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Looking for Elizabeth Wiemers (And Reminder)
Date of Announcement: Friday, October 07, 2005

We're looking for the same Elizabeth Wiemers who was looking for relatives of the Mary Anne Chute and Thomas Patrick Trant (and Hanrahan) family. The last known e-mail address we have for you isn't working - if you're out there, please check in!! Thanks.

This is a reminder to anyone who wants to be contacted if information about your family branch surfaces: if your e-mail address changes, please let me know, so that I can update your contact information. Here's a situation where possible link in research has surfaced, four years after the request for information was posted. This is more common than you might think.

Web Site Updating
Date of Announcement: Monday, September 19, 2005

As some have noticed, I'm in the midst of trying to streamline the website: cleaning up the Home Page so that it's a little less confusing; moving some things to an "archive" section, and a few other changes. Roberto Edouardo Chute suggested creating a "Who's Who In the Chute Family" section, some time ago (he probably has given up on me, by now) - but that is in the works also.

One new addition to the website is an online "Chute Family Data Worksheet", which eliminates the need for hard copy worksheets for those with computer access. For those who would prefer to complete worksheets manually and mail them in, that option is still available. The online worksheet is available on the Home Page, and may be used for additions, corrections or merely comments and questions.

Another change that will take place ... sometime! ... is the ability to add "post-it notes" or comments directly to the Family Group pages. This will be useful for those who are doing research on individuals in their own lines and want to share what they've discovered with other researchers.

Holiday Letters
Date of Announcement: 17 May 2002

I'll make another announcement in the fall, but there are some who plan their holidays a bit early ... such as wisely going gift shopping in the summer when everyone else is on the beach, and saving themselves from a bad case of nerves come Christmas ... I just wanted to remind everyone now to be sure and add me to their "Holiday Letter Mailing List", if you have one.

I've found that one of the best ways to keep track of a family is that annual "Christmas Letter" -- not only is this a way that many families are able to inform friends and distant relatives about their own family's marriages and births - and family members no longer with them - but it is often a vehicle for more entertaining stories about vacations, moves, job transfers, college acceptances, hobbies ... the contents are usually as varied as are the families themselves - sometimes photos are included as well.

Every year you read the same debate in "Dear Abby" as to the annual tradition of the "Holiday Letter" -- there are those who react to the idea of "Holiday Letters" with as much enthusiasm as others do about the traditional "Christmas Fruitcake". Trust me - this is one time where you can be sure your Holiday Letter will be happily received, read with interest, and saved for future generations to enjoy.

Send to: Jacqueline Chute, 73 Deer Trail South, Greenwood Lake, New York, USA 10925.

Medical Database
Date of Announcement: 26 August 2001

Several people have raised the suggestion of creating a "Family Medical Database", in the event people are interested in seeing the sorts of medical difficulties to which the Chute family as a whole tends to be susceptible. For example, in my particular branch, my brother, father and grandfather all inherited "tinnitus" as they aged (this is the condition that results in a perpetual 'ringing' sound in the ears) and when I mentioned this to a distant cousin met through a Chute family message board, he was pretty shocked: seems he had the same thing, and our common ancestor goes back several generations!

Glennis Chute Lynch suspects that diabetes may run in some family lines - hers has numerous diabetics, of several ages, proving that you don't need to be older to discover you have diabetes, as others inherited the juvenile version fairly early in life.

We also have seem to have a lot of twins, although I'm not sure how of the national average this is.

Of course, the problem with a "Chute" medical database is that many medical conditions are also brought into the genetic picture through the introduction of allied family members, which may end up proving that while Chutes don't walk around with the genetic markers for any particular disease, but more that we tend to fall in love with people who do!

And ... another possible result would be that this may be enough to push those of us who are confirmed hypochondriacs right over the edge.

I'd be interested in hearing thoughts about a Chute medical database - drop me a line.

The Original Chute Family Records
Date of Announcement: 16 June 2001

It appears that the records of William Edward Chute did not survive him. However, the records of my Grandfather, George Maynard, Jr., who compiled the 1978 supplement, did. They have been stored in several file boxes, and (as my father will attest) have been moved ... several times ... up and down stairs ... all around the Northeast. It has never been our family's intention to hold onto records which rightly belong to the entire Chute family, and should be available to any researcher interested in reviewing the original source material. The vast majority of it, I've been told, is correspondence.

