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As part of the global updating of the Chute Family Records, we are undertaking a systematic accounting of Chutes in Australia, New Zealand and the other South Pacific Islands. To make researching easier, Chutes in these areas will be listed in two directories: the main directory, in alphabetical order, and in this Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Island Chute Family Directory, which lists only Chutes in this area. The individuals are listed here in alphabetical order by first name - allied family members are listed following the Chutes in each section. This is only a very partial list at this stage, and there are many more records to be added to this section. To contribute data to the Chute family records, please contact me at Thanks.

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Great Britain had long used her colonies to rid herself of the undesirables in her midst - convicts to Virginia, and the spiritually 'unsuitable" to New England, for example. We here in the United States tend to regard those first New England colonists as nobly fleeing from religious persecution - the British saw them as serious pains in their collective keesters. You recall that some of these noble and "persecuted" souls were the same ones who got themselves so worked up over an imaginary infiltration by witches that they hung all sorts of innocent folks in the process.

By the time England got around to colonizing Australia and New Zealand, however, they had realized that ridding overcrowded prisons of criminals could be easily done by tossing them onto boats and sending them off into a wilderness so far away that they had no chance of returning home anytime soon. Sending them to the American colonies wasn't far enough - sending them to Australia was another story. Boatloads of criminals were then packed onto ships, transported to Australia, and sequestered. You can only imagine what those prisons were like: "Hell on earth", was one Australian's apt description. Nonetheless, many Australians are today descendants of those early convicts who were released, decided to stay in Australia, and raised their families there. It is this first convoy that is today honored in Australia as "The First Fleet".

The "First Fleet" was comprised of eleven ships and departed Portsmouth, England on Sunday 13 MAY 1737, under the command of Captain Arthur Philip RN. They traveled across the Atlantic to South America, around the Cape of Good Hope, and arrived at Sydney Bay, Australia on 26 JANUARY 1788, seven months later. Once settlement was established, more fleets would follow.

For posterity and history, the First Fleet and their respective commanders, were: The Alexander (Duncan Sinclair), The Borrowdale (Readthorn Hobson), The Charlotte (Thomas Gilbert), The Fishburn (Robert Brown), The Friendship (Francis Walton), The Golden Grove (Sharp), The Lady Penrhyn (William Sever), The Prince of Wales (John Mason), The Scarborough (John Marshall), H.M.S. Sirius (John Hunter) and H.M.S. Supply (Henry Bull).

Banishment to an Australian prison was considered such an undesirable sentence that by actually asking to go, you could get your sentence commuted to a lesser one. A lifetime imprisonment, for example, could be commuted to "transportation and seven years" - closer to 10, by the time you got there, served your time, and came home - assuming you survived at all. There were those willing to risk this. And, in at least one case, the mother of the convict not only went along with the idea, but actually submitted the petition.

This would be one of ours, a Michael Chute, whose mother Margaret submitted the petition to commute his sentence in this fashion in 1844. His records are included with his notes.

A search of the Australian National Archives resulted in a number of records of Australian Chutes - a process of elimination using the unsubstantiated assumption that we do not have relatives with the first names of Twin Cell Launching, Coin, Ammunition and Bren Gun Injection - only a few among the many other strange files which appeared in the search for "Chute". My apologies to any of our Australian relatives who have, in fact, named their poor (and possibly resentful) offspring "Rural Mail" or "Ejector". Luckily, the search also provided more information on Chutes already recorded.

The Ellis Family members with "Chute" in their given names are descendants of Elizabeth Lobb, daughter of Elizabeth Chute and Thomas Lobb, and her husband, the Reverend Ellis. Another family connected to the Chutes in some fashion appears to be the Erson family, with at least two individuals carrying both names.

