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We are frequently contacted for help with descendant contact information, allied family research and numerous other topics. Check back often in the "Research Links" column, as you may find a topic that could make you a source of valuable information for someone who has reached a dead end in their own research.

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Higginson BooksThe Vyne, Hampshire
Higginson Books

carries both Chute Genealogies: CHUTE Family in American in the 20th century, by George M. Chute, Jr. and CHUTE. Genealogy & history of the Chute family in Amer., with some acct. of the family, in Gt. Brit. & Ireland, & an acct. of 40 allied fams., by W. E. Chute. Mailing Address: Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, PO Box 778, Salem MA 01970. Telephone: 978.745.7170
The Vyne

The Vyne is a former Chute property, now in care of the British National Trust. There are several web sites, usually tourist industry sponsored sites, who provide photos and history of "The Vyne", which was bequeathed to the National Trust in Britain by Sir Charles Chute. As we come across more of them, we'll add them to this link section. In the meanwhile, this should get you started: Houses in Hampshire, sponsored by Tour UK.
Researchers Seeking FALKINERResearchers Seeking FALKINER (cont.)
I am researching the surname "Falkiner" in America - in particular I am looking for the descendants of William J Falkiner son of William Frederick Doran FALKINER and Eleanor Moore HAYES and Jane Robinson daughter of James ROBINSON & Margaret Elizabeth MILTON. William and Jane were both born in Ireland and emigrated to New York City in about 1885. I have also been in contact with Valarie Albert who has provided me with some information on this family. They had 4 children - 1) William Falkiner, 2) Eric Hayes Falkiner, 3) Eleanor Falkiner, 4) Robert Eric Hayes Falkiner. The first 2 children both died aged 4 and 6 prior to 1890. Eleanor Falkiner married John O'Petersen. Robert Eric Hayes Falkiner married Daisy Flynn in New York City. William was a Chemist. In New York City he ran "Falkiner's Pharmacy" at 868 8th Avenue in Manhattan. William and Jane were living at 336 West 51st Manhattan, New York City in 1900, and 312 West 51st Manhattan in 1915. After William's death in 1916 Jane lived at 3731 Warren with her son Robert and his wife Daisy. My link to this family is through Jane Robinson - my husband's grandfather Luke George Mansfield Robinson was her younger brother. He was born in 1863, and came to Australia in 1890 possibly from New York City and worked at Government House Adelaide as a military orderly for 2 Governors of South Australia before serving in the South African Boer war (1899 - 1902) - for more information on his life please see:
Researcher: Helen Robinson, Adelaide South Australia
Researchers Seeking FALKINERResearchers Seeking STEADMAN
Valerie Albert is interested in exchanging information on the Falkiner Family. The Chutes intersected with this family in the person of Ruth Falkiner, daughter of Sir Riggs Falkiner. For those researching the STEADMAN Family, the Steadman Family Records are available.
Researchers Seeking SABIN/SABEAN/SABINEResearchers Seeking PROCTOR
Sabin (Sabean)Family Association website. Proctor family database.
Researchers Seeking HIGGINSResearchers Seeking DAKIN
Nancy Coffin MaMarque is interested in the Higgins Family, specifically Isaiah Higgins of Aroostook County, Maine. He married Hannah Stubbs (b. 1824), the daughter of Reuben Stubbs and Nancy Chute. Daryl Livingston, a researcher at the future home of the Chute Family Records, is looking for more information on the Dakin family beyond the data we already have on Dakin-Chute marriages. They're writing a book on the Dakin family.
Researchers Seeking POCAHONTASResearchers Seeking PASTVA
Painted Turtle is interested in genealogical information on the father of Pocahontas, Chief Wahunsonacook Powhantan. Anyone who has been researching the Pocahontas-Norfolk Chute family connection and has any information at all on this family, would be deeply appreciated. This line hasn't been confirmed by any official records and should still be considered as unsupported. We've had a few requests for further information on the Pastva family, which I typically forward to Lionel, but others may also be interested in that family name. Peggy Hanley is specifically looking for Isador Pastva of Lipnica, Poland/Czechoslovakia, came through Ellis Island in 1910 at the age of 24, married Maria Yanoviak - settled in Phoneixville, PA. Had a brother Steve who went to Chicago, IL.
Researchers Seeking PAYZANTResearchers Seeking BRITISH TROOP SHIPS
