. George and his wife Kathy have discovered a variety of interests in retirement, including travel, golf and hiking in the southermn Arizona mountains. George has always been an avid reader, and had considered witing a book about Vietnam for a number of years. Retirement afforded him the opportunity to finally do it."

The book itself is now in the Chute family archives - and I can't place this George properly on the family tree - anyone know this George? Let me know!

Kay Chute, Art Historian, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Kay was located on a list of participants in an art lecture series, the "Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek". The series was described as an "intensive course on the culture of the Low Countries in the seventeenth century for art historians, [which took] place in Amsterdam and Antwerp from 11 to 23 January 1999. The course was organized by the Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek for a group of PhD candidates specialized in the study of Netherlandish art coming from all over the world. The course consisted of a series of lectures concerning several aspects of Dutch and Flemish culture during the XVIIth century, as well as visits to libraries, archives, institutes of research (such as RKD in The Hague and Rubenianum in Antwerpen)." Kay was listed as a participant.

Carol Chute, Teufelberg German Shepherd

Carol was found on a list titled, "Kennel Names in North American of German Shepherd Breeders Past and Present" ... one hopes they meant "North America"(if not, this sounds like we have our own peculiar North American language or something), but in any event, there was no description of where these kennels were located, or whether each individual listed was "past" or "present". Very confusing list. I'm hoping someone is familiar with "Teufelberg" as either a place name, or a married name ... and can help me place this Carol ... who may or may not be living, and who lived or lives somewhere on the continent of North America. That should narrow it down.

Bea Chute, California Legislative Contact

There is no date on this contact list, so it's uncertain when "Bea Chute" was a legislative contact for the California School Library Association. We do have a Beatrice whose last known residence was in San Marino, California. Based on this list, she appeared to be the contact for Richard Floyd in District 55, Bob Margett in District 59 and Senator Richard Mountjoy, in District 29.

Mystery Solved!
... by her daughter Catherine Elizabeth Chute Olsen, who wrote to say, "Your article posted on the "Missing Chutes" is correct except she lives in Arcadia, CA and retired a few years ago from the Library Association. She is my mom.

Annie Chute, Windsor (NS) Spring Horse Show, 2000

With so many Chutes in Nova Scotia, you'd think this one would be easy. But there are so many living "Ann's" and "Anna's", and Chutes with "Ann" and "Anna" in their names that this accomplished horsewoman could be almost anyone. Surely someone in the Nova Scotia region knows of an Annie Chute who came in 2nd in Equitation, 3rd in Junior Hack riding Sir Benjamin, and 2nd riding Fascinatin' Rhythm.

Caroline Chute, Rice University

Caroline was discovered in a list of Rice University associates and at the time that the list was created, was living in or around Woodstock, Connecticut. We have Caroline's, but none contemporary, and we do have a Carole, living in Connecticut of about the right age, but no one who would match up with this Caroline.

Byron Chute, Ohio Northern University Wrestler

This Byron was ranked #157 in the final rankings of the "Nation's Best High School Seniors, 2000" in Wrestling USA magazine. From the State of Ohio, he was recruited by Ohio Northern, and we're sure that someone out there is extremely proud of him!

Marilyn Chute, Brock University Payroll Systems

Marilyn's job description on the Brock University website was: "Administers the payroll systems for all university CUPE and time sheet (as required) employees and updates and maintains all related records. Other areas of involvement include preparation of T4's, pension adjustments and other payroll related documentation." She sounds way too busy to be surfing the internet in search of Chute family web sites, so ... does anyone out there have a Marilyn making sure that everyone at Brock University gets paid? We'd love to hear from you.

Marilyn Chute, Roadwalking Champion

This Marilyn was recorded as coming in fourth in the 2000 Ontario Roadwalking Championships. What is truly impressive about her fourth place finish is that the records also list her birth year and age (1945 and 55, respectively), and that she finished a mere 6 minutes after the 16 year old first-place winner! However, as we're missing birthdates of the various Marilyn's who fit the locale, we suspect this might be Marilyn LaRose Chute, wife of Earl Wayne Chute of Ontario, but we need someone to verify that for us.

Cheryl Chute, Stow, Maine, USA

This final - I think - Cheryl Chute is on the board of directors for the Maine School Administrative District #72, in Stow, Maine. One of our known Cheryl Chute's may have moved, as we have no record of anyone in Stow, Maine.