We have contacted the Old Courthouse Museum, Cornwallis Street, in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and they have expressed a preliminary delighted interest in being the repository of the Chute Family Records. They have an extensive genealogical research area in their Museum, as well as curators who specialize in assisting people researching their roots. They are also the repository of the records of several other families from that area who have been related to the Chutes at one time or another.

One reason we looked nearly exclusively at Nova Scotia is fairly obvious: the Chute family's North American origins are very much connected to the history of Nova Scotia itself. Many of our ancestors fled there in the aftermath of the American Revolution, although many more arrived there from England and Ireland. Secondly, Nova Scotia's connection with Great Britain is another reason. The Chute Family, no matter where we ended up, began in Great Britain. It didn't seem particularly respectful of that fact, to store the global records in the United States, no matter how many of us ended up here. Still, a lot of us did end up here. Nova Scotia is readily accessible, even by car, by Chutes in the United States. And finally, an even more important reason: if you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with an urge to visit the Chute Family Records, you can't find a more enjoyable place to visit them in than Nova Scotia.

I'll make further announcements on this, but right now I'm anticipating that we'll be handing them over sometime in the spring of 2002. This will give me the time to complete the Millennium Chute Genealogical Update Project, to organize my Grandfather's records, and to add my own to the collection as well.

Lastly, I should point out that the Old Courthouse Museum shouldn't need to be the repository only of the records that we're turning over to them - they certainly would be able to accept individual Chute family documents and records as well. Obviously, most people's first choice for passing along photo albums, family histories, etc., are their own families, as it should be. In some cases, however, lacking children, lacking children with any interest in family history, or lacking the space to store records and photos properly, some Chutes are faced with having accumulated photo albums, histories and other documents be forever lost. An alternative would be to include the Old Courthouse Museum in a Last Will and Testament, as repository for your family records, photos and other items as well. In the next update on this, I'll include a contact name, address and telephone number for Chutes interested in doing that.

Ellis Island Web Site
Date of Announcement: 1 June 2001

The Ellis Island Records site is an interesting way of watching various Chutes come and go from the United States. For many of us, the records began to be kept long after our ancestors arrived, but Chutes did continue to arrive later on in the immigrant process, and there are some interesting entries who have never appeared in the family records before or since. For example, we found one "Tish Chute" (male) from southern Italy, who we'd guess was probably not a Chute, but a "Titiano Ciuto" or something similar, and the victim of a non-Italian speller ... another Chute who departed from London declared himself to be of Russian origin, and many other Chutes familiar to those of us who've worked in the Chute family records (John Nelson Chute, for example) can be traced through Ellis Island, traveling in and out of the country. The site can be accessed at

Problems with the Web Site
Date of Announcement: 24 March 2001

March 24, 2001: The web site has been reloaded, with additions, but without all of the corrections that have been submitted -- that's next! - and should be linked together properly. If you find a missing link somewhere, let me know. I am aware that there's a problem with the Aaron Hamilton Chute photo; we're still working on that. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

March 19, 2001: A few days ago we lost the entire web site on our home computer - and in one second, months of work went down the proverbial drain. It's true, I did waste some additional time throwing things at the walls and screaming like a lunatic, but I did learn some valuable lessons, such as (1) the importance of keeping copies of the web site on diskette backed up and stored with 5,000 separate people spread throughout the world, and (2) the importance of not opening the "Gedcom to HTML" software program without first asking: "Will this wipe out my entire web site?", which, apparently, it does.

I generated another collection of HTML documents, only to discover that, because of additional information added, all of the numbering sequences were now different. I have to re-construct and re-upload the entire web site.

Bottom line: beginning on Monday, March 19, I will be uploading the newly updated web site. I can only upload 4 files at a time, and, as you can imagine, uploading thousands of pages takes quite some time. If you discover that a link you're clicking takes you somewhere unexpected, keep in mind that if you wait a few days and try it again, all of the links should work correctly. For those of you who have sent e-mails with updates, questions, or additions, this should be completed by the end of the week.

The advantage of re-generating the site, you'll notice, is that some improvements were added, at the suggestion of other Chutes. I've added information about requesting the Gedcom file and worksheets, I've made the opening page a little less cumbersome, and I've broken up the "C" section of the "Surname List" into four separate documents, since it took so long to open. I've also been able to generate "Source" links. Some of them still need a little tweaking, and revision, but most of the source links should be there.

Thank you for your patience.

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