A Hollow Family's History

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A Hollow Family's History

The Standfield-Don Family

Lillian Isobel Don and Edwin Robert Standfield's with their attendants at their wedding, November 1, 1941 at St Columb's Anglican Church, Hawthorn.

From left, Norma Don, George Don, Edwin Robert Standfield, Lillian Isobel Don, Oswald Standfiel, Olive Standfield.

The Standfield-Don Family History

My wife, is the daughter of Edwin Robert Standfield (Ted) and Lillian Isobel Don (Lil).

The first person to come to Australia in this family was Richard Standfield, born 1815, in Somerset was married to Jane Harding, born 1827. They arrived in Melbourne in 1848 with their two children. This was before the Victorian gold rushes. Richard took work in agriculture as the manager of a large pastoral property in western Victoria.
Richard Standfield was Ted's great grandfather.

To learn more of this Standfield family's story click on the heading above to get an abbreviated version of a CD I created for our for family members.
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