Cheryl Chute Urban (Thomas) and Rick Chute

Cheryl Chute Urban ("formerly Cheryl Thomas") is the historian for the Orange County, California chapter of Mayflower descendants, listed as a descendant of Richard Warren, one of the Merchant Adventurers. While there wasn't a "Chute" on the Mayflower, most of us are related to two other merchant adventurers, signers of the original charter (meaning that we wisely stayed home, shelled out the money, and waited to see what happened to the first group - and THEN wandered over to the Colonies a few years later!), so the mention of a "Rick Chute" as winning a prize at their annual picnic in a 1999 online edition of their "Scuttlebutt" newsletter may or may not mean that he was related to the group's historian. The odds are high that he is, but we can't figure out how! As we have no record of a Cheryl Chute, Cheryl Urban or Cheryl Thomas marrying a Rick or Richard Chute, or having a Rick or Richard as a sibling, we're stumped on this one! Anyone a member of the "Mayflower Organization" in California?

Cheryl Byrne Chute

This Cheryl, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota was mentioned in a Brainerd, Minnesota obituary dated 23 June 1999, for her mother, Lily Byrne. Cheryl Byrne is the daughter of Charles Henry Byrne and Lily Ann Olson Byrne who was herself the daughter of John A. Olson and Mary (Finney) Olson of Brainerd. We have no records of a Chute marrying a Cheryl Byrne, so if anyone recognizes her as a wife, mother, daughter or sister-in-law, let us know!

Cheryl Chute Miller, PH.D.

We have so many Cheryl Chute's, all about the same age, that we can't place this Cheryl Chute, a rather remarkable one. An associate professor in the Mathematics Depart at SUNY Potsdam, Dr. Chute did have a home page at one time, which either moved or the web site address was recorded incorrectly. If you're looking for a job as an Associate Professor of Mathematics, she's also listed as the prime contact for your resume ... although she might not be too pleased at receiving thousands of resumes from other Chutes all admitting, "Can barely balance my checkbook" - even if we are family!

Mystery Solved!
... by uncle William, who wrote to tell us that this is Cheryl Ann Chute, one of the four daughters of Robert Chute and Gail Patenaude, originally from Edison, New Jersey.

Jennifer Chute, U.S. Navy, Carrier Harry S. Truman

Jennifer was stationed on the carrier Harry S. Truman in 2000, directing aircraft landings. Her ship was "leading a battle group that includes two ships set to deploy in January (2001)." The carrier was sent to the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf area. Her mother's name is Janice Zepka of Williamsport, PA, mentioned as running along Pier 12 at the Norfolk Naval Station, waving a sign that read, "Jennifer We (Heart) U", as the carrier pulled away. Jennifer and her mother were mentioned in the Virginia newspaper "The Pilot" describing the deployment of the carrier, the "first major Atlantic Fleet deployment since the terrorist bombing of the Norfolk-based destroyer Cole in Yemen". Date of article was 11-29-2000. Title: "Harry S. Truman Battle Group Departs". Jennifer was 28 at the time of the article, her birth year of around 1972 is estimated based on this article.

Jason M. Chute, Medical Technology, Wheeling, WV

Jason is listed in a group of Health Science students who spend a part of their education getting hands-on experience with professionals in rural and urban centers around West Virginia. This Jason appears to be based in Wheeling, West Virginia, although he may or may not have born or lived there.

Cheryl Chute, Writer, London Free Press, Canada (Toronto)

This Cheryl is listed in the staff directory of the London Free Press, but the Canadian edition of it, which means that she probably would have been - or still is - based somewhere near Toronto, Canada.

Cathy Chute, Publisher, Harvard Magazine

This Cathy was quoted in article entitled, "The Many Faces of Affluence", written by Shelly Reese, for the publication Marketing Tools on November 25, 1997. At the time she was quoted, she was also the Executive Director of the Ivy League Magazine Network, and, at the time, no doubt resided in or around Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cathy Chute, Greenport, Long Island, New York

This second Cathy Chute, who we're assuming is a different Cathy Chute than the Massachusetts Cathy, above, was quoted in article, "Whistle Stop", written by Linda Crawford, for the Suffolk Times on April 29, 1999. Apparently, the Long Island Railroad had just introduced its new double-decker trains, which were required by law to blow their whistle at every intersection, which - and everyone on Long Island will back me up on this - meant that the new trains were blowing their thunderous whistles 24 hours a day. (Intersections on Long Island fall about 3.5 feet apart.) Cathy Chute was one of the residents of the area who had gone without sleep as a result ... which may have made her a little cranky. In fact, the exact quote was,

"Do I hear the train?", exclaimed Cathy Chute, from behind the counter at Colonial Drugs on Front Street. "Do I hear the train? I'd like to wring that man's neck."

