Research on Family History and Origins of The Chute Family
Current and Past Research on Family History, Origins and Specific Lines of The Chute Family

With Interest in the Shute, Chewte, Chowghton, Chowthton, Choughton, Chowte, LeShete, Chate, Chatte, Schat and Schot Families

Current Research Past Research (Reference)
Baron Edouard and the Early Chutes
  • Research on Baron Edward, Dennis Robert Chute, 2006
  • The Mythical Taunton Tree, Francis Chute, 2016

    Pedigree Scroll Comparison
  • The Lionel Chute Pedigree Scroll & the Bethersden Chute Heraldic Roll Comments on Their Accuracy And Relative Antiquity
    Steve Chute, 2016

    Chutes in the 13 - 16th Centuries
  • Proposed Resolution of Chute History: 13th - 16th Centuries, Francis Chute, 2006
  • Philip Chute, Standard Bearer to King Henry VIII at the Siege of Boulogne, 1544, Francis Chute, 2006

    Proposed Revisions to the Suffolk Line: Anthony of Kent, Arthur and Lionel Sr. and Jr.
  • Suffolk Chute Line, Proposed Revision, Steve Chute, 2007
  • The Lionel Chute Scroll: Lionel's Father Was Not Anthony: Part 2, Lionel Chute, 2009
  • Arthur/Arthare Chewte, Lionel Chute, 2006
  • Joint Research on Cripps, Crispe and Charles Chewte, 2006
  • Annotated Letter from the College of Arms, Lionel Chute, 2006
  • The Two Wives of Lionel Chute, William Wyman Fiske, as published by the NEHGS, April, 2009. Responses by Steve and Lionel Chute.

    The Chutes of Ireland
  • Janet Chute's Masters Thesis: Chute's Western Herald: A Case Study of a Provincial Newspaper in Late 18th and Early 19th Century Ireland, 2006
  • The Protestant Ascendancy of Ireland: As Seen Through the Records of the Chute Family, Jacqueline Chute, 2005

    The Chutes of The Vyne
  • The Chute-Keck-Tracy Connection: Edward Chute - Sir Anthony Keck - Ferdinand/Ferdinando Tracy, Francis Chute, 2006

  • Chute Family in England and America, 29 March 1907, James Milledge Chute. Reference to the ship Lion as having brought Lionel Chute and family to America. Unconfirmed.

  • Research on Baron Edouard, Adam Cheut and Early Chutes, letters from Walter John Chute, Feb-Apr 1970

  • Baron Edward and the Jutes, Jacqueline Chute, 2001
  • I'm telling you - this is a great time to be a family researcher. As more and more original sources become digitalized and as more and more researchers make their work available online, the more extensive are the records that help contemporary Chute Family researchers begin to make sense of Chute Family history. The internet has helped our family in another way as well: there are now avenues of communication open to all of us that were not open before. Rather than wasting time duplicating each others' work in isolated areas, we can now meet in one central online location, learn what research has already been done and can build on each other's work.

    Dennis Robert's research is now hinting at the possibility that the Chute and Shute family both had origins back to an early medieval shipping and sailing family. Trying to pinpoint the origins of the Great Chute-Shute Split - if possible - may also provide clues as to where we all originated. Although knowing the origins of the Shutes may not be useful for specific genealogical data after the split, it may be invaluable for time periods prior to it - hopefully, they'll contribute what they know as well.

    In fact, not many of us have contemplated the effect that the early 15th Century "Great Vowel Shift" might have had on the "ChUte Family", and how that might shift research in another direction. For further information on this change in the English language, see Melinda J. Menzer's interactive website on The Great Vowel Shift. The diagram to the right is from her website (Copyleft Melinda J. Menzer 2000) - Steps 1 and 2 should have particular interest for Chute and Shute family researchers.

    Wikpedia describes the "Great Vowel Shift" within the English language: "The Great Vowel Shift was a major change in the pronunciation of the English language, generally accomplished in the 15th century, although evidence suggests it began as early as the 14th century. The shift continued for some time into the 16th century, spreading toward the non-metropolitan and non-port areas. It represented a change in the long vowels (i.e., a vowel shift)".

    What was the implication of the Great Vowel Shift for the Chute family? This change not only impacted the way words were pronounced, but the way they were spelled when they were written down as well. It means that we would not have had a name with the letter U ("oo") in it before the Great Vowel Shift - and it means that perhaps we should have been looking for names spelled with "i"s and "e"s in them instead of "u"s.

    As it turns out, that has been one of the more valuable breakthroughs in Chute research, although Steve Chute will be the first to tell you that he stumbled on the discovery almost by accident. It wasn't until after his discovery of the "de Chete" record and its support by the Great Vowel Shift (after which we all clapped our hands to our heads and did our best Homer Simpson impressions: "D'oh!!") -- Dennis Robert ("Bob") Chute ran with the realization and did some amazing research.

    And he wasn't alone. Even as he was publishing his Chutes of the Vyne, Francis Chute was continuing his own research on discrepancies he'd found in his research. He has provided an addendum to that work, for the benefit of those who have purchased The Chutes of the Vyne (and those who plan to do so). Lionel Chute has been diligently working on the Anthony of Kent - Lionel Sr. - Lionel Jr. line, in an effort to prove beyond any doubt that the American continental claim to the Chute lineage is legitimate.


    Digging into Chute Family history is a great starting point for history students interested in personalizing their own research. Janet Chute of Ireland wrote her Master's Thesis on Pierce Chute and his newspaper, Chute's Western Herald, published in Ireland over a 35-year period during the country's most intense political period. My paper on Irish Chutes and the Protestant Ascendancy was written as a term paper for a course on Irish History at the University of Michigan. Topics ranging from Medieval History, Contemporary European History, American continental history (North and South), Military History and almost any topic you can think of can be personalized from the Chute family point of view. Anyone who has written a paper that ties in to Chute Family history, send it in. We'd love to share it with everyone.

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