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Ningxia Hui

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region lies south of Inner Mongolia. Hui is a minority in China. Huis are descendants of Moslems who came to China 700 years ago and later settled in China. The Region was founded in 1958.

Capital city, Yinchuan (Silver Plain) is a few km west of the Yellow River. It is surrounded by canals in the plains, but close to mountains and sand deserts. It was inhabited 30,000 years ago, and 8000-year-old Neolithic relics have been found here. The city of Yinchuan was founded in the Tang dynasty. It was the capital of Western Xia for years. Western Xia was destroyed by Genghis Khan and no records of that country were left. Today there are 9 imperial tombs, imposing dagobas and pagodas, mosques and canals, all very unusual and impressive. There is Shapatou (Sand Hill), a sand hill arises abruptly by the Yellow River, where visitors can enjoy sand-sliding, a sport rarely found elsewhere. Yinchuan is a place of adventure, ancient mystery and primitive charm. Yinchuan produces good-quality sheepskin.

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