Chute Family
Chute, Alice Maud
Chute, Arabella
The addition of "Arabella Chute" may reflect the emigration of Arabella Chute, daughter of Francis and Arabella Denny in Chute Hall, but she appears in the passenger list of the "Duke of Newcastle" without the presence of other Chutes - or Denny's either, for that matter. Women of her status would not have traveled alone in 1865, so the next question would be who she was traveling with.
Chute, Ann Maree
Chute, Anne Rose (possibly Rose Anne)
Chute, Arthur George
Chute, Arthur L.
Chute, Audrey Dawn
Chute, Avis ("Eva")
Chute, Brynn James
Chute, Carolynne Tanya
Chute, Catherine ("Kate")
Chute, Catherine Mary
Chute, Christine Jane
Chute, Clare Laurel
Chute, Claude Henry
Chute, Darrell Pierce
Chute, Darryl Anthony
Chute, Deirdre Lynette
Chute, Dorothy Joan
Chute, Elizabeth ("Bessie")
Chute, Elizabeth Eileen ("Lizzie")
Chute, Ellen (1861-1944)
Chute, Ellen (MAR 1882 - 17 SEP 1882
Chute, Ellen Ann (1877-1962)
Chute, Emma Jane
Chute, Eric Cecil
Chute, Eric Frederick George
Chute, Ernest Richard ("Richard")
Chute, Francis
Chute, Francis
Chute, Francis (~1834 - 24 FEB 1905)
Chute, Francis (~1889 - )
Chute, Francis ("Frank") (~1863 - )
Chute, Francis ("Frank"), Sr. (1871 - 1936)
Chute, Francis, Jr. ( ~1904 - 1976)
Chute, Frederick George
Chute, Frederick George
Chute, George
Chute, George (1840 - 15 SEP 1897) son of James Chute and Honora Quill
Chute, George (~1873- )
Chute, George James
Chute, George Thomas
Chute, Hannah
Chute, Henry George
Chute, Honora E. ("Hannah") ( 1870 - 1948 )daughter of Geo Chute and Mary Ann Brennan
Chute, Honora ("Norah")
Chute, Isaac Steven
Chute, James
Chute, James (II)
Chute, James (IV) ( 1865 - )
Chute, James George
Chute, James Henry
Chute, James Henry, Sr.
Chute, James Henry, Jr.
Chute, James Joseph
Chute, James Joseph John
Chute, James William
Chute, Jane
Chute, Jason
Chute, Jenniffer Ann
Chute, Jill Phillomena
Chute, John Henry (~1888-1917)
Chute, John Henry
Chute, John William
Chute, Josephine Mary Lucia
Chute, Julia Ann
Chute, Katherine or Catherine ("Kate")
Chute, Kathleen Mary
Chute, Kim
Chute, Laurence
Chute, Lilian F.
Chute, Lisa Jane
Chute, Margaret ( 1872 - 1951 ) daughter of Geo Chute and Mary Ann Brennan
Chute, Margaret E. A. ("Maggie")
Chute, Margaret Mary Teresa
Chute, Maria Theresa
Chute, Mary Ann
Chute, Mary Cecilia ("Mary A.")
Chute, Mary Elizabeth
Chute, Mary Immaculata B.
Chute, Mary Maude ( ~1903 - 1982)
Chute, Mella Mary
Chute, Michael
Chute, Michael Richard
Chute, Michelle Anne
Chute, Mick (~1867- )
Chute, Noel Keith
Chute, Nora
Chute, Norman Thomas (1916 - )
Chute, Patrick ( ~1902 - 1921)
Chute, Percy Joseph
Chute, Pierce
Chute, Pierce Alexander
Chute, Reuben Henry (1914 - )
Chute, Richard Barry
Chute, Richard Percival
Chute, Robin Louise
Chute, Ruth M.
Chute, Sandra Diane
Chute, Steven Noel
Chute, Sylvia Margaret
Chute, Theresa ( 1879 - 1881 ) daughter of Geo Chute and Mary Ann Brennan
Chute, Thomas ( 1876 - 1897 ) son of George Chute and Mary Ann Brennan
Chute, Thomas (~1865- )
Chute, Thomas (~1869- )
Chute, Thomas (~1877- )
Chute, Thomas
Chute, Thomas
Chute, Trevor
Chute, William B.
Chute, William Henry

