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Arthur/Arthare Chewte/Anthony of Kent Chute Discussion: Steve Chute: Monday, June 12, 2006

Chute families in West Frome:

"I was aware of the record of Henry Chewte from the Court Rolls of the Manor of Frome West Woodlands and in my mind had placed him as part of the nearby Bridgewater Chutes, or possibly a remnant of the Taunton Chutes ... but not connected directly to our line. I missed seeing your William Shute, Sute, Shote records.

Given the connection of your William to the Manor of Frome West Woodlands it seems reasonable to assume that he is indeed a Chute (Chewte) and again I think I would place him as one of the Bridgewater gang.

Did you learn anything further about the 'Sentence' for William Shutt? BTW whatever is a 'sentence'?

I dont believe I have encountered any 'William' records that I could associate with Lionel sr BUT I do have 2 records that you might find interesting (both from files available on

1.  Robert Kempe of Gissing made his will on 8 Sep 1526. His executors were his son Bartholomew, WILLIAM CHOWTE and Sir Philip Tylney. I assume you have followed Francis' discussion on the errors in our two Chute pedigree scrolls (Lionel's & the Bethersden roll-the BCHR). I have long suspected that something was seriously amiss simply because of the number of generations crammed in at the end of the 15th century. Curiously, I have encountered similar generational difficulties at about the same point in time in pedigrees established for other families allied to the Chute family ... ie for the Kempes and Redes for example. Everthing I have uncovered about Charles who married a Cheny, about the supposed descent from him to Robert who married Jane Lucas, about the Edmond who married a Kempe girl and about the Cheny, Lucas and Kempe families supports Francis' contention that in all probablity Charles, Edmund and Robert are brothers and the sons of Robert Chute and Alice Barkley. Thus the four (Oliver, Charles, William and Lionel .. as per BCHR) supposed sons of Robert Chute & Jane Lucas are rather more likely to be cousins than brothers. And my personal feeling is that William Chowte (above)is a son of Edmond.

2.  The 1524 Subsidy Roll for Suffolk contains an entry for Wrentham for a WILLIAM CHOUGHTE who paid 10-10-0. I am inclined to believe that this is one and the same person as the Willian Chowte who was the executor for Robert Kempe.

Curiously, I find Chowghton Chowthton and Choughton families bearing armorials with 3 swords barwise on either a gold shield or a silver shield. According to the BCHR the Chute armorial was until the time of Philip of Appledore 3 swords on a gold shield, not the red (gules) shield we commonly associate with our arms.

Steve Chute, via e-mail: 6/12/2006 3:37:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Addendum to the Arthur/Arthare Chewte/Anthony of Kent Chute Discussion: Lionel Chute: Saturday, June 10, 2006

"... as part of my ongoing effort to definitively link Lionel to Anthony (i.e. the American Chutes with the English), I came across some references to William "Shute" or "Shewte" and I'm wondering if this could be one of the sons of Anthony referred to in uncle Philip's will (and elsewhere). If so, this would potentially be one of Lionel's brothers (like Arthur and Christopher), and there is a remote chance that information pertaining to him (such as a will, etc) might yield a connection between his father Anthony and brother Lionel. I'm wondering if you are already aware of these records and if you have an opinion as to whether this is in fact William, son of Anthony -

SHUTE, William
abt 1568
see note
Name: SHOTE, William Title Description Variants: SHUTE, SUTE (1568: p.5 (bounds in Hurdmead) 1568: pp. 1, 8 (outgoing Tithingman)
1569: tenant of West Woodlands Manor in Dunscombe, 71/98, 72/98d, 73/99
(from "Survey of the Manor of Frome, West Woodlands, 1568", see (under the "Property" tab")

SHOTE, William

pp. 14, 20(2) (pasture at Dunscombe)
(from "Court Rolls of the Manor of Frome West Woodlands, 1568-69", also (under the "Property" tab") - curiously, the same list also includes the following:

(2) 1569: p.22 (mansion house of)

And on the National Archives Wills site
(*&queryType=1, searching under "Shute")
... I also found this Description Sentence of William Shutt or Shute:
Date: 03 December 1566, which I downloaded yesterday, and given the date, may actually be a different person. Regardless, although it is entirely in Latin, it does not appear to include any reference to either "Anthony" or "Lionel", but I may have it translated nonetheless to see if this could be Anthony's son.

I look forward to your thoughts on this question.


Court Rolls of the Manor of Frome West Woodlands, 1568-69
Kindly transcribed from the Frome Society for Local Studies slip index by Sarah Lowther.
  written by Lionel Chute, 2006

Francis and I have been discussing the "Arthur" question, namely whether a second Arthur, not described in any genealogy for the Chute family, may have existed in the late 1500's and early 1600's. Based on the evidence that I presented him with, Francis now agrees with me that there was likely only ONE Arthur, the son of Anthony, and that the "Arthare" postulated by Francis on pages 183 and 193 of his book (as an otherwise undocumented younger brother of Anthony and Philip) is actually more substantiating documentation for Arthur son of Anthony.

In my correspondence with Francis, I provided him with a chronology for Arthur compiled from my hard evidence amassed to date. I would now like to share this with you, in the hope that you will publish it, as my contributed evidence for Arthur son of Anthony, in its entirety on your web site. My hope is also that, based on your review of these records, you will decide to:

1) update Arthur son of Anthony's records, e.g., add his second wife Margaret Playters (Throckmorton), etc.

