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"At the Sign of the Crest": Chute Coat of Arms

Chute Coat of Arms
"At the Sign of the Crest"
Conducted by Hazel Kraft Eilers, January 1969
CHUTE Coat-of-Arms

He beareth for Arms Gules three swords barwise the points to the dexter argent, hilt and pommels or, Crest: a gauntleted and holding a broken sword argent, hilt and pommel or.

The above Armorial Bearing is ascribed to Lionel Chute who settled in Ipswich, Mass. “A Pedigree of Chute or Chewte,” by D. Dudley, published in the New England Register in 1859 is prefaced by these remarks:

”The following is the substance of an ancient tabular pedigree, on parchment, now in the possession of Mr. Ariel P. Chute of Lynnfield, Mass., who inherited it from his ancestors. We do not vouch for the accuracy of its details, though the original manuscript bears evidence of being at least 100 years old.
Portions of the manuscript are nearly illegible, but they have all been satisfactorily deciphered. At the sides of the pedigree, the coats of arms of the various families with which this family was intermarried, are impaled with the arms of Chute.”

The Chute Genealogy, published in 1894 by William E. Chute, prints in substance the same pedigree with this note:

”It is necessary here to explain that Lionel Chute, the first to America, brought over with him a parchment roll, containing the Chute lineage and pedigree from Alexander to about 1700.”

If this were true, Lionel, who died in 1645, was gifted with prescience. Obviously, during the 45 years between 1859 and 1894, the story of the origin of the parchment was embellished.1

The pedigree begins with Alexander, lord of the Manor of Taunton, Somersetshire about 1268, and continues for 16 generations to Lionel Chute, Jr., the Ipswich, Mass. Settler. He was the son of Lionell Chewte, Sr. who married Susan, the daughter of Stephen Greene.

From Waters Genealogical Gleanings in England we have the will of:

”Lionell Chewte of Brampton clerk 24 July 1592, proved 1 August 1592. To be buried in the chancel there. He did gyve to Lionell Chewte his son his graye nagge wch he did ride on to Ippiswch. Item he did gyve to Grace, Sara and Judith Chewte his dawters to everye of them a cowe; Item he did gyve and bequethe to Susan his wife all of the residue of his goods and cattalls whatsoever, desiringe her to have care of the bringinge upp of his children and willed that she shoulde have the execucon of his goodes and named her his executrix. Theise beinge witnesses Arthure Chewte, gent. Thomas Jollye and others.”
Cons. Court Norwich, Apleyard, 128.”

Lionel Chute, Jr., the emigrant ancestor of the family in America, was born in Dedham, Essex, England, about 1580. He married, about 1610, Rose, the daughter of Robert Barker. The Chutes settled early in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

As Lionel had received a good education in England, he was qualified to teach the grammar school at Ipswich, and he is generally referred to as “the Ipswich schoolmaster”. An article on the Ipswich Grammar school states:

”There was a grammar school set up in Ipswich in ye year 1636, three years after John Winthrop, the younger, with his 12 companions, commenced a settlement in this place. It was kept by Lionel Chute”.

Although there is a 30-year gap in the marriage records between 1611 and 1642, the baptismal records of Dedham, England, show the following:

1613-14 February 2 James, son of Lionell Chute

1619 November 23 Mary, daughter of Lionell Chute

Lionel bought two parcels of land of William Bartholomew in 1639, and 60 acres of upland and 12 acres of meadow were granted to him in 1640. He was made Freeman in 1641.

The will of Lionell Chute is published in volume 1 of the Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts:

“The fourth day of the seaventh month Anno Dm 1644. I, Lionel Chute, of the Towne of Ipswich, in New England, Schoolmaster, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament … I give unto Rose my wife … James my sonne … and that which was his brother Nathaniells … proved 7:9:1645.”

Lionel and Rose Chute had three children: James, Nathaniel, who was born about 1616 and died in America about 1640; and Mary. The widow Rose married Matthew Whipple in 1646.

James, the son of Lionel, Jr. was born in Dedham, Essex County, England in 1613 and was brought to New England by his parents in 1634. He married about 1647 Elizabeth, daughter o Daniel and Martha (Read) Eppes.

James had a good education and often was called upon to sign and witness deeds and other legal documents in Ipswich. In 1645, he was Register of Deeds; he had a Commonage right in 1648, and was Selectman in 1654, 1661, 1664 and 1678. He died in the Spring of 1691 aged about 78 years. His son James was appointed administrator of his estate.

James, the son of James and Elizabeth (Eppes) Chute, was born in Ipswich in 1649. He married Mary Wood November 10, 1673, and they had the following children:

Mary, born 1674, married John Cheny,

Elizabeth, born 1676, married Andrew Stickney and Henry Lunt,

Ann, born 1679, married Ichabod Cheny and Thomas Brown,

Lionel, born 1681, married in 1702 Anna or Hannah, daughter of Peter Cheny,

James, born 1636, married in 1715 Mary, daughter of Daniel Thurston.

Thomas, born 1690, married in 1712 Mary Curtice/Curtis,

Martha, born 1693, married Josiah Smith,

Ruth, born 1695, married William Hine,

Hannah, born 1700, married Timothy Jackson,

In 1967, George M. Chute published The Chute Genealogy, a supplement to the 1894 Chute Genealogy published by William E. Chute. This continues the Chute genealogical records to cover the current generations.


Translated into non-Heraldic terms: a red (gules) shield with three silver (argent) swords placed horizontally (barwise), the points to the right (dexter) side of the shield, with hilt and pommel of gold (or).

Crest: a gloved (gauntleted) hand holding a broken sword of silver with hilt and pommel of gold.

The above Armorial Bearing is registered in the New England Historic Genealogical Society’s “Roll of Arms” for Lionel Chute of Ipswich, Mass. It is also listed in The Register of The Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry for Lionel Chute. Fairbairn’s Book of Crests registers the crest for the Chute family of Hampshire and Kent Counties, England.

One reads the shield as though standing in back of it, as the shield is considered in its position to the bearer. The dexter or right side of the shield is to the left of the observer.

The sword signifies Government and Justice. It is also considered the true emblem of military honor and should incite the bearer to a just and generous pursuit of honor and virtue in warlike deeds.

Only the honorable and best are portrayed or granted. A broken sword foes not stand for defeat, but for victory, as it is the other person’s sword that has been broken. And the gauntlet indicates a man armed for the performance of martial enterprise, the broken sword would commemorate a military victory.

The mantling was a large scarf of cloth or leather thrown over the helmet to protect the neck from the heat of the sun, the armor from rust, and to foil the enemy’s sword.

The outside of the mantling must be the main color of the shield and the lining the main metal. The Chute mantling would be red, lined with silver. A wreath of six strands must be twisted alternately of the metal and color, and holds the crest to the mantling and helmet.

Published 1969
Hazel Kraft Eilers
2522 Thayer Street, Evanston, Illinois 60201
Hobbies – The Magazine for Collectors
January 1969
Pages 114-15
“At the Sign of the Crest”

1Lionel’s pedigree was supposedly added to, in a different hand, after Lionel’s time.

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