Allen Jess and Scott E. Hildreth are both interested in the Payzant family, which merged with the Chute line in the person of Arthur Hunt Chute and Lorna Payzant Pitt. Anyone out there with information on the Payzant family - or who can shed any light on the mystery of the multiple Arthur Hunt Chute genealogy lines, let us know! Carol is looking for "lists of British ships or private transports that brought the Regiments to New York in 1777".
Researchers Seeking TAYLORResearchers Seeking Elizabeth(s) Raised by Francis Bernard Chute
Pam Taylor, an Elizabeth Chute - John Taylor descendant is continuing to research the Taylor family line past John Taylor. The research revolves around trying to determine if the "Elizabeth Ann" and "Elizabeth Jane" mentioned in these two e-mails (below) were cousins raised together, or may have been the same individual. Elizabeth Wiemers, if you're out there, check in!!
Researchers Seeking ERSON/SANDES Elizabeth JaneResearchers Seeking CHUTE-TRANT-HANRAHAN, Elizabeth Anne
Have come across your research notes and see reference to Francis Bernard Chute of Tulligaron, Co. Kerry. I am looking at same name and trying to connect with the intermarriage in 1875 (Greater Manchester, Eng) between Edward George Ledger ERSON and Elizabeth Jane CHUTE -- her father is shown on the mar. cert. as a solicitor. No age given but when she died in 1903 (Lostwithiel, Cornwall) she was said to be 52, so birth year may be around 1850-52. This cert. gave her full name as Bessie Jane Sandes ERSON which ties up with a record I have of a Francis Bernard CHUTE who had a sister named Elizabeth who married in 1839 one Thomas SANDES of Sallow Glen, Co. Kerry I think. Also in the Chute Family notes there is mention of two ERSONs (with the name Chute) in Australia -- I have information on these. If you or anyone you know doing family research, can give me more info on Elizabeth Jane's birth and parentage this would be appreciated. Tks. Howard ERSON. Looking for information about the descendants of MICHAEL HANRAHAN who was born about 1750 probably in Kerry, He married MARGARET KENNELLY. One of his sons MICHAEL PATRICK HANRAHAN b 1808 in Lixnaw, Co. Kerry, d 1874, married in 1829 JOHANNA BUCKLEY, b.1811, d 1886 in Australia. Michael Patrick and Johanna H. migrated to Australia on the "Ascendant" in 1858 with their children. One of these children, Michael Francis HANRAHAN , b 1841 in Lixnaw, Co Kerry, d 1922 in Warwick, Queensland, married at Redbank Queensland in 1865 ELIZABETH ANNE TRANT,b 1842. D 1904 in Townsville Queensland. One of their daughters, Elizabeth Anne Valentine Hanrahan, b 1880, d 1973 in Warwick Queensland, married Henry STERNE in Warwick in 1909. Henry and Elizabeth are my grandparents. Elizabeth Anne TRANT , daughter of Thomas Patrick TRANT d 1849 and Mary Anne CHUTE, d 1851, of Dingle, Co Kerry. Mary Anne CHUTE, daughter of Pierce CHUTE, was reared at Chute Hall by her uncle Francis Bernard CHUTE and his wife Jane ROWAN. Wishing to communicate with anyone who can help me. Have information about the families in Australia. Researcher: Elizabeth Wiemers [Note: Elizabeth: please contact us to update your e-mail address! Thanks.].
Researchers Seeking BURDENResearchers Seeking BRANDT - FRENZEL
"You have a Family reference to an Anne E. and a William Burden on your Family history. Were they from Glasgow? If they were, and their father's name is Peter, I have the rest of the history for you. I'm a direct descendant of Mary Burden and William McKinnon Bannatyne. Father John Burden and Ann Eadie. My grandfather was John Burden Bannatyne." Researcher: Bron. "My husband's mother's maiden name is Frenzel. Her great-grandfather is Alber Frenzel. He and his wife Mary Rheinbold had a daughter named Anna born March 16, 1886, Mankato, Minnesota, and died October 1952 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. She married Carl Henry Brandt in Mankato, Minnesota. I have been trying to get any information I can on the Frenzels." Researcher: Bess Brambrink.
From Cynthia Harrer Anderson: "I am a descendant of John Joseph Chute, son of Richard Lyberton Chute. John Winfield Chute was my great-grandfather. His daughter was Florence Veronica Chute, my grandmother. I would like to be listed on your site as a resource for other descendants of John Joseph, if that is possible. I have quite a bit of family history compiled that I'd be more than happy to share." Cynthia Harrer Anderson. Looking for other researchers looking into the Reverend Thomas Robert Shore family of Dublin, Ireland: he was the father of Reverend Thomas Teignmouth Shore, Dean of Worcester Cathedral, William Carpenter Noel Shore, and Francis Arundel Shore. Also interested in any SILVER connections to this family. Ella Canal and Jacqueline Chute.
From James Bent: "The information I have gotten from my sources have the dates matching yours but the places do not match up...I am more than willing to share the information I have about the Kjelshus family with you." Contact: James Bent.

