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Sichuan (Four Rivers) is in Southwest China. It is the province with the largest population in China. Sichuan Basin had a most-advanced agriculture in the past. Today, its hot and delicious dishes and snacks are many Chinese's favorites.

Chengdu (Becoming a Capital) was an ancient capital in the Period of Three Kingdoms. It has a history of over 2000 years. Du Fu's Thatched Roof Cottage is a park built in memory of the famous Tang poet, Du Fu. He wrote 240 poems here. The Temple of Marquis Wu was built in the 6th century for Zhu Geliang, a respected strategist and statesman. The River-viewing Pavilion is a park with over 100 varieties of bamboo. A Tang dynasty woman poet lived here. The city zoo has over 10 giant pandas, the largest number of this endangered species in captivity in the world, also rare golden-hair monkeys, and other 200 varieties. 90 km from the city is Green City Mountain, a Taoist center. 800 to 900 km from the city is Jiuzhaigou, a 60,000-hectare primitive forest with many wild, exotic animals like wild pigs, bears and snakes. There are all over carpets of flowers, lakes and waterfalls. 150 km from Chengdu is the Lying Dragon Nature Preserve, with many pandas in the wild. 240 km from Chengdu is Zigong, with a Dinosaur Museum.

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