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The Hollow One-name Study

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This is a study of the family history and genealogy of the surnames of HOLLOW, HOLLA, and HALLO.

The surname HOLLOW is a name of Cornish origin. First records use the surname HOLLA, it slowly evolved into HOLLOW and less commonly HALLO.

With this website I am hoping to provide any HOLLA, HOLLOW and/or HALLO researchers with information they may find valuable. I also want to contact others who may be able to help me research my family history.

The HOLLOWs and HALLOs followed the general pattern of Cornish migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and probably many other countries.

Although I want to pursue my personal family connections I am also interested in documenting the genealogy of any HOLLOW OR HALLO.

The site includes a database has over 12,000 HOLLA, HOLLOW and HALLOs and their descendants and growing. A newsletter, The Hollow Log, contains many of the families' stories.

Colin Hollow

Origins of the Hollow name

Cornish of course, but look inside for my latest theory of the origin of Hollow.

7 March 2017

The Hollow One Name Study

What is it?

Hollows in Uniform

1 November 2017
More than 250 Hollows have served their country in the armed services. This list will attempt to document them, some photographs are included.

The Hollow Log

   This is a newsletter for people interested in Hollow families or researching Hollow families. It is now produced irregularly, emailed to subscribers and published on this website.
Issue 52, June 2018 is now available.

The "Hollow" database

1 August 2018
Do you have a "Hollow" in your family tree?
You can search the database for individuals or by surname. However I have excluded information on people who are living.

The Hollow DNA Study

6 June 2017. This project commenced in June 2012. DNA tests available now can complement traditional family history research.
In this study we are hoping to find links between the many Hollow families that have not been able to be linked by the traditional family history methods.
If you are a Hollow and think you would like to learn more about the DNA project please open up this page.

Hollow DNA project Results.
Results of ten tests March 2017
Results of first six tests, December 2013
Results of first four tests, June 2013
What the results tell us of deep family history.

DNA project FAQs FAQs

To join the Hollow DNA project. Join

Worldwide distribution of "Hollow"

From Cornwall to ?

The Movement to Australia and New Zealand

Shipping details of more than 150 Hollow emigrants. The first seems to have been Richard Hollow who arrived in Hobart on 17/08/1833 aboard the "Curler". 3 August 2009.

The Movement to America

Shipping lists of Hollow emigrants to America from the 1800s to 1950s. 8 August 2009.

Useful Links

Links I have found useful for Hollow research.

International Cornish Links


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