"Looking to contact anyone who may be researching the family of James & Hanorah Chute of Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. They arrived in Australia about 1863."
Researcher: Jennifer Dempster. Posted on 18 Feb 2006 10:28 AM GMT.

Researchers Seeking CHARLES CHUTE LINE Researchers Seeking BURLEIGH-CHUTES in Cork
"Hello, my name is Ben Chute and I would like to try and trace my family's roots. I have one sister Natasha Chute born in Burnley. I was born in Harrogate. We are children of Frank Chute was born in 1951 in Manchester and Susan Barrett. He also has a brother Ken Chute. Their father Ken Chute was born in Manchester in 1932. He was married to Edith Ruppe. His Father was Charles Chute who was an orphan in Liverpool sent over from Ireland, born about 1905 (ish). This is as far back as I have got. I would be most obliged if you could find time to reply to this note with any info you may have or where I may find it. Yours hopefully, Mr B. D. Chute". Contact: Ben Chute. "I have been trying to trace my family tree in Cork, Eire. My family Burleigh are linked to the Chutes. Your site is the first time I have been able to link Burleigh's to Cork. Does anyone have any more information on them? Look forward to hearing from you."
Researcher: Brian Burleigh. Received via e-mail 10DEC2008
Researchers Seeking the JUDSON HENDERSON FAMILY Researchers Seeking MATTHEW CHARLTON
"Ny name is Richard Bader from Saginaw, Michigan. My grandfather was Franklin Richardson. He was a cousin of Judson Richardson, who I see is listed in your genealogy. Does anyone have any other Richardson information? I believe they had come from Canada. Any information would be appreciated."
Researcher: Richard Bader. Received via e-mail 29OCT2008
Looking for more information (date or place of death) for Matthew Charlton, the husband of Evelyn ("Eva") May Chute (18 JUN 1859 - 30 JUL 1934). The family lived in Carbon Hill, Hocking County, Ohio. Researcher Sandra.
Researchers Seeking the THE BUNFILL FAMILY Researcher Seeking the Relatives of EDITH MAY ANNIE CHUTE AND JOHN (JACK) HUTTON
"I am a great-granddaughter to Helen Olivia Chute Bunfill, also known as Nellie. My grandfather was Fred Bunfill. I have been getting family history from my aunts and uncles and if any of it might be useful, I'd be happy to share. Mary Ann Bunfill Adams, 12 FEB 2002 "John (Jack) Hutton Jr. was my great uncle. I would like to get in contact with descendants of Jean Chute Hutton and/or Glenn Hugh Hutton to help fill in some blanks I have for the John Hutton Sr. Family. My father, George Hutton and Lt. Glenn Hutton were cousins and grew up together in the Crowsnest Pass region of Alberta. My dad named me (Glen) after his cousin Glenn and I would like to locate some of his descendants. I have a small painting of Lt. Hutton (painting from a photograph) that he signed gave his mother Edith before he was killed in an air training accident in 1949. As well, I have John's and Edith's original marriage license as well as Edith's official Death Certificate. I think the painting and the documents should be included in the Chute Family history as well as in the John Hutton Family history. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you - Glen Hutton.(Vulcan, Alberta). Posted 21 MAR 2013.
Researchers Seeking the DESCENDANTS OF EZRA FREEMAN CHUTE Researcher Seeking Information on CLAUDE EVERETT HENRY Family
"I have the family Bible of Ezra Freeman Chute & Irene Chute and would like the Bible to go to any descendant of that union. [Note: We have him recorded as Freeman Ezra Chute]. They had six daughters: 1. Cora Belle b. 01AUG1876; 2. Edith May b. 07AUG 1880; 3. Abba P. b. 24MAR1883; 4. Ethel Maud, b. 04APR 1885; 5. Melinda Beatrice b. 04APR 1885; 6. Lilah Lee b 27AUG 1891. Ezra was the son of Ephraim and Ruth Hale. Irene was the daughter of Elias Chute and Martha Bowlby; they lived in Virginia Settlement near Clementsport, Nova Scotia. Researcher: David Keith Chute. Posted 16 FEB 2013. "My name is Joseph Glasgow and I am a relative of Claud E Henry. I'm doing some genealogy work for my family. Claud is the grandson of my gr gr gr gr aunt, Elizabeth Henry. I was trying to gain more information on him if you have it. Where is he and Lillian buried? Do you have an obituary for both? Do you have any pictures? Did they have kids? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Joseph Glasgow, Hastings, Michigan"
Chute Web SitesChute Businesses
Drop by Lance Chute's web site, to view the two coats of arms created for the Chutes at Surrenden and the Vyne, and a portrait of Philip of Appledore. Lance has a great site, dedicated to Chute family history as well. If you're in the Indianapolis area and looking for an excellent photographer, try Tom Chute Studios.
Chute Web SitesChute Businesses
Robert Maurice Chute, is both an accomplished poet, author and man of science, who has been published numerous times in the Beloit Journal. This link will take you to information written about him by the Maine Library System, and you can locate poems he has written online. You can tune into Tom Chute, the station manager of WATR-AM, in Waterbury, Connecticut. From 6:00 to 9:30 AM, Tom also hosts the morning show, "TOM CHUTE AND YOU". The accompanying program description says, "A seasoned regional entertainer, Tom has hosted Greater Waterbury's top rated morning show for 15 years! Good, clean family fun with callers, contests, great music and the information you need -- Local News with Jim Senich, CBS News, Weather, Traffic and Business Reports, and Sports!"