2) remove the phantom "Arthare", brother of Anthony and Philip, completely from your web site, and

3) move your source note S24-1239, currently attributed to phantom "Arthare", back to Arthur son of Anthony where it belongs.

Here's my assembled chronology for Arthur, with sources, for your consideration:

1564-5: While we don't yet have a marriage record for Arthur and Elizabeth Sea, Francis did find a nice piece of data that at least proves that Arthur was in fact married to Elizabeth Sea in 1564-65. Until we track down the actual marriage record, this could make a good source note to back up Arthur's marriage to Elizabeth:

"Bartletts alias Thoneton [on the Isle of Thanet in Kent] is a farm about a half mile westaward from Shoart which was likewise held of the manor of Downe Barton in socage, by fealty and rent. It was anciently the patrimony of the Chiches, and then of the Garlands by which name it passed by sale to Robert Sea, to whom and to Henry his son it was assured in fee, which latter on his father's death became wholly seized of it; he died without male issue, and his three daughters Millicent, Elizabeth and Mary became his co-heirs and entitled to it in coparcenary. Jerom Brett and Millicent above mentioned, his wife, by indenture, anno 5 Elizabeth, sold thier third part to William Norwood of Nash, as did Arthur Chute and Elizabeth, above mentioned, his wife, their third part, two years later".

Source: The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent by Edward Hasted, 1788-99, Volume IV, page 300

1567: Philip Chowte wills 40 shillings to "Arthure Chowte my brother Anthonyes sonne".
(Source: Philip's will)

1567: "Arthur Chute" (or "Choute") buys the lordship of Wrentham Manor from Sir Thomas Ratcliffe, the 3rd Earl of Sussex.
(Source: The Manors of Suffolk by WA Copinger, 1908, p.217. The book in turn cites "Mich. 9 Eliz" as the substantiating record)

1568: "Arthur Chowle gent" of Wrentham owns 14 pounds "in londes"
(Source: Sudbury Return of 1568, Suffolk Green Books No. XII, ed. Paul and Mathew, 1909)

1569: "my brother Arthur Chewte (or "Chewt") Gentelman" is named as the executor of the will of John Cowlfax of Willingham, Suffolk. Lyonell Chewte (or "Chewt") is also named as a witness.
(Source: John Cowlfax's will, Ponder M160)

1573: "Arthur Chewte" of Wrentham marries Margaret Throckmorton ("Thrograton") on December 17, 1573.
(Sources: Norwich Consistory Court Marriage Licences to 1588, p. 117, also text accompanying Plate 21 of Suffolk Heraldric Brasses, which reads "She [Margaret] was one of the daughters of Christopher Playters of Sotterly, Suffolk, by his second wife Anne, daughter of William Rede of Beccles, Suffolk. Margaret married twice, the first time to John Throckmorton of Claxton, Norfolk, by whom she had four sons and a daughter, and the second time to Arthur Chewt of Ellough")

*NOTE: Margaret's first marriage to John Throckmorton was cut short, so to speak, when John was "attained of treason and executed" in the reign of "bloody Mary" on 28 April 1556.
(Sources: A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Throckmorton Family in England and the United States with Brief Notes on Some of the Allied Families by C. Wickliffe Throckmorton, Old Dominion Press, Richmond VA, 1930, Page 204, and

1577: "Arthur Chute" (or "Choute") sells Wrentham Manor to Humphrey Brewster
(Source: The Manors of Suffolk by WA Copinger, 1908, p.217. The book in turn cites "Mich. 19-20 Eliz" as the substantiating record)

1585: "Arthur Chowte" named in a deed (dated March 29, 1585) conveying the Manor of Henstead, Suffolk, from Humphrey Brewster to to William Sydnor of Blundeston. The particulars of the deed as given by Suckling are "all that Manor of Henstede, als. Henstede perpounds, lying and being in Henstede, in the county of Suffolk, and all and singular the lands, etc., with the appurtenances situate, lying, etc. in Henstede aforesaid, now customary or copyhold, holden of the said manor; and of the several manors of Northhall and Southhall, in the county of Suffolk, or of either and each of them, and all the rights, title, etc, and all other my manors, etc., in Henstede, which I lately had and purchased to me and my heirs, by a bargain and sale of the noble Henry Norrys, Knt., Lord Norris of Riscott, and Arthur Chowte, gent., or either of them."
(Source: The Manors of Suffolk by WA Copinger, 1908, p.87. The book in turn cites "Suckling, ii. 371" as the substantiating record)

1592: "Arthure Chewte gent" named as a witness to Lionell Chewte's will, July 24, 1592, Brampton, Suffolk (source Lionel Chewte's will, Apleyard 128).

1607: "Margreete wife of Arthur Chute gent." is buried, age 85, at Ellough Parish, Suffolk January 13, 1607.
(Sources: published Ellough Parish burial records, p. 13, and brass plaque at Margaret's tomb in the parish (extant, but no longer entirely legible), which read "Heer lyeth buryd Margret Chewt faythful lovinge wyfe of Arthure Chewt gentleman")

*NOTE: According to the rendering of this plaque in the book Suffolk Heraldric Brasses (Plate 21), the spelling on the plaque was "Arthure" and not "Arthare" as described by Francis in his book - the stylized font used on the plaque, which joins the letters together (presumably to save space) clearly shows this to be the case.

1611: "Arthur Chute, gent." is buried at Ellough Parish July 9, 1611.
(Source: published Ellough Parish burial records, p.13)

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