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Qinghai (Green Sea) is in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a huge province covering one thirteenth of China. It is the source of both the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. The highway to Lhasa is asphalted, the highest highway in the world. Wild antelope, yak, donkeys, camels, lynx, deer and pheasant roam freely over the vast grasslands.

Capital city, Xining (Western Peace), has large lamaseries and mosques to offer. The Taer Monastery, center of the Yellow Hats sect of Lamaism, was built in 1397. In winter, frozen butter is sculptured into Buddhist scenes and displayed on the 15th day of the lunar New Year. It also has 20,000 religious paintings and embroideries. The Dongguan Mosque, one of the biggest in Northwest China, was built in 1380. Qinghai Lake, China's biggest salt water lake, is 130 km from Xining and is 3196 meters above sea level. Fishes swim freely in the peaceful lake. But It is said that dinosaurs have been seen by local people. A bird sanctuary, Bird Island, is 350 km away from Xining. This island attracts migrating geese and gulls each summer and autumn. Golmud, a new city in the Gobi desert, is 800 km from Xining. Between the two cities is the Salt Bridge and Salt pond. The bridge is built entirely of salt.

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