The Hollow One-name Study

With this website I am hoping to document the origins and extent of the name Hollow and its variants.

I am also interested in offering help and support to Hollow researchers with information they may find valuable. I also want to contact others who may be able to help me research my family history.

The surname HOLLOW, is a name of Cornish origin. The HOLLOWs followed the general pattern of Cornish migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and probably many other countries.

Although I want to pursue my personal family connections I am also interested in documenting the genealogy of any "Hollow". The "Hollow" database has over 12,000 HOLLOWs and their descendants and growing. Colin Hollow

Hollow Families from around the World

Can you guess which country these Hollow families come from?
The answers are on the "Contact" page.

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