Allied Families

Albertini, Giuseppe
Albertini, Tanya Agnes
Albertini, Paul Richard
Albertini, Benjamin Richard
Albertini, Caitlyn Joyce
Albertini, Alberto
Anderson, Samantha
Anderson, Ian William
Anderson, Jennifer Elaine Armstrong, George
Attewell, Betty Anne
Attewell, William Samuel
Bardell, Ann Marie
Bardell, Leonard
Bardell, Michael Anthony
Bardell, Pamela Jane
Bardell, Phillip Leonard
Beard, Eliza
Bellinger, Margaret Rose
Berg, Edna May
Berg, Paul
Bertoli, Johanna ("Josie")
Binsted, Scheryl Maree
Blackmore, Elizabeth
Blackwood, Emma Louise
Blackwood, Harrison Peter
Blackwood, Kate Elizabeth
Blackwood, Nicholas Peter
Blackwood, Peter John
Blackwood, Sally Anne
Bottom, Joan
Boyle, Daniel
Boyle, Ellen
Boyle, Patrick
Brennan, Mary Ann (~1848 - 1932)
Brennan, Timothy
Brown, William
Bucholtz, Elise Noel
Bucholtz, Gemma Morgan
Bucholtz, Kael Austin
Bucholtz, Leonard
Bucholtz, Lexie Jade
Bucholtz, Stephen Noel
Bushell, Gail Christine
Cameron, Pearl
Camp, Alfred
Camp, Elizabeth
Cantwell, John
Carter, Benjamin Wayne
Carter, Richard
Carter, Scott
Carter, Wayne
Claridge, Anthony Gerard
Coe, Ellen
Corcoran, Alison Shay
Corcoran, Amy Louise
Corcoran, Matthew Peter
Corcoran, Peter Joseph
Corcoran, Sarah Jane
Crockett, Dallas Jay
Crockett, Frederick Jack
Crockett, Shareen Renae
Crockett, Stephen William
Crockett-Smith, Ashley Renae
Crockett-Smith, Kira April
Cross, Florance
Davis, Catherine ("Kate")
Davis, John
Devitt, John Thomas "Jacky"
Devitt, Lorraine Ann
Devitt, William
Elliott, Daniel Joseph
Elliott, Gary John
Elliott, Norman Raymond
Elliott, Sarah June
Ellis, Annie Chute (b. 14 MAY 1844, Adelaide, m. Frederick Robert Broughton, returned to England)
Ellis, Betty Chute (b. Adelaide, m. Lucius Joseph Collum, returned to England)
Ellis, Chaloner Chute (b. Adelaide, m. Selina Ann Wilmot, lived in New Zealand, returned to England)
Ellis, Elizabeth Chute (b. Port Gawler, Adelaide, m. Norton Aylmer Roupell, returned to England) Ellis, Fanny Chute (b. Port Gawler, Adelaide, returned to Wales)
Ellis, Janet Chute (b. Port Gawler, Adelaide, m. Richard Lyon Greaves, returned to England)
Ellis, Jessie Chute (1854 - 1945) Ellis, John Chute
Ellis, John Chute , (2 FEB 1847 - 8 AUG 1926)
Ellis, Lucy Chute (b. 22 SEP 1842, Port Gawler, Adelaide, m. Herbert Coningham, returned to England)
Ellis, Mary Chute (1 JUN 1853 - ) Ellis, Thomas Chute (28 DEC 1848 - 21 DEC 1920) Ellis, Thomas Chute
Ellis, William Chute (24 OCT 1856 - 1940), b. Adelaide, returned to England) Erson, Edward Francis Chute Leger
Erson, Kathleen Chute
Evans, Albert Edward Ernest
Evans, Jane Amelia
Evans, Frederick George Isaac
Evans, John
Evans, John Josiah
Evans, John Thomas
Evans, William Christopher
Flaherty, Johanna
Flanagan, Joseph Francis
Flanagan, Philip Anthony
Flanagan, Samuel Thomas
Gaudron, Christine Joy
George, Ruth
Gill, Bonnie Doreen
Godson, Robert
Godson, Robert Clarence
Good, Leonie Brigida
Good, Reginald
Goss, Vicki
Grace, Alexander Robert
Grace, Liam Thomas
Grace, Peter Robert
Gray, Helen
Hale, June
Handy, Ian
Halpin, Stanley
Harman, Ellen
Harris, Claudine
Harris, William John (Sr.)
Harris, William John (Jr.)
Harris, William John (III)
Hector, Brian Thomas
Hector, Ronald
Hemmings, Beverly
Hill, Patricia Lenora
Hill, Norman Charles
Hogan, James Walter
Hogan, Jasmine Louise
Hogan, Kieran James
Hogan, Patrick James
Horrocks, Peggy
Hovick, Adrian
Hovick, Emmaleen
Hovick, George
Hovick, Henrietta
Hovick, John
Hudson, Elizabeth
Hudson, Mary A.
Ibrahim, Fady J.
Ibrahim, Joussef
Ibrahim, Wahideh
Ick, Francis Tolmie
Ick, Leopold
Ick, Nevin
Irwin, Susan Anne
Isridge, Mary Morrison
Iveli, Andrew
Iveli, Angela
Iveli, Angelo Morrison
Iveli, Antonio
Iveli, Brian Lawrence
Iveli, Catherine Maree
Iveli, Christopher
Iveli, David Pierce
Iveli, Marilyn Ann
Iveli, Nicole
Iveli, Stephen
Izard, Herbert Thomas
Kemp, Christopher Lawrence
Kemp, Fredrick George
Kemp, Fredrick Leonard
Kemp, Jennifer Mary
Kemp, Penelope Anne
Kenworthy, Lesley
King-Adams, Eric Clare
King-Adams, Lindsay Marion
Knight, Michelle
Knight, Tina
Leonard, Percy Vincent
Lockyer, Fanny Clara
Long, Edith H. B.
Mackley, Susan
MacKney, Sue
Maher, Ann
Maher, Reuben
McClelland, Bradley Joseph
McClelland, Daniel Charles
McClelland, Geoffrey Neil
McClelland, Luke Neil
McClelland, Oliver Charles
McCormack, Amanda Leigh
McCormack, Anna Maree
McCormack, Anthony Mark
McCormack, Benjamin Joseph
McCormack, Clare Maree
McCormack, Elizabeth
McCormack, Jane Elizabeth
McCormack, Jennifer Mary
McCormack, Kathryn Anne
McCormack, Kym Maree
McCormack, Louise Ann
McCormack, Marguerite
McCormack, Mark Thomas
McCormack, Matthew James
McCormack, Melissa Jane
McCormack, Michael
McCormack, Patricia Faye
McCormack, Paulene Joan
McCormack, Peter Thomas
McCormack, Phillip Laurence
McCormack, Shaun Phillip
McCormack, Thomas Joseph
McCormack, Thomas Richard
McDonnell, Mary
Mercovich, Catherine M. ("Kate")
Miller, Jean May
Molloy, Alexander
Molloy, Ellen
Molloy, Martina
Molloy, Michael
Mondue, Valerie Joy
Murphy, Julia
Nicholson, Robert Michael
O'Connor, Julia
Oddy, Arthur
Oddy, Gladys
Oddy, Harriet
Oddy, Harry
Oddy, Thomas Joseph
Oldfield, Allen
Oldfield, Andrew
Owen, Joel Raymond
Owen, William, Sr.
Owen, William, Jr.
Palmer, Brendan James
Palmer, John Francis
Palmer, Mitchell Adam
Palmer, Ross Wayne
Palmer, Timothy Ross
Pane, Evelyn
Parker, Vera
Percy, Margaret Gwen
Prance, Anthony Lewis
Quill, Honora
Richardson, Gloria Fay
Ricketts, Ellen
Roberts, Alexander
Roberts, Lucy Laurel
Ross, John
Ross, Mark John
Schwebel, Ilma
Sears, Abbie Louise
Sears, Anthony
Sears, Elouise Joyce
Serone, Bernadette Mary
Serone, Ebony Anne
Serone, Giuseppe
Serone, Gregory John
Serone, Keelie Frances
Serone, Peter Joseph
Serone, Raymond
Serone, Tahnee Lee
Serone, Veronica Josephine
Smith, Allan Walter
Smith, Colin Michael
Smith, Mary
Thompson, Amber Denise
Thompson, Chantelle Sonia
Thompson, Les Norman
Thompson, Norman
Thompson, Simone Stacey
Tier, Denise
Tinkler, Muriel Audrey
Tracey, Jacob James
Tracey, James Benedict
Tracey, Megan Ann
Treasure, Kerryl Dawn
West, Daisy Hyacinth
Zambelli, Agnise
Zwart, Brett Anthony
Zwart, Hendrik Lambertus
Zwart, Rolland