So, if anyone encounters a Cathy Chute with dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep ... send her on over - and if we can find another Chute out there who makes "Industrial Strength Earplugs" - we'd like to hear from you, too - hopefully before she chokes the engineer ... which, come to think of it, would probably make her a hero on Long Island!

Mystery Solved!
... by Christina Barksdale, who wrote to tell us that this is Cathy Gentile Chute, now deceased, wife of James Chute, one of the sons of Walter Richard Chute, originally from New London, Connecticut.

Robert Chute, City Councilman, Niles, Michigan

From the May 12, 1999 issue of the South Bend Tribune: An article titled "Four File to Run for Niles Mayor", we found reference to a "Robert Chute", who was serving a four year term as city council representative for the 3rd Ward in Niles, Michigan. We have so many Roberts, none currently placed in Niles, Michigan ... and were hoping someone knew which Robert this was!

Mystery Solved!
... by daughter Leslie Chute-Surch, who wrote to tell us that this was her father, Robert Leslie Chute, last seen in Bay City, Michigan.

Jim & Brenda Chute

They appeared in the press quite recently (1998). Jim (and partner Robert Berday) wrote a song which was chosen as the official song of the 1998 Winter Games in Saskatchewan, titled, "The Games". The video of the song was used extensively during the promotion and advertising of the Games; many of you may have heard it, without knowing it was written and performed by a Chute. One of the performers on the video was Brenda Chute, who I believe may be Jim's sister, although I can't seem to locate the article which gave me that impression. This "Jim & Brenda Chute" were winners in the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (SCMA) in 1999, for "Best Vocal Collaboration".

Adrienne Chute

We have several "Adrienne"s listed; this one authored "Public Libraries in the United States: FY 1995", an Education Department publication, in 1998 and works for the National Center for Education Statistics, based in Washington, D.C. Adrienne may the daughter of Arthur Sydney Chute, but we would like confirmation of that, from anyone who might know her.

George Chute/Sarah Layton

You'd think with all the George Chutes we have in our family history, we could find this one, but this request from Sarah's descendant Jack Layton had us all scratching our heads. As Sarah Layton was the daughter of a William and Fanny Day Layton, this is the information he provided:

William Layton was in Nova Scotia in 1775 - a mystery as to his birth - his older brother was born in 1774 in Yorkshire; his next younger brother was born in Falmouth, NS, in 1776. And he wasn't on the ship's list of the 'Two Friends' in 1774. The family lived successively in Falmouth, Cornwallis, Horton {Wolfville, NS} Falmouth again, and Mount Denson, NS. William married Fanny Day in Horton on 21 February, 1799. Sarah was born there 4 Dec, 1799. They remained in Horton until 1801 when William and his brother, Francis, migrated to Great Village, NS. [Francis was my direct ancestor, and I was born in Great Village.] Fanny Day was reputed to be an English governess, whom William met at Machias Point, ME. Another story, which I believe, is that the Days left New England prior to the Revolution - not strictly Loyalists, but seeking to avoid the revolutionary war. The only other fact I know about Sarah is that she returned to Horton to marry George Chute in 1817. This suggests that the Chutes had settled in Horton. Most of the settlers in the Falmouth/Horton/Cornwallis/Newport area were New England Planters - who settled on the old Acadian farmland in the 1770's - pre-Revolution. Many were Congregationalist - including the Newcombs from Connecticut. I can't find the Chute name in any of the three histories of the region which I have, however.

All this to suggest that the Chutes may have been a family among the Planters, or may have had a connection with Machias, ME. This may be more than you ever wanted to know, but I pass it along for what it's worth.

If this information rings a bell with anyone, please contact either me, or Jack Layton directly. Better yet, contact us both!

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