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At the moment, official record of Chutes in France consists entirely of two known individuals: a Chute found in a French telephone directory who turned out to be an Englishman with an affinity for the ambiance of Paris , AND ... a more interesting and more recent discovery of a Chute who, for some reason, decided to fight World War I as part of the U.S. Army. As it would make no sense to leave one's country with the purpose of returning back home to fight a war on one's native soil as part of a foreign army -- the only plausible explanation for Pierre S. Chute's records is that he traveled to San Francisco around 1906/1907 for the sheer adventure of it all - the Gold Rush had petered out by around 1851.

And he chose to return to the United States after having fought in the U.S. army as a private in World War I. He's buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Franciso. Pierre, so far, is our only recorded Chute who actually appears to be - or have been - French. I don't know about you, but I almost feel an urge to adopt the poor guy - the 1930 census at least, has him still single and living in a San Francisco boarding house, and there are no records so far of him marrying in the State of California.

Another interesting item of note on Pierre's World War I registration form is the comment that, although single, he had parents back home in France, which suggests that there may be more Chute families in France than we had assumed there was. His father's name is not recorded, but his mother's maiden name was Cardelle. The place of origin, listed both on his record at Ellis Island and on his military registration record is Moncayolle, Basses, (Poitou-Charentes), France - (the "Poitou-Charentes" is tossed in by the genealogical software program). Meanwhile, "a "Google" map places a "Moncayolle" in Aquitaine (close to the Spanish border and further south of Poitou-Charentes), so at the moment, I'm not exactly sure where his family lived. I can tell you that Havre, his point of departure IS in Normandy. Does anyone out there have a good working Atlas?

If you know anything about the family of Pierre Chute, or if there is anyone in the San Francisco area who remembers him, use the Online Chute Family Data worksheet, accessible from the Home Page, or contact me at Better yet, if there are any Chutes out there who can translate this page into French, so that it might catch the attention or the memory of someone in France, that would be wonderful.


Chute, Pierre S.

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