New Zealand

New Zealand was also settled by immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland. While the initial discovery was made by Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1769, it was British explorer James Cook who first claimed the country in the name of King George III.

So far, the first recorded Chute emigrating from London to New Zealand was William Chute, who arrived on the "Tamar", on either Saturday, the 30th of January, 1858, or Thursday, the 28th of January, 1858 - reports of the ship's arrival vary. At a sleek 556 tons - the ship, not William - the vessel originated in London. William seems to have arrived alone, as there were no other Chutes listed among the passengers.

The length of time it took to sail to the American Colonies was a piece of cake compared to the length of time it took to sail to Australia and New Zealand. Although laws had been passed to ensure the safety of passengers on such long voyages - the presence of a ship's doctor, for example - not every captain adhered to those laws, and when he didn't, the voyage could seem like a never-ending nightmare of illness and death.

On the other hand, when the voyage went exceptionally well, passengers went out of their way to compose letters of commendations for conscientious captains, with most passengers signing their names to it - one of the alternative sources of passenger lists, when originals have disappeared. Commendations were certainly one way that ships' captains could be certain of repeat bookings, although even that didn't always work - one captain was well known for his skilfull, seasoned direction of ship and crew, and his experience with global voyages, but not for his luck whenever he sailed for New Zealand and Australia - as conscientious as he was, he was forever finding himself being hit by unexpected gales, one time being completely de-masted, necessitating a tow into port by a passing steamer. (His trips in that direction were few, although he sailed elsewhere without mishap).