Finding a fictional character with the last name of "Chute" is usually pretty startling. Our surname isn't the sort of name that springs to most people's minds when they're creating the surnames of fictional characters, which makes you suspect that whoever created the character actually knew someone with the last name of Chute, who served either as an inspiration for merely the surname, or as a basis for the character itself. Sometimes this may be a compliment - and sometimes not.

Dion Boucicault, an Irish-American playwright created the heroine of Anne Chute in 1860 in The Colleen Bawn. The same character was later seen in the operatic adaptation, The Lily of Killarney by Sir Julius Benedict. The original play was actually written in New York; the opening lines of a synopsis introduce the character: "Melodrama set near Lake Killarney. Mrs. Cregan attempts to save her family's impoverished estate by encouraging a marriage between her son Hardress and his wealthy cousin Anne Chute." At the end of the drama, Anne saves the day by paying off the Cregan's mortgage ... the drama may have been set in Killarney but Boucicault was born in Dublin. His biography states that he was born "on either December 26, 1820 or December 20, 1822 to Anne Darley Boursiquot who had divorced her husband in 1819. Her son's paternity is in some doubt although the indications are that his father was Dionysius Lardner a writer who financed Boucicault's education." No doubt he encountered a Chute family at some point prior to 1860. In the "I'm Not a Chute, But I Play One on TV" department, we ran across a web page written about a defunct Australian television series, Chances, which aired in 1991. Apparently, the ratings of the program were considerably less than expected, and the show's producers felt compelled to liven things up with the addition of a few new characters. One new character was "Bambi Chute", she was played by an actress known only as "Abigail", and her occupation was ... something probably better left to the imagination. We're not convinced that the show's writers were personally familiar with a "Chute" in this instance; her surname may have been chosen for other reasons.
In The Phanton Missile by E.W. Baichtal, whose family appears to be involved in alternative net publishing - short stories and other media published on the internet, bypassing publishers altogether - there is a character by the name of "Zelda Chute", arriving into the text on a dirtbike and described as a "young, red-headed woman". The Quaker Girl, by James T. Tanner, Adrian Ross, Percy Greenbank and Lionel Monckton, first opened at the Adelphi Theatre in London on the 5th of November, 1910 and ran for 536 performances. Then, the text was revised and the play reopened at the London Coliseum on May 25, 1944. This production closed - there were bombs being dropped on it at the time - and the production company wisely decided to go on tour, later re-opening for a third time in February of 1945, at the Stoll Theatre in London.

The hero of the play - naturally - is Tony Chute, described as an American working at the American embassy in Paris.

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