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As part of the global updating of the Chute Family Records, we are undertaking a systematic accounting of Chutes in Argentina, Uruguay and other countries in South and Central America. To make researching easier, Chutes in these areas will be listed in two directories: the main directory, in alphabetical order, and in this Argentinian and South American Chute Family Directory, which lists only Chutes in this area. The individuals are listed here in alphabetical order by first name - allied family members are listed following the Chutes in each section. This is only a very partial list at this stage, and there are many more records to be added to this section. To contribute data to the Chute family records, please contact me at "". Thanks.


The Argentinan branch of the Chute family originated, a least in part, from two sons of John Chute and Eliza Potter: Robert John Chute, and Lyman Wallace Chute.

The relative completeness of the Lyman Wallace Chute line is due to three sources: the Boneo Family, who compiled an excellent genealogical database on the internet, the research of the Foster Family, specifically Kevin Howley, who interviewed a number of family members in Buenos Aires and was very generous with his information, and the return of Roberto Edouardo Chute III to the Chicago area of the United States, at least temporarily - all have been invaluable in their assistance.

The frustration with bringing the Robert John Chute descendants back into the Chute family record is the lack of records in the typical sources, which are far more focused on the expansion of European Chutes to areas north of the equator. The other problem is finding that the records which do exist are, obviously, written in Spanish. A rudimentary knowledge of Spanish isn't always enough, either: I knew the word "premio" and thus knew that Roberto Edouardo Chute, Sr. had won an award, but didn't know what a truly phenomenal achievement winning that national award actually was, until his grandson described the nomination and award process.

Juan Carlos Chute, a bank treasurer or director in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina may be one of Robert John Chute's descendants, because he does recall an uncle, Roberto, who died when young. Unfortunately, all of the Roberto Chute's we know at the moment are alive and healthy, or lived to an advanced age, so we're not sure which Roberto Chute is (or was) his uncle. Also, his recollections of his family's history includes the same Basque French connection that Gladys Chutte mentioned, so it is possible that he is more closely related to the Chutte family members, rather than the Chutes. When more records are located, they'll be added here ... when I can find a spare moment to work on the translations, I will do so. Chutes with a working knowledge of Spanish would be most welcome, as well!!

Note to those interested in visiting Chutes in Argentina: while we struggle with the "CH-ute" vs. "SH-ute" pronunciation in North America, using either of those pronunciations in South America won't help you - there, the name is pronouced "CHUT-ay".

Amelia S. Chute
Antonella Mariana Chute
Elena Parker Chute
George Alfredo Chute
George ("Jorge") Alfredo Chute, Jr.
Gonzalo Dario Chute
Jorge Chute
Jorge Saturnino Chute
Juan Chute (I)
Juan Chute (II) Juan Carlos Chute
Lia Susanna Chute
Lucrecia Chute
Lyman Wallace Chute
Maria Elena Chute
Mateo Chute
Moira Chute
Robert John Chute
Roberto Edouardo Chute I
Roberto Edouardo Chute II
Roberto Edouardo Chute III
Susana Maria Chute

Allied Families

Almeyra, Paris
Aued, Ana Maria
Astoul, Victorina
Azzi, Enzo Alfa
Balparda, Maria Elena
Bellini, Fanni
Bieule, Maria Lia
Boneo, Adela
Boneo, Edouardo Alfredo
Boneo, Emelia Adela
Boneo, Estela
Boneo, Martin Alberto
Boneo, Martin Julian
Ferrando, Andres Juan
Iraola, Augusto
Iraola, Edouardo Matias
Iraola, Francisco Javier
Iraola, Ines
Iraola, Ladislao, Sr.
Iraola, Ladislao Jose
Iraola, Ladislao III
Iraola, Lia
Iraola, Lucia
Iraola, Maria
Iraola, Matias
Iraola, Maximo
Iraola, Sylvia
Iraola, Virginia
Llobet, Manuel
Medrano, Felisa
Moline, Esteban
kkk Mosch, Ana Maria
Noailles, Carmen Valiente
Ortiz, Ana Ines
Parker, Adelia or Adela
Parker, Admiral William
Villegas, Esther
Villanueva, Arturo
Villanueva, Arturo Alfredo
Villanueva, Susana Marta

Families Probably Not Closely Related but Still Unusual Enough to Be Interesting

Chutte, Gladys. An Argentian "Chutte", descended from two "Chutte" brothers, with a French Basque oral tradition somewhere in the family. Gladys dropped an e-mail, listing her family members. Thanks, Gladys!
Chutte, Orlando.
Chutte, Omar.
Chutte, Raul.
Chutte, Nélida.
Chutte, Graciela.
Chutte, Maria Verónica.

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