Another ship was caught in a violent thunderstorm and recorded a large globe of ball lightening roaring across the deck and into the sea on the other side, setting the ship on fire in the process. The crew managed to extinguish the blaze and the ship finally limped into port, filled with wide-eyed passengers describing the awesome sight and not even complaining, they were so glad to be alive.

New Zealand in 1858 was not the safest place to be, although it was a very active trading community. The native Maori inhabitants, resenting the European intrusion bitterly, often attacked the European settlements and the area was, much like the American settlements earlier, a very difficult place to live. William's timing, however, was excellent, as gold was discovered the very next year, instituting New Zealand's first gold rush. Whether he stayed in New Zealand, or moved on, is not yet known, although today, there are Chutes who still live in New Zealand. Other Chutes in New Zealand:

Chute, Christopher
Chute, Delia
Chute, Rosanna
Chute, Thomas

Adams, Henry
Adams, Kathleen Mary Ngairena
Adams, William
Austin, Robin
Burrell, Jane Elizabeth
Campbell, Mary Elizabeth ("Nan")
Ellis, Chaloner Chute (b. Adelaide, m. Selina Ann Wilmot, lived in New Zealand, returned to England)
Ellis, Florence Marjorie Chute
Ellis, Russell Chute
Ellis, William Norton Chute
Ellis, Winifred Jessie Chute
Hughes, Catherine
Watkins, John Henry
Watkins, Leslie Edmond
Watkins, Leslie Gerrad
Williams, Eliza

Fiji Islands, Samoa, South Pacific

Chute Family
Chute, Adimaimalaga
Chute, Adi Vasu
Chute, Albert Henry
Chute, Alexandra Seruwaia
Chute, Alick Patrick
Chute, Anthony
Chute, Blanche Delaney
Chute, Brendan
Chute. Brett Benjamin
Chute, Catherine Charlotte
Chute, Charles
Chute, Clara
Chute, Colleen
Chute, Colleen Rowena
Chute, Coretta
Chute, David Sam
Chute, Delano
Chute, Donald Jack
Chute, Dexter
Chute, Etta Lilly
Chute, Evelyn
Chute, Fenton
Chute, Filomena
Chute, Harry Delano
Chute, George Alick
Chute, Ili
Chute, Jason
Chute, John Mathew (I)
Chute, John Mathew (II)
Chute, Joseph Asa
Chute, Joyce
Chute, Katherine ("Katie")
Chute, Mahlon A.
Chute, Mareta
Chute, Margie
Chute, Melissa Jacinta
Chute, Moses Bruce Don
Chute, Ned
Chute, Peter Boy
Chute, Riley Burleigh
Chute, Robert
Chute, Roman (Dr.)
Chute, Shaina Tegu
Chute, Vincent
Chute, William Burleigh (I) son of Reverend John Lindsay Chute
Chute, William Burleigh (II) son of Albert Henry Chute
Chute, William Burleigh (III) son of William Burleigh Chute (II)
Chute, William Burleigh IV son of Joseph Asa Chute
Chute, William Burleigh V son of William Burleigh Chute (IV)
Chute, William Burleigh (VI) son of John Mathew Chute (I)
Chute, William Ned
Chute, Winston James
Chute, Zane

Allied Families
Chang, David
Chang, George
Chang, Gerard
Fonorito, Kafoa
Johns, Maraia
Johnson, Alice
Jones, Craig
Jones, Danielle
Jones, Matthew
Lalabalavu, Leilani
Naqaravatu, Rigieta
Peters, Florence
Peters, Monica
Robinson, Laura
Temo, Alice
Temo, Elizabeth
Temo, George
Temo, John
Temo, John
Temo, Lino I
Temo, Lino II
Temo, Mareta
Temo, Maria
Temo, Maria
Temo, Matilda
Temo, Meme
Temo, Salome
Temo, Sisillia
Temo, Theresa
Temo, Toma
Toaia, Anthony
Toaia, Araito
Toaia, Elenoa Tinana
Toaia, Filomena
Toaia, John B.
Toaia, Luisa Mato
Toaia, Maria Temonti
Tong, Anote, President of Kiribati
Yabakivou, Saiasa

Record has also been found of a Jno (short for either John or Jonathan) Chute, a planter in Nakuli, Fiji in 1911, and we have heard from Adalmaiga Chute, Vera Chute Levati and Diana Baleacagi, who are updating the Fiji Chute family records - and a big "Thank you!" to all of them!. Also, Mahlon A. Chute was reported by his son Henry as having married and fathered two children on "an island in the South Pacific", although his wife and children subsequently died of a "fever epidemic". So far, no records have surfaced to indicate which island he visited, or if there were relatives who kept record of his wife.

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