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Chute Family Business Cards, Letterhead and Logos

Has anyone composed poems they would like to share? Does anyone have jpgs of business cards, business letterhead or logos of Chute-owned businesses they would like to add to the Chute family website? They would appear on this page - send them in!

  • Beawtie dishonored, 1593 (excerpts). Written under the title of Shores Wife, Anthony Chute
  • Death of Aaron Chute, by John Milton Chute
  • Fairies, by Marchette Gaylord Chute (undated). With comment from Martin DeMello of Rice University from their online Anthology.
  • The Loss of the Deacon Harris Harding Chute's Three Vessels, by C.H.W., June 1893
  • The Old Year and the New, by James Chute Peabody, 1884
  • On the Death of Nelson Chute, by C.E.W. (probably William Edward Chute)
  • Out of the Old House, Nancy, by Will Carleton. Recited or read at a house warming celebration for Eliazer Freeman Chute and wife Rhoda Ann Warren Chute.
  • Silver Wedding: Written by Samuel Loten Weston, M.D., of Bolster's Mills (Maine) and sung at the silver wedding anniversary of William Windsor (or Winsor) Chute and Lucetta Philbrick Chute, on October 21, 1881.
  • Chutes and Morrises: Appears to have been a rhyme that originated in Kerry as an amusing tribute to the young women of both the Chute and the Morris families and their suitors. It was quoted in an article on the Morris family written for "The Genealogical Magazine" in 1904; the author is quoting Mary Agnes Hickson, an often quoted Kerry historian, writing sketches for "Kerry Politics and Society in Bygone Days".


    Grace Viola Chute used the name "Viola Chute" professionally. She was a graphic artist in Atlanta, Georgia.

    John William ("Jack") Chute, Jr. founded John Chute & Associates in 1982. Located in Toronto, Canada, the firm "provides complete human resource services to Canadian employers through the strength of outsourcing. Jack continues to lead the firm in its core benefit consulting activities, and is able to do so with the assistance of a strong team of benefit specialists."

    An advertisement from the 1900 Boston City directory for "Chute & Bagloe", a firm owned in part by John Nelson Chute. A description of the firm: "The firm of Chute & Bagloe, carpenters and builders, was established in 1888, and the office of the firm is at 16 Waltham Street. They do a general business in carpentry and building, and among the buildings which they have erected are the block numbered 2786-2790 Washington street, in the Roxbury district; that at the corner of School and Washington streets, at Jamaica Plain; and the one at 24 Elmore Street, in Roxbury. The firm has an excellent reputation for workmanship, and there are many buildings in the erection of which they have been employed to do the wood work that are evidences of their skill and workmanship. In connection with their other business they are the Boston agents for the Bailey Clothes Reel, one of the most improved and convenient reels on the market. This reel fastens to the door or window, and by its arrangement all the clothes are put upon it in the house, saving the trouble of going out of doors to hang the clothes, a convenience that is appreciated in the winter time when there is snow on the ground, or; in blocks where it is necessary to go down several flights of stairs to hang the clothes by the old method. They are always pleased to furnish any desired information when applied to. Their trade extends all over New England, and is very large."

    Source: Damrell, Charles S. (Charles Stanhope). A half century of Boston's building : the construction of buildings, the enactment of building laws and ordinances, sanitary laws, the ancient and modern building, building statistics, Boston's valuation, a chapter of Boston's big fire, fire losses, public lands account, prominent architects, contractors and builders, building materials and their source of supply, inspection of buildings, the building and plumbing associations. L. P. Hager, 1895, Boston. Page 42

    George Maynard Chute, Sr. co-founded the Thompson & Chute Soap Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio around 1888; and was elected president and general manager of the company in 1892. The logo is itself taken from a soap wrapper used in an advertising campaign during presidential campaign between Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison, also in 1892.

    Business card of Philip Bruce Chute, date unknown..

    Business stationery letterhead of Adelbert Edward Chute, 1951.
    Alvin C. Chute: In the 1906 Milton, Massachusetts city directory, Alvin C. Chute was listed as one of the co-owners of "Chute & Constable", a carpentry service located in Godfrey's